Data Analytics Course: Duration, Online Courses, Eligibility, Syllabus, Fees, Placements 2021

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Updated on - Jun 10, 2021

Data analytics courses train students to analyze, interpret, and visualize meaningful insights from a raw set of data. In March 2020, the data analytics market in India earned total revenue of 35.9 billion dollars, a 19.5% increase from last year.

The average data scientist salary in India is INR 698,413 after pursuing a bachelor’s degree in any data analytics courses, and with 5-9 years of experience, the salary can dramatically increase up to INR 1,004,082.

The basic education level of data scientists is a bachelor’s degree or associate degree in data analytics courses/Data Science. It is observed that some Data Analytics Certifications in specializations such as python, machine learning, and big data help increase the data scientist's salary by 26%.

Machine Learning and Python are the current trending areas of expertise in the data analytics field. It can lead to a salary hike up to INR 17 lakhs per annum.

Table of Contents
  1. All About Data Analytics Courses

1.1 What is Data Analytics?

1.2 Who Should Pursue a Data Analytics Course?

1.3 Why Data Analytics Courses?

  1. Data Analytics Tools

2.1 R and Python

2.2 Microsoft Excel

2.3 Tableau

2.4 RapidMiner


2.6 Power BI

2.7 Apache Spark

2.8 QlikView

2.9 Talend

2.10 Splunk

  1. Types of Data Analytics Courses

3.1 Certifications

3.2 Diploma Courses

3.3 Bachelor Courses

3.4 Master Courses

  1. Career in Data Analytics
  1. Data Analysts Skills
  1. Data Analytics Courses Online

6.1 Coursera

6.2 Udemy

6.3 edX

6.4 SimpliLearn

6.5 Data Analytics for Beginners

  1. Data Analytics Syllabus
  1. Top Data Analytics Colleges in India

8.1 Delhi

8.2 Mumbai

8.3 Bangalore

  1. Future Scope of Data Analytics
  1. Data Analytics Jobs

10.1 Top Recruiters

  1. Salary of a Data Analyst in India

11.1 Experience Wise salary

11.2 Company Wise Salary

  1. Data Analytics Courses FAQs

All About Data Analytics Courses

A student can pursue data analytics courses after 12th, offered at certificate, diploma, UG, and PG levels in India. A student needs to have 50% marks in class 12 with computers as one of the main subjects.

  • Students can pursue certificate level Data Analytics Course in online mode or via classroom teaching method at colleges in UK, USA, Asia. Data Analytics Courses Online are offered by websites like Coursera, SpringBoard, CareerFoundry, etc. Also Check: Data Analytics Courses for Beginners
  • If a candidate wants to have a degree in data analytics courses, he can pursue UG or PG data analytics courses like BTech CSE or BSc with Data Science and data analytics as specialization MSc in data science and analytics or MSc in Computer Science with data analytics as one of the specializations. 
  • IIITM-K, AMET Tamil Nadu, Sharda University, LPU, VIT-AP are colleges that offer data analytics courses at bachelor's and master's levels. Check: Top Data Analytics Colleges
  • A majority of PG level Data Analytics Courses Abroad are offered in top colleges like the University of Leeds, Cardiff University, UCC Ireland, etc.
  • Data analytics courses at certificate and diploma levels have direct admissions based on merit, or a first come first serve basis. UG and PG Data analytics courses admissions follow the admission process similar to BSc/ MSc computer science courses.

Students who pursue data analytics courses can become Data Analysts, Database Administrator, Statisticians, and the salary they are offered ranges between INR 6,00,000 – 10,00,000. 

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What are Data Analytics Courses? 

Data analytics courses refer to the process of examining datasets to conclude. Data analytics techniques integrate machine learning algorithms and automation that enable you to take raw data and uncover patterns to extract valuable insights from it. By pursuing Data analytics courses, a businessman can better understand his customers, evaluate ad campaigns, content, and develop products.

Who Should Pursue Data Analytics Courses?

The minimum eligibility criteria for data analytics courses is 50% marks in class 12th. preferably in Science or Computer Science from a recognized board. Apart from it, a candidate interested in data analysis and techniques should pursue data analytics courses.

The eligibility criteria for the different levels of data analytics courses is tabulated below: 

Certificate Level Data Analytics Courses Class 10 or 12 with 50% marks
Online Data Analytics Courses Anyone after high school can pursue.
Diploma Level Data Analytics Courses Class 10 or class 12 (in case of PG diploma courses)
Bachelors Level Data Analytics Courses 50% marks in class 12 in science stream with computer science as main subjects from a recognized board
Masters Level Data Analytics Courses 50% marks in bachelors’ degree in computer science or related fields from a recognized university

Why Data Analytics Courses?

Some reasons why you should consider pursuing data analytics courses are: 

  • Improved Decision Making: Companies can utilize data analytics data to make their decisions, leading to better outcomes.
  • More Effective Marketing: Data analytics can provide useful insights into how a company’s campaigns are performing so that they can optimize them for better outcomes.
  • Better Customer Service: With the help of Data analytics, a company can get insights into their customers, allowing them to tailor customer service to their needs and build stronger relationships with them.
  • More Efficient Operations: When a company has better understanding of what the audience wants, it streamlines the ad campaigns and the money wasted on them. It can also increase revenue through better conversions.

Data Analytics Tools 

Every day 2.5 Quintillion bytes of data are being generated. A Data Analyst requires the best data analytics tools to gather insights from data. Here are the top data analytics tools everyone should use in 2021.

R and Python

R and Python are programming languages used in the Data Analytics field. R is a tool used for Statistics and Analytics whereas Python is a high-level interpreted language. 

Details They both are Free and can be downloaded from their official websites.
Companies Using ANZ, Google, Firefox, YouTube, Netflix, Facebook
Advancements/Features Recent updates to increase the speed and accuracy.

Check: Python Courses

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel provides the users with features such as sharing workbooks, working in real-time collaboration, and adding data to Excel directly from a photo and many more features. 

Details It is available for home, business and enterprises. Few of the versions are available for free for 1 month.
Companies Using McDonald’s, IKEA, Marriott
Advancements/Features Get a snapshot of your sheet with Workbook Statistics, Give the documents more flair with backgrounds and high-quality stock images for free.

Check: Microsoft Excel Courses


Tableau allows you to work on a live data-set and spend less time on Data Wrangling. 

Details It is a free tool and includes- Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, Tableau Online, Tableau Reader, Tableau Public.
Companies Using Citibank, Deloitte, Skype, Audi 
Advancements/Features It is coming up with updates to provide users with the following: Fast Analytics, Smart Dashboards, Ease of Use, Publish a dashboard and share it live.

Check: Tableau Courses


RapidMiner is a tool for data processing and building Machine Learning models.

Details Studio, GO, Server, Real-Time Scoring and Radoop are the products of RapidMiner.
Companies Using BMW, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, EZCater, Sanofi
Advancements/Features RapidMiner has launched RapidMiner 9.6 to full-time coders and BI Users. It is a fully transparent Data Science platform that enables data preparation, Machine Learning, and model operations.


Konstanz Information Miner (KNIME) is free and open-source for data analytics, reporting, and integration. 

Details KNIME provides two software: KNIME Analytics Platform and KNIME Server.
Companies Using Siemens, Novartis, Deutsche Telekom, Continental 
Advancements/Features None

Power BI

Power BI is a microsoft based product used in business analytics. 

Details Power BI Desktop, Power BI Pro, Power BI Premium, Power BI Mobile, Power BI Embedded, Power BI Report Server are the products of Power BI.
Companies Using Adobe, Heathrow, Worldsmart, GE Healthcare 
Advancements/Features It has recently come up with Azure + Power BI and Office 365 + Power BI to help the users analyze, connect and protect the data across various Office platforms.

Apache Spark

Apache Spark provides an open-source community and an interface for programming which identifies any fault tolerance and implicit data parallelism. 

Details The current version of Apache Spark is version 2.4.5.
Companies Using Oracle, Hortonworks, Verizon, Visa
Advancements/Features High-level APIs in Java, Scala, Python, and R.


QlikView is a Business Intelligence, Data Visualization, and Data Analytics tool that helps accelerate business value. 

Details A variety of tools and services available either for free or a free trial of 30 days.
Companies Using CISCO, NHS, KitchenAid, SAMSUNG
Advancements/Features They have come up with an intelligent alerting platform Qlik Alerting for Qlik Sense® that helps handle the exceptions, notify users of potential issues, and predict actions based on insights.


Talend is a tool that easily manages all the steps involved in the ETL process and delivers accessible and clean data for users. 

Details Talend Open Source, Stitch Data Loader, Talend Pipeline Designer, Talend Cloud Data Integration and Talend Data Fabric are its products which are either free or are available for free for 14 days.
Companies Using ALDO, ABInBev, EuroNext, AstraZeneca 
Advancements/Features Recent updates in the lakehouse paradigm and the process of revealing intelligence in data.


Splunk is a tool used to analyze the data gathered from the applications and websites. 

Details Splunk Free, Splunk Enterprise and Splunk Cloud are the features of Splunk which can be accessed for free for a limited period.
Companies Using Dominos, Otto Group, Intel, Lenovo
Advancements/Features None

Types of Data Analytics Courses

Data Analytics Courses are offered at various levels, such as certification, diploma, bachelor’s, and master’s levels.

Data Analytics Certification

  • Even a 6 months certification course in Data Analytics can give quite a boost to your CV and help you fetch jobs. 
  • There is no complex method of enrolling in a Data Analytics certification program. Students just need to apply on the website of the course provider.
  • In cases of some premiere institutes, candidates are given admission based on the questions asked.
  • On average, a certification course in Data Analytics will help you earn approximately INR 2-3 LPA. 
  • The salary will differ if the certification course forms a part of your CV along with other qualifications. 
Course Name Provider Course Fee
Data Analytics Program CareerFoundry $6,900
Data Analytics Career Track Springboard $6,600
Data Analyst Training Course Cloudera $2,235 - $3,195
Data Analytics Course BrainStation $3,950
Data Analytics Immersion Course Thinkful $13,600
Data Analytics Course General Assembly $3,950
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Coursera Free
IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate Coursera Free
Certificate Program on Business Data Analytics BSE Varsity INR 31,860
Short Term Course in Data Analysis for Business Decision Making MAC New Delhi INR 2,000

Diploma in Data Analytics Courses

  • Diploma and PG Diploma Data Analytics courses can be pursued after class 12 and bachelors respectively. Hence, for diploma courses, class 12 pass certificate is the eligibility requirement and bachelor’s certificate for PG Diploma Courses
  • Just like certificate programs, diploma data analytics courses give you the chance to choose specializations as per your choices. 
  • Aspirants who are planning to save on resources and pursue a more career-oriented course should go for Diploma and PG Diploma Data Analytics courses. 
  • The average salary after diploma courses is around INR 4-5 lakh in India currently. 
Course Name Provider Fees
PG Diploma in Data Science & Analytics NIELIT Chennai INR 21,000
JC Bose University of Science & Technology, Faridabad (UGC Approved) INR 97,500
Diploma in Data Analytics with Python (Online) NPTEL Free
Diploma in Data Analytics MDU Rohtak INR 30,000
Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics AMU Aligarh INR 9,300
Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics in Economics SPPU Pune INR 20,000-25,000

UG Level Data Analytics Courses

  • UG data analytics courses are offered with BTech CSE and BSc Courses with data analytics or data science and analytics as its major specialization.
  • UG Data analytics courses are typically a 3-4 years course that can be pursued after class 12th. 
  • Students need to have completed their 10+2 from a recognized school with a minimum of 50% marks.
  • Many colleges give merit-based admission but some ask for entrance exams. 
  • For admissions in BTech courses with data analytics as specializations, you might be asked for a valid JEE Main score, depending on the admission criteria of that college.
  • The salary earned after UG data analytics courses is INR 6-8 LPA. 
Course Institute offering the course Fees
BSc (Hons) Data Science & Analytics Sharda University, Greater Noida INR 92,700 per year
BTech CSE (Specialization in Data Analytics) VIT-AP University, Guntur INR 1,98,000 per year
Karunya Institute of Technology & Sciences, Coimbatore INR 2,14,000 per year
BTech CSE (Specialization in Big Data Analytics) LPU Jalandhar INR 1,20,000 per semester
BTech CSE (Specialization in Big Data Analytics in association with IBM) PDM University, Haryana INR 1,35,000 per year
BTech Data Science & Data Analytics JECRC University, Jaipur INR 1,85,000 per year
UG Program in Digital Marketing and Data Analytics Pearl Academy, Delhi NA

Postgraduate Level Data Analytics Courses

  • MSc in Computer Science with data analytics course as one of the specializations, MSc Data Science and Analytics, and MBA in data science and analytics are the types of PG data analytics courses available in colleges of India as well as abroad.
  • Candidates must belong to the related field when applying for PG-level Data Analytics courses.
  • The candidates are given admissions based on the entrance exam conducted by the college or university.
  • In some cases, candidates' scores in the bachelor's are also given consideration and are granted admission based on merit.
  • On completion of any PG level data analytics courses, the starting salary offered to a candidate can be anywhere from INR 2-8 LPA.
Course Institute offering the course Fees
MSc in Computer Science with Specialization in Data Analytics IIITM-K Kerala INR 1,00,000 per year
MSc Data Science and Analytics AMET Tamil Nadu INR 3,20,000
University of Hertfordshire, UK £15,500
University of Leeds, UK £25,500
Brunel University, London £19,855
Cardiff University, UK £22,950
Royal Holloway, University of London £25,600
UCC Ireland €18,130
MSc Data Analytics Program Bharathiar University, Coimbatore INR 19,280 per year
MBA Data Science and Analytics SCIT Pune INR 6,20,000 per year
K J Somaiya Institute of Management INR 7,82,000 per year
MSc Data Analytics PSGR Krishnammal College for Women, Coimbatore INR 2,258 per year

Career in Data Analytics

Data analysts are hired by all kinds of organizations including commerce, health care, manufacturing, and marketing. A Data analyst on average makes $81,750 and $138,000, however, even after pursuing a degree in data analytics courses, they can increase their salaries by learning some important skills and tips mentioned below:

  • Like Working With Numbers: A good data analyst must know how to use statistical techniques accurately and be good at working with numbers.
  • Know How to Code: A data analyst should be able to code in programming languages such as SQL, Python and R.
  • Good Communication Skills: Although a data analyst job is a technical one, a data analyst should be able to explain the results of his project or promote his project effectively. 

Check: How to Become a Data Analyst?

Data Analysts Skills

A data analyst should possess the following skills to have a successful career after pursuing appropriate data analytics courses: 

Structured Query Language (SQL) Machine Learning
Microsoft Excel Presentation Skills
Critical Thinking Data Visualization
R or Python-Statistical Programming -

Data Analytics Courses Online

Coursera, Udemy, edX and SimpliLearn are the top websites that offer Data Analytics Courses online. These courses can be started right away and most of the data analytics courses are available for free.

Data Analytics Courses on Coursera 

Course Provider
IBM Data Analyst Professional Certificate IBM
Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Google
Business Analytics Specialization University of Pennsylvania
Excel Skills for Business: Essentials Macquarie University
Analyzing Big Data with SQL Cloudera
Python Data Structures University of Michigan

Data Analytics Courses on Udemy 

Course Fee
Microsoft Excel - Advanced Excel Formulas & Functions INR 707
Learning Python for Data Analysis and Visualization INR 490
SQL for Data Analysis: Weekender Crash Course for Beginners INR 490
Data Analysis with Pandas and Python INR 490
Data Analysis Essentials Using Excel INR 490
Complete Introduction to Business Data Analysis INR 490
Microsoft Excel Data Analysis - Learn How The Experts Use It INR 490
R Level 1 - Data Analytics with R INR 490
Applied Statistical Modeling for Data Analysis in R INR 490

Data Analytics Courses on edX 

Course Fee
Data Analysis Essentials Free (Certificate for INR 5,793)
Data Analytics Basics for Everyone Free (Certificate for INR 7,260)
Business and Data Analysis Skills INR 10,927
Data Analysis for Life Sciences INR 45,937
Data Analysis for Genomics INR 32,781
Data Analysis for Decision-Making INR 49,303
Data Analysis for Social Scientists NA
Computing for Data Analysis Free (Certificate for INR 60,501)
High-Dimensional Data Analysis Free (Certificate for INR 10,927)
UX Data Analysis Free (Certificate for INR 21,927)

Data Analytics Courses on SimpliLearn 

Course Fee
Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics INR 1,70,000 
Data Analyst- Master’s Program INR 44,999
Business Analyst- Master’s Program INR 44,999
Introduction to Data Analytics Course for Beginners INR 6,999
Business Analytics Certification Course with Excel INR 13,999

Data Analytics Courses For Beginners

To provide knowledge about the basic tools and softwares used in data analytics courses, Coursera has come up with many basic data analytics courses for beginners that focus on teaching basics of Excel, Python, Programming languages, and many more. 

Introduction to Programming with Python and Java Specialization Python Geospatial Data Analysis
Python for Data Science, AI & Development Google Sheets Tutorial: Spreadsheets for Beginners
Pandas Python Library for Beginners in Data Science Framework for Data Collection and Analysis
Introduction to Clinical Data Science A Beginners Guide to Python for Financial Analysis
Analyzing Unstructured Data using MongoDB and PySpark Key Technologies for Business Specialization

Data Analytics Courses: Syllabus

The important subjects taught in typical data analytics courses are mentioned below: 

Data Structures and Algorithms Statistical Analysis
Business Fundamentals Machine Learning
Data Visualization Pricing Analytics
Simulation Customer Analytics
Marketing Analytics Relational Database Management Systems
Retail Analytics Data Collection
Probability and Statistics Forecasting Analytics
Text Analytics Optimization
Supply Chain Analytics Social Network Analysis

Top Data Analytics Colleges in India

Data analytics courses are popular in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore. The section below lists the top data analytics colleges in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore and the course fee they charge for the data analytics course they offer.

Data Analytics Colleges in Delhi 

Data Analytics Colleges in Mumbai 

College Name Fees
SP Jain Institute Management and Research  INR 40 K
KJ Somaiya Institute of Management  INR 16.29 L
NMIMS School of Business Management  INR 1.51 L
Bombay Stock Exchange Institute  INR 1.25 L - 2.17 L
CDAC Pune INR 7.5 K
Universal Business School  INR 11.94 L
Universal College of Engineering  -

Data Analytics Colleges in Bangalore 

Future Scope of Data Analytics Courses

As per the statistics, the Data Analytics industry is booming at the rate of 33.5% CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate)  and will become an industry of 20 billion dollars by 2025. Hence, studying data analytics courses can be a really awarding choice.

Data Analytics Jobs 

Job Profile Salary
Data Scientist INR 6.9 lakhs
Data Architect INR 19 lakhs
Data Engineer INR 8.56 lakhs
Data Analyst INR 6.35 lakhs
Statistician INR 5.34 lakhs
Database Administrator INR 4.97 lakhs

Top Data Analytics Companies 

Google Deloitte
Fractal Barclays
Fractal Analytics Expedia
RBS Microsoft
Kotak Mahindra BRIDGEi2i
Yahoo Citi Bank
Tredence HDFC Bank
Facebook Make My Trip
Brillio -

Salary of a Data Analyst in India

An entry level data analyst makes INR 342,000 per annum in India. After years of work experience and expertise in data analytics, he can make around INR 10,00,000 per annum. Further, the salary is bifurcated based on the type of the job profile one gets hired for after pursuing data analytics courses, and the company which hires these graduates.

Experience Wise Salary 

Years of Experience Average Annual Salary
Less than 1 year INR 5,00,000 per annum
1 to 4 years INR 6,10,811 per annum
5 to 9 years INR 1,004,082 per annum

Company Wise Salary 

Company Average Salary
Accenture INR 545,000
Amazon INR 507,000
Flipkart INR 560,000
Google INR 503,000

Data Analytics Courses FAQs

Ques. Are Data Analytics courses in demand?

Ans. Yes, Data Analytics courses are undoubtedly in demand as 96% of the companies are planning to hire Data Analysts. With the world digitizing every minute, the data analyst will be one of the most demanded jobs by 2022.

Ques. Is Data Analytics a good career?

Ans. Data Analytics is one of the fastest-growing professions in the world with the sector to reach an estimate of 20 billion dollars by 2022.

Ques. Are Data Analytics courses and Data Science similar courses? What is the difference between Data Analytics and Data Science?

Ans. No, they are absolutely not. Data science teaches you to predict future risks and opportunities based on past data. On the other hand, data analytics courses teaches you to conclude based on the data given.

Ques. What is the eligibility criteria for Data Analytics courses?

Ans. It depends on the level of degree you are opting for. The minimum eligibility criteria for any data analytics courses is a Class 12 certificate.

Ques. Why are Data Analytics courses important?

Ans. Data Analytics is crucial for a business in many ways. From business optimization to research-based decision-making and dodging risks, Data Analytics courses are a win-win.

Ques. What are Data Analytics tools you need to be familiar with during data analytics courses?

Ans. Data Analytics tools are Tableau, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Python, R, and so on.

Ques. What are the top 3 skills for a Data Analyst that he should inculcate while he puruses data analytics courses?

Ans. The top 3 skills for a data analyst are SQL, Microsoft Excel, and R or Python.

Ques. How much does the average Data Analyst make after pursuing data analytics courses?

Ans. An average Data Analyst earns approximately INR 4,10,000. This salary varies with your skills, company, and even location.

Ques. How much does a Data Analyst earn in India after graduating from bachelor’s level data analytics courses?

Ans. As per payscale, an average data analyst begins with earning INR 4 LPA. This is obviously subjected to increment as new experience and skills keep on getting added.

Ques. What are the roles and responsibilities of a Data Analyst?

Ans. The basic responsibility of a Data Analyst is to conclude based on the structural representation of data. For this purpose, he uses various tools such as Excel, MySQL, Python, and many more.

Ques. How long does it take to become a data analyst once you pursue any data analytics courses?

Ans. A person can become a Data Analyst with the knowledge of all the basic skills in 3-6 months. Additionally, a bachelor's degree will take 3-4 years to complete and a masters degree will take 2 years. If the students are opting for Diploma or Pg Diploma, the duration will be 8 months to 1 year depending on the institute.

Ques. What are the top data analytics courses?

Ans. The top data analytics courses in 2021 are: Data Science Specialization by Coursera, Introduction to Data Science by Metis, Applied Data Science with Python Specialization by Coursera, Data Science MicroMasters by edX.