Diploma in Banking and Finance Jobs, Salary, Job Sectors, Government Jobs, Career Options 2021-2022

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Diploma in Banking and Finance is a specialization diploma course of 1 year for those who want to enter the sector of banking and finance.

The main objective of this program is to provide education, practical training and in-depth knowledge of various aspects of the banking and finance field to students, making them competent enough to get entry level  jobs in these mentioned sectors.

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Diploma in Banking and Finance Job Sectors

After completing this entry level job oriented course, you may be employed in various banking and financial setups such as:

  • Government Banks
  • Private Banks
  • Financial Company
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Insurance Firm
  • Risk Management Firms
  • MNCs
  • PSU, and others.

Diploma in Banking and Finance Jobs

The most common jobs that one can go for after this course are Loan Counsellor, Security Analyst, Internal Auditors etc. 

Apart from this, you are eligible for any entry level jobs of executives, associates and trainees getting a salary compensation of around INR 18,000- 25,000 monthly.

Below table shows some of the common jobs for both freshers and experienced professionals in the field of banking and finance, along with the Salary Scale:

Job Position Lowest Salary Average Salary Highest Salary
Loan Officer INR 1.87 INR 2.46 LPA INR 3.80 LPA
Administrative Assistant INR 2.36 LPA INR 2.95 LPA INR 5.08 LPA
Bank Collection Agent INR 1.82 LPA INR 1.87 LPA INR 3.25 LPA
Market Analyst INR 2.97 LPA INR 3.62 LPA INR 9.65 LPA
Process Analyst INR 2.00 LPA INR 2.91 LPA INR 5.25 LPA
Financial Analyst INR 3.14 LPA INR 4.04 LPA INR 11.0 LPA
Internal Auditor INR 3.41 LPA INR 5.27 LPA INR 7.23 LPA
Credit Risk Manager INR 7.00 LPA INR 8.00 LPA INR 18.00 LPA
Major Jobs after Diploma in Banking and Finance

Source: Payscale

Diploma in Banking and Finance Government Jobs

A lot of students of this course opt for government jobs because of security and financial stability. 

The average salary can be around INR 15,000-20,000 per month, but it can be higher if you clear the IBPS Exam, SBI Clerk Exam and other relevant exams in which diploma holders are eligible to apply.

Below mentioned are some of the government jobs that a student can go for after this course:

Govt. Jobs Average Salary
Bank Assistant INR 5-6 LPA
Clerk Assistant INR 3-4 LPA
Junior Assistant INR 3.5 LPA
Chief Risk Officers INR 2.5-4 LPA
Assistant  Manager of Class II As per the govt. standards
Officer, Regional Rural Banks As per the govt. scale
Officer, Public Sector Banks As per the govt. scale
Chief Financial Officer INR 6-8 LPA
Deputy Director INR 6-10 LPA
Data Entry Operator INR 1.7-4 LPA or As per the Govt. Standards

If you have pursued this diploma course after doing graduation, then you are eligible to give a number of Banking exams to find credible and senior level jobs in the banking field like

Indian Bank PO, IPRB Exam, RBI Assistant Post, and others.

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