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The Diploma in Cooperative Management is a one year course in the field of business management which deals with learning principles of co-operative management to the candidates. It is a creative and practical field mostly related to management in recent times.

The minimum eligibility for applying this course is to qualify Higher Secondary examination from any recognized Board. Some institutes conduct an entrance examination for admissions to this diploma. But generally, admission is on a merit basis. 

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Some of the top institutions offering this course are Palamuru University, Tilka Manjhi Bhagalpur University, National Council for Cooperative Training and Madhusudan Institute of Cooperative Management. The average course fee for a Diploma in Cooperative Management is around INR 10,000 to 80,000. The tuition for this course depends on the institution chosen and the time needed to complete the diploma. 

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Cooperative Management incorporates study of managerial skills, management in any organisation, understanding the working of sub-divisions of management. 

Candidates who hold a diploma in supply chain have many career options because almost every industry needs good managerial roles. The average salary for a beginner is expected around INR 2 lacs per annum, which increases based on working capacity.

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Course Highlights

Course Level Diploma
Full-Form Diploma in Cooperative Management 
Duration 1 year
Examination type Merit-based/Entrance-Based
Eligibility 10+2 class-based examination
Admission Process Entrance Exams as per college/university chosen
Course Fee INR 7,000-INR 25,000
Average Salary INR  7000-15000
Top Recruiting Companies Cooperatives-Banks, Consultancies, Management Institutes, National Cooperative Development Corporation, Research Institutes, Start-Ups
Job Positions Managerial Posts such as Divisional Manager, Facilitator, Researcher
Admission Process

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Admission Process

Admission process for Diploma in Cooperative Management Courses in any college or university is usually merit based i.e through college examinations or on the basis of minimum education requirements such as higher secondary education marks. However, the percentage score cut-offs determine your admission in the college/university desired.

  • Candidates must upload all necessary documents and application form as per prescribed deadlines. Applications forms are usually available on the colleges’ official websites.
  • Once your results come in one the subsequent rounds involve counselling followed by a general admission process. A merit-list is formed on this basis allocating the final seats for qualifying candidates.

Documents required for application process:

  • Mark sheets of 10th and 12th standard
  • Pass certificate of your Class 10 and 12th
  • Proof of date of birth.
  • School leaving certificate
  • Transfer certificate
  • Domicile certificate/ residential proof or certificate
  • Provisional certificate
  • Character certificate
  • Scheduled Caste/ Scheduled Tribe/Other Backward Caste certificates
  • Proof of disability (if any)
  • Migration Certificate

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Eligibility Criteria

Candidates need to meet the following criteria to be eligible:

  • One needs to meet the basic criteria of eligibility to apply for an Diploma in Cooperative Management course is completing a basic education(higher secondary)  with a valid percentage  score  of minimum 45%-50% aggregate.
  • The students can have any stream  in 10+2  in order to be eligible for the diploma.

Diploma in Cooperative Management: How to get admission in a good Diploma in Cooperative Management college?

The key to getting admission for a Diploma in Cooperative Management Course is to focus on getting a decent score in 10+2 and the entrance exam of the particular college/university/institution. This is crucial for admissions into good universities.

Apart from this, candidates must ensure that they have the required passion and interest towards this field. For example, an Diploma in Cooperative Management requires you to have:

  • Strong Analytical Skills: The Diploma in Cooperative Management requires candidates to have high problem solving skills as they have to deal with uncertainties and errors in several mechanisms. Therefore, the candidate's must be fully aware and willing to understand the key problems and strategize ways to resolve them.
  • Attention to Detail: A strong sense of attention to detail is required when working with control processes or instrumentation as each project involves planning and execution.
  • Communication Skills: Students must be able communicate ideas, project proposals and discussions effectively and efficiently. 
  • Updated with latest trends in the field: It is very important to be aware of most of the latest trends in the field due to the fast progression of the way management is handled these days.
  • Leadership and Management: In order to execute projects one must understand and apply all management related duties and responsibilities.

Diploma in Cooperative Management: What is it about?

The Diploma in Cooperative Management course is basically a diploma course dealing with highly practical, analytical , managerial and technical aspects of management and how to manage and lead people.It majorly deals with working, designing and maintaining proper management principles in the organisation.

The course is based around the improvement of administrative abilities for the administration. It can cover different particular fields like buyers' helpful, laborers agreeable, business agreeable and so on. Certificate in Cooperative Management (DCM) course covers concentrate identified with different organizations and enactment in co-usable; it additionally covers Financial Management in a helpful manner. 

Students completing this course fill in as an analyst in research Organizations, Divisional Manager in Organizations. They can work in different agreeable banks, consultancy administrations, the board preparing foundations, lodging cooperatives, rural cooperatives, and so on. 

The field of  caters to the needs of several industries as mentioned below:

Consultancies Oils and Refinery Power
Agriculture Management Diary Automobile
Marketing AI IT
Media  Manufacturing Pharmaceuticals

Basically any field can be an adaptive choice for students as management and administration is required everywhere.

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Why this particular course?

The Diploma in Cooperative Management helps students who are interested in developing, design good administration in cooperatives  to gain the required skills and knowledge. 

  • The job opportunities in the field are abundant with assistants and managers being required in all types of media/marketing/management companies such as, advertising agencies, consultancies and much more. ]
  • The Diploma in Cooperative Management helps students inculcate really strong leadership skills as a lot is to do with understanding how to lead people, getting work done, maintaining a fun and relaxing environment for employees- such a mindset is required for the subjects to study.
  • The Diploma in Cooperative Management Course has huge scope due to the advent of technology there is a high demand for graduates of this field.
  • If one has decent knowledge in roles related to management and business and wants to enhance their practical skills in project management, technical aspects along with managerial responsibilities and duties, this field is very well-suited for them.
Top Colleges

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Top Colleges with Fees

Diploma in Cooperative Management: College comparison

We have compared some of the top colleges of India offering this course under parameters like their location, ranking, placement offers and recruiting companies involved in it.

Parameters/Colleges Madhusudan Institute of Cooperative Management Institute of Cooperative Management Annamalai University 
Overview Highly focused on management programs. Provides a diploma in cooperative management and MBA course Currently providing mostly BBA and MBA programs in management  Provides masters in management and business (MBA)
Average Fees 15,000 Ranging from 20,000-40,000 Ranging 57,000-60,000
Placements No placements  Placements every year with placement activities( interview preparations, GDs, workshops) Placements every year with placement activities( interview preparations, GDs, workshops)
Recruiting Companies No companies ICICI, Byjus, Tata Motors TCS, Cognizant, IBM, HCL Technologies

What is the Diploma in Cooperative Management Syllabus?

Cooperative Management course contains the following topics:

Semester I Semester II
Environment for Cooperatives and Rural Development
Marketing Management
Cooperative Law, Management and Administration Allied Laws
Non-Credit Cooperatives Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations
Cooperative Credit & Banking Organizational Behaviour & Communication
Cooperative Accounts and Audit Statistics Research Methodology and Project Management
Cost Accounting and Financial Management MIS & Computer Application

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Course Comparison

Here is a comparison between two Diploma courses: Diploma in Cooperative Management and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA).

Parameters/Course DCM (Diploma in Cooperative Management) BBA(Bachelors in Business Administration)
Overview Diploma in Cooperative Management is focused on the co-usable administration and work with co-workers or employees.  Bachelor of Business Administration, is a 3-year undergraduate course that teaches students to understand, manage and overcome the challenges of a corporate firm. 
Top Colleges Madhusudan Institute of Cooperative ManagementInstitute of Cooperative Management Christ UniversitySymbiosis International UniversityUniversity of Delhi
Scope New programs have changed the scenario of education in business or management. These programs are more extensive and flexible to industry standards as compared  More students are shifting to this course to get extensive knowledge about business and management.
  • Management 
  • Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Management and Leadership
  • Communication Skills
  • Team working skills
  • Understanding all sectors, various industries

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Job Profiles

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Job Profiles

Cooperative Management is a field with a lot of opportunities in the business and corporate management sector.  Managerial roles are always required in any organisation as they can properly guide the operational workers or employees with respect to all their projects, day to day tasks. Roles of a facilitator or assistant is required in all organisations.

Job profiles with description

Name of Job Profile Description of Job Role Average salary in INR
Managerial Assistant Managerial Assistants, assist top management and operational level employees with all the work being done in organisations. 1.5-3 Lakhs
Project Manager Diploma in Cooperative Management graduates can become project managers who basically must execute a project in cooperatives. INR 3-7 Lacs
Divisional Manager Is to supervise technicians and other operational workers during any printer issues. He is a middle management between the top and lower workers and must ensure all problems in printing technology are regularly solved and improved. 2 lakhs-4.5 lakhs
Researcher Manager To provide technical support in research aspects of organizations such as recruitment, financial, planning, management etc. They may also need to work on , Market Research, CRM(Customer Relationship Management) to solve customer issues related to any equipments or services INR 2.5-6 Lakhs
Future Scope

Diploma in Cooperative Management: Future Scope

The future scope  of Diploma in Cooperative Management Graduates is very highly demanded. Diploma in Cooperative Management Graduates and a variety of options in government and private sector.
Most jobs are also associated with that of the printing presses and houses where print tech is used a lot. In order to pursue a career in news and other media sectors specializing in printing aspects one must consider studying further.

Further course options are also available such as Bachelors in Business Administration/ Management or Bachelors in Commerce and can also pursue any other courses related to this.


Diploma in Cooperative Management: FAQs

Ques.What is the scope of Diploma in Cooperative Management ?

Ans. There is quite a lot of scope after Diploma in Cooperative Management. As per recent trends graduates in this field can enter the management field which is flourishing in the past few decades. Other career opportunities also include pursuing a business degree.

Ques. Is Diploma in Cooperative Management A Good Choice Post 10+2?

Ans. As per the current scenario, there are a lot of fields that have evolved over the period of time which are largely related to management. A career in management has a lot of future scope for improvement in your personal career. 

Ques. What is the average salary after Diploma in Cooperative Managementin India?

Ans. The Average salary of Diploma in Cooperative Management graduates in India varies between 2 Lakhs to as high as 6 or 7 lakhs per annum. 

Ques. Is there increased employability if I pursue a bachelors degree after Diploma?

Ans. Definitely yes. This is subjective though, and may vary as per the conditions in the study fields. A higher degree definitely is more beneficial,and opens doors to more opportunities.

Ques. Is distance education in Diploma in Cooperative Management worth it?

Ans. Well, it really depends on the individual's situation, mainly their grasping capacities. Diploma in Cooperative Management can be done easily through distance education as it involves a lot of theoretical knowledge.

Ques. Are there scholarships available for Diploma in Cooperative ManagementStudents?

Ans. Yes there are scholarships available for several courses including Diploma in Cooperative Management courses. However, this varies from college to college/university to university so you should check the college’s official website you want to apply to.

Ques. Can I apply for a Diploma in Cooperative Management If I am a 10th pass?

Ans. Yes you may apply as a 10th standard passed candidate with a minimum aggregate of 50%  for any Diploma in Cooperative Management Program. Incase of queries check the criteria for application for desired university/college.

Ques. Is studying Diploma in Cooperative Management From a private college good?

Ans. Yes, it is definitely beneficial to study Diploma in Cooperative Management from private colleges. There are ample of placements and opportunities with private colleges, meritorious students end up doing really well with scholarships

Ques. Should I opt for government colleges or private colleges for Diploma in Cooperative Management Courses?

Ans. It depends on your personal choices. Government colleges have higher return on investments than most private colleges. Both types of colleges have almost equal opportunities for career advancement. Research well and choose colleges you think best suit your interests.

Ques. What are the basic skills required to study Diploma in Cooperative Management ?

Ans. The three major skills required for any student who wants to pursue Diploma in Cooperative Management are strong analytical skills, management skills, and attention to employees in order to do well in this field.


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Admission :

After giving the CAT examinations I was eligible to apply to this college. After applying and submitting the required entrance examination results I was called upon the campus for the interview session. The interview was conducted to judge the mental ability and English speaking skills of the student. After that I was selected for the course.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course was two years long and it had a sense to be system. The class tests were conducted in the form of internal and the final examination as external. The practical were taken regularly to judge the practical skills of the student. The curriculum was overall very relaxing and stressfree but required a lot of effort and determination.

Placement Experience :

Since my major was in marketing and digital, the placements were conducted at the end of last year. Various well-known magazines and TV commercial firms came to interview including Balaji telefilms, sunshine enterprises, Sagar enterprises. 80% of the students used to get placed with an average package of Rs.10 lakhs per annum.

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8.7 /10

Placement Experience :

My major was in journalism and public relation so the interview used to be conducted at the end of last year where different news channels including Aaj Tak, Star news, ABP, NDTV, IndiaTV used to come and conduct the interviews. The selection was totally on the basis of merit an academic performances. 85% of the students used to get placed with an average package of Rs.12 lakhs per annum.

Admission :

Based on my bachelor and CAT entrance examination conducted by the college itself ,I got the admission to the college. The application form was available online, after filling up the form with the entrance exam details I was called up on the campus for my mental ability and English proficiency test and interview. The rounds were cleared and I got admitted into the course.

Campus Life :

The college was huge and had spacious multipurpose hall and seminar halls. We had big playgrounds where the students could play all kinds of sports. The facilities like libraries, laboratories, gym, yoga centre, language labs, clubs including art class were all present at the campus. There was a diversity at the college and had more girls than boys.

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lp priya
Sir ,part time course of diploma in Cooperative Management course available in tirupur
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Hi Lp Priya, yes various colleges is offering diploma in several fields including Cooperative Management in Tirupur. You can access their websites for more information related to fees etc

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Hi Aravind, yes, it can be studies as a part-time course provided the college/university must offer distance education.
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Hi Divya, you can look for admission in this course in Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.