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Diploma In Elementary Education (D.EL.ED) is a diploma program provided to the students to become effective and  versatile teachers. The diploma program is designed in such a way that the candidates are able to handle students with clarity and confidence and are able to impart excellent guidance at the elementary level.

D.EL.ED Syllabus is divided into two segments, one is general courses and other is subject disciplines.

The different subjects taught across the different organisations generally remain the same. Some of the D.EL.ED subjects are Childhood and the Development of Children, Contemporary society, Mathematics education and many more.

D.EL.ED Syllabus quick facts

  • D.EL.ED course duration is two years.
  • D.El.Ed syllabus covers various aspects of elementary teaching such as teaching skills, historical patterns, some philosophical theories, and current classroom trends.
  • The students generally  have to score a minimum aggregate of 50% to pass the course. Candidates scoring more than 60% are placed in the first division, and those securing more than 75% get distinction.
  • The syllabus is designed in such a way that the teacher is able to gain pedagogic knowledge to meet the diverse needs of the students.
  • ICT subjects have also been introduced to keep the candidates updated about the modern teaching methods.

D.El.Ed: Course Structure

D.El.Ed. Syllabus is divided into two parts: General course and subject disciplines. Syllabus disciplines are further divided into subject content courses and method courses.

The subjects of study are designed in such a way that it prepares teachers with a broad knowledge of the subject areas. It also prepares them for Higher Education Courses. The subject areas include:

  • Principles for child development
  • Education practice
  • Study of school pedagogy
  • Role of a teacher in the grooming of students

D.El.Ed: Course Description

Year I
Subjects Description 
Childhood and the development of children
  • Meaning and characteristics of child development
  • Understand various aspects of child development and growth
  • Enable students to understand child behaviour
  • Understand the development needs of childhood
Contemporary society
  • Nature and Composition of Indian Society: hierarchical multilingual, multi-religious, multicultural
  • Societal Challenges in India
Towards understanding the self
  • Concept and Development of Self
  • Factors Affecting Development of Self
  • Factors Affecting Personality Development
  • Life Skills: Concept and Development
Pedagogy of English language
  • Place of English language in curriculum: its importance, objectives and principles
  • Language Skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing
  • Lesson planning and material development
  • Approaches of teaching English Language
Year II
Subjects Description
Cognition, sociocultural context
  • Social Change: Meaning and Concept
  • Culture: Concept, Cultural Differences and its influence on Education
  • Sources of Value Education
  • Causes and effects of social change
Guidance and Counselling
  • Guidance: Concept and its need at elementary level
  • Areas of Guidance
  • Counselling: Meaning and Difference between guidance and counselling
  • Behavioural problems with children
Leadership and change
  • Leadership: Concept
  • Leadership Styles
  • Team Building
  • Communication
  • Barriers to effective communication
  • Essential Communication Skills for Teachers
Pedagogy of environmental studies
  • Concept and objectives of Environmental Studies
  • Importance of Environmental Education
  • EVS curriculum at primary level
  • Developing an EVS kit- its importance and usage
School health and education
  • Concepts of health and well-being and its importance
  • Various Aspects of Health
  • Personal Hygiene and its importance
  • Physical Education
  • Safety Education
Fine arts and education
  • Understanding Arts and Art Education
  • Planning and Organization of Art Experience
  • Visual Arts and Crafts
  • Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation in Art Education
  • Importance of Art Education at primary level

D.El.Ed: Subjects

Subjects of Study
Childhood and the development of children Cognition, sociocultural context
Contemporary society Teacher identity and school culture
Education Society Leadership and change
Towards understanding the self Pedagogy of environmental studies
Pedagogy of English language Diversity and education
Mathematics education for the primary School health and education
Proficiency in English Fine arts and education
Work and education Internship

D.El.Ed: Books

Name of the Book Author
Education and Empowerment Arya, Anita
Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education GOI
Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language Bhatia, K.K
Learning Mathematics IGNOU
Philosophy of Education Biswal
Handbook of Modern Methods of Teaching Rao, V.K
Fundamentals of Educational Technology Mangal, S.K
From Blackboard to Web Naseem, C & Alam

D.EL.ED Syllabus: FAQs

Ques: What is the syllabus of D.El.Ed?

Ans: Candidates have to cover a wide range of topics in the D.EL.ED syllabus. Some of the topics are guidance and counselling, leadership and change, Pedagogy of the English language and many more. For further information see the D.EL.ED syllabus section above

Ques: How many subjects are in D.El.Ed?

Ans: There are generally 16 subjects in D.EL.ED. Some of the most common subjects are Contemporary society, Work and education,Diversity and education, etc. Some organisations have over 20 subjects spread equally over two years.

Ques: Is graduation necessary for D.El.Ed?

Ans: Teachers teaching at lower primary and upper primary  level in government school should have passed 12th with at least 50% marks and a D.EL.ED. However, candidates having graduation with D.EL.ED are also eligible to teach. 

Ques: What subject is most needed in teaching?

Ans: Mathematics and english are the most common subjects that require tutors. D.EL.ED courses have mathematics and English as subjects in the curriculum. 

Ques: What is the scope of D.El.Ed?

Ans: The candidates  who have passed the D.EL.ED course are eligible to apply for the positions of primary teacher in different government schools. The average salary of a primary teacher in India is INR 2,41,000. The candidates are also eligible to pursue careers in content writing, online teaching, and many more.

Ques: Is NIOS D.El.Ed valid for Ignou B.Ed?

Ans: Yes, the National Council of Teacher Education has provided validation to the NIOS D.EL.ED (ODL) Courses. Thus the candidates will be able to pursue B.Ed from IGNOU.

Ques: Can I do D.El.Ed after B Ed?

Ans: Yes. All you need is a 50% aggregate score in  class 12th exam.

Ques: Is NIOS D.El.Ed valid for Govt job?

Ans: Yes. The NIOS D.El.Ed has been validated by the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE).

Ques: Can I Apply to CTET without B.Ed?

Ans: Yes. But you need to have at least a D.EL.ED to apply for government jobs..


joyashree talukdar
Complete course koriboloi kiman fees
Sinbad Chongtham

Course fee for D. El. Ed programs differ for every institute or university. The total course fee for D. El. Ed offered by National Institute of Open Schooling is INR 12000, that is INR 6000 per year.

sanny kumar
Sir, Please tell me from where I can complete my Two years Semester of DEL ED online.
Diya Suresh

Yes diploma in elementary education can be undertaken in online mode and distance mode as well. The online education is offered via SWAYAM and SWAYAMPRABHA  conducted by NIOS. This course is recognised by NCTE. The classes are given via lectures on TV which can be easily accessed at home. To knwo more details visit DELEd course.

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sarala l k

Sir, I am aged 50 n working in private school can I do D.El.Ed in correspondence?

Apurva Tamhane

Dear Sarala,

The upper age limit for taking admission to D.El.Ed. is around 34 to 35 years. Thus you would not be able to take admission for the course.

Am I eligible for B.E.D course after completion of D.E.D cc
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Monica, as per qualification, you are eligible for this course. However, percentage criteria may vary according to the college/university in which you are applying for admission.


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