Diploma in Mechatronics: Admission Process, Entrance Exams, Distance Education, Syllabus, Salary, Scope

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Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering is a diploma certificate program having a duration of three years.It can be pursued by students who have passed 10th or 12th in the science stream.

Mechatronics Engineering which is a newer branch of engineering in comparison to mechanical or electronics engineering has its origins from these branches only.The curriculum of mechatronics engineering comprises of a lot of elements from Mechanical,Electronics,Computer Science and Control Engineering.A mechatronics engineer uses principles of electronics,computer science,mechanical to develop systems, machine and solutions that can be applied to improve productivity and efficiency of process/production. Systems developed by them have wide applicability in industries.

With the reliance on automated technology in the manufacturing sector on a rise,the demand for mechatronics engineers is also growing.

For admission in this course,the candidate must have passed 10th standard with Science and Maths or equivalent with minimum 55% marks in aggregate.

Diploma holders in mechatronics can take up jobs roles like Supervisor, Researcher,Robotic Technicians,Robotic Test Engineer,Robotic System Engineer and some of the main employers being Vizkon Technology,G.E. Renewable energy,SMR Automotive Systems etc.

Diploma in Mechatronics: Course Highlights

Course Level Diploma
Duration 3 Years
Examination Type Both Semester and Annual
Eligibility 55% aggregate in Class 10th
Admission Process Qualifying class 10th or class 12th exams
Course Fee INR 1.25 Lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 0.3 Lacs
Job Opportunities Mechatronics Engineer, Mechatronics Technician, Researcher, Analyst

Diploma in Mechatronics: Eligibility Criteria 

On completing secondary school, the students aspiring for Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering need to fulfill the following eligibility criterion:

  • Securing a minimum of 55% marks in Class 10th Examinations in the core subjects- Science, Mathematics, and English.
  • Clear the varied Entrance tests held by different institutions for studying the course.
Admission Process

Diploma in Mechatronics: Admission Process

The admission process for Diploma in Mechatronics is quite simple.

  • Most institutes have a merit based admission process.Interested students have to approach the institute and fill the admission form.
  • The seats are then allotted on the basis of the marks secured by the applicants in the 10th board examination with a special emphasis on science and mathematical subjects.
What is it About?

Diploma in Mechatronics: What is it About? 

We are growing through a period where no product in the world is solely electronic,electrical or mechanical in nature and as the capabilities of electronics get better ,modern mechanical systems are embedded with electronics and controls. This means that the lines between each discipline are becoming increasingly blurred, and there is a growing demand for mechatronics engineers whose knowledge is strong across all of these areas.Mechatronics engineers work in all aspects of the development of products,ranging from design and testing to manufacture.

From consumer goods, such as microwaves, cars and smartphones, to industrial applications such as CNC machine tools, robots and MRI and X-Ray machines, mechatronics engineers use fundamental principles of electrical, mechanical, software, and control engineering in their design and development in order to generate a simpler, more economical and reliable way to do things.

  • Students who wish to seek employment in design and development, manufacturing, maintenance and servicing industries are suitable for it.
  • They should possess the temperament to work in a team,practical and technical skills and a detailed and methodical approach to their work.
  • They should have an interest in mechanics and electronics and also have good creativity ,imagination and problem-solving skills.
Why Study?

Why Study Diploma in Mechatronics?

  • The course equips students with multidisciplinary-skills and knowledge that include topics of mechanical engineering, electronics and computer technology.
  • This diploma prepares them to take up important positions such as engineering assistants, supervisors, maintenance and servicing personnel.
Top Institutes

Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering: Top Institutes

Name of the Institute City Average Fees
Ayyappa Polytechnic College Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu INR 0.9 Lacs
B. S. Patel Polytechnic College Mehsana, Gujarat INR 30,000
BLDE Polytechnic Bijapur, Karnataka INR 10,750
G.B.N. Government Polytechnic Nilokheri, Haryana INR 3900
Government Polytechnic College Tamil Nadu INR 2107
Government Polytechnic Nilokheri, Haryana INR 3,000
Government Polytechnic Ramanthapur, Telangana INR 3,800
Guru BrahmaNand Ji Govt. Polytechnic Karnal, Haryana INR 3,900
Kiran Patel Education Trust's Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Polytechnic Mumbai, Maharashtra INR 41,860
Pattukkottai Polytechnic College Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu INR 6,500
S.J. Polytechnic College Bangalore, Karnataka INR 3,600
Shri Jayachamarajendra Polytechnic Bangalore, Karnataka INR 10,750

Diploma In Mechatronics: College Comparison 

Parameters Ayyappa Polytechnic College BS Patel Polytechnic College
Overview Ayyappa Polytechnic College is situated in Cuddalore,Tamil Nadu.It is accredited by AICTE. B. S. Patel Polytechnic is situated in Mehsana in Gujarat state of India. Established in 1999, it is accredited from AICTE and it is affiliated to Gujarat Technological University
Location Cuddalore Mehsana
Average Fees INR 0.9 Lacs INR 30,000
Average Salary Package INR 1.5 LPA INR 1.35 LPA
Top Recruiters Hyundai, Magna Automotives,Delphi-TVS CEAT, Brakes India pvt.Limited,adani renewables

Diploma in Mechatronics V/s MTech in Mechatronics: Which is Better?

Parameter Diploma In Mechatronics MTech Mechatronics
Domain Diploma certificate programme in Mechatronics Engineering Masters of Technology (MTech) in Mechatronics Engineering
Overview Diploma in Mechatronics is a diploma programme that offers students knowledge about mechatronics which comprises a number of subjects from mechanical,electronics as well as computer engineering. MTech in Mechatronics is a postgraduate program that offers students knowledge about a wide range of subjects which fall under the domain of mechanical engineering, electronics and computing.
Eligibility Secured a minimum of 55% marks in Class 10th Examinations in the core subjects- Science, Mathematics, and English. Completed B.E or B.Tech in Mechanical, Aeronautics, Manufacturing, Mechatronics, etc. with an aggregate of 50%
Duration 3 Years 2 Years
Average Annual Fees INR 5,000-1,99,000 INR 40,000 - 2,75,000
Average Salary INR 30,000 - 5,50,000 INR 50,000 - 6,00,000
Course Syllabus

Diploma in Mechatronics: Course Syllabus

Syllabus of Mechatronics as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Semester I Semester II
Applied Science Applied Mathematics II
Applied Mathematics I C' Programming
Manufacturing Technology Analog Electronics
Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering English Communication
Science Lab Analog Electronics Lab
Basic Electrical and Electronics Lab Machine Shop Practice
Basic Computer Skills Lab C' Programming Lab
Semester III Semester IV
Measurement System Microcontroller and applications
Digital electronics CNC machine tool Technology
Basics of Mechanics and Thermal engineering Automation and Computer integrated manufacturing system
Fluid Power Engineering Industrial electronics
Digital Electronics Lab Microcontroller Lab
Computer-aided engg. graphics Lab Industrial electronics Lab
Electro-Pneumatic Lab CNC Lab
Semester V Semester VI
Control System Industrial Robotics
Microscale mechanical system Design of Mechatronics system
Basic Management Skills & Indian Constitution Automotive Electronics (elective)
PLC and Its Applications CASP Lab
PLC Lab Robotics Lab
Control system Lab Project work
Project work and Industrial visit -
Job Profiles

Diploma in Mechatronics: Job Profiles

Job Position Job Description Average Salary
Robotics Engineer One of the major responsibilities is designing and developing the robotics and automation systems in a cost-effective manner. INR 3,70,000
Mechatronics Engineer Mechatronics engineers are uniquely equipped to work as mechanical engineers with electronics, instrumentation and real time software engineering skills INR 4,00,000
Senior Robotics Specialist A robotics engineer designs prototypes, builds and tests machines, and maintains the software that controls them. They also conduct research to find the most cost-efficient and safest process to manufacture their robotic systems. INR 5,85,000
Researcher Researchers are responsible for collecting, organizing, and analyzing opinions and data to solve problems, explore issues, and predict trends. INR 10,00,000
Computer Vision Engineer A computer vision engineer, uses software to handle the processing and analysis of large data populations, and his efforts support the automation of predictive decision-making efforts. INR 5,12,820

Diploma in Mechatronics: FAQs

Ques: What is the course duration of Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering?

Ans: Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering has a course duration of three years which is further divided into six semesters.

Ques: Is there any entrance examination for Diploma in Mechatronics?

Ans: No, most of the polytechnic and engineering institutes provide admission in the diploma course on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidate in his/her 10th standard board examination.

Ques: What is the admission procedure for Diploma in Mechatronics ?

Ans: Most institutes offering a diploma in Mechatronics usually provide admission in the diploma course on the basis of the marks obtained by the candidate in his/her 10th standard board examination.

Ques: What is the difference between Mechatronics and Mechanical Engineering?

Ans: A Mechanical engineer usually knows everything related to the pure mechanical aspects of a machinery,equipment or device.On the other hand a mechatronics specialist knows a little bit of everything that involves creating the same system.For example:-In today’s world where robots and self driven cars are becoming common ,a mechanical engineer may be better suited to create the engine ,body and other moving parts of the car but to integrate the automation aspect of the car one needs a mechatronics specialist.

Ques: What is the work of a Mechatronics Engineer?

Ans: Mechatronics engineers are uniquely equipped to work as mechanical engineers with electronics, instrumentation and real time software engineering skills.

Ques: What are the job roles one can take up after obtaining a diploma in Mechatronics Engineering?

Ans: The job roles one can take up after obtaining a Diploma in Mechatronics is-:

  • Robotics Technician

  • Trainer
  • Robotics System Engineer
  • Senior Robotics Specialist
  • Analyst
  • Robotics Test Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Supervisor

Ques: What is the difference between a Degree course and Diploma course?

Ans: A degree course is offered by an autonomous college or university, on the other hand a diploma programme is provided by educational institutions and even by some colleges. The other difference is a degree course is completed in 3-4 years. While, a diploma course requires 1-2 years for completion.

Ques: What are the opportunities for further studies after completing a Diploma in Mechatronics?

Ans: After completing one’s Diploma in Mechatronics Engineering one can even pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics Engineering.In most degree colleges certain percentages of seats are reserved for Diploma certificate holders. This entry is known as the lateral entry. Diploma holders with good marks can use lateral entry and get admitted in B.Tech/B.E. Mechatronics Engineering program’s 2nd academic year (directly).

Diploma in Mechatronics Fee Structure in India

5.45 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.99 L  (Maximum Fee)
80.28 K (Average Fee)
20.04 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES2.70 L (Maximum Fee)
1.18 L (Average Fee)

Diploma in Mechatronics Fee Structure By state


74.55 K
20.04 KPrivate COLLEGES1.76 L
64.61 K

Tamil Nadu

9.47 K
52.50 KPrivate COLLEGES1.05 L
94.50 K


1.29 L
1.14 LPrivate COLLEGES1.86 L
1.45 L


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Campus Life :

Our campus life is really different from all other college life. Our college is strictly obeying rules and regulations like a company. Our college is conducting sports day in every year. Our college will conduct extra curricular class of every department in each semester.they will conduct communication programs etc.

Placement Experience :

As im still studying now so i have not attended any placement and our college will start providing placements from 5th semester.The placements getting according to the student's skill and attitude. Each and every companies are having their own reputation and demands so they are selecting according to their need.

Faculty :

Im my course there are nearly about 20-25 staffs in our college. Each department is having different staffs for teaching.Every staffs are of different age.Many of them are well experienced and well educated.They are good at teaching and they each and everyone is having different type of methods to teach.

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Seniors are very friendly and they help us to study and they clarrify all the doubts in hostel study hours time seniors se us as there brother and they are very caring to juniors they take juniors outside in a week and we all spend like our own brother and enjoy with all of the by going to movies

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College provide scholarship and loan for some of the students who are economically poor and they also provide consicion for some people and merit quota for students who studies good we must take a letter from college and submit in the bank for loan purpose

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First we have to apply for exam entrance test and they will give one date and on rhe given date we have to appear for the exam conducted by them and if you qualify in that entrance exam thee will explain u about their courses and join if you are interested

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Lot of extracurricular activities are providing the college Arts day is there Sports day is there Validatory day is there So many labs are providing the college Electronics lab, electrical lab, ms lab, pcb lab, CAD lab, computer lab Etc.

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Yes some aluminies are coming thecollege and they talking about their experience in college and experiences in comanies And experiences at labs Aluminies trying to get jobs and placements for juniors in companies

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In our college all events And all festivals are celebrating. In the month of September celebrating onam. In December we where celebrated Christmas and celebrating special days celebration

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The senior are so helpful when any company came for campus recruitment process and you have to know what they asked call any senior which you know they definitely help you and give you a solution for it. if you doing your final year project and you not able to do any thing just call the senior they always ready to help you

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The gender ratio is 1:4 in this College this College have a zero tolerance policy if someone find guilty then he kick out from the College without any type of concession. the rule of this College was bery stricted we say that this is prison but this prison change your whole life when you go out with a smile.

Placement Experience :

If i have to write here all company details and package then i have required more than hours to start it. some comapny list i share that is TATA STEEL, MAKINO, SCHINDER ELECTRICAL, TATA MOTORS, RUSSELL TECH, FANUC, ADDVERB, LOHIA CORP. etc there were a no of company this was only a trailer.

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In our college almost all festivals and official festivals are celebrated.All religious festivals are celebrated here. Like onam, pongal ,diwali,rajostsavam,dussura,etc are celebrated here.For each celebration every students are willingly participated.

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All of the faculty in my college are well educated and the have good skill in teaching and they are very good in contact with each traineeof our college.Each staff will help everyone trainee in therlir studies and in all of their placement works.

Campus Life :

Our college will provide all kind of practical labs and workshops.They will teach and make us well trained in labs and workshop.For esch subject we have separate labs and equipments.Our college gives good attention to sports and sports day.

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Campus Life :

You will be getting plenty of opportunities in college including Lab facilities. All the labs are having very good equipment. They will be conducting arts and sports competitions in colleges and finalists will be selected for the Arts/Sports festival conducted by nationally in any of the NTTF Centers.

Admission :

Submit the application in college/online. Attend the entrance exam conducted by NTTF across all the centres available in india. Once get selected in entrance exam attend the admission procedure conducted by nearest NTTF College. The seat will be allocated as per the availability and type of course.

Faculty :

Faculties are too good in knowledge and supportive for your career. They are having enough knowledge and about the subjects and well in practicals. All the staff in the NTTF will be very strict and disciplinary but your career will be secured with them.

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Course Curriculum Overview :

It is a 3 year course and 18 internal and 6 external go through. I choose mechatronics engineering because it's a modern and advance education system in Manipal

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

fee Structure is pretty good for Karnataka students and for other state it's a little more. There are scholarship programs. Job interview are pretty much good

Campus Life :

social life in the campus it's good it in the huge campus of MIT, canteen facilities, hostel nearby, 2 days of college fest

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Alumni/Alumna :

The Alumni Association aims at connecting alumni of the Polytechnic across various branches and batches. The Students’ Alumni Cell works towards ensuring mutual benefit of the Students as well as the Alumni. The Cell helps the alumni in staying connected to their alma mater. Through regular interactions with the students, the alumni get a chance to share their experiences and impart the knowledge they have acquired to the next generation. Alumni Cell works to bridge the gap between K.V.T. Polytechnic and its esteemed alumni community.

Faculty :

My college is best in Uttar Dinajpur, and in the opinion i want to tell if someone admit to this university,he is success.Exam structure are very nice.on right time exam,also all procedure in online like registration,exam form fillup,payment etc.all notice were published by department notice board and on respectively official website.

Remarks :

safe, professional and friendly learning environment; (b) high quality teaching, assessment and management of learning; (c) regular and reliable feedback on student progress and achievements; (d) mechanisms for students to pursue grievances and learning related issues as required.

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Diploma in Mechatronics Colleges IN INDIA

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43 K first year fees
Parul University
Vadodara, Gujarat
45.15 K first year fees
35 K first year fees
ITM SLS Baroda University
Vadodara, Gujarat
38 K first year fees
47.5 K first year fees
79.5 K Total fees