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Doctorate of Medicine (MD) in Anatomy is a 3- year full- time program, essentially about the structure of the human body. The course primarily covers subjects such as gross and regional anatomy, anthropology, myology, osteology, systematic anatomy, Neuroanatomy, applied and clinical anatomy, general and systematic embryology, comparative embryology, principles of genetics, general histology, histology of organs and structure, staining techniques, outline of evaluation, comparative anatomy, physical anthropology, radiological anatomy, surface anatomy, and surface marketing of human body, including all descriptions and communications about the body. Anatomists work alone or as part of a team. Anatomists who teach should be able to explain complex concepts in simple terms. Those into research need to be precise and careful. Students are trained on an advanced level on the structure of the human body from the gross to the molecular level, and on the basic principles of normal human growth.

MD in Anatomy: Highlights Table

Tabulated below are some of the major highlights of the course.

Course Level Postgraduate
Duration 3 years (Full time)
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree in M.B.B.S or equivalent qualification
Admission Process  Entrance test or direct admission in some cases
Course Fee INR 9,000 to 2,50,000
Average Starting Salary INR 1,00,000 to 8,00,000

Top Institutes Offering MD in Anatomy

Compiled here is a list of the top institutes in India offering the course along with their respective locations and fees charged by each.

Name of Institute City  Average Annual Fees
AJ Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre Mangalore INR 46,000
AI Ameen Medical College Bijapur INR 39,250
All India Institute of Medical Sciences Delhi INR 5,011
Andhra Medical College Vishakhapatnam INR 2,50,000
Armed Forces Medical College Pune INR 10,000
Assam Medical College Assam INR 28,000
B J Medical College Pune INR 9,000
Bangalore Medical College Bangalore INR 83,500

Eligibility for MD in Anatomy

Typically, to pursue an MD degree, candidates need to satisfy the eligibility criteria mentioned below:

  • Candidates should have obtained an MBBS Degree from an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
  • Candidate should have completed a 1- year compulsory rotating internship after passing the final professional examination which is MBBS before 30th April of the academic year.

Candidates in possession of an MBBS degree or Provisional MBBS Pass Certificate recognized by the Indian Medical Council Act 1956, besides a permanent or provisional registration certificate of MBBS qualification issued by the Medical Council of India or State Medical Council and having completed 1 year of internship or/ are likely to complete the internship on or before 31st March or 31st April of the relevant year, may apply for NEET-PG through the online application system.

MD in Anatomy: Admission Process

Admission to MD in Anatomy is based on a national level entrance examination-  National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) PG-  which is a single window entrance examination to MD/MS/PG diploma courses in medicine in India. Candidates who have secured the qualifying percentile for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) are eligible.

NATIONAL ELIGIBILITY CUM ENTRANCE TEST (NEET) PG – NEET PG is an eligibility-cum-ranking examination, conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), for admission to MS/MD and PG Diploma courses in India in Medical/ Dental Colleges running with the approval of the Medical Council of India/ Dental Council of India. The exam fee for NEET-PG is INR 3, 750 for general candidates and INR 2, 750 for SC/ST/PWD/PH candidates. The examination is a computer based test 300 multiple choice questions exam delivered on computer based platform (CBT). The syllabus for the exam comprises of subjects/knowledge areas as per the Graduate Medical Education Regulations issued by Medical Council of India. The NEET PG is conducted in the month of December and the result is declared in January. Online registration begins in September and is open until October.

MD in Anatomy: Syllabus and Course Description

This course is appropriate for postgraduate students, including pre-medical and pre-allied health students, seeking to gain a better appreciation of the anatomical/ functional mechanisms of the human body. Students are needed to attend daily clinical lectures, including practical sessions of cadaver dissections of the entire body, except head and neck. In addition, imaging techniques including CT scans, MRI, and X-ray radiography are employed to developing in students a physician's perspective of the structure of the human body. The goal of this course is to train students with a better understanding of the human body in terms of health and disease. The course encompasses student presentations, discussion groups, online research sessions, demonstrations with models, in addition to lectures and dissection. The course is also useful for students already accepted into the first year of medical school, for making their first year in medical school less stressful.

MD in Anatomy: Syllabus and Course structure

PAPER I General: Anatomy

Tissues of the body
General Osteology
Muscle & Fascia
Nervous system
Principles governing arterial, venous and lymphatic pathways
Innervations of blood vessels
Gross anatomy
Detailed gross anatomy of the human body, including cross sectional anatomy, anatomical basis of clinical conditions
Embalming and museum techniques
Radiological anatomy
Principles involved in plain radiography
Special investigative procedures and newer imaging techniques such as ultrasound, C-T scans, M.R.I, PET

PAPER II: Embryology

General embryology
Special embryology of all the systems of the body including variations and congenital anomalies
Structures of chromosomes
Structure of genes
Chromosomal aberrations
Basic molecular genetics
Common genetic disorders
Histological and museum techniques
Microscopes all types
Care and maintenance of light microscope
General histology
Special histology of the systems of the body including their electron microscopic appearance
Preparation and processing of tissue for histological study

PAPER III: Neuroanatomy

Structural organization of various parts of nervous system with particular reference to their connections and functions
Localization and effect of lesions in different parts of the central nervous system and nerve injuries
Cross section of brain at various levels
Ventricles of brain
Cranial nerves, connections, functions and distributions
PAPER IV: Applied anatomy including radio anatomy and recent advances
Applied aspects of human anatomy including surgical approaches to various structures and organs
Principles of newer imaging techniques
Determination of age, sex and race from skeletal remains
Determination of age of a living individual
Application of anatomical knowledge in fertility control
Immunological basis of tissue typing and organ transplant
Sectional anatomy
Principles and interpretation of CT Scan, Sonographer and M.R.I.
Surface anatomy
Museum techniques
Recent advances in medical sciences.
Embalming techniques including medico-legal aspects

MD in Anatomy: Career Prospects

The course employs educational methods and techniques in training medical students and paramedical workers and demonstrates adequate managerial skills for building effective leaders for teams engaged in teaching and research.

The course provides an advanced insight into the critical periods of human growth and development as well as ontology of all the organ systems of the body.
Anatomy opens doors to lucrative career avenues in various health care fields, such as optometry, chiropractic, and medicine etc. successful post-graduates of anatomy and physiology may also opt for teaching jobs in universities/ colleges.

They are hired in positions such as Operating Room Technician, Allergist, Genetic Counsellor, Physician Assistant, Acupuncturist, Urologist, Cardiologist, etc.

Annual Salary Graph for MD in Anatomy
Job Position Job Description Average Annual Salary
Anatomy Reader  Anatomy Readers are responsible for implementing different methods for students with various educational backgrounds. They develop and implement research strategies in a certain field, participating and coordinating in research activities. INR 6,00,000 to 6,5,000 P.A.
Medical Coder Medical Coders are responsible for correctly coding healthcare claims in order to obtain reimbursements from insurance companies and government healthcare programs, such as Medicare. Completion of a certificate or associate's degree program in medical coding or a related field is typically required. INR 2,53,000 to 3,23,000 P.A.
Lecturer Lecturers are responsible for teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels in areas allocated by the higher authorities, carrying out research and producing publications, or other research outputs, in line with personal objectives agreed in staff review processes. INR 3,10,000 to 3,60,000 P.A.
Team Leader Team Leaders are responsible for providing directions, instructions, and guidance to a group or individuals, who can also be named as a team for purpose of achieving a certain goal. They also serve various other roles in an organization. INR 7,02,000 to 7,56,000 P.A.
Configuration Analyst Configuration Analysts are responsible for developing and maintaining software and other technological aspects of a corporation. Although every Configuration Analyst works with different sets of tools and equipment depending on the company and industry, the general duties are the same. INR 1,20,000 to to 2,00,000 P.A.
Proof Reader Proof Readers are responsible for reading copies and transcripts and checking them to make sure there are no spelling, grammatical, or typographical errors. They work for publishers, newspapers and other places that rely on perfect print- grammar. INR 4,00,000 to 4,63,000 P.A.

Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Anatomy) Fee Structure in India

5.22 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES81 L  (Maximum Fee)
7 L (Average Fee)
7 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES45 L (Maximum Fee)
13.09 L (Average Fee)

Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Anatomy) Fee Structure By state


7.10 L
30 KPrivate COLLEGES24.22 L
7.06 L


12.76 L
2.08 LPrivate COLLEGES28.95 L
18.60 L

Tamil Nadu

10.49 L
67 KPrivate COLLEGES17.70 L
8.92 L

Uttar Pradesh

1.43 L
78 KPrivate COLLEGES27.41 L
13.27 L

Delhi NCR

7.51 L
8 LPrivate COLLEGES30.52 L
17.31 L

Andhra Pradesh

3.78 L
20 KPrivate COLLEGES36 L
14.22 L


4.28 L
3 LPrivate COLLEGES45 L
24.83 L


19.02 L
75 KPrivate COLLEGES24.75 L
12.75 L


35.01 K
12.88 KPrivate COLLEGES19.60 L
8.32 L

West Bengal

42.04 K
14.55 LPrivate COLLEGES14.55 L
14.55 L

Madhya Pradesh

5.45 L
16.90 LPrivate COLLEGES38.41 L
27.93 L
2.90 L
75 KPrivate COLLEGES7 L
3.88 L


8.15 L
11.60 LPrivate COLLEGES30.52 L
21.06 L


12.09 L
12 LPrivate COLLEGES23.25 L
16.14 L


12 L
11.43 KPrivate COLLEGES19.50 L
12.40 L


2.02 L
17.40 LPrivate COLLEGES31.45 L
24.42 L


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19 Reviews found out of 213922

9.3 /10

Campus Life :

The best thing about my college was its green environment. which makes it beautiful and students feel nature. The college had facilities of Library, Hostel, Medical backup, Transportation and Auditoriums for seminars. The college was very good at sports so Indoor and outdoor games facility was provided to the students. we had a gymnasium also with a well-trained trainer to teach. College had CCTV Cameras, Security, Power back and 24*7 running water.

Admission :

My Admission procedure was simple to take admission in the programme of MD, A candidate must have an MBBS degree or an equivalent qualification from a government recognized board. Also, the candidate must have a permanent registration with the medical council of India or any other states. Then the candidate had to qualify for the entrance exam of NEET-PG, by securing a good rank the candidate can take admission in any college by his choice.

Course Curriculum Overview :

This was my dream course because I always wanted to pursue my higher education in MD. In my family, most of my members are doctors so this is a platform to proof and help humanity by contributing my self. The was a three-year duration course which is based on Theory Papers, Group Discussions, Lectures, Seminars, Clinical Practical and guest lectures from top-class doctors in India.

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7.3 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement opportunities are good enough. I was able to get a placement from the college. My package was around 5,00,000 per year. As a fresher, it was enough for me. There are internship opportunities as well which are usually given during the last year. The internships are paid ones with a minimum assured stipend.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum was perfectly balanced. The course had theory as well as practical lessons. We were given lots of assignments to complete. But enough time was given to complete those assignments. The schedule was not that hectic. The course was a bit tough but interesting.

Faculty :

The college faculty was well qualified and most of them were from good hospitals. They had several years of experience as a medical practitioner. They solved all our doubts and gave us life lessons as well. They taught us through great teaching methods.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course is very helpful to garner your skills. The ratio in practicals vary, there may be 50-75 students in one batch. Clinical exposure through visit to the wards starts from 2nd year. Very good exposure as there is a large number of patients and many departments.

Campus Life :

The infrastructure is very beautiful. The computer labs are totally perfect for the students it contains all the relevant material so that a student can work well on the computer. Every year they organise annual sports meet, In sports such as cricket, volleyball, etc.

Faculty :

Teachers are helpful, qualified and knowledgeable. Not all the teachers are equally qualified, some are qualified but they don't teach. Some teacher focus mainly on bookish knowledge others teach concepts well. Mostly digital way of teaching is implied.

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10.0 /10

Placement Experience :

There are no direct placements provided from the college. However, every student is given a year-long internship programme in Assam itself. Students can either go for further studies or get a job in that area after the internship. But as a doctor, it is preferable to go for higher studies after MBBS. Most of the doctors just open there private practices.

Faculty :

All the teachers in our college are knowledgeable. Maximum of them are doctorate. They guide students to take part in all activities relating to deal with today competitive world in the respective department. The course curriculum is relevant. It makes the students industry-ready. Teachers and staff members are helpful.

Campus Life :

The infrastructure of the college is good enough. After a series of inspection, the medical college was recognised by the Medical Council of India. Classrooms and labs are equipped with air-conditioners. The food served in the canteen was not good. Hostel rooms are fine, and there are 2 people residing in each room.

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8.3 /10

Faculty :

Teachers and the administrative staff at Kannur Medical College - [KMC] Anjarakandy, Kannur are very helpful and are extremely good at what they do. The teaching staff of our course is the best and they've won many prestigious awards for their contribution in medicine.

Course Curriculum Overview :

A course as prestigious as M.D Anatomy requires a well structured and updated curriculum which is achieved effortlessly at Kannur Medical College - [KMC] Anjarakandy, Kannur. The curriculum is rigid and they have the best techniques to test one's knowledge too.

Campus Life :

Several activities that are fun in nature are organised by the college to make the students feel relaxed for a while. There are a lot of these activities such as cultural evenings, diwali mela or just celebrating any other festival together.

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8.5 /10

Remarks :

I was happy that I was able to study MD from this college. As the college believes in the professional and positive outlook and generally give each and every student a chance to demonstrate their efforts and the facilities given to us were even better as we had a demonstration hall, Exam hall and common room which were quite an asset for us.

Placement Experience :

The placement and internships are two different aspects and the college does provide internships to students for few months just to ensure the training of the students which are carried in their final mark sheet and for the placement, the hospitals with a good name and brand recruit a good amount of students.

Faculty :

The professors and lecturers were inspiring and treated us very well with all the new things and researches in the medical background. Their briefings and lecture methods were amazing and they themselves were intellectual and most of the time we were taught by the doctors too.

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10.0 /10

Remarks :

The college is very well built. The classes are well-equipped with all the necessary facilities. The library is huge. College has an amazing cafeteria. Library are very good. Wi-Fi is Campus is very fast and free for students. Smart boards all labs are present watercoolers are also here library is also maintained along with reading room.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The curriculum is upto mark and is updated regularly to equip the students with all sort of practical and theoretical knowledge. The teacher hold years of experience. The curriculum is updated so that the best the latest technology also cover in the course curriculum which is the best thing for any students which can give better future.

College Events :

Medical fest and a college day are organised on campus.The library is huge. College has an amazing cafeteria. Library are very good. Wi-Fi is Campus is very fast and free for students. Smart boards all labs are present watercoolers are also here library is also maintained along with reading room.

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7.0 /10

Placement Experience :

The placement cell is not yet made. The system is actually different in the institution. As the teachers are themselves doctors, they observe the students and identify the ones they can personally mentor so that, they can help them get a job in the hospital they are working in already.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The syllabus of my course was very interesting. While the load of work was immense yet, I enjoyed researching about my course. Personally I believe that somebody who is very passionate about the subject should only enroll otherwise, they could face a lot of mental pressure.

Admission :

While bachelors degree of MBBS is taken into high consideration yet, an entrance exam is mandatory to be taken by the student. I had to make sure that I was able to bang a very good score in the exam to get admission which I was relieve to have managed.

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8.0 /10

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Fee structure for Doctrate of Medicine (Anatomy) in Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital Perambalur is quite feasible as compared to that of other colleges. The students find it often affordable to pay.150000INR for the entire course program.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course curriculum for MD(Anatomy) is almost a skilled and upgraded version of all that one has studied in MBBS. Exams are conducted six times during the entire course program of the MD studies. Also few class tests and practicals are worked on.

Campus Life :

Extracurricular activities in Dhanalakshmi Srinivasan Medical College and Hospital includes celebration of all the National and International festivals and all the annual meets every year,also sports day is organised by the college.

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8.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is vast but still their is no tiredness at the end of the day. I had 23 classes a week and those classes consists of both theories and practicals. Exams are conducted at the end of each semester but at weekends we have our doubt clearing classes.

Faculty :

The faculty of the college are very useful and provide valuable resources for the betterment of their students. They never hesitate to guide us and provide us with a bright future. I am really thankful to my professor for guiding me this long.

Placement Experience :

The college has a decent training and placement cell. The training is carried out by industrial professionals. stipend and certificate based internships and workshops are carried out for the overall personality development of the students.

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8.7 /10

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fees are a little expensive as they are 15 lakhs for a student, however, you will get the value for your money because specific specializations can be hard to come by and if you are interested in a course like this you can easily opt for it here.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum is very much focused on the area of specialization that you opt for. I opted for Anatomy, hence, the subject was delved into with a lot of depth and detail which is precisely what I wanted from this course.

Campus Life :

There are a few extracurricular activities that a lot of students like to participate in like medical camps which the college hosts for free, you can get a lot of practice and experience from participating in events like these.

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8.0 /10

Admission :

I got my admission letter based on the NEET rank and the scores in MBBS degree as the admission here was merit-based. I liked this particular course and at that time only I decided that my master's degree will be from the same stream. The process was much as I just have to submit the relevant documents.

Faculty :

We have senior residents and junior residents along with the associates as our faculties for lectures as well as labs. Also, there was a faculty who was head of every department and did take our lectures and gave detailed knowledge as well as the practical approach to each theory.

College Events :

In terms of the college events, every year we had an annual functions after the final exams got over. Also, we had faculty development and a felicitation ceremony to motivate the. Also, there were motivational seminars and workshops for the students once a year.

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8.3 /10

Campus Life :

The college has a full filled library with all sorts of booked for research, leisure, academic, etc. The library has internet access for computer use. The laboratories are fully equipped with modern facilities. There is a cafeteria, a MSG stadium for sports, a common room for both boy and girls, etc.

Faculty :

The faculty of the college are very skilled and knowledgeable in their areas of expertise. They are all renowned doctors and medical practitioners with degrees from India and abroad. They take personal interest in our research work and guide us through it.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It is a three year specialization course which focuses entirely on the subject that the subject has picked to specialize in.I had picked anatomy and for the next 3 years, the curriculum only had research and practical training on that.

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Course Curriculum Overview :

The course is not so lenient. We have to study a lot of things and practical work was even more of a burden for us. The labs were very hectic. Performing experiments and then providing the immediate report was the norm.

Faculty :

The faculty is highly qualified and dedicated. Though they didn't provide any notes to us, they taught us well. The lab assistants were very helpful. Our teaches were some time very strict in handling our projects.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fee structure for the programme is very expensive. For a course of three year duration per year fee is Rs 1,00,000 which can be considered as quite expensive. Paying a total of Rs 3,00,000 is very expensive.

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8.3 /10

Faculty :

The faculties are the best in the state. They are skillful and give us lots of practice to familiarize the tools and methodologies. They are very kind and explain all the doubts we have. Sometimes they act rude, because of the tension of the out patient case handling, otherwise they are wonderful.

Admission :

During my MBBS, I was always interested in anatomy. After the completion of MBBS, I was searching for a college. I liked this college after going through its details. They asked for my graduation details and there was a simple interview. After passing the interview I got my admision..

Loan/ Scholarship Provisions :

The college does not provide any loan or scholarship facilities. It does not even provide facilities for installments. But it offers loan assistance to kids to pay their fees. The assistance is given, where the bank reduce the interest rate minimally.

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8.7 /10

Fee Structure And Facilities :

Anyone who is reading cannot believe the fee amount I'm going to tell you about my course. Other government medical colleges takes bulk amount of money just for a year but here any one can afford paying fee without loan. Fee is merely 20 thousands for a year.

Course Curriculum Overview :

Just like other courses have master's and phD degree,we the medical students have doctorate degree. In this we get to know more deeper things of our. As my subject is anatomy,whole three years I'm going to learn each and every part of it

College Events :

The vibe of this college is something else. No college can match with the excellency of this college. In morning, before our class starts we have a ten minutes period for meditation. This helps us in bringing deep concentration power.

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8.0 /10

Campus Life :

The college has all the facilities possible. It was not short of anything that we needed. The college also had an active participation in festivals and important days. The place was amazing and I really miss all the extra curricular activities.

Faculty :

My teachers were cheerful and helpful. Each one of them had a vast knowledge of their own field and gave us a few real life experience examples for a better understanding of what the medical world and helping people was all about.

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course curriculum was not that easy for me to crack. The course takes a lot of effort to know and understand the field of medicine. The course was for 3 years and with time I got a hang of it and really starts to like it.

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7.0 /10

Placement Experience :

The college provides a 6-month internship within its premises to the students with a stipend of Rs.6,000 per month. When it comes to placement. the college has tie-ups with some of the best colleges in the city and if students nail the interview, they are all set.

Fee Structure And Facilities :

The fees for this PG is Rs.17,670/- at the start. Afterwards, the fees can be changed w.r.t. the college. Although, if totalled, the fees is pretty feasible in comparison to the other colleges and the students can easily pay through NEFT.

Faculty :

The faculty has a detailed knowledge of every subject that they taught us. Not only are they intellects but they are compassionate as well. They help the students learn everything about this course and always help us with all the doubts.

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Course Curriculum Overview :

The curriculum is inevitably specified and scrutinized for research purposes. We were busy making projects and presenting our work to the faculty during the programme. It takes a lot of hard work and research to complete the programme.

Placement Experience :

The college keeps the students updated with various job opportunities available for them according to their skills. They keep us informed of any internship available as well. The college also provides internhsip with stipend.

Admission :

After MBBS if one wants to go for a specialisation course he/she can choose MD or MS as there preferred choice. In order to get admission a student need to score well in the entrance exam NEET-PG for the purpose.

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sneha gautam
Is the BPT is illegible for MD from anatomy
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Sneha, kindly check the eligibility criteria for MD from anatomy in the article above.
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Sneha, kindly check the eligibility criteria for MD from anatomy in the article above.


Doctorate of Medicine [MD] (Anatomy) Colleges IN INDIA

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2.38 K first year fees
1.78 L first year fees
19.8 L first year fees
1.08 L first year fees
22 L first year fees
St John's Medical College
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