Executive MBA (EMBA) Career Prospects, Job Opportunities, Salary and Placements

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MBA has become a sought after option for all the graduates and around 4.6 lakh students enroll for the MBA program. There are various types of MBA and among them, an Executive MBA has become the first choice for working professionals in order to enhance their skill set. It prepares functional managers for general management roles and equips them with essential management disciplines.  The highest salary offered to executive graduates of top institutes goes up to INR 90 lakh per annum. Salary being a major factor has attracted a number of applicants as the return on investment is high.

comparison between fees and salary
Executive MBA: Benefits

Executive MBA: Benefits

Apart from giving a considerate hike in pay scale, Executive MBA has some more benefits mentioned below: 

1. Learn New Skills

Some people are very enthusiastic about adding new skills to their profile. After several years of work experience, people do get a vast array of skills and attributes next to their name but still, they want to learn new things.

Some of the skills you’ll acquire after Executive MBA are:

  • Critical thinking, Strategic thinking, and analytical reasoning.
  • Management techniques to move towards increased responsibilities. 
  • Team Building skills

2. Career Development

Executive MBA enables in changing the vision of the business and, through the mastering of strategic corporate issues, to develop their capacity for entrepreneurship. This helps you in enhancing your career and moreover this course can be pursued while working.

3. Immediate reward for you and your employer 

Immediate return for you and your employer is the key difference between a full-time MBA and Executive MBA. Around 54% of the executive MBA candidates get increased job responsibilities and 39% are awarded promotions. All the skills and knowledge gathered through this can be easily implemented and used in solving all the business problems. The nature of the EMBA, which enables you to work and study at the same time, is incredibly relevant, particularly in tough economic times. 
Some of the companies which offer an opportunity to do EMBA are Apple, Deloitte, Bank of America Corp, Ford, etc.

4. MBA Networking 

Network building is considered to be the most valuable outcome of an Executive MBA. Unique group of people converges with the potential to form life-long bonds. 

One other major reason behind going for Executive MBA is the fees is sponsored by the employer many a time. 
According to the EMBA Council report, 20% of executive MBA students have their tuition fully paid for by their employers. Whereas 34% of the executive MBA students get some portion of their fees from their employers. The remaining 46% of students take the help of a bank or pay on their own. 59% of the EMBA programs have scholarships and fellowships to offer.  


Executive MBA: Placement Record

Executive MBA: Placement Record

The Return on investment is high in Executive MBA as within an approximate period of 17 months you can get the return of money you have invested and in order to understand this better go through the placement record of the IIMs for Batch (2017-18).

Institute Batch Size Average Work Experience Fees ( INR Lakhs) Average Placement (INR Lakhs)
IIM Ahmedabad - PGPX 140 8.9 Years 25,00,000 30,35,708
IIM Bangalore - EPGP 80 7.5 Years 25,89,000 23,46,000
IIM Calcutta - MBAEx 70 8 Years 27,00,000 24,52,000
IIM Indore - EPGP 66 7.9 Years 20,00,000 20,00,000
IIM Lucknow - IPMX 61 8.4 Years 23,50,000 -

At IIM Calcutta, the highest salary saw an increase of 192.14% whereas the average salary increased by 21.87% as compared to last year. IIM Indore saw a near increase of around 45% in the salary. 

Other Institutes like SPJain are also not far behind, SPJain witnessed 100% placement in the year 2017-18.

Placements are carried out both ways i.e. on-campus and off-campus. 

Executive MBA: Placement Statistics

Executive MBA: Placement Statistics

Some students continue with their previous job and some go for switching their jobs. It all depends on the opportunities and skillset. The table below describes the placement statistics for batch (2017-18) in detail. 

No of students graduated in 2018 115 73 68
No. of students who got placements through the institute 98 69 66
No. of students who continued with their previous employer 1 3 2
On-campus Placements  94 65 53
Off-campus Placements 12 4 6
No of students who opted out of campus placement process 12 1 2
No. of international offers 5 1 0
Mean salary – INR (domestic) 28,84,111 23,46,000 24,52,000
Highest domestic salary 54,60,000 - 89,25,000
Mean international salary – (USD) 67,261 - -
Highest international salary (USD) 70,252 - -

There has been an increase in the number of recruiters as well as the annual salary as compared to the previous year. The number of recruiters at IIM Calcutta has jumped over 80%-- to 78 from 43 in the last year. 

Executive MBA: IIM Placements

Executive MBA: IIM Placements

Some of the prominent recruiters are Amazon, Accenture, Microsoft, Axis Bank, etc. They offer various senior-level roles to the students who have completed their executive MBA. 
Below we have described the name of various recruiters as well as job roles offered by them at IIMs:

1. IIMA PGPX Placements

  • Average Work Experience:  5-22 years
  • Job Roles: Vice President, Senior Manager, Principal Product Manager.
  • Recruiters: Accenture and Persistent Systems made maximum offers. Adidas AG, Airtel, Microsoft were some other companies.
  • No. of Offers: 38 IT offers, 12 Logistics, 11 energy sector

2. IIMB EPGP Placements

  • Recruiters: Accenture, Amazon, Ford, Microsoft, Axis Bank, etc.
  • Average Work Experience: 6-9 years

3. IIMC PGPeX Placements

  • Average Work Experience: 8 years.?
  • Recruiters: 78 companies participated, Accenture, Ford, Tata Steel, Flipkart and Axis Bank are some prominent recruiters.
  • No. of Offers: 57 offers received and among them, 53 were accepted.

4. IIM Lucknow IPMX Placements

  • Average Work Experience: More than 5 years
  • Recruiters: Amazon, Citi, ICICI Bank, Zee News, Microsoft, Snapdeal, etc.

Following are some of the common questions related to Executive MBA:

Q: Is an Executive MBA better than switching jobs for a salary hike?
If you are looking for a switching job for a higher salary package then you can also go for executive MBA as this may give you a better hike. Around 54% of the executive MBA candidates get increased job responsibilities and 39% are awarded promotions. The average salary of an Executive MBA ranges from 9 to 15 lakhs. 

Q: Is Executive MBA a good choice for switching careers?
EMBA can offer you high paying opportunities not only in India but also in the world. The 2017-18  batch of IIMA PGPX got 5 international offers. For switching careers, EMBA is definitely a good option because it lets you acquire a degree without having to compromise with your job. You can pursue it while working. 

Q: What are the post-EMBA career prospects or which industry should we go for?
If you are thinking about the post-EMBA career prospects, then you should consider the industry you are currently working on or the industry you are looking forward to work in. EMBA holders in IT and Health professions get a chance to update their industry knowledge in specializations that offer cutting edge approaches to their respective evolving landscapes. The 2017-18 batch of IIM-A PGPX got 38 IT, 12 Logistics and 11 energy sector offers. IT takes a larger role in every facet of society, investing in your education in these fields are beneficial for your career. 

Q: Is Executive MBA beneficial for a candidate looking forward to starting his own entrepreneurial Avenue?
Executive MBA majorly helps in network building and this is a key factor in starting a new avenue. Pursuing an Executive MBA helps you enhance your background so that you can make the right contacts in the right circles. It helps you in the future when you wish to take your career to the next level. Among the top MBA programs for entrepreneurship, consistently around 20% of students launch a startup soon after graduating. An Executive MBA is also an overall advancement in the career which aids in starting a business.

Q: Which IIM should be considered for pursuing an Executive MBA?
Whether it is IIM Calcutta or IIM Ahmedabad or IIM Kozhikode, all of them assures the best training, management skills and course designs that will be beneficial for you. 

  • IIM Calcutta's One Year Residential Program for Executives gives mid-career professionals the ideal platform to augment their existing skillsets and equip themselves for senior and top management roles in the industry. Here, the course details of the program are broadcasted over satellite so that working professionals who cannot attend regular classes at the campus owing to pressure at work can follow the course. Besides, training services are also arranged for students over the satellite so that they do not miss anything important if not attending classes.
  • The IIM Ahmedabad PGPX is a one year- full time -residential - program for executives with substantial work experience. 
  • The full-time IIM Bangalore Executive Post Graduate Programme (EPGP) is an intensive one-year residential program created specifically for professionals with remarkable track records and 4 to 15 years of work experience in a wide range of industries.

Executive Master of Business Administration [EMBA] : 7 answered questions


Ques. What are the advantages of pursuing PGPM at Great Lakes, Gurgaon?

● Top Answer By Gaurav Goplani on 17 Jun 21

Ans. The Post Graduate Program in Management (PGPM) offered by the Great Lakes Institute of Management (GLIM), Gurgaon is an excellent program and lives up to the reputation that Great Lakes has built over the years. GLIM provides a great course curriculum with top-notch professors to learn from which are similar in both the Chennai and Gurgaon campuses. Some of the advantages of the Gurgaon campus are as follows. The location of Delhi-NCR gives an excellent opportunity for industry interactions and networking. The course curriculum includes mandatory live project opportunities with corporates which is easier to find in this region. The college also focuses on emerging areas such as E-commerce, Business Analytics, etc. which are taught by top industry practitioners. Apart from that, you can take a look at the placement statistics for the year 2020-21 here. Average CTC INR 12.15 lakhs per annum Highest domestic CTC INR 18.83 lakhs per annum Average increase in salary 168% Sector wise placements Consulting (32%), Sales and Marketing (21%), Analytics (17%), Product management (15%), General Management (8%), Operations (4%) and Finance (3%) So, you should definitely choose GLIM Gurgaon campus for PGPM with its unique advantages.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is it worth doing the PGPEx Program from IIM Shillong?

● Top Answer By Shanu Saseendran on 08 Jun 21

Ans. Before trying to analyze the worth of the program, you must have clarity of what you would like to pursue.  PGPEx program of IIM Shillong majorly focuses on managing the business in India and China, which are the growing economies that would rule the world economy in the near future.  This institute has a program tied up with a Chinese institute (Ocean University China) and therefore you will definitely get the campus and multi-market exposure.  If your perspective and understanding do not get along these lines and if you are not interested in these core basics and the eastern market, there is no point in wasting your two years in this course.  On the other hand, if you are really into this area and understand the value embedded in this course, the PGPEx program of IIM Shillong is the one for you. The program is surely designed in a way to provide General Management education in the context of emerging economies and to uniquely prepare entrepreneurs to conduct business in such economies. Categories PGPEx at IIM Shillong Course Fee 10 lakhs Highest CTC 48.50 LPA Average CTC 18.76 LPA Recruiting Companies Berger, Amazon, Bisleri, FIITJEE, etc. PGPEx - MBIC program of IIM Shillong is unique in its own way and prepares you well for the Eastern market, if that is your niche of interest this PGPEx program is definitely worth it.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Why it is continuously hard for IIM A, B, C, XLRI to compete with ISB in executive program in spite of it being just 15 years old?

● Top Answer By Rashika Chowdhary on 02 Jun 21

Ans. One of my friends at ISB claims that the main reason for ISB Hyderabad to hold the top position in the executive program over the years. It is its core competency rather than just competing with institutes like IIMs and XLRI, who lead in the 2-year MBA and PGDM programs.  The points below provide a brief overview of the success story of ISB Hyderabad. ISB Hyderabad has been developing with a work experience of above two years at least.  Due to the shorter time span of the executive program, it is more popular and in demand.  In the traditional MBA program, the curriculum is an extension to the undergraduate program, emphasizing mostly classroom learning.  ISB Hyderabad has somewhat established a cheaper alternative to the so-called American MBA system.  There are collaborations with companies like Kellogg’s, which helped in fulfilling the demand for a world-class MBA degree. They have a lot of contribution in its breaking into the Indian executive MBA program market.  It has resulted in a program that is half-priced as the American MBA programs.  The program in ISB is just 11 months, as opposed to the 24 months MBA program from other institutes. For fresh graduates, IIMs are always the first priority, which offers a standard 2-years MBA degree. The core competency of IIMs is to train the less experienced students. But, in the last few years, IIMs are getting into the executive programs in MBA, but those are treated under the non-core segment. Although ISB charges twice as much as IIMs at present times, it has been the first choice for working professionals for the reasons stated above. The core competency of ISB discussed above makes it the clear winner in executive education, which the IIMs and XLRI cannot defeat.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How will the IMT Ghaziabad & UpGrad PGPM program in sales and digital marketing help me in my career?

● Top Answer By Karthik Anand on 31 Mar 21

Ans. The PGPM program at IMT Ghaziabad and UpGrad will definitely boost your career if you are planning to do one in the field of sales and digital marketing.  The course is very informative and at the same time, you will be engaged in the form of quizzes, case studies, and discussions on real-time scenarios. The modules are very well designed. You will get a deeper insight into each topic and the explanation is lucid.  The faculty is also trained to use their knowledge for the best in the form of videos. You will also be exposed to industry professionals who will share their conceptual and practical knowledge. As far as the UpGrad team is concerned, they are also very helpful and they will definitely lend their support throughout your entire course.  A major plus point is a fact that they have a very transparent system. Due to this, you will get maximum output and learning from the course.  You will also gain access to a number of live guest lectures and meetups in different parts of our country.  These will help you boost interactions and provide you with a bigger platform to explore this field of marketing and sales.  Categories PGPM at IMT Ghaziabad Course Fee 3.25 lakh Highest CTC 38 LPA Average CTC 10-15 LPA Recruiting Companies HSBC, ICICI, De Shaw, Citi, Credit Suisse,  Another important addition is the fact you will also be provided with career assistance. You will notice that they will help you with corporate as well as if you want to set up your own business. They also help with preparing for interviews and will notify you of any current jobs that are open or requirements for the same. If you are looking for better job opportunities or are definitely interested in this field, this course is highly recommended for you. You will excel at it.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is IIM Shillong's PGPEX programme and how good are its placements?

● Top Answer By Satish Rai on 20 Feb 21

Ans. According to the reviews of several IIM Shillong PGPEx students, the program is not a good-rated course, considering the facilities and opportunities provided by the institute. Several students have regretted their decision of choosing the PGPEx program, and the points below state a list of reasons supporting the cause. It does not provide an IIM-grade placement for the PGPEx programme. No placement assistance is being provided by the institute for the aid of students. There were several instances in which students had to manage to get internships by themselves and even jobs through off-campus opportunities. The institute does not allow the use of the PGP database to invite companies to the campus for placement. The overall fee for the course is currently more than 18 Lakhs for just 14 months, which is a hefty amount. Having a loan for the same creates a tension of a heavy EMI in the minds of students. The location of the institute stands out to be a disadvantage because several companies don’t prefer to go so far as to recruit IIM graduates. There are quite a good number of students from the program who fail to obtain a good enough internship, and so placement stands in danger. These students usually have a huge EMI against their educational loan, and they are left with no positive option. The table below shows the placement statistics of the previous years: Particulars Statistics Highest Salary 27 LPA Average Salary 17.4 LPA Median Salary 17.8 LPA To summarize, choosing the right institute and the correct program from it is a major decision, and students need to be extremely realistic in it. Not able to pay the loan can have serious consequences as the government has strict rules for defaulters. The best possible chance should be opted for, or else it would create a huge impact on the career.Read more
1 Answer



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