GME (Graduate Marine Engineering) Course Syllabus, Colleges, Admission Process, Jobs, Salary 2021-22

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GME or Graduate Marine Engineering is a 1-year diploma training course, undertaken by candidates who wish to work in the merchant navy sector. The colleges that offer this program are monitored by the Directorate General of Shipping who decide on the admission criteria and eligibility criteria.

Graduates from this program are eligible to work as junior engineers and complete at least 6 months training service in merchant navy vessels. Upon completion of the training period, one has to sit for the Class IV Part ‘B’ examination.

Candidates work in the engineering departments on oil rigs, boats, ships and other marine vessels. The design, construction and maintenance of ships falls on the marine engineer. 

GME Quick facts

  • GME ranges from INR 24,000-3,50,000 depending on the college.
  • GME Admissions are based on GME Entrance Exams conducted either at the national or university level. 
  • Top GME Entrance Exams: IMU CET and AP EAMCET
  • Students who wish to excel in the GME Specialization can opt from any of the GME Marine Structure, GME Ship Maneuvering and Control, GME Marine Hydrodynamics etc.
  • GME offers various kind job roles for the aspirants such as Marine Engineer, Marine Surveyor, Marine Sales Manager, Structural Engineer etc.
  • Top Recruiters of GME are Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd., Bernhard Schulte Ship Management, DHL Express, Fleet Management, HCL, K Line, Larsen and Toubro, MAERSK, Mitsui Osk etc.
  • On average, a GME Salary can range anywhere between INR 2-11 LPA. 
  • Top Colleges for GME course include Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai, Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training Chennai, Academy of Maritime Education and Training Chennai.

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GME Course Highlights

GME Course level Postgraduate
GME Full form Graduate Marine Engineering
GME Course fees INR 24,000-3,50,000
GME Course Syllabus Ship Operation Management, Marine auxiliaries, Marine Electrotechnology etc.
GME Salary INR 2-11 LPA
GME Top Colleges Marine Engineering and Research Institute Mumbai, Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training Chennai, Academy of Maritime Education and Training Chennai.
GME Recruiters Anglo-Eastern Ship Management Ltd., Bernhard Schulte Ship Management, DHL Express, Fleet Management, HCL, K Line, Larsen and Toubro, MAERSK, Mitsui Osk etc.

About GME

GME course is meant for candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or in naval architecture. Graduates from this course go on to become marine engineers, marine surveyors etc.

Candidates work in the engineering departments on oil rigs, boats, ships and other marine vessels. The design, construction and maintenance of ships falls on the marine engineer.


GME course paves way for the candidates who are interested in joining the Merchant Navy as a career. GME course is also useful to aspirants who want to join the Navy sector as Engineer officers either onboard or off waters. Students can get a sponsorship for the training program through colleges after the course.

GME course is an extension of the Mechanical Engineering course applied in marine systems. GME course involves the majority of mechanical engineering subjects such as engine analysis, steam turbine test, etc. which becomes easy to grasp for mechanical engineering undergraduates. 

Who Should do GME

  • Students who want to have a career in Navy can try their chances in GME Courses
  • Students who have their future planned in Navy and Oceanography should definitely do this course. 
  • Passionate and Ethical individuals who are true to themselves can do this course and try their hand in the world of seas and oceans.
  • Mechanical Engineering students who want to accept new challenges from their mundane life can seriously opt for this course.

When to do GME?

  • GME course can be done after the graduation programme. 
  • GME course is meant for the candidates who have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering or in naval architecture. 
  • Graduates from this course go on to become marine engineers, marine surveyors etc.

GME Curriculum

GME Curriculum can be divided into 2 semesters. The curriculum is designed to help the students to get extensive knowledge and training in Oceanographic Engineering as well as engineering of oil rigs, ships, boats, and any other marine structure.

GME Syllabus

GME covers all the important topics of marine engineering in one year's time only. It is divided into two semesters. The subjects taught in this course are given in the table below:

Semester 1
Marine auxiliaries Boilers
Marine electrotechnology Safe working practices
Marine refrigeration and air conditioning Fitting/ machine shop
Electrical lab Computer lab
Semester 2
Ship operation management Internal combustion engines
Watchkeeping and previous poll Marine engineering drawing
Naval arch and ship constant Ship in campus
Electronic laboratory Ship in campus annexe
Chemistry lab Control English lab
Welding and smithy shop -

GME Course Comparison

For candidates who want to pursue marine engineering at a postgraduate level, three options are mainly available - MTech in Marine Engineering, MSc in Marine Engineering and GME. Here we have compared the other two courses with GME one by one. 

GME vs MTech

GME (Graduate Marine Engineering) vs MTech in Marine Engineering

Parameters Graduate Marine Engineering  MTech Marine Engineering 
Overview This is a fast track postgraduate diploma course for students who wish to work in merchant navy vessels. This is a Master degree course that teaches about various aspects of marine engineering.
Focus area Focus is on various aspects of engineering on a ship. Focus is on design, build and maintenance of ships and vessels.
Admission criteria Admission is through an entrance examination or on merit basis. Admission in MTech Marine Engineering is through an entrance examination.
Duration  1 year  2 years 
Average Annual Fees  INR 24,000 - 3,50,000 INR 50,000 - 2,50,000
Average salary INR 2 to 11 LPA INR 2.5 to 3.5 LPA
Job Profiles  Marine Engineer, Marine Sales Manager, Marine Surveyor.  Design Engineer, Chief Security Officer, Maintenance Engineer 

GME vs MSc

GME (Graduate Marine Engineering) vs MSc in Marine Engineering

Parameters Graduate Marine Engineering  MSc Marine Engineering
Overview This is a fast track intensive postgraduate diploma course for students who wish to work as Marine Engineers. This is a master degree course that involves study of architecture and design, creation and maintenance of ships.
Focus area Focus is more on fieldwork. Focus is on both fieldwork and coursework.
Admission criteria Admission is through an entrance examination or on merit basis in some institutes. Admission is through an entrance examination.
Duration  1 year 2 years 
Average Annual Fees  INR 24,000 - 3,50,000 INR 20,000 - 1,50,000
Average salary INR 2 lac to INR 11 lacs INR 1 lac to INR 2 lac
Job Profiles  Marine Engineer, Marine Sales Manager, Marine Surveyor.  Teacher, Oceanographer, Marine Surveyor

GME Specializations

Some of the top and key specializations of this course are listed below one by one, along with their fees and salary offered.

Marine Structure

Marine structures teach candidates the principles and applications of building sound ships. A basic and an in-depth study of the design and analysis of structures is done here.

The course deals with the load-carrying functionality, load-effect analysis and design of ships and marine structures. The following topics are addressed: Linear elastic analysis of shell- and plate-structures including numerical methods. Energy principles and virtual work.

Ship Maneuvering and Control

This specialization teaches students about the manoeuvring and control of large ships and vessels. Information on how a ship works on and below the water surface is learnt here.

  • Familiarization with the use of engines and helm for ship maneuvering.
  • Studying the behaviour of Wind, current, Shallow Water effect, banks and channels.
  • Awareness of the importance of manoeuvre and the need for an alternative plan and a greater understanding and awareness of efficient bridge procedures during watchkeeping and ship handling.

Marine Hydrodynamics

This specialization deals with the application of fluid mechanics in naval architecture and ocean engineering. Candidates learn the knowledge, research and also practical aspects of fluid interaction.The fundamentals of fluid mechanics are developed in the context of naval architecture and ocean science and engineering. 

The various topics covered are: Transport theorem and conservation principles, Navier-Stokes' equation, dimensional analysis, ideal and potential flows, vorticity and Kelvin's theorem, hydrodynamic forces in potential flow, D'Alembert's paradox, added-mass, slender-body theory, viscous-fluid flow, laminar and turbulent boundary layers, model testing, scaling laws, application of potential theory to surface waves, energy transport, wave/body forces, linearized theory of lifting surfaces, and experimental project in the towing tank or propeller tunnel.

Manufacturing and Materials

This specialization deals with gaining an understanding of the relationship between different materials and the manufacturing process. Various methods of manufacturing are discussed like casting, welding etc.

It covers the important aspects of metallurgy and materials engineering which must be taken into account when designing for marine environments. The purpose is to aid materials selection and the incorporation of materials data into the design, manufacture and inspection strategy.

GME Admission Process

Entrance Exam

  • Visit the official university admission portal and register for the entrance exam.
  • Fill the Application Form by providing required details afterwards.
  • Pay the application fee online.
  • Submit and keep a print out of the application form and fee receipt.


  • Students are selected based on the merit score .
  • Colleges will release a GME minimum cut off list every year.
  • Students need to reserve their seat for admission by providing necessary documents and paying the admission fee.

Documents required for Verification

  • Class 10th mark sheet 
  • Character Certificate
  • Caste Certificate
  • Class 12th mark sheet 
  • Birth Certificate
  • Adhaar card for ID proof 
  • B.E/ mark sheet 
  • Four passport size photos 


Eligibility criteria for GME courses differs from institute to institute. Most institutes require their candidates to fulfil the following basic eligibility criteria in order to be admitted.

  • Educational qualifications: The candidate must have a bachelor’s degree (BE or B.Tech) in either Mechanical Engineering or in Naval Architecture specialization with minimum 60% aggregate score at the undergraduate level. 
  • English proficiency: The candidate must be fluent in English. English must have been a compulsory subject at the 10+2 level examinations with at least 50% scored.
  • Age: The candidates must not be higher than 28 years of age at the time of training start date.
  • Medical fitness: Candidates must have 6/6 or perfect vision and must have perfect hearing without any hearing aids. The candidate must not have colour blindness. A medical exam will be conducted to test if the candidate is medically fit.

Graduate Marine Engineering Course for the batch of 2021 has commenced. The admission process is different for different colleges. There are nationwide exams, statewide exams, institute specific exams, and then there is a direct seat reservation system.

There are two exam levels for GME Admission 2021:

  • National Level
  • State Level

GME Entrance Exams

Admission to GME courses is mainly through entrance examinations, but colleges like Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering & Maritime Studies admit students on a merit basis. 

A majority of the colleges offering GME courses admit students on the basis of an entrance examination. The most common exams that most candidates apply to are as follows.


The Indian Maritime University Common Entrance Test or the IMU CET is the most common entrance examination required for admission into marine engineering programmes conducted by the Indian Maritime University. 

The exam is required for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The exam is held once a year, in online format in both English and Hindi language. Test centres are in over 36 cities in the country.


The AP EAMCET or Andhra Pradesh Engineering, Agriculture & Medical Common Entrance Test is the entrance examination for admission into top engineering colleges in Andhra Pradesh

The exam is conducted by Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University Kakinada on behalf of APSCHE. It is a computer-based exam that is held once a year. The paper format is objective type with 160 questions in total. 

Important Dates

Exam Name  Exam Level  Date of Exam
IMU CET National  First week of June 
AP EAMCET State  Last week of April
WBJEE  State  Third week of February 
JEE National Last week of February

Study GME in India

GME are generally offered by the colleges which are specificalised in marine engineering, though few deemed universities and technical colleges also offer this course. 

The following table lists the most renowned GME colleges in India

College Name Admission Process Average Annual Fees Average Placement Package
Marine Engineering and Research Institute, Mumbai  Entrance Examination INR 3,50,000  INR 4,80,000 
Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training, Chennai  Entrance Examination INR 3,65,000  INR 5,66,700 
Academy of Maritime Education and Training, Chennai  Entrance Examination INR 3,20,000 INR 3,60,000
C V Raman College of Engineering, Orissa  Entrance Examination INR 59,000 INR 2,32,000
Praveenya Institute of Marine Engineering, Vizianagaram Merit-based  INR 3,00,000  ---
VELS University, Chennai  Entrance-based  INR 1,28,000 INR 3,65,000

Study GME Abroad

College Name Country
Canadian Coast Guard College  Canada
Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland  Canada
Antwerp Maritime Academy  Belgium
Novia University of Applied Sciences  Finland

GME Jobs

The table below lists some of the most common job profiles that hire a GME graduate along with the average salary.

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary
Marine Engineer Responsible for designing, developing, building, installing, inspecting and maintaining propulsion systems, engines, pumps and other pieces of technical equipment that make boats and other maritime vessels function effectively. They work on all kinds of ships, from ferries, cargo ships and hovercrafts to cruise liners and military vessels, such as frigates, warships and submarines. INR 11,43,000 p.a.
Marine Outside Sales Engineer Responsible for searching for new clients who could benefit from their products in a designated region, travelling to visit potential clients, establishing new, and maintaining existing relationships with clients. They also manage and interpret customer requirements and calculate client quotations. INR 1,20,000 p.a.
Marine Surveyor Responsible for tackling water-based crafts spanning everything from speedboats to ocean liners. Their job is to inspect and evaluate ships, fishing boats or yachts to make sure that the specified government classifications are met. They also check the vessels against international regulations. INR 6,61,000 p.a.
Coastal Marine Engineer Responsible for maintaining, updating, and operating large vessels used for the production and transportation of gas and oil from production sites to their destinations. Offshore vessels use high-tech equipment in order to operate heavy machinery used to build structures off the coasts of oil-producing nations. INR 4,00,000 p.a.
Marine Sales Manager Responsible for monitoring the market, establishing and maintaining close contact with customers to ensure customer satisfaction. They manage sales cycles and make accurate forecasts. They also prepare technical proposals, quotations and communicate clearly and concisely through professional presentations to customers in the field. INR 11,43,000 p.a.
Structural Engineer Responsible for preparing reports, designs and drawings, making calculations about loads and stresses, selecting appropriate construction materials, providing technical advice, obtaining planning and building regulation- related approvals. INR 4,87,000 p.a.

GME Scope

If a GME graduate wishes to pursue higher education, it is possible after graduation. The career options are not limited to a Graduate in Marine Engineering student. An additional degree can be obtained in the same field or in a completely different field to improve job opportunities.

GME graduates can work in private and public organizations as engineers. Teaching jobs in marine engineering are also open to a GME graduate.

Apart from these, GME graduates can go for further studies in the following fields:

  • MBA: A popular choice of postgraduate studies is the MBA programme. Graduates of MBA get hired in managerial positions of various departments of a company like sales, human resources, finance, marketing etc. This is a 2-year course that will add significant value to a resume.
  • Law: It is not uncommon to enrol in law programmes after completion of postgraduate studies. For a student with a prior degree, the law programme is of 3 years duration as opposed to the regular programme duration. Once completed, one can work as judges or lawyers or prepare for competitive examinations to work in Government job positions.
  • PhD: A PhD degree is the highest level of education one can achieve in a particular field. A research degree is usually completed over a period of 4 to 5 years in a topic or area of study of choice. Admission criteria to PhD programmes are competitive and selective and involve multiple rounds of entrance exams and personal interviews.

Read more about similar Career Options:


Ques. What is the average course fee of GME? 

Ans. On average, institutes charge between INR 24,000 to INR 3,50,000 annually for GME courses.

Ques. What is the duration of a GME course? 

Ans. GME courses are of one-year duration.

Ques. What are the eligibility criteria for a GME course?

Ans. Candidates need to have a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical or Naval Architecture to be eligible for admission.

Ques. How to gain admission in GME?

Ans. Admission criteria in most institutes involve an entrance examination and a round of personal interview.

Ques. What is the average placement package of GME graduates? 

Ans. GME graduates can earn anywhere between INR 1 lac to INR 11 lacs.

Ques. What are the top colleges for GME?

Ans. The top institutes for GME are Hindustan Institute of Maritime Training Chennai, Maritime Foundation and Coimbatore Marine Centre.

Ques. What are some specializations of GME?

Ans. GME specializations include marine commerce, ship control and manoeuvring and marine structures among others.

Ques. What are some job profiles of a GME graduate? 

Ans. A GME graduate can get hired as a marine engineer, marine surveyor, structural engineer, coastal marine engineer etc.

Ques. Is there a training period after the course is completed? 

Ans. Yes, there is a 6 months training period all graduates have to go through

Graduate Marine Engineering [GME] Fee Structure in India

3 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES3 L  (Maximum Fee)
3 L (Average Fee)
2.23 L (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES6.50 L (Maximum Fee)
4.03 L (Average Fee)

Graduate Marine Engineering [GME] Fee Structure By state

Tamil Nadu

3 L
2.23 LPrivate COLLEGES3.65 L
3.04 L


aman shaikh
Sir the eligibility criteria of BE course it of all over 8 semester or just the aggregate of final year
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prince pandey
Hi, I am Prince Pandey I have completed B.A.(Bachelor of Arts) can I do GME?
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Prince, as per qualification, you are eligible for this course. However, minimum percentage criteria may vary as per the college/university in which you are applying for admission.
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saran kumar
Hi , Sir I am Arun.I complete myBE degree in March and I will get my 8 sem mark sheet in April. So when I apply for GME. When you will start your next GME batch. Please reply to me sir.
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Saran, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as registration dates may vary as per the college.
abhishek shah
I will be 28 on Jan 2020 , i saw that course for GME starts mid July . I will be 28 years 5 months by July . Would i be eligible for course at that age as age limit is 28 .
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi Abhishek, you can apply in college/universities which do not have upper age limit.

ravi singh
hello sir this is Ravi Singh, i have completed my diploma in mechanical and B-tech in mechanical and my date of birth is 29/09/1987 also having 9 years of experience in maintenance field. Now i am planning to do GME course hence please let me know weather i am eligible or not.
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Ravi, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as some may consider age factor while others may not. Usually, open universities do not have upper age limit.
vishnu kp
Is btech automobile engineering graduate can apply for the GME course
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Vishnu, yes, students who have done BE/B/Tech in any stream are eligible to apply for admission in this course.
vijaya ragavan
I am vijayaragavan. I am studying in EEE in government college of engineering, tirunelveli. Can i eligible in this gme course? And How do we get job? Plzz tell me sir
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Vijaya, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as percentage criteria may vary as per the college.
mukesh chutturu
No bro this course if mechanical engineering. U can do eto course this is for electrical engineering.
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Mukesh, thank you for your assistance.
pradip gupta
hello sir, i am Pradip gupta and pursuing in computer science from lovely professional university.I am 3th year student. can i eligible for this job if yes then can i applyed it.. thank u sir..
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Pradip, this is not a job rather a course being offered in various universities.
prashant jagtap
Sir I'm full fell in those all eligible parameters , I'm completing my bachelor degree in mechanical engineering But I'm confused in admission date for GME course admission and job type. Sir please guide me .(
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi Prashant, admission dates depend on upon the college/university in which you are applying for admission as the academic calendar varies from college to college.

One may take up the role of Marine Engineer on Merchant Navy ships after obtaining the Class 4 Certificate of Competency (Marine Engineer).

sajan george
sir i completed my post graduation (mtech) is eligible for gme
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi George, there are two kind of eligibility parameters for this course as explained below:

  1. Educational Qualification: B.E./ B.Tech degree holders in mechanical or naval architecture disciplines are eligible to pursue this course. Minimum marks criteria may exist in the case of some institutes. Generally, the minimum eligible score for admission lies between 50-60% aggregate marks in the B.E./ B.Tech program. Thus, if you have done graduation in the concerned course with minimum percentage criteria, then, you are eligible, else not.
  2. Medical/Physical Standards:  An unaided vision of 6/12 is required in each eye. Candidates should not be suffering from colour or night blindness. Also, the candidate should not be over 28 years of age at the time of the course’s commencement.

On fulfilling the above mentioned criteria, the candidate will be considered eligible.

joseph selva
i'm completed BCA at Kalasalingam University.can i join GME course?
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Joseph, sorry, you are not eligible for this course as student must have pursued either BE or B.Tech in order to be eligible for GME.
man kanojiya
Sir after completion of gme course surely will get the job?
vivek kumar
Hi Man. Getting a job will be in your hands totally. If you will work hard for the desired job then definitely you will get that.
gowtham sagar
I got to know that 28 is the max age for gme admission. Is there any any age relaxation for school/st people?
mannu singh
Hi Sagar, the candidate should not be over 28 years of age at the time of the course’s commencement. So, there is no age relaxation for SC/ST people.
surya pratap singh
International Maritime Academy
surya singh
Sir i am surya pratap singh i am B.Tech in mechanical engineering passing out 2018 batch i got 7.75 CGPA in mechanical engineering so i want to join in GME course so please guide me how to join in gme course
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Surya, select the college you want to take admission in from the list provided above and follow the admission procedure accordingly.
veeranala dhirendra

Sir, please help me i want to join in GME COURCE .So please guide me how to join in gme cource .Now i am in final yaer of in mechanical branch.

sarthak mahajan
Hi Veeranala, The admission procedure varies from institute to institute. Eligible candidates may apply through any of online and offline modes. Also, some institutes have their own entrance exams in place for candidates’ assessment. There are also institutes in the country that offer direct admission on the basis of merit or a candidate’s score against a preset minimum cut-off score.