Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work) Admissions, Eligibility, Colleges, Syllabus, Salary and Jobs 2021-22

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Master of Arts  or MA Social Work is a 2-year postgraduate course that prepares students to work for the welfare of the society. They are trained to provide services to individuals, families, groups, and communities and help them overcome the social issues like poverty, social inequality, etc.

Check out the top MA Social Work Colleges in India.

The most common subjects include Sociology, Social psychology, Social development, policy & planning, Labour welfare, Prevention & Social medicine,  Social problems & services, Medical social work, counseling, Labour legislations, Women & Society, etc.

Key Highlights on MA Social Work

  • Full-Form: Master of Arts in Social Work
  • Duration: 2 years
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s degree with a minimum of 50% aggregate from a recognized university.
  • Admission Process: Entrance exam
  • Top Exams: TISSNET, DUET, PU CET, JNUEE, etc.
  • Top Institutes: Loyola College, Banaras Hindu University, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi University, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, etc.
  • Average Course Fees: INR 20K - INR 2 Lakhs
  • Job Options: CSR Representative, Community Mobilizer, Health Educator, Journalist, School and Career Counselor, Social Worker, Counselor, etc.
  • Average Salary: Upto INR 5 Lakhs
  • Higher Studies: Ph.D. and M.Phil

The basic eligibility to undertake the MA Social Work course is to have a bachelor's degree with at least 50% aggregate from a recognized university.

Admissions are conducted through university level entrance exams, followed by counseling or interviews and Group discussion rounds as made valid by the participating university. In the rare scenario, the merit-based is also considered.

Top institutions offering MA Social Work are listed below on the basis of NIRF ranking 2020.

NIRF Ranking 2020 College/University Name Admission Process Average Annual Fees (in INR) Average Placement Offer (in INR)
10 Banaras Hindu University [BHU], Varanasi Entrance-based 4,620 5 Lakhs
16 Jamia Millia Islamia [JMI], New Delhi Entrance-based with interview 10,000 6 Lakhs
36 Andhra University (AU), Visakhapatnam Entrance-based 9,800 4 Lakhs
44 Panjab University [PU], Chandigarh Entrance-based 9,825 6 Lakhs
49 Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai Entrance-based with interview 66,500 21.15 Lakhs
68 Sri Venkateswara University [SVU], Tirupati Entrance-based 8,290 6 Lakhs

There are various institutes that offer this course. The average fees of the course range from INR 20,000 to INR 2 lakhs for 2 years.

Master of Social Work exposes the candidates to recruiting areas like Hospitals, Education institutions, NGOs, Old age homes, Private clinics, etc. They can work as a Social Worker, Counselor, Customer Service Representative, Journalist, Community Mobilizer, etc. The average salary is expected to be INR 2 Lakhs to INR 4 Lakhs per annum.

ALERT: The dates for most of the entrance exam has been postponed due to COVID-19, and the registration dates have been extended.

Zee Media, Hindustan Times, Apollo Munich are the top firms that place you post completion of the degree. Completing the Masters in Social Work could place in any of the social working industries where helping each other is the utmost focus. The graduates can also go for higher studies in Ph.D. and M.Phil in Social Work or any other specialization.

MA Social Work Admission Process

MA Social Work Admission Process

The most common mode of admission process taking place for admitting the candidates into MA social work is the entrance-based mode. These entrance exams may be university level or national level tests. Most popular entrance exams include DUET, TISSNET, and AUCET.

Merit-based Admission

  • This merit-based admission mode of admitting candidates into MA social work is not common in many institutions but followed by institutions like Delhi University.
  • In this case, the previous academic records are considered to evaluate students.

Entrance-based Admission

  • Almost all governmental and central universities prefer entrance exams. 
  • The students are shortlisted based on the marks scored in the entrance exam and a merit-list is released.
  • Shortlisted students will have to attend a GP/ PI round.
  • The final selection will be based on the interview and also the previous academic score of the candidate.
Admission process

MA Social Work Eligibility

Most common eligibility criteria for the sake of getting admitted into the Master of Social Work degree include:

  • The candidates should possess a relevant bachelor’s degree from any recognized institution in the nation.
  • Some institutions prefer honors bachelor degrees from the allied discipline.
  • Minimum marks to be secured in UG could start as low as from 50% onwards.

MA Social Work Entrance Exams

Many arts institutions conduct entrance tests to admit candidates into the MA Social Work course. Few of the entrance exams offered towards MA Social Work admission are:

  • TISSNET 2020: TISSNET stands for the Tata Institute of Social Sciences National Eligibility Test. This entrance exam is being conducted by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai towards the admission of all categories of courses.
  • DUET 2020: DUET stands for Delhi University Entrance Test. DUET is being conducted each year by the Delhi University towards the PG Program admission.
  • JNUEE 2020: JNUEE stands for Jawaharlal Nehru University Entrance Examination. The entrance is conducted each year by the Jawaharlal Nehru University towards the admission of all UG, PG, and Ph.D. courses.
ALERT: JNUEE has been postponed due to COVID-19. The dates for registration have been extended by NTA.

  • PU CET 2020: PU CET means Punjab University Common Entrance Test conducted by Punjab University by conducting PU CET UG and PU CET PG.
  • AUCET 2020: AUCET is an abbreviation of the Andhra University Common Entrance Test. This is exclusively conducted by Andhra University, Visakhapatnam to admit the candidates into PG courses.

The below table shows the list of common entrances for MA Social Work.

Exam Name Application Period* Exam Date* Exam Mode
TISSNET 2021 October 18, 2020 - November 30, 2020 January 4, 2021 Online
DUET 2020 June 20, 2020 Yet to be announced Online
JNUEE 2020 March 2, 2020 - June 30, 2020 Postponed till next notice Online
PU CET 2020 April 24, 2020 - June 26, 2020 Yet to be announced Offline
AUCET 2020 June 6, 2020 - July 5, 2020 August 7, 2020 Offline

How to prepare for MA Social Work entrance exams?

All the entrance exams pertaining to the MA Social Work course could be cracked with the expertise and practice in the sections of it. The exam paper consists of the following sections:

  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English
  • Chemistry
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Physical Sciences

Points to know before the entrance exams:

  • Basics of Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry should be known in the fingertips.
  • The mathematics part should be concentrated and focused. Regular practice improves the ability to solve the problems.
  • Core subjects of Humanities and Social Sciences and Physical Sciences should be well versed with reference to CBSE and ICSE syllabus irrespective of the board of study in 10+2.
  • Should study the pre and post freedom struggle eras in India.
  • Indian Constitution could be a significant area of questioning.
  • All the dates and updates pertaining to entrance must be followed.

How to get admission in a good MA Social Work college?

Some points pertaining to select and admit into good MA Social Work institutions are as follows:

  • List and investigate the top institutions based on the rankings and ratings. Also, filter the governmental and private institutions offering MA Social Work degrees.
  • If merit-based admission is preferred, it is a must to fulfill the minimum eligibility criteria.
  • Preparation for the entrance exams should be done seriously. Practice all the numerical with utmost care.
  • Dedicate the separate time for the mocks since it improves the ability to complete the exam faster.
MA Social Work: What is it About?

MA Social Work: What is it About?

The following points say what the MA Social Work course is all about.

  • This course or degree is equipped with the skills and knowledge needed for helping individuals and society dealing with several mental and health issues.
  • This course mainly deals with working with individuals and groups; Family and Child Welfare; Personnel Management and Community Development; Industrial Relations; and Medical and Psychiatric Social Work.
  • This degree is designed in the way to enrich the practical skills through Field Work Practicum.
  • Many basics in computers are also part of the syllabus taught under MA Social Work.

MA Social Work: Course Highlights

Some of the basic information about the course has been mentioned in brief in the table below. 

Course Name MA Social Work
Course Level Post Graduate Degree
Full-Form MA -Master of Arts
Duration 2 years for regular candidates.
Examination type Semester wise degree
Eligibility Allied Under Graduation Degree with at least 50% and 10+2 exam from any recognizable institution in India
Admission Process Entrance-based (Institute level and national level exams) including Group Discussion and Interview Rounds or merit-based
Average Course Fee INR 1 Lakh
Average Salary INR 5 Lakhs
Top Recruiting Companies Deloitte India, Hero Motocorp, RIL, Mahindra and Mahindra, FINO, Zee Media, TCS, etc.
Top Recruiting areas Education institutions, NGOs, Old age homes, Governmental Child welfare departments, Governmental Women welfare departments, Governmental Human rights, departments Private clinics, etc.
Job Positions CSR Representative, Community Mobilizer, Health Educator, Journalist, School and Career Counselor, Social Worker, Counselor, etc.
Why study MA Social Work?

Why study MA Social Work?

There are several reasons to choose this course, some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Social work bachelor holders: One who possesses a bachelor’s degree in social work and relevant disciplines might have the passion and eligibility towards the MA in Social Work. One who has a bachelor in Social work will be open to a wide range of opportunities (Better pay and best-in Placement) after doing a master’s in it.
  • Passion for Social Work: One who has a passion for serving the society in return could prefer taking up a master’s in Social Work. They could make others happy with their caring attitude.
  • Scope for working with NGOs: Doing a master’s in Social Works could open a variety of opportunities for starting their careers with many Non-Governmental Organizations throughout the nation who strive to tackle social issues like throwing garbage in the public places, poverty, drought, pandemic consequences, inequality, etc.
  • Scope for Medicare jobs: Since social skills are the core in MA social work, the candidates get enough skills and expertise for getting placed in the governmental and private hospitals. With this COVID-19 pandemic situation throughout India, everyone would have realized the need to improvise the Medicare systems in India. Thus, future job opportunities in Medicare might increase from governmental hospitals drastically.
  • Demand in the welfare sector: Many governmental welfare departments operating under state and central governments prefer the candidates with MA Social Work in the child and women welfare and Human rights department. These welfare organizations strive to put forth a better and desired change in the society of ours by intricating changes in child labor, women abusing, human beings treated lower than the animal, etc.
  • Higher CTC Per Annum: One could earn around 5 Lakhs as a fresher itself since the job role involves both the mind related work and also the physical work.
MA Social Work Vs MA Sociology

Course Comparison

MA Social Work vs MA Sociology

Masters in Social Work and MA Sociology go hand in hand and are somewhat similar. Thus, a comparison table is depicted below.

Check out the top MA Sociology Colleges in India.

Parameters MA Social Work MA Sociology
Overview This degree is designed to empower the candidates who wish to serve the needy people in the nation and tackle many sociological issues in the surrounding area. This degree is designed to empower the candidates who wish to comprehend human society, their human behavior, and their association with organizational behavior.
Duration 2 Years for regular 2 Years for regular
Eligibility Graduation Degree with at least 50% aggregate from a recognized institution in India Graduation Degree with at least 50% aggregate from a recognized institution in India
Admission Process Entrance-based (university level/ national level exams)/ Merit-based. Entrance-based (university level/ national level exams)/ Merit-based.
Average Annual Fees INR 1 Lakh INR 2 Lakhs
Top Recruiting areas Education Institution (both governmental and private), NGOs, Governmental Child welfare departments, Governmental Women welfare departments, Governmental Human rights, departments, etc. International Organizations, Welfare Organizations, law firms, NGOs, Old age homes, Private clinics, News, and Media Industry, Entertainment sector, etc.
Job Roles CSR Representative, Community Mobilizer, Health Educator, Journalist, School and Career Counselor, Social Worker, Counselor, etc. Counselor, Researcher, Consultant, Consultant, Administrator, Journalist, etc.
Average Salary INR 5 Lakhs INR 6.5 Lakhs

Source: Payscale

Ma Social work Vs Ma Sociology
MA Social Work Specializations

MA Social Work Specializations

Some of the specialized subjects under MA Social Work are discussed below. These subjects will be elective or mandatory based on the university /college offering these courses.

  • MA Social Work Community Development: The outcomes of this specialized course help one to put forth stronger and positive developments in varied and distinct Indian communities so that it can reflect a betterment towards the society. 

Average Fees INR 80,000
Average Salary INR 6 Lakhs 
  • MA Social Work Human Resource Management: This program is intended to aid the day-to-day issues that every employee faces in an organization. It strives to balance the management decision towards the production of their employees and the satisfaction of the employees.

Average Fees INR 1.5 Lakh.
Average Salary INR 5.7 Lakhs 
  • MA Social Work Family and Child Welfare: This program trains and expertizes the candidates on the variety of family issues, child ill-treatment, abuse, and misbehaviors happening in and around India.

Average Fees INR 66, 500
Average Salary INR 5 Lakhs 
  • MA Social Criminal and Justice: This program strives to aid the needy people who got affected due to the consequences of any criminal activities. 

Average Fees INR 66, 500
Average Salary INR 5 Lakhs 
  • MA Social Work Dalit and Tribal Studies and action: This specialized program is objected to aid the people who suffer in accordance with their lower categorical castes and origin of living in the mountainous/forest regions in India.

Average Fees INR 66, 500
Average Salary INR 5 Lakhs 
ma social work specialization
MA Social Work Colleges

MA Social Work Colleges

Below is the table of top colleges ranked by NIRF and other information like the average annual fees and average placement is mentioned below:

Top Government MA Social Work College in India

A list of top government colleges that offer MA Social Work, has been mentioned below. 

NIRF Ranking 2020 College/University Name City Average Annual Fees in INR Average Placement in INR
6 Loyola College Chennai - 3.5 Lakhs
10 Banaras Hindu University [BHU] Varanasi 4,620 5 Lakhs
16 Jamia Millia Islamia [JMI] New Delhi 10,000 6 Lakhs
18 Delhi University [DU] New Delhi - 8 Lakhs
44 Panjab University [PU] Chandigarh 9,825 6 Lakhs
65 Tezpur University [TU] Tezpur 30,186 3.6 Lakhs
Top Ma Social work government colleges

Top Private MA Social Work Colleges in India

A list of top private colleges offering MA Social Work are mentioned below:

NIRF Ranking 2020 College/University Name City Average Annual Fees in INR Average Placement in INR
28 Rajagiri College of Social Sciences Cochin 3,125 4 Lakhs
29 Sri Krishna Arts and Science College Coimbatore 8,000 3.6 Lakhs
- Madras Christian College Chennai - 3 Lakhs
79 Banasthali Vidyapith University Jaipur 1.2 Lakhs 4 Lakhs
82 CMS College of Science and Commerce Coimbatore - 2.5 Lakhs
Top private Colleges for ma social work

MA Social Work College Comparison

Top comparable colleges/universities offering MA Social Work are depicted in the below table.

Parameters Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) Amity University University of Calcutta
Overview It is governmental arts and Science course offering university It is a private deemed to be university offering plenty of arts courses It is governmental arts and Science course offering university
NIRF Rank 2020 8 63 11
Location New Delhi Noida Kolkata
Average Fees in INR 1,381 1 Lakh -
Average Package Offered in INR 12 Lakhs  5.6 Lakhs 5 Lakhs
Top Recruiting companies Amazon, IBM, Info gain, etc. American Express, BIS Research, Broadcom, etc. ITC, Amazon, Line, A & D, etc.

Source: Payscale

MA Social Work Syllabus

MA Social Work Syllabus

There are totally 4 semesters in the MA Social Work degree. Semester I and Semester II subjects are common in all specializations and Semester III and Semester IV will be varying based on the specialized electives.

Thus, Semester III and Semester IV subjects for MA Social Work Medical & Psychiatric Social Work along with common Semester I and Semester II subjects as follows:

Semester I Semester II
History and Philosophy of Social Work Economics in Relation to SocialWork
Work with Individuals and Families Social Welfare Administration
Sociology in Relation to Social Work Work with Communities
Work with Groups Statistics
Dynamics of Human Behavior Social Development, Policy & Planning
Social Work Research Social Development, Policy & Planning
Social Problems and Services Development Communication
Field Work Practicum Field Work Practicum
Semester III Semester IV
Social Psychology – I Labour Welfare – II
Social Psychology – Trade Unions
Preventive & Social Medicine–I Human Resources Development
Medical Social Work Labour Legislation – II
Computer Application  Women & Society or Project Work
Developmental Psychology Women & Society or Project Work
Counseling: Theory & Practice Women & Society or Project Work
Field Work Practicum Field Work Practicum

MA Social Work Books

A few of the reference books for MA Social Work Medical & Psychiatric Social Work are discussed below.

Name of the book Author
Social Work Social Work
Social Work Education and Family Planning Association of School of Social Work in India
Concept and Methods of Social Work Walter A. Friedlander
Castes old & New Essay in Social Stratification Beetle A
Human Society, New York Davis K
Perspectives on Social Groups Work Practices Alessi A.S.
Methodology in Social Science Research Blalock H.M.
Indian Economy Agarwal A.N.
An Introduction to Social Psychology Kuppuswamy B.
Principles of Public Health Administration John J. Hulon
Synopsis of Psychiatry Kalpana & Sadock
Medical Social Work in India Pathak S.H.
Computer fundamentals P.K.Sinha
MA Social Work Job Prospects and Career options

MA Social Work Job Prospects and Career options

Candidates passing out of MA Social Work usually get placed in the arena of social work (i.e.) helping the needy people at the right time.

  • MA Social Work degree holders could mostly be placed as social workers in a variety of governmental and non-governmental organizations paying him/her around INR 4 Lakhs.
  • Other roles that these degree holders can grasp are Counselor; Customer Service Representative; Journalist; and Community Mobilizer.
  • The average salary drawn could be around INR 5 Lakhs.
  • Zee Media, Hindustan Times, Apollo Munich are the top firms that place them post completion of the MA Social Work degree.

Job roles that the MA Social Work holders could serve are as follows:

Job Profile Job Description Average Salary in INR
Social Worker They are trained in the different ways of helping people around them including Child and Labour supports 4 Lakhs
Counselor They are trained to help needy people through their motivational and intricating speech. 2.5 Lakhs
Customer Service Representative They are trained to help the customers to solve their issues, usually through phones or mail. 2.5 Lakhs
Journalist They are responsible to create true and meaningful news so that others can be aware of the world around them. 3.5 Lakhs
Community Mobilizer They are responsible for making sustainability between the human and other non-human sources around us. 2 Lakhs

Source: PayScale

Ma Social work Job and Salary
MA Social Work Scope

MA Social Work Scope

Some of the future scopes that the MA Social Work graduates have are:

  • Healthcare demand: Our nation is always in need of social workers towards the aim of providing quality medical facilities. Thus, these social workers can get easily placed.
  • Substance Abuse requirements: These social workers have much scope in the arena of substance abuse. The rate of such crimes in our country is so high that we need a helping hand to maintain and reduce them.
  • Social or pandemic issues redressal: Some of the social issues and pandemic situations like the COVID-19 pandemic could be better redressed by these social workers.
  • Higher studies in the allied discipline: Doing a Master’s degree in Social Work creates a scope to take the desired doctoral level courses on Political Science or Sociology or any other allied discipline related to Social Work.
  • Placement in Governmental arena: Post completion of social allied master degrees, the candidates might get placed in many of the governmental organizations but not limited to the arenas like Child, women, and human welfare departments in India. Not just that, the scope for the educational sector and Medicare is also on hike.
  • Additional Career as a Journalist: As a trained social worker, they also can get placed as a journalist in the news and media industry. Some might get opportunities to work as an Investigative journalist depending upon the expertise they gather during their master’s degree.
MA Social Work FAQs

MA Social Work FAQs

Ques. What does MA Social Work stand for?

Ans. It stands for Master of Arts in Social Work, is a postgraduate degree coming under the aegis of arts.

Ques. Which is the topmost institution offering MA Social Work?

Ans. Loyola College situated at Chennai is the topmost ranked institution offering MA Social Work as per NIRF ranking 2020.

Ques. What are the common entrance exams towards the admission into MA Social Work courses?

Ans. TISSNET, JNUEE, and DUET are some of the entrance exams that the aspirants of MA Social Work can take.

Ques. Which sectors are paying well for MA Social Work candidates?

Ans. Medicine and Media industries pay well for MA Social Work candidates.

Ques. What are the options after MA Social Work?

Ans. Grabbing the opportunities from Journalism and Medicare is the immediately available option after MA Social Work.

Ques. Whether any entrance exams pertaining to MA Social Work admission got affected because of the current pandemic?

Ans. Yes, some of the entrance exams like JNUEE, PU CET, and DUET have changes in their schedule towards the MA Social Work admission.

Ques. Whether any eligibility test exempts the candidates from appearing in entrance exams in India?

Ans. National Eligibility Test (NET) is the entrance exam that exempts the MA Social Work aspirants from appearing in many entrance exams conducted by the admission participating institutions.

Ques. List some top governmental institutions offering MA Social Work?

Ans. Loyola College, Chennai, and Banaras Hindu University [BHU], Varanasi are the top governmental institutions offering MA Social Work.

Ques. List some top private institutions offering MA Social Work?

Ans. Rajagiri College of Social Sciences, Cochin, and Sri Krishna Arts and Science College, Coimbatore are the topmost private institutions offering MA Social Work.

Ques. What is the significance of studying MA Social Work courses in India?

Ans. The significance of studying MA Social Work in India is that it gives training and expertise towards helping each and others for creating a better society.

Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work) Fee Structure in India

4 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.09 L  (Maximum Fee)
40.48 K (Average Fee)
8.04 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES92.07 K (Maximum Fee)
32.08 K (Average Fee)

Master of Arts [MA] (Social Work) Fee Structure By state

Andhra Pradesh

4 K
8.04 KPrivate COLLEGES26.24 K
15.69 K

Madhya Pradesh

22.20 K
20 KPrivate COLLEGES80 K
42.60 K

Delhi NCR

25.20 K
12.10 KPrivate COLLEGES12.10 K
12.10 K


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Jamia Millia Islamia University-[JMI] (2)
Panjab University - [PU] (1)
Sree Sankaracharya University of Sanskrit - [SSUS] Kalady (1)
Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences - [KISS] (1)
Course Curriculum (5)
Department (4)
Interview (3)
Admission (2)
Campus Life (2)
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Field Work (2)
Scholarship (2)
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10 Reviews found out of 214167

9.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Syllabus was according to the needs of the current scenario with a wide variety of subjects from fundamental level to the advanced level. As the field work is an integral part of the curriculum so the students are allotted 2 organisations in the entire course, one for each year with different field work objectives for each semester to get the student equipped with the ground reality of being a social worker. A 7 day rural camp is also organised after the first semester exam. Late Dr. HY Siddiqui Who was a pioneering name in field of social work was a faculty of the department. Professor Dr. Neelam Sukramani is also a very experienced and renowned social worker who is presently a faculty at the department.

Campus Life :

Campus of Jamia MIllia Islamia is green, modern and fully equipped with all Facilities like a very big library containing lakhs of books, social and science labs and a very big playground for sport activities. Wi-fi is available to the students 24 hours and campus also usue solar panels for power consumption thus moving to environment friendly practices.

College Events :

There are many cultural festivals organised by the university comprises of foundation day and Miraas which are celebrated and organised by the university and other department wise fests are also organised. Like in Social work depart "Sehar" is organised once after 2 years followed by an Alumni meet.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Master t of social work is basically professional course. This is 2 year course and divided into four semesters. Semester exam taken into may and the December. Classes are held for 5 days in a week. Three daya for theory classes and rest of 2 days field visits to put the study into practical that what we learn and how to use these at ground root level. Because social work is all about community

Campus Life :

The campus lifw of panuab University ia very good. All students are very cultural and love each other. There are peace love and humbel witj eacj other and they arw veey good. If we tapk about sports event of the university this is also a vwru good many sports events are generally held in universiy ans the panjab university recently won tje first position in the khelo india games.

Admission :

My relatives suggested me about these course. I given the entrance test on 8th june 2019 and after that i cleared Gd and PI after all of that i took admission on 28 july 2019. And my classes start from 1 august. Even after my admission some seats are vacant and waiting list of students for vaccant seat issued by the department and till last week of August all seats are filled.

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8.7 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course curriculum is very inclusive as it is bit different from the courses offered at other institutions. universities as TISS has certain objectives and institute is successfully achieving leaning outcomes by engaging students in full time and part time on-going projects and also engaging students to find emerging areas to be touched for introduction of new projects. Hence, the institute is up to date in terms of work, consultancy and guidance & knowledge.Course curriculum is appropriate and yes it is better than any reputed b-schools/ IIMs.

Entrance Preview :

TISSNET It is one of the test which comprises of objectives questions from various disciplines such as general awareness, quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning and verbal ability. It is a speed based test with no negative marking and anyone can easily crack after studying for a period of one month. INTERVIEW at TISS is itself a different exposure all together where you will get the opportunity to share your ideas and stand out yourself with reality. Lot of questions from your home state and hometown can be expected during interview.

Placement Experience :

Overall placement is good as the students are being trained to serve the society, hence the objective and mission of the institute is aligned with most of the employment opportunities offered on campus. The compensation offered is below expectations and the future of most of the candidates are uncertain due to inefficiency in the project based work and yes mostly salary in the social sector depends on the donor.

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8.0 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

Course is very good with good exposure on field work and research. They focus on practical knowledge rather than only theory. Curriculum contains various theories from various authors and countries. They teach on various aspects of social work like group work, case work and community work.

Exam Structure :

Exam structure is divided in 2 parts. Written Exam in which 100 questions are asked on GK, VA, QA and LR. This is a computer based exam MCQ In the second part you have to attend the interview of the respective courses and final selection is done on the basis of part 1 and part 2 marks.

Faculty :

Faculty is very good, all the faculties are P.hds and very good command on their subjects. They basically focus on practical learning and examples from there and our field work experiences. All the faculties in my batch is P.hd and very passionate for their subjects.

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8.2 /10

Faculty :

All my faculties are connected with field work researches and academics. They connects the practical problems in our societies with the classroom teachings and also helps us in learning the tools and techniques that are required in social work research in a very beautiful way.

Course Curriculum Overview :

It's is completely related to research and practical experience that we get from file work and classroom exercises. This helps us in developing skills of a professional social worker.

Campus Life :

Campus life is really wonderful as various kinds of extracurricular activities goes on and the gender ratio is also very good with a huge diversity among student's regionalism.

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10.0 /10

Remarks :

Best colleges for Social Work, good environment, good location, one of the top colleges in India, well- educated professors, diversity in college, recommended by friends and family, the course I opted for (Disability studies and action) is only available at TISs

College Events :

ItÕs Really fun. There are no restrictions as such, full safety and Mumbai being a safe city is a lot more advantage. There are cultural functions happening almost everyday and itÕs too much fun. You get through college with friends and ever friendly faculty

Course Curriculum Overview :

The course is amazing. It is well developed and organized, faculties are well-informed and educated. We have field work every week where we are placed in certain organizations for our exposure which give in depth knowledge and experience as well in the field.

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Placement Experience :

Most of our alumnies get the jobs. Alumni networking is good. Now a days department and alumni collective conducting webinar series to improve knowledge during this pandamic. Every Sunday the webinar was conducted by various resources persons with Verity of topics.

Campus Life :

The campus consist of only arts courses. So infrastructure is good. WiFi facility provided by the University. Size of the library is good, and contains various collection of books. But sports facilities need more improvement.

Remarks :

I love this college because of the atmosphere and infrastructure facility. The faculties that I had met their was eligible. This is a government institution so fees are very low and affordable to the students.

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9.3 /10

Course Curriculum Overview :

In terms of course curriculum, they focus on providing experience learning to us. Rather than by hearting concepts and writing exams, they give lots of assignments which require practical applications. Facilities were more like friends to us who provide experienced knowledge and support throughout.

Placement Experience :

Although they provide great placement opportunities, i preferred to work in my home town itself. So i attended interview when i did my internship and got selected then itself. But most of my other friends got placement and few others joined for higher studies.

Remarks :

This institution is considered to be one of the best institution for social work and is rated 1 in top 10 in India. Also, TISS is the first institution that started social work as a discipline, and has well experienced professionals.

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9.0 /10

Campus Life :

Our college conducts various events. Some are cultural events, religion functions, regional functions, visits and tours, celebrations of national ad international days, etc. Many famous people have visited our college and interacted with the students. Our campus is well-maintained and has all the required facilities with proper equipments.

Admission :

The admission procedure in our college is quite simple. The students have to first apply for the required course. The students who have chosen fro PG Courses have to give an entrance exam whereas the students who have opted fro UG Courses do not need to give any entrance exam and are selected on the eligibility basis.

Faculty :

Professors and faculty members of our college are very well-trained and well-qualified. All the professors have great experiences in their subjects and come from a professional background. The faculty provides students with all the required items for studying.

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8.2 /10

Placement Experience :

In my department, most of the student get placed in the respective organization. there are very renowned organization who comes every year to recruit the student. VIDANTA, TRIDENT GROUP, EMPOWER PERGATI etc. placement process is held in three round, first round, in which interested candidate is given topic to write, 2nd round group discussion and in third personal interview. so these are the placement process of my department.

College Events :

in my university, students use to discuss with the fellows on the relevant topic that make times more valuable. in my college, library where students come very frequently after attending the classes instead going for gossip. in my college all the festival are observed collectively wethere it is a deewali, holi or eid. in last my campus is a friendly enough to oneself as much as one could.

Remarks :

i opted this university because quality of education, specially if i talk about MSW in which i got admission is very prestigious one. in this course, department placed the student across delhi for field work twice week despite theories classes, so it encourages me get enrolled in this university for MSW.

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