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MBA in Bioinformatics: Overview

MBA in bioinformatics is a two year postgraduate course program conducted by universities to secure better understanding of bioinformatics i.e. 

  • Collecting, 
  • Classificating, and 
  • Deciphering the biological data by combining the usage of computer science to ascertain data interpretation in the field of genomes and molecular genetics. 

This field is related to better comprehension of biological information, an extended branch of science through computer application and management.MBA in bioinformatics is an extremely beneficial field and offers excellent career opportunities in the management and administration sector as well.

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Students who wish to enroll in this program are taught the basics regarding management while actively pursuing computer application and software to interpret information of biological background. 

MBA in Bioinformatics Admission Process 2021

MBA in Bioinformatics Admission Process 2021 

Candidates who wish to enroll and study this program are required to have a bachelor's or an undergraduate degree in any related discipline, preferably statistics, mathematics, computer application or management, with a minimum score of 50-60% in the exam to get admission. 

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The course also needs students to qualify for certain common entrance tests such as CAT, CMAT, MAH CET to secure admission in colleges and universities.

MBA in Bioinformatics Eligibility Criteria 2021 

  • Candidates should possess a bachelor's degree in any related discipline preferably statistics, mathematics, biological sciences, computer application with a minimum score of 50-60%
  • Candidates should also qualify the common entrance test such as CAT, CMAT or MAH CET to secure a seat in colleges of their choice.
  • Candidates belonging to SC/ST and OBC are provided with the 5% relaxation in the course program as a mandatory process.

MBA in Bioinformatics Entrance Exams 2021 

Name of the entrance test Registration Date Exam Date
CAT July, 2021 November, 2021
CMAT January 22, 2021 February 22 & 27, 2021
MAHCET May, 2021 January, 2021

MBA In Bioinformatics: Entrance Exam Preparation Tips 

  • Candidates are required to have a through understanding of the concepts, hence revision of course books and syllabus is to be practiced with precision
  • Candidates can also opt for youtube tutorials and mock test series to study and practice the prescribed format.
  • Candidates can also practice by making a time table and giving time to complex topics and lessons for a better understanding

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MBA In Bioinformatics: How to Get Admission in a Good College?

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  • Candidates should make a meticulous time table to impart equal attention to all important topics for the related entrance exam. 
  • Candidates are also advised to make use of youtube tutorials and mock test series to score better in the entrance exam
  • Candidates are also advised to practice previous years question papers to get better grades and seek admission in the college of their choice and preference. 

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MBA in Bioinformatics: What is it All About

MBA in Bioinformatics: What is it All About?

MBA in Bioinformatics allows the students to learn the application of computerized knowledge in gathering and classification of biological molecular genetics and genomes information for further processing and research analysis.

  • The candidates actively learn how beneficial the storage of this sensitive information can lead to conducting of major research and development in the field of biology which can also provide breakthrough information on human diseases and possible cures and vaccines for future predicaments.
  •  The candidates also are taught to combine their interpretation skills with the current computer technology to assimilate the elements of both the streams to reach possible results.
  • Candidates also learn the languages of computer applications such as JAVA and any technical language concerned with the field to assist and aid the program into storage of information with ease and safety for future references. 
  • The course also includes extensive laboratory experimentation to further enhance the individuals’ skills in the field of biological information and documentation.
  • Candidates after completing this program are well versed with all the necessary knowledge of bioinformatics in regards to collection, interpretation and storage using computer application and can earn exciting monetary benefits by working as marketing strategist and analyst, biomedical officers, or analysts, techno commercial executives and supervisors, teachers and research associates.

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MBA in Bioinformatics: Course Highlights

Course Level Post Graduate
Full Form Master of business administration in bioinformatics
Duration Two years
Examination type Offline and semester based
Eligibility Bachelor's degree in any related discipline with 50-60% score
Admission process A bachelor's degree in related categories + CET
Course fee INR 5-15 lakhs
Average salary INR 3-14 lakhs
Top Recruiting Agencies
  • Pharma Force,
  • Lifecell,
  • Emcure, 
  • Sun Pharma, 
  • Abbott, 
  • Glenmark, 
  • Ranbaxy, 
  • Zydus, 
  • Aurobindo, 
  • IBM, 
  • Johnson & Johnson
Job Positions
  • Biomedical Officers, 
  • Techno Commercial Executives, 
  • Biomedical Informatics Trainers
  • Analysts, 
  • Marketing Experts or Consultants,
  • Entrepreneurs

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MBA in Bioinformatics Course Advantages

MBA in Bioinformatics Course Advantages

MBA in bioinformatics is an extremely crucial and beneficial field that offers the combined advantage of two sectors i.e computer application and Management. Hence, a student is successful, able to climb the hierarchical ladder of success and is able to establish a stable career in this industry.

  • Candidates can successfully work as techno commercial executives in major pharmaceutical and medical companies to earn incentives and rewards.
  • Candidates can also venture as biomedical officers and provide aid and assistance in interpretation of biological terminologies and data.
  • Candidates can also seek employment in marketing and sales as analysts and strategists to promote Medical products and solutions
  • Individuals can also work as biomedical informatics trainers to provide practical knowledge of collection and classification functions and assist young interns in familiarization of various processes of bioinformatics.
  • Candidates can also work as teachers and professors with leading educational institutions to teach and impart guidance and knowledge to other students.
  • Individuals can also work in their own entrepreneurial projects such as opening their own institution or laboratory to ascertain personal work environment and assignments.
  • Candidates can also work as research associates and consultants with the companies of pharmaceutical background to conduct research on genetic changes and transitions to develop cures and vaccines in accordance to human physiology and Anatomy.
  • Candidates and individuals can also work as clinical research experts and consultants to perform research and experimentation in drug interpretation and interaction.
  • Individuals can also work as medico marketing experts to conduct survey work and promotion of Medical drugs and medicines for sale and purchase.

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MBA in Bioinformatics: Course Syllabus

MBA in Bioinformatics: Course Syllabus

Semester 1 Semester 2
Introduction to Life Sciences and Biotechnology & Introduction to Bioinformatics Consumer Behavior in Pharmaceuticals, Biochemistry. Physiology and Anatomy, New Product launch and Brand Building in Pharmaceuticals, Disease Management Advertising in Pharmaceuticals & Auditing Pharmaceutical Markets
Epidemiology and Biostatistics Retail Management. Introduction to Retailing & Indian Retailing Computational Biology. Concepts in Computing and Programming, Introduction to Database Management System, Structural Bioinformatics, Numerical methods & energy optimization techniques 6. Molecular Biology
Marketing Management, Principles of Management Business Statistics, Organizational Behavior Fundamentals of production planning and control for biotechnology, HR Management in hi-tech environment intellectual Property Right & Technology Transfer Biotechnology Plant Management and Safety & Hazard management Product and brand management. Production management
Pharmaceutical Industry Management Introduction to Pharma Business Environment Pharmacology biotechnology Taxation, Six Sigma Quality in Outsourcing, Back Office Processing . E-Customer Relationship Management ,Telemarketing KPO Research & Analysis
Introduction to BPO/KPO & Business Process Management Business Environment Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Introduction to Logistics Economics of Sea Transport, Port Planning & Finance Management, Services Marketing,. Liner Trade & Multi Modal Transport, Global Trade & Practices, Regulation & Documentation
Semester 3 Semester 4
Hospital Management, Management of National Health Programs, Health Policy and Administration, Organization and Administration of Clinical Services, Materials Management, R&D Management and Knowledge Process EXIM, International financial markets and investment banking, International Logistics and Supply Chain Management, International Law. Global Project Management , Formulating & Implementing Strategies for Multinational Corporations, Final Project
Bioinformatics- Cost & Management Accounting, Legal Aspects of Business,. Production Management, Research Methodology Application and methodology of Biotechnology Hospital Management, International Business, Applied Epidemiology, Hospital Planning, Final Project
Biotechnology- cost & Management Accounting Legal Aspects of Business, Production Management, Research Methodology, Principal concept of life insurance Bioinformatics- International Business, Perl Programming, Molecular Modeling and Drug Design, JAVA Basics, Bio Markup Languages, Visual Programming Concept and Web Programming, Final Project
Pharmaceutical Industry Management. Cost & Management Accounting, legal Aspects of Business, Production Management, Research Methodology, strategic issues in Pharmaceutical Marketing, Sales Management. Biotechnology - International Business. Simulation And Optimization In Biotechnology R & D Management, Innovation And Knowledge Management 5. Emerging Trends In Biotechnology , Project Management , Final Project
Foreign language Internship/project/Viva-voce

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MBA in Bioinformatics:College Comparison

Parameters  DY Patil University Navi Mumbai Global Business School and Research Centre 
Location Mumbai Pune
Domain Management Management
Overview DY Patil University offers extensive and intrinsic curriculum along with internships and placement opportunities Global Business School and research centre is more management oriented and offers excellent scope for students who wish to have knowledge of business and management through internships and highly paid job offers. 
Average fees INR 1,65,000 INR 1,65,000
Average Salary INR 2-8 Lakhs INR 2-9 Lakhs
Average Placement Offer INR 2-7 Lakhs INR 2-7 Lakhs

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MBA in Bioinformatics: Recommended Books

Name of the book Name of the Author
The Ten Most Wanted Solutions in Protein Bioinformatics Anna Tramontano
Bioinformatics Basics Hooman Rashidi, Lukas K. Buehler
Structural Bioinformatics Graham kemp and Per-Georg holm
Bioinformatics and Protein Database Concepts by IIT Bombay.
Bioinformatics: Genes, Proteins and Computers C.A. Orengo, D. T. Jones, J. M. Thornton, D. T. Jones

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MBA in Bioinformatics: Jobs, Salary 2021

MBA in Bioinformatics: Jobs, Salary 2021

Name of the Job Description of the Job Average Salary
Bioinformatics specialist Bioinformatics specialist are Individuals engaged with computerized collection, classification and interpretation of biological data to reach a conclusion and accuracy in results in regards to genetic and genomics transition and changes INR 5-9 lakhs
Bioinformatics analysts Bioinformatics analysts are individuals who study or perform experimentation on various aspects of genetic and genomic changes to prepare algorithms and databases to actively pursue research and procedural assistance to other people. INR 3-9 lakhs
Quality assurance managers Such individuals are responsible for making quality and hygiene checks on medical products and solutions and oversee the manufacturing work to ensure quality standards of output INR 5-8 lakhs
Manufacturing manager Manufacturing managers are administration leaders who are in charge of carrying the manufacturing duties including collection of raw material and resources to factory output and distribution, budgeting and planning. INR 7-10 lakhs
Senior sales executive (Bioinformatics) Sales executives are individuals who promote pharmaceutical products and services for sale and purchase to other outlets of medicine and Medicare solutions INR 3-7 lakhs
Teachers/research associates Such individuals are engaged in pursuing research work in the field of bioinformatics to provide essential spotlight on key issues of the bioinformatics field and also teach students about the essentials of this subject and related matter INR 5-9 lakhs

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MBA in Bioinformatics: Future Scope and Career Possibilities

MBA in Bioinformatics: Future Scope and Career Possibilities

This program successfully amalgamates the administration skills with the expertise of biologically induced research and computer application, therefore the integration of three important subjects into one course program offers many extensive career experiences and opportunities in any field that deals with the above subject matter and also delivers decent monetary benefits.

  • Candidates can always pursue higher learning in the field of bioinformatics to become successful teachers and lecturers in secure designated positions in colleges of India and abroad.
  • Candidates can venture into the field of sales and marketing to ensure jobs as sales executives and supervisors in Medicare institutes and pharmaceutical companies to promote sale and purchase of such product and service to boost the sales volume and increase earnings and revenues
  • Candidates can also work on their entrepreneurial projects such as opening their own laboratory or bioinformatics center to work on individual projects and assignments or research work.
  • Candidates can also work as Bioinformatics trainers to provide guidance and assistance to interns and colleagues in pursuit of correct procedural methods of this field.
  • Candidates can also become bioinformatics analysts and experts to conduct research work on genetic interpretation and developing databases for others to access and seek counsel with their issues and blocks.
  • Candidates can also work in administration as managers and officers to oversee factory administration or lab administration duties and responsibilities.
  • Individuals can also seek employment with prestigious hospitals and health care institutions as techno commercial executives and provide assistance for the same.

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MBA in Bioinformatics FAQs

MBA in Bioinformatics FAQs 

Ques. What is bioinformatics?

Ans. Bioinformatics is the study of genetic changes and transitions that take place in human anatomy, and is concerned with the collection of such biological data, its interpretation and storage using computer application and software to reach desired results in experimentation and recording.

Ques. What is the scope of this degree?

Ans. A candidate after completing this course can work as teachers and professors, bio medical officers, techno commercial executives, sales and marketing executive and administration head in various sectors and organizations catering to bioinformatics.

Ques. What is the scope of this degree abroad?

Ans. Bioinformatics is an emerging field in India, but abroad it has successfully established roots and is very beneficial to pursue this course program to work in the field of bioinformatics as executive heads, research analysts, trainers and teachers abroad to earn exceptional monetary benefits and rewards backed with experience and exposure.

Ques. What is the eligibility of this degree?

Ans. A candidate is expected to have a bachelor's degree in related discipline preferably statistics mathematics computer and biological sciences with s minimum score of 50-60 % and also qualify CAT/CMAT exams to secure admission in the college of individual’s choice and preference.

Ques. What are the types of entrance tests that are needed to be qualified in order to pursue an MBA in Bioinformatics?

Ans. Candidates are expected to qualify CET exams such as CAT, CMAT and MAHCET to seek admission in various colleges that offer this management program.

Ques. What is a manufacturing officer in bioinformatics?

Ans. A manufacturer officer in the field of Bioinformatics is an official who is responsible to oversee the Manufacturing of all medical goods and solutions and is in-charge of administration work related to Manufacturing and quality standardization.

Ques. What is the average fee for this course program?

Ans. MBA in bioinformatics requires an average INR 5-15 lakhs as course fee to offer its extensive curriculum and study plan with internship and placement offers.

Ques. What is the average salary earned by a Bioinformatics Graduate?

Ans. The average salary earned by the graduates of this degree ranges around INR 5-14 lakhs which increases with time and experience

Ques. What are the benefits of this degree?

Ans. This degree is a result of three integrated subjects such as computer application, management and biological sciences. Therefore it offers extensive experience in all these fields with exceptional monetary benefits and rewards.

Ques. Can I pursue Higher learning with this degree?

Ans. Yes you can, a candidate can successfully pursue doctoral degrees in bioinformatics to further solidify and enhance their career prospects in this field.