Top MBA Skills Required for MBA Course

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MBA skills teach you to think constructively and judge analytically. The 2-year MBA course will inculcate the MBA skills in demand for a career in management. MBA course offers the opportunity to intensify knowledge and expertise in a particular business area or a department. The MBA course also helps students to inculcate entrepreneurial skills and helps student to develop business and managerial skills.

To pursue an MBA course, an aspirant needs to qualify the minimum eligibility requirements of having a bachelor’s degree in any field, with a minimum score and relevant work experience. MBA Admissons also involve mandatory rounds of Group Discussion and Personal Interviews. See: Top MBA Colleges in India

Pursuing an MBA course requires not only academic skills but also certain soft skills that help candidates ace other rounds of admission along with their entrance exams. Aspirants must be fully aware of some important skills that are required while pusuing an MBA Degree. 


MBA Admissions also comprises of a round of extempore, sometimes, that judges the coherent and effective communication skills of the candidates without any ambiguity in thoughts. Hence, this article will talk about the MBA Skills that are in demand and a candidate must have.

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MBA Skills in Demand

MBA Skills in Demand

There are several skills that an aspirant needs to possess to apply for MBA applications and pursue an MBA course. A few of those skills are discussed below in detail:

  • Leadership Skills: Leadership qualities are one of the top characteristics of MBA aspirants. An MBA degree is intended for individuals who have or need to have positions of authority in their organizations. Therefore at the time of internships and work experience, one should take a lead for the project and show how good they are at planning, organizing, and controlling things.
  • Problem Solving/ Decision Making Abilities: These skills are additionally required to be fair-minded in regards to the options to be taken. The critical thinking aptitudes originate from communication with time and standard assistance with various area specialists.
  • Communication Skills: Every candidate needs to possess effective and efficient communication skills to work in a reputed and top recruiting organization. An aspirant will get to work on these things in their respective B-Schools. Good communication skills help in showing a better impression at the time of the admission process.
  • Presentation Abilities: MBA aspirant has to strengthen analytical and presentation skills, that is one of the top qualities of MBA aspirants. 
  • Creativity and Innovation: If the candidate is creative and has the skills of thinking of ideas out-of-the-box, then this will add plus points to the candidate’s resume. Creativity and innovation skills will not only benefit the candidate in supporting their aims and ambitions, but it will also help an aspirant to grow within the organization they plan to work with.

Other skills and abilities that will help a candidate to turn himself/herself into a good MBA candidate also include ethics and integrity, passion towards the dream, an ambition to chase, motivation, and disciplined behavior.

What are the skills required to be a good MBA candidate?

What are the Skills Required to be a Good MBA Candidate?


MBA has become the most sought-after degree in recent years, thus it has its prerequisites which the candidates must be well versed with in order to outshine their career in MBA. Some of the keynotes to become a skilled MBA are as follows,

  • A good cut-off score in MBA entrance exams: There are lists of entrance exams that are conducted for a candidate to enroll themselves with top MBA Institutes. Some of them are CAT (Common Admission Test), GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test), MAT (Management Aptitude Test), XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), SNAP (Symbiosis National Aptitude Test). Once the candidates enroll themselves for these exams, they have to prepare themselves to meet the percentile that is set by these colleges. These exams are conducted to judge a candidate’s basic knowledge about the subject and if they are at all eligible to sit for the exam. Candidates who secure a high percentage of marks will be allocated to the best colleges for pursuing MBA.

  • High aggregate score in Under Graduation: Candidates with consistently good academic performance will have a greater chance of securing admission. The minimum eligibility criteria for appearing in these exams is 50% in Graduation, but the more score record a candidate has, the more are his chances of getting admission

  • Possess some extracurricular hobbies: Candidates who possess skills outside of work and study, such as playing cricket, football for any club, humanitarian efforts, will add up the points to score more and secure admission.

  • Work Experience: To be a veritable competitor, candidates must possess some work experience. A minimum of 2 /3 years of work experience will be considered a bonus points, and also add up to the total score apart from maintaining a consistently good academic record

  • Good performance in Group Discussion round: After every MBA entrance exam, candidates have to face the GD/PI round. The GD/PI rounds are the final measurement index once the candidates are shortlisted after the entrance exam. Mentioned below are some of the tricks that will help candidates get shortlisted in the Group Discussion round,

  • Ensure frequent participation, along with a stronghold over English

  • Should be confident enough to make a mark amongst the candidates

  • Should be outspoken, but not aggressive

  • Keep a logical base to your arguments

  • Should keep the language simple and lucid yet formal

  • Analytical and Presentation skills: Presenting data would not suffice, if one can not present the desired analysis of the data, in a short, crisp, and formal way. Thus candidates have to develop presentation and analytical skills to outshine themselves from the rest

  • Problem-solving and Decision-making skills: One of the key points to become a skilled MBA, is to have problem-solving skills. Managers need to have all the information to make crucial decisions to help the company. They also need to be unbiased while making those decisions. Candidates who possess a strong sense of decision-making will be preferred over those who don't possess it.

  • Integrity and Ethics: Integrity Helps in building trust amongst employees and ethics plays a major role in building an organization. Both integrity and ethics are intertwined in the business world.

  • Team Ownership: Leaders are the ones who work together to promote a good and strong team. While leaders credit the team for its success, failure is always the responsibility of the leader. Candidates with such stature can always earn a position for themselves as a good MBA

Questions Asked in MBA Interviews with Answer Tips


Some of the most tricky questions asked during MBA interviews are as follows,

  • What are your weaknesses? 

-Here the interviewer does not want to discourage you, he just wants to have an idea on your clarity about yourself.

  • Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

-S/He wants to know your ambition and goals

  • Reason to take up MBA.

-S/He wants to be clear about your idea of doing an MBA, are you doing it for the sake of it or you have certain ideas in your mind and to fulfill them you have to do an MBA

  • Do you have any questions for us?

-S/He may ask this question in a polite way to end the interview

  • How do you deal with failures?

-The main motive is to understand how you deal with failures, here the interviewer is expecting an honest answer from the interviewee 

  • What is your hobby?

-S/He is trying to make you comfortable and easy.

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Preparation Before Staring MBA

Here are few questions that you should ask yourself once you decide to take up MBA,

  • Why do I want to get an MBA?

  • Is my career stagnant?

  • Can I afford it?

  • Can I improve my leadership skills?

  • Do I have the resource to be successful?

  • Would this business school be the best for me?

  • What are my goals?

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MBA Skills: FAQs

MBA Skills: FAQs

Ques. What are the main skills an MBA candidate should possess?

Ans. The main qualities of a good MBA candidate are having a strong analytical mind with the ability to work as a team. Candidates should also be able to possess a critical bent of mind and willingness to learn new things.

Ques. What skills does an MBA degree give you?

Ans. MBA gives you multiple skills like Effective Communication, Problem Solving, Pressure Dealing, Strategic Research, Networking, etc.

Ques. What should I expect in an MBA interview?

Ans. Things that one can expect in an interview related to MBA will vary for each interviewer. However, some of the basic questions that cater to your choices, introduction, portfolios, and resumes must be expected.

Ques. How can I improve my MBA skills?

Ans. Improving communication skills, and focusing on the syllabus and subjects asked in MBA entrance exams can help improve your overall MBA skills.

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Ques. What is better choice doing MS in Management from USA or doing MBA from top B schools like JBIMS, FMS, ISB, XLRI, SP JAIN (IIMs excluded for a while)?

● Top Answer By Raman Kumar Shekhar on 18 Jun 21

Ans. One of my friends was pursuing the One Year Management Program in the US. So, I can give you the scenario of doing management from the US.  Pursuing a one-year program from the US is not a good option, no matter which university you are choosing.  As they lack in providing internship opportunities. International students also find it hard to get job opportunities because of their visa sponsorships.  Before enrolling into any B-school first get clear what you want from the course and university.  Above mentioned, JBIMS, FMS, ISB, XLRI, and SP JAIN, all are good and give you a good job opportunity.  While MBA programs from ISB, FMS, XLRI are economical, SP Jain Mumbai and Jamnalal Bajaj Mumbai are also good. Therefore, before getting into any B school first become clear what you want. If you want to work in the US, then go for a full-time MBA program from the top 20 colleges only.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Do toppers in the batch get a good package irrespective of their background in FMS, XLRI, IIFT, and IIMs?

● Top Answer By Shashank Prabhu on 16 Jun 21

Ans. Let me first clarify this idea that the package does not match the ranking. Secondly, the good package isn't related to "good package" & "business that offers it" in general as well. The two above combined into MBA colleges and require special skills in the field of employment tasks.  In addition, you only have some benefit in choosing which business you desire to become a top student at an MBA School.  But for companies that are also not on your preferred list, the package may be pricier.  Company packages differ and their skills and candidacy requirements also suit.  Some companies exclusively employ people who have work experience, some who have specialized working experiences, or special graduates.  Through some roles, whomever you are or are not top, your background matters. And the package is a flexible element in all major institutions, based on the choice of a firm.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is a better choice for an MBA, IMT Hyderabad or BIMTECH Greater Noida?

● Top Answer By Janvi Rao on 16 Jun 21

Ans. IMT Group has a higher brand value than BIMTECH, but IMT Hyderabad is a new institute. The curriculum is developing. It needs more time to reach the mark in terms of faculty, exposure and alumni base. The following table shows a brief insight on both institutes: Criteria BIMTECH Greater Noida IMT Hyderabad Intake (PGDM General) 267 240 Fee INR 12 Lakhs INR 12.03 Lakhs Average CTC INR 8.13 LPA INR 7.64 LPA Highest Domestic CTC INR. 18 LPA INR 16.5 LPA Highest International CTC INR 23 LPA - The faculty in BIMTECH are more experienced and qualified as compared to IMT Hyderabad. The exposure and the alumni base of BIMTECH are also huge. In both institutes, similar facilities are offered. But BIMTECH has better infrastructure. BIMTECH is the better institute for experienced candidates as you will end up having lucrative packages. But if you are a fresher, then it is better to choose IMT Hyderabad.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are the best HR certifications for someone who holds a 2-year MBA degree from XLRI and has 4-5 years of experience in HR?

● Top Answer By Aradhana Sahu on 16 Jun 21

Ans. Since you already have 4-5 years of experience after pursuing your MBA, you will not require any HR certification. You can pursue the following courses and certifications for your own satisfaction. Focus on one project and program which will be beneficial for you in the future. You can try for certifications from SHRM, CIPD, DTD, ISTD, and ASTD (American Society of Training and Development). There is a Mercer Consultancy, a Japanese firm that runs various certification programs for HR professionals like HRIS and Compensation. You can have a look at them. GE also organizes project programs for its employees. It is also available for outsiders so you can have a look into them. You can also try OD consulting programs conducted by some firms. Try certification programs from XLRI and TVLRS learning systems. There are some short-term programs conducted by CCL (Centre for creative leadership), Aberdeen institute, etc. You can also check them. You may explore the coaching, leadership development, executive development programs, and business counseling conducted by various organizations.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which course should I pursue, a PGDM from Jaipuria or a PGDM in international business from BIMTECH?

● Top Answer By Pratyush Sengupta on 16 Jun 21

Ans. PGDM IB from BIMTECH would be the better option than PGDM from Jaipuria. It is similar to the PGDM flagship course. Even if the course is same in terms of curriculum, you will get a chance to compete with students of PGDM.  But additionally, you will also learn a second language. There will be the liberty to choose from various fields like marketing, finance, and operations.  Also, Birla, as a brand is very prestigious when compared to Jaipuria that can provide many opportunities. It also provides better exposure to many corporate industries due to its locational advantage. The faculty of the institute is great and well-experienced. Here are the recent placement highlights of BIMTECH. Highest CTC 23 LPA Total no of recruiters  42 Major recruiters  SBI, Yes Bank, TVS, Marico, etc. Hence, choosing Birla will be better.Read more
1 Answer



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