M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery : Eligibility, Syllabus, Jobs, Scope

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M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery is a 3-year post-graduate course involving the study of various procedures as well as methods of Gastroenterology surgery.

M.Ch. is equivalent to the D.M. (Doctor of medicine) course as both are super specialized courses.

Admission to M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery course is purely entrance based which implies that every eligible candidate has to appear for an entrance exam, such as NEET PG or AIIMS, and then clear the selection procedure, which is counselling based, in order to get enrolled in the course.

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery eligibility criteria is that the candidates should possess an MBBS degree from an institution recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI). Furthermore, the individual must also have completed a 1-year internship after the completion of the MBBS program. Moreover, the admission procedure for the M.Ch.

The average fee structure of M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery varies from INR 30,000 to 25,00,000. Once a student completes M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery the average starting salary is INR 3 to 17 LPA.

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery : Course Highlights

Course Level Graduate
Duration 5 years
Type of Examination Professional System
Eligibility MBBS (having completed 10+2)/MD, MS, DNB
Admission Process Based on counselling after clearing Entrance Tests
Course Fee INR 30,000 to 25 lacs
Average Starting Salary INR 3 lacs to17 lacs per annum
Top Recruiting Companies Institute of liver and biliary sciences, Max healthcare institute Ltd, DR. D.Y. PATIL hospital and research center, Fortis healthcare Ltd,
Job Position Associate Consultant, Critical Care Physicians, Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon, Medical Consultant,
Elgibility Criteria

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Eligibility Criteria

Students who wish to pursue M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery must know the eligibility criteria. Every student will have to qualify for the M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery Entrance Exam,

  • Candidates should have successfully cleared the MBBS program.
  • The degree should be aided from a college or university recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).
Admission Process

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Admission Procedure

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery admission is entrance based. There are a number of entrance exams either conducted by the colleges themselves. A few colleges give preference to the marks or rank secured by the individual in the entrance exam conducted by the test agencies.

M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery Selection Criteria

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Selection Criteria refers to the procedure of admission that occurs after the commencement of the entrance test.

  • The selection criteria for M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery is counselling based.
  • Once the entrance examinations are conducted and the results are declared, every college or institute releases its counseling dates.
  • Only those individuals who have secured rank greater than the cut-off for the college are considered eligible for the counselling session.
  • Counselling session is the last step of the admission procedure.
  • After this, students are granted admissions in the applied colleges.
Entrance Exams

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Entrance Exam

The entrance exams conducted for M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery is of a difficult level, hence it is very important that you prepare well. Hence, the M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery entrance exam must be qualified.

  • AIIMS PG: AIIMS PG is a postgraduate leevelm entrance test conducted by AIIMS for admissions in courses such as M.Sc., D.M., M.Ch., etc.
  • NEET SS: National Eligibility cum Entrance test for Super Speciality courses is conducted annually by the National Board of Examination for courses such as M.Ch., D.M., etc.
  • PGIMER: Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research Entrance Examination is conducted by AIIMS, New Delhi for courses like M.Ch. and D.M.
  • JIPMER: Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education & Research entrance test is conducted by the national Testing Agency for PG as well as UG courses including M.Ch.

M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery Entrance Exam Important Dates 2022

Entrance Exam Names Application Date Examination Date
AIIMS PG November 2021 May 2022
NEET SS To be Announced To be Announced
PGIMER To be Announced To be Announced
JIPMER March 2022 June 2022

Tips to Prepare for M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Entrance Examinations

It is not very easy to crack entrance exams like NEET SS, AIIMS PG and PGIMER, so one has to prepare extensively to score extremely well and get good marks. Here we have presented some of the quick tips that you can follow to get the best result in the entrance examination.

  • Past Year Questions:- For the preparation of any entrance examination, an individual should take reference from the questions asked in the past 10 years in the same entrance.
  • Weightage:- Before starting the preparation, the weightage of each topic should be kept in mind. It helps in the evaluation of important topics for the test.
  • Recommended Books:- Select those books for preparation which are widely recommended for that particular examination.
  • Regularity:- Practicing for exams without a regularity is no preparation at all. A regular practice improves one's thinking abilities so that he/she becomes able to find out better approaches for solving various questions.
  • Institutions:- Aspirants can get enrolled in an institution dedicated only to a particular entrance test.
  • Tricks:- Take help from the internet or teachers and come out with tricks and time-saving methods for solving complex questions.
  • Check Thoroughly:- Once the exam has started, do a thorough check of the questions asked in the exam paper.
  • Keep yourself calm:- Do not attempt questions in a hurry as it may result in the selection of the wrong answer. Instead, keep yourself calm while attempting the paper.
  • Time Management:- Attempt questions with proper time management. Assign a minimum amount of time to each question.
  • Accuracy:- Every question should be solved with accuracy and precision. Do not sacrifice accuracy for doing questions rapidly.
  • Surety:- Attempt only those questions that you are completely sure of as these types of entrances have negative marking for each wrong answer.

How to Get Admission in a Good College?

After selecting the course and the commencement of entrance examination, getting enrolled in a good college is an essential process. The following points should be kept in mind while shortlisting a college,

  • Faculty:- Select the college that has a strong pool of highly educated and well experienced faculty.
  • Ranking:- There are various ranking websites that rank institutions on the basis of various parameters. A college with an appreciably high rank may be regarded as a good college.
  • Infrastructure:- A good college possesses a good infrastructure including a library, auditorium, labs, wifi campus, etc.
  • Reviews:- Take reviews from your friends, teachers, and family members about good colleges. You can also give preference to the reviews provided by websites such as Collegedunia, etc.
  • Annual Fees:- A good college is the one that fulfills the above written criteria as well as fits in the budget of the applicant. Therefore, the annual course fees should also be kept in mind while choosing a college.
  • Multiple Applications:- Apply for 2-3 ream colleges so that the chances of you getting admission in one of them are increased.
What is it About?

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery - What is it About?

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery helps in building the expertise of its students in the fields of Pancreaatico-Boiliary Surgery, Liver Transplant, Intra-abdominal Trauma, Stapled and Pouch Procedures, advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures, etc.

  • M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery is a postgraduate super specialization course in Gastroenterology Surgery.
  • It is all about the various processes and techniques of Gastroenterological Surgeries, their principles, endoscopy, etc.
  • M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery also emphasizes on teaching doctoral ethics and maintaining discipline amongst the students.
  • Students pursuing M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery have to stay in the college hostel irrespective of their residential area.
  • These students are given full-time responsibilities, assignments, and as well as they take participation in all the aspects of the educational process.
Why Study M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery?

Why M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery?

There are many Masters courses for medical students but the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery is on high demand.

  • M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery is a superspecialization PG course.
  • This means that the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery program focuses mainly on the techniques and procedures of the Gastroenterology Surgery.
  • It can be pursued directly after the completion of the MBBS course.
  • After M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery there are numerous career options such as Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon, Medical Consultant, Clinical Associate, etc.
  • Furthermore, an individual can also become a professor in an institute or college after M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery.
  • Moreover, the individual canopy to study further and get enrolled in a Ph.D. course with specialization in the preferred field.

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Vs MD Gastroenterology

The following table draws comparison among the top colleges for M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery, named All India Institute for Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Sciences, and Bangalore Medical College.

Parameter M.Ch. Gastroenterology Surgery M.D. Gastroenterology
Qualification Master of Chirurgiae in Gastroenterology Surgery Doctor of Medicine in Gastroenterology
Duration 3 Years 3 Years
Course level Post Graduate Post Graduate
Eligibility MBBS from a recognized University MBBS from a recognized University
Course Objectives Study of various processes and techniques of Gastroenterological Surgeries, their principles, endoscopy, etc. Investigation of new technologies used in the identification and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease, and irritable bowel syndrome and other motility disorders; development of a new generation of endoscopes to perform incision-free procedures, etc..
Average Course Fees (INR) 30,000 to 25,00,000 17,000 to 3,00,000
Average Salary Package (INR) 3 to 17 LPA 2 to 20 LPA
Job Positions Associate Consultant, Critical Care Physicians, Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon, Medical Consultant, Clinical Associate, Practice Manager, etc. Gastroenterologist, Marketing head, Area sales manager, Medical Gastroenterologist
Course Syllabus

M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery Syllabus

The following table represents the subjects taught in the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery program

General Principles of GI Surgery Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures
Operating Room Techniques Endoscopy
GI Surgical Tubes Operative Techniques
Management of Surgical Infections Use of RFA and lasers in GI Surgery
Postoperative Complications -
Job Prospects

Job Prospects and Career Options in M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery

There are numerous job and career options for individuals after the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery program.

  • They can work in the public or private sectors.
  • They can pursue their careers as Associate Consultant, Critical Care Physicians, Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon, Medical Consultant, etc.
  • Moreover, individuals are free to open their own private clinic. Therefore, they can also become private practitioners.
  • Furthermore, candidates can pursue their career as a professional teacher in a college or any other institution.
Job Profile Average Salary Package (INR)
Associate Consultant 2 to 4 LPA
Critical Care Physicians 2 to 4 LPA
Upper Gastro - Intestinal Surgeon 11 to 12 LPA
Medical Consultant 2 to 9 LPA
Clinical Associate 3 to 5 LPA

Associate Consultant - They are responsible for agreeing to job plans, theatre lists, urgent work and other sessions, including some flexible, along with daytime and out- of- hours emergency covers.

Critical Care Physicians - They are responsible for conducting daily rounds on ICU patients and collect radiology, microbiology, pharmacy-related inputs from other disciplines.

Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon - The job of an Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgeon is to provide tertiary services including advanced laparoscopic interventional surgery, interventional endoscopy, surgical ERCP services, bariatric surgery and advanced esophagogastroscopy surgery services.

Medical Consultant - Medical Consultants are responsible for providing services directly to a doctor or a healthcare facility. They may also work for organizations that provide medical-consulting services.

Clinical Associate - They carry out tasks relating to the monitoring and management of clinical trials. Regionally based associates work out of home-based offices providing monitoring of clinical trials


M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery FAQs

Ques. What are the options for further studies after M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery?

Ans. After the completion of M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery, individuals may look forward to Doctoral/Research Level courses such as Ph.D. in Gastroenterology Surgery or apply for a fellowship program through JRF entrance exam. You can also pursue D.M. after M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery, however, it is not chosen often after this course.

Ques. What are the average, minimum and maximum fee structures of M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery course in private colleges?

Ans. For private colleges, the-

  • Minimum fees:- 6,700
  • Average Fees:- 6,40,000
  • Maximum Fees:- 19,00,000

Ques. Is there any age limit for NEET SS Examinations?

Ans. NEET SS Entrance Exams do not restrict any applicant on the basis of age. Therefore, anyone, having successfully cleared a UG program, can apply for NEET SS exams.

Ques. What is the exam pattern of NEET SS?


  • A total of 100 questions are asked in the exam.
  • There are 2 parts of the paper..
  • Part A consists of 40 questions and the remaining 60 questions are included in Part B.
  • For each correct attempt, the individual is awarded within 4 marks.
  • However, for an incorrect attempt, 1 mark is deducted.
  • For unanswered questions, neither a mark is awarded nor deducted.
  • All the questions are objective type.

Ques. What are the most widely recommended books for the preparation of NEET SS for M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery?

Ans. For the preparation of NEET SS exam, the following books are widely recommended:-

  1. Shackelford’s Surgery of the alimentary Tract
  2. Self Assessment and Review of Gastroenterology by Kantamani
  3. DM Gastroenterology and M.Ch. Gastroenterology Entrance Examination

Ques. How many times can a student attempt the AIIMS PG exam?

Ans. There is no bar on the number of attempts for AIIMS PG entrance test. Therefore, an individual can appear for the AIIMS PG examinations as many times as he/she wants to clear the exam.

Ques. What are the documents required for the JIPMER entrance exam?

Ans. The following documents are needed while applying for the JIPMER entrance test:-

  • Photograph
  • Signature
  • Scanned photograph of ID Cards
  • Certificates if 10, 12, and the UG course
  • Caste Certificate
  • PwD Certificate (if any)

Ques. What is the cut-off of the JIPMER entrance test?

Ans. The cut-off for the counselling session of the JIPMER has been released. The following is the category-wise cut-off

Category Cut-off
General 580-610
Scheduled Caste 550-590
OBC 560-605
Scheduled Tribe 500-530

Ques. What are the topics focused on in the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery course?

Ans. M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery emphasizes mainly on the following topics:-

  1. Pancreatico-Biliary Surgery
  2. Gastric and Oesophageal Surgery
  3. Liver Transplant
  4. Advanced Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures
  5. Specialised Colorectal Surgery Including Sphincter Saving,
  6. Stapled And Pouch Procedures
  7. Intra-Abdominal Vascular Reconstructions
  8. Retroperitoneal Tumour Excisions
  9. Intra-Abdominal Trauma

Ques. What are the fields of employment for M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery pass-outs?

Ans. Individuals, after completing the M.Ch Gastroenterology Surgery course, get recruited in the following fields:-

  • Health centers
  • Laboratories
  • Nursing homes
  • Hospitals
  • Private practice
  • College/University
  • Private Practice/Firm
  • Foundation/Trust
  • Company
  • Government – Central
  • Government – State & Local
  • Hospital

Master of Chirurgiae [M.Ch] (Gastroenterology Surgery) Fee Structure in India

90 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES66 L  (Maximum Fee)
15.57 L (Average Fee)
6.69 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES19.02 L (Maximum Fee)
6.40 L (Average Fee)


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