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MDS Periodontics, full form, Master of Dental Surgery (Periodontics) is a postgraduate program of 3 years duration which administers diseases related to the structure and parts of teeth including gums, periodontal membranes, cementum and alveolar bone and provides prevention and cure related to these diseases. 

The minimum eligibility criteria for MDS Periodontics is to possess a Bachelor's in Dental Surgery (BDS) from an institution recognized by the Dental Council of India. While applying for the course, it is expected for each candidate to reach the minimum age of 21 years.

The admissions to MDS Periodontics are based on entrance scores such as NEET PG or other state level or institute level tests. However, some institutes provide direct admissions on the basis of candidate’s marks in graduation.

Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences, King George’s Medical University, Kothiwal Dental College and Research Centre, Institute of Medical Sciences are a few top colleges offering MDS Periodontics in India. The average course fee of MDS Periodontics in India ranges from INR 6,00,000 - INR 35,00,000. 

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The subjects taught in the domain include Etiopathogenesis, Applied Basic Science, Preventive Periodontology, Pathology etc. 

Students after MDS Periodontics can find jobs in Defence Services, Government and Private Dental Institutions, Healthcare Panels, Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Polyclinics etc as Consultant, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Lab Technician/ Ceramist, Dental Surgeon etc.

The average salary of MDS Periodontics graduates ranges from INR 3 LPA - 20 LPA. The top recruiters of MDS Periodontics students are Research Institutes, Universities, Teaching Hospitals, NGOs etc.

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MDS Periodontics Course Highlights

Course Level Post Graduate
Full-Form Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics
Duration 3 Years
Examination Type Semester based
Age Criteria Minimum 21 years
Eligibility Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery
Admission Criteria Entrance Based
Average Fee INR 6,00,000 - INR 35,00,000
Average Salary  INR 3 LPA - INR 20 LPA
Job Profiles Consultant, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Lab Technician/ Ceramist, Dental Surgeon etc
Employment Areas Defence Services, Government and Private Dental Institutions, Healthcare Panels, Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Clinics, Polyclinics etc

MDS Periodontics Admission Process

Admissions to MDS Periodontics is either entrance based or based on the candidate's performance in the last qualifying examinations followed by interview. 

  • Candidates can fill the application form of respective entrance exams before the last date and appear for the same on the given exam date.
  • Candidates need to pass NEET MDS, AIIMS PG or any other equivalent entrance exam in order to be eligible for MDS Periodontics.
  • Candidates applying to institutes providing direct admissions only need to fill the application form and get admissions on the basis of their marks at graduation level.
  • Some institutes also conduct their own entrance exams or rely on other state or national level entrance exams.
  • On the basis of candidates' performance, merit lists will be prepared and they will be distributed the list of various dental colleges, universities, or institutions to choose from.
  • Candidates also need to appear for counselling rounds in order to secure their seats in the program.

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Eligibility Criteria

MDS Periodontics: Eligibility Criteria

The detailed eligibility criteria for MDS Periodontics is mentioned below:

  • Candidates must possess a Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery (BDS) from an institute recognized by the Dental Council of India.
  • If any foreign national is applying in any Indian institution, he/she needs to acquire a temporary registration from the Dental Council of India till the time candidates are pursuing their postgraduate training.
  • It is obligatory for every candidate to attain the age of at least 21 years while applying for the MDS Periodontics.
  • Also, each candidate applying for the course must be physically fit and must not suffer from any disease (severe or not) that will hinder their application.
Entrance Exams

MDS Periodontics: Entrance Exams

Entrance Exam Application Form Last Date Exam Date
NEET MDS November 2021 December 2021
AIIMS PG Mar 28, 2021 Stage 1: Apr 3, 2021   Stage 2: Apr 19 to 21 Apr 2021

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MDS Periodontics: Tips to Clear Entrance Exam

Below mentioned are some of the useful tips to help candidates in preparing for their entrance exams:

  • The first and foremost factor while preparing for your entrance exam is to clarify all the basic concepts, sooner rather than later.
  • Prepare notes accordingly as it will ease your revision later on.
  • Try to study, learn and practice from diagrams and flowcharts. It will assist you in memorizing everything easily.
  • Prepare a study schedule and stick to it.
  • Scheduling a time-table will support you in keeping a proper track record of your study development.
  • The pivotal factor in your learning is practicing mock tests. Appear for as many tests as you can.
  • Try to solve and learn from previous years' papers to grasp the syllabus and various ways to solve the problem within a limited timeframe.

MDS Periodontics: Tips to Get the Best College

Getting admission to MDS Periodontics is a daunting task. If in any case, you haven't prepared properly, you might lose the chance of getting admission to the best college/ institution as per your wish. Here are some tips that you can consider while enrolling in the best college/ institution:

  • First make a list of colleges or institutions that you are considering to get your admission into. Compare the costs, location, amenities, future possibilities etc of different colleges.
  • After carefully cutting and trimming, you'll get the option which college is more favorable than others.
  • Do your research on the internet if you feel lost and try to be confident while choosing the best.
  • While selecting any college/ institution/ university, look after their placement options and job prospect because that's what you will need in the future.
  • The college/ institution/ university alumni network. It will give you a comprehensive idea about their alumni network and treatment.
  • Prepare all the documents beforehand so that you won't face any rejection later on.

MDS Periodontics: What is it About?

  • MDS Periodontics provides extensive care and information that can help children or adults who are dealing with diseases pertaining to their gums.
  • Periodontics helps those candidates who are dealing with the effectiveness & how salubrious tissues can be supporting the teeth and their long life to staying healthy.
  • While studying MDS Periodontics, the course equips students to prevent their prospective patients from all oral diseases such as gingiva, periodontal ligaments, root cementum, supporting alveolar bone, among other problems.
  • After pursuing MDS Periodontics, students will have the option to do research in the same field.
  • With comprehensive knowledge, a Periodontist can perform operational or non-operational procedures with ease in order to help patients with any periodontal illness.
  • Once becoming a Periodontics, a person becomes perfectly capable of treating patients' oral problems. Besides that, there are some of the common treatments that periodontics are more likely to perform such as Scaling and root planing, Cosmetic gum surgeries, Alveolar bone surgeries, Curettage, Gum surgeries etc.

MDS Periodontics: Course Benefits

There are numerous benefits a candidate can get after completing MDS Periodontics. Some of the advantages are as follows:

  • After completing a MDS Periodontics, candidates get the opportunity to see the world more realistically. Candidates will have the option to either start working in either the private or government sector.
  • A degree in a Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics is beneficial for those candidates who prefer deeper analysis when it comes to relieving people from their oral problems.
  • After completing the course, candidates will have the alternative to pursue higher studies either in India or abroad.
  • If a candidate is interested in academics, then MDS is the best option to become a professor in any dental institution.
  • Completing a degree in MDS Periodontics gives a candidate option to open their own clinic.
  • The best part about pursuing MDS Periodontics is that students who are enrolled in the program get the opportunity to participate with qualified dentists in the field and earn practical exposure.
Course Comparison

MDS Periodontics Course Comparison

The following table will let you understand the difference between MDS Periodontics and MDS Orthodontics, which will eventually assist you to choose the best course as per your interest.

Parameters MDS Periodontics MDS Orthodontics
Name of the Course Master of Dental Surgery in Periodontics Master of Dental Surgery in Orthodontics
Overview MDS Periodontics deals with the study of diseases related to teeth structures that include gums, cementum, alveolar bone, and periodontal membranes. MDS Orthodontics is the study and treatment of malocclusions, which means Orthodontics helps in the imperfect positioning of teeth when patients' jaws are closed.
Duration 3 Years 3 Years
Degree Type Post Graduate Post Graduate
Eligibility Bachelors of Dental Surgery from a recognized institution Bachelors of Dental Surgery or equivalent degree from a recognized institution
Admission Process Entrance-Based Entrance-Based
Average Fee INR 6,00,000 - INR 35,00,000 INR 5,00,000 - INR 20,00,000
Average Salary  INR 3 LPA - INR 20 LPA INR 3 LPA - INR 12 LPA
Job Profiles Consultant, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, Dental Lab Technician/ Ceramist, Dental Surgeon etc Dental Assistant, Medical Consultant, Oral Pathologist, Dental Surgeon, Dentist Hygienist, General Practitioner etc
Top Recruiters Defence Services, Government and Private Dental Institutions, Healthcare Panels, Hospitals, Multi-Specialty Clinics Ganga Hospital, UPSC, AIIMS, Apollo, Fortis etc
Top Colleges

MDS Periodontics: Top Colleges

MDS Periodontics College Comparison

Parameters Institute of Medical Sciences, Varanasi Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai
Overview IMS Varanasi is a public institute established in 1920. It is one of the top ranked institutes in the country which is MCI approved and offers UG and PG courses in Medical Science stream. Government Dental College & Hospital, Mumbai is a government institute established in 1938. It is one of the top ranked institutes in the country which is DCI approved and affiliated to MUHS, Nashik.
NIRF Rank 2020 4 7
Location Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh Mumbai, Maharashtra
Eligibility BDS degree and one year internship training BDS from DCI recognized institute
Admission Criteria Entrance Based Entrance Based
Average Fee INR 14,326 INR 84,100

MDS Periodontics: Syllabus

Year 1 Year 2
Applied Anatomy Etiopathogenesis
Physiology Applied Basic Science
Biochemistry Preventive Periodontology
Pathology Presentation of your scientific paper at the conferences
Microbiology -
Biostatistics -
Dissertation  -
Pre-Clinical Work and Clinical Work Clinical Work
Year 3
Clinical Periodontology
Presentation of your scientific paper/poster at different conferences
Clinical Work: Regenerative techniques Record, maintenance, follow up of all treated cases
Job Prospects

MDS Periodontics: Job Prospects

MDS Periodontics is a lucrative career option with several benefits. Not only this, the course provides a candidate with numerous options, but at the same time, it helps in securing and making the future bright. Following are some of the options that MDS Periodontics candidates can pursue:

Job Job Description Average Salary
Private Clinic Practitioner While working as a private practitioner, Periodontics has the option to become a smile designer, a plastic surgeon, an implantologist, and a health care worker who works to improve general health through maintenance of periodontal health. INR 2 LPA
Government Sector Practitioner The Government of India promotes dentists with many job opportunities in both the rural and urban sectors.  INR 5 LPA
Researcher An MDS researcher can follow up their research in the various institutes across India and abroad with lucrative salary packages. INR 4.7 LPA
Dental Product Consultant Periodontics has the option to work in the consulting and research departments of pharmaceuticals. Also, they can work for those companies that manufacture products for the betterment of oral health and produce biomaterials that are used in periodontics techniques and treatments. INR 26 LPA
Healthcare Panelist After gaining years of experience, a periodontist can work as a board member. Their task is to review, process dental claims, determine the eligibility of recipients, and monitor for any fraud and malpractice. INR 12 LPA

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Future Scope

MDS Periodontics: Future Scope

Once completing MDS in Periodontics, candidates have the option to pursue their career either in the public or private sector with numerous opportunities and a decent salary package. Below mentioned are the future prospects a candidate can opt for:

  • If any candidate is drawn towards academics, then they can pursue PhD Dental Science for further growth in Periodontics and make their career in teaching.
  • Also, there are numerous organizations in India and abroad which give the option to MDS Periodontics pass out candidates to pursue their career in a research sector.
  • Periodontist practitioners are in-demand in countries such as the Middle East, UK, Australia, New Zealand, USA, and Canada. But many countries demand to have an added qualification which is necessary to practice your work.

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MDS Periodontics: FAQs

Ques. Is it a good option to pursue MDS in Periodontology?

Ans. The decision differs from person to person. Pursuing MDS Periodontology is best for those candidates who are willing to gain more exposure all the while gaining practical experience by treating different oral problems under the supervision of seniors.

Ques. Is MDS Periodontology a tough course?

Ans. Initially, every course looks tough & different with time it becomes easier and more fun to learn more. In the case of MDS Periodontology, candidates have a bit of exposure before stepping into this course. They studied BDS and completed a year-long internship, which makes this course a better learning experience.

Ques. What is the average fee of MDS in Periodontology?

Ans The average fee for MDS Periodontology varies from a different college to college. Not only that, Private and Public colleges have a big difference in their fee structure. On an average students will pay around INR 12,000 to INR 2,00,000 for the first year.

Ques. What is the best option to consider after completing MDS in Periodontology?

Ans. Depending on personal preference a candidate can choose their career after completing MDS Periodontology. Candidates can pursue P.hD. if they are interested in teaching or become a researcher to carry on their research in a particular arena under periodontology, or candidates can opt to become Periodontist to help their patients to relieve from their illnesses, the choices are endless.

Ques. What is the average salary of MDS Periodontology?

Ans. The structure of average salary solely depends on the factor on which field anyone can choose after completing MDS Periodontology. For example, having your own private clinic will get you to earn around INR 2lacs initially (it will increase gradually), or if anyone chooses to become a government sector practitioner, then they will earn around INR 5 lacs initially.

Ques. Is there any scholarship opportunity from the central government?

Ans.Scholarships from the central government are conditional. If any candidate is looking after the possibility of gaining a scholarship then check the college first, then the state government. You’ll get a scholarship eventually.

Ques. Which college to choose – Private or Government?

Ans. Choosing a private or government college depends on the choice a candidate is making as well as what amenities, future possibilities any college is providing. Above all, the factor of fees is pivotal.

Master of Dental Surgery [MDS] (Periodontics) Fee Structure in India

8 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES39 L  (Maximum Fee)
13.12 L (Average Fee)
30 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES39 L (Maximum Fee)
17.67 L (Average Fee)

Master of Dental Surgery [MDS] (Periodontics) Fee Structure By state


26.29 L
1.92 LPrivate COLLEGES22.81 L
16.70 L


23.90 L
9 LPrivate COLLEGES39 L
17.93 L

Tamil Nadu

17.10 L
73.40 KPrivate COLLEGES30 L
15.77 L

Uttar Pradesh

1.33 L
11 LPrivate COLLEGES27.50 L
18.22 L

Delhi NCR

67.66 K
13.50 LPrivate COLLEGES27.50 L
19.84 L


1.80 L
25.50 LPrivate COLLEGES25.50 L
25.50 L


15.73 L
11.70 LPrivate COLLEGES22.80 L
17.40 L


5.09 L
20.55 LPrivate COLLEGES22.50 L
21.20 L

Madhya Pradesh

1.74 L
13.20 LPrivate COLLEGES17.61 L
15.12 L


84.63 K
22.77 LPrivate COLLEGES22.77 L
22.77 L



Master of Dental Surgery [MDS] (Periodontics) Colleges IN INDIA

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1.08 L first year fees
Panjab University - [PU]
Chandigarh, Chandigarh
4.82 L first year fees
84.1 K first year fees
14 L first year fees
12.1 L first year fees
Annamalai University - [AU]
Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu
8 L first year fees
DY Patil University
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
12.6 L first year fees