Master of Physiotherapy [M.P.T] (Pediatrics) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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M.P.T in Paediatric is a 2-year full-time post-graduate program in Paediatric. The eligibility of the course is to qualify a Bachelor’s degree in Physiotherapy (BPT) with a minimum aggregate of 55% marks and above from a recognized university. 

Know More About Physiotherapy Course

Some of the top colleges who offer the program of M.E in Power System Engineering are as follows:

The average program fee ranges from INR 90,000 to 4 Lacs which vary for different colleges.

Candidates are required to qualify the entrance examination held for Master’s program in Physiotherapy in state and national level. After clearing the entrance examination, the applicants are supposed to go through the session of Group Discussion and Personal Interview. The program entrusts the student the capability to detect, analyze the problems and suggest a preventative measure in treating the ailments related to infants and kids.

The program is focused on giving an intrusive study into the areas of child health development, detection of problems and its treatment.

Candidates who have the zeal to gain a wide knowledge of biomedical sciences in order to grow their understanding of the subject are considered apt for the program. Applicants are supposed to possess good communicative skills as well as analytical skills to read through the ailments related to kids and infants taking into account the anatomical differences between the health of kids, adolescent, and adults. This course is essentially beneficial for those who wish to carry on research and a doctorate degree in future.

This course provides an extensive insight into the subject making the students capable enough to conduct research and treatment benefitting them in getting jobs in various sectors of industry. They have scope for employment in the sector of Private Clinics, Childcare centers, Hospital Administration, Military hospitals and much more. The average remuneration for graduates after the successful completion of the course ranges between INR 4 to 35 lakhs depending on the position and qualification.

M.P.T Paediatric: Course Highlights

Course level Masters
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree in B.P.T with an aggregate of 55% marks or equivalent marks.
Admission process Entrance examination such as All India Post Graduate Physiotherapy Entrance Test, CET Entrance Exam, JIPMER All India Entrance Exam.
Course Fee Up to INR 90,000 to 4 lakhs
Starting Salary Approx. Up to INR 35 lakhs
Top Recruiting Companies Military Hospitals, Private Clinics, Hospital Administration, Child Care Centres.
Job Positions Paediatric Cardiologist, Paediatrics Physiotherapist, Paediatrics Demonstrator, Neonatology Paediatrics Consultant.

M.P.T. Pediatrics: What is it About?

M.P.T in Pediatrics is a study which is targeted towards making the students abreast with science of physiotherapy applied for treating pediatrics. Candidates are given a detailed insight about the course regarding how the health of an adult is different in comparison to an infant or an adolescent and what are the measures that need to be taken while considering treatment for children. The program explores the complex web of anatomical and physiological treatment procedures in treating trauma injuries and muscular ailments.

The program aids candidates to understand the pediatric health, imbibing them with skills of detecting and treatment of problems. Candidates are required to have the skills of applying logic and reasoning to identify the problem, enabling them to reach to solution and conclusions. The program helps them in using their communicative skills in presenting their ideas through words and writing.

The syllabus is built in a manner wherein, candidates learn to apply critical and clinical skills in order to promote the development of competencies, knowledge, and attributes of effective communication. The projects give them greater insight about the subject as applied to the field through internship and realistic approach.

This course is beneficial for those who have good logical sense, analytical skill and ability to evaluate the problem along with good communicative skills in conducting future research and practice. Through the subjects like research methodology, communication skills, pediatric neurology, pediatric rehabilitation candidates are given more relevance to the subject. Students are made proficient to take up real life cases in future working for professional clinics, opening own clinics, working as Hospital Administration, Military Hospitals, etc. The overall goal is to install the skills in a manner they are useful in future fields of study.

M.P.T Paediatric: Top Colleges & Institutes

Name of Institution Location Average Course Fee (in INR)
NIMS University Rajasthan NA
Himalayan University Arunachal Pradesh 88,000
Lovely Professional University (LPU) Punjab 1,98,000
Saveetha University Chennai 1,65,000
Ahmedabad Physiotherapy College Gujarat NA
Cherraan’s College of Physiotherapy Coimbatore NA
Father Muller College Allied Health Science Karnataka 3,00,000
KCE Society’s Institute of Physiotherapy Karnataka 2,10,000
Guru Jambheshwar University of Science & Technology Haryana 1,02,000

M.P.T Paediatric: Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for the program are as follows:

  1. Candidates are supposed to qualify their bachelor’s degree in B.P.T with an aggregate of 55% marks and above from a recognized university.
  2. They are supposed to clear the entrance examination held by various universities for admission.

M.P.T Paediatric: Admission Process

Candidates who seek admission for the course are supposed to qualify the Bachelor’s degree in B.P.T with a minimum aggregate of 55% marks and above from a recognized university listed under UGC/AIU. The students are supposed to clear the entrance examinations conducted for entry to master’s degree in physiotherapy by the university and colleges such as CET, AIPGPET and other such. However, some colleges may hold their own entrance examination for the program.

Admissions are done solely based on the merit list. Candidates will be required to attend GD and PI sessions, where their competence of the subject and its knowledge would be tested. The overall marks obtained after calculating the marks obtained in each will be deemed as grounds for furthering the admission process.

The list of entrance examination which qualifies the applicants for the program are as follows:

  1. All India Post Graduate Physiotherapy Entrance Test
  2. CET (Common Entrance Test)
  3. JIPMER All India Entrance Exam

Applicants can download the application forms either in offline mode or by logging into the university’s official website. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by email. They can check information of all important data on the official website of the college.

M.P.T Paediatric: Syllabus

The program curriculum is a balance between classroom study and internship, wherein, the students gain a realistic approach to the sector. The overall curriculum of the program is developed to instill in candidates effective communicative skills, analytical skills and logical skills. 

The syllabus followed by universities and colleges are as follows:

Semester I Semester II
Review of Core Sciences Paediatric Physiotherapy I
Physical and Functional Diagnosis of Paediatric Disorders Physiotherapy in Paediatric Orthopaedics
English Language and Communication Skills Medical and Surgical aspects of Paediatric disorders
Research Methodology and Biostatistics Clinical Study II
Clinical Study I -
Semester III Semester IV
Paediatric Rehabilitation Paediatric Physiotherapy II
Physiotherapy in Paediatric Neurology Management and Ethics in Physiotherapy
Dissertation I Dissertation II
Clinical Study III Clinical Study IV

**Candidates may be required to choose from the electives as listed by different institutions and colleges.

M.P.T Paediatric: Career Prospects

M.P.T in Paediatric trains candidate in identifying the problem, analyzing and generating measures for its prevention and remedy, enabling the practitioner in developing skills to seek specialization in pediatric physiotherapy. They are trained to read medical history and conduct a physical examination in providing treatment to the patient.

Candidates who have successfully completed their course can gain employment in areas of Hospital administration, Private Clinics, Childcare centers, Military Hospitals as well as go as researchers and professors at universities and colleges. They can become Neonatology pediatrics consultant, Paediatric Cardiologist, Paediatric Physiotherapist, Paediatric Demonstrators and so on.

Some of the jobs options which can be chosen by the graduates after the completion of the course which are as follows:

Master of Physiotherapy [M.P.T] (Pediatrics annual salary
Job Profile Job Description Average Salary (in INR) per annum
Paediatrics Demonstrator Work includes organizing and implementing programs, examine and demonstrate lessons, methods to the students for the application of study. 2.5 to 5 Lacs
Paediatrics Cardiologist Work includes treating kids, infants, adolescent related heart ailments. Study and analyze the problem and suggest preventive measure to treat them. 10- 20 Lacs
Associate Professor Lecture and demonstrate lessons to students who are pursuing the study of physiotherapy. Allocation of projects and conducting seminars. 10 – 20 Lacs
Neonatology Paediatric Consultant Work as a consultant wherein duties include child protection, provide treatments and ensure proper nutrition is provided to infants, neonatal, manage their health. 8 – 9 lakhs
Paediatric Physiotherapist Suggest remedies focused on developing the health of children, cure problems related to tonsils, muscular-skeletal problems in children. 3 to 4 lakhs
Paediatrics supervisor Supervising the head of the Paediatric section. Ensure all the equipment and services are carried on efficiently. 4 to 6 lakhs

Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] (Pediatrics) Fee Structure in India

23.50 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES4 L  (Maximum Fee)
1.91 L (Average Fee)
40 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES7.74 L (Maximum Fee)
3.04 L (Average Fee)

Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] (Pediatrics) Fee Structure By state


3.15 L
2.30 LPrivate COLLEGES5.30 L
4.08 L



Master of Physiotherapy [MPT] (Pediatrics) Colleges IN INDIA

View All
Amity University
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
1.22 L first year fees
83.5 K first year fees
Tantia University
Sriganganagar, Rajasthan
70 K first year fees
Sumandeep Vidyapeeth
Vadodara, Gujarat
1.2 L first year fees
83.5 K first year fees