Master of Science [M.Sc] (Anthropology)

Course Structure

M.Sc. Anthropology is aimed at imparting knowledge on the human societies, cultures and their development. The course delivery method for this course includes seminars, lectures and workshops.

In the last semester, the students also have to submit a research thesis which will be based on a field trip. This forms an integral part of the syllabus for the course.

In the final evaluation, class assignments, end-semester exams and research project are taken into account.


There might be variations in the syllabus from college to college. The course is divided into set of Core and Elective courses. A detailed syllabus is as follows:

Name of Subject



Fundamentals of Physical Anthropology

History and developments physical/ biological Anthropology, Theories of evolution, Distribution, classification and characteristics of living primates, Bio-genetic basis of phytogeny and taxonomy of primates, Primate behaviour

Concept of Race

This course is on the basic fundamentals of physical anthropology

Fundamentals of Social Anthropology

Subject matter and scope of socio-cultural anthropology

Approaches to the study of society and culture, Concept of society and culture, Institutions

Social stratification

This course is on the fundamentals of social anthropology

Archaeological Anthropology

The Framework of Archaeology

European Prehistory, Indian Prehistory, New Trends in World Prehistory

This deals with the structures in archaeological anthropology

Fundamentals of population studies

Evolution of population studies as a separate discipline, Role of other social disciplines, Human Population, History of population growth, Population ethics, International migration

Definition of Occupational Health

Here, the fundamentals in Population are studied

Human Variation and Adaptation

History and development of human genetics, Chromosomes in Man, Mendelian Genetics in Man, Methods of Genetic analysis, Methods of studying heredity, Bio-cultural adaptation in human populations, Human population ecology

This course is on the history and evolution of human and their ways of adaption

Anthropology of India: Ethnic and cultural diversity (Physical and Social)

Pre and Proto historic racial elements in India, Linguistic classification of Indian population, Recent trends in Indian Population Genetic Studies, Nutritional problems with reference to women and children in India, Introduction to Indian Civilization,

Composition of Indian society, Tribes of India, Caste system and its structure, Rural and Urban India

This course deals with the study of ethic and cultural diversity of India and its importance in anthropology

Kinship, Marriage and Family

Kinship in evolutionary perspective, Kinship, descent and filiation, Kinship nomenclature, Meaning, form and regulation of marriage, alliance systems, The family

Kinship, marriage and family in India

This course is on the study of Kinship, Marriage and Family, an important part in anthropology

Human Ecology: Biological and Cultural Dimensions

Concepts in Ecology, Methods of studying human ecology, Adaptation to various ecological stressors, Ecological rules and their applicability to human populations, Impact of urbanization and industrialization on Man, Culture as a tool of adaptation,

Various modes of human adaptation in pre-state societies, Ecological themes of state formation, Agriculture and peasantry, Industrial civilization and growth of urban societies

This is a course on different biological and cultural dimensions of human ecology and its relationship to anthropology


Terminological taxonomic and chronological problems of fossils, Principles and processes of evolution, Early primate evolution, The evolution of early hominids, Hominization Process

Here the principles of paleo- anthropology are studied.

Human Growth, Development and Nutrition

Definition and concepts of growth, Major stages of human growth and development, Factors affecting growth, Measurement and Assessment of Human growth, Segmental growth and development, Significance of age in growth studies, Body Composition, Nutritional status, Nutritional epidemiology

This course studies the relationship of human with their nutrition, development and growth

Human Population Genetics

Mendelian populations, Measurers of Genetic diversity

Genetic polymorphism, Models explaining the maintenance of genetic polymorphism, Haemoglobin polymorphism, thalassaemia and abnormalities of polypeptide chains, Genetic isolates, Consanguinity and inbreeding

This course is on the fundamentals of genetics in human population

Anthropological Theory

Emergence of anthropological theory, Colonialism and its impact on anthropological theory, Post-colonial critiques, Marxism and Neo-Marxian Trends, Phenomenology, Structuralism, Interpretive and hermeneutical approach

Post-structuralism and post-modernism, Globalization and its impact, Contemporary social anthropology

Here, the different anthropological theories are studied

Religion and Symbolism

Concept of Sacred, Sacred Symbols, Rituals, Religious Specialists, Witchcraft and Magic

This course is on the study of different religions and their importance in the human society


jyoti sharma
I have completed my graduation In Bsc. Med. Am I able to get admission in MSc Anthropology If I did not have anthro in Graduation? And Yes please do tell me the Syllabus of the MSc entrance examination For MSc anthropology.
shobhna chaturvedi
Hi Jyoti, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as eligibility criteria in some of the colleges may be subject specific while in others, it could be general.


Master of Science [M.Sc] (Anthropology) Colleges IN INDIA

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Panjab University - [PU]
Chandigarh, Chandigarh
12 K first year fees
Miranda House
New Delhi, Delhi NCR
16.17 K first year fees
Hansraj College - [HRC]
New Delhi, Delhi NCR
16.55 K first year fees
Delhi University - [DU]
New Delhi, Delhi NCR
University of Calcutta
Kolkata, West Bengal
2.31 K first year fees
Amity University
Noida, Uttar Pradesh
80 K first year fees
National Post Graduate College
Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Dibrugarh University
Dibrugarh, Assam
9.56 K first year fees