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    Master of Science Psychology Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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    M.Sc. in Psychology is a 2 years full time post graduate course which is divided into 4 semesters. This is a post-graduate degree that provides students with both academic and practical knowledge in the field of psychology.

    Top Institutes offering M.Sc. Psychology are:

    Students develop theories and test them through their research. By this research yields new information, the findings become part of the body of knowledge that practitioners call on in their work with clients and patients, more than with organizations and communities.

    Many psychologists work independently and also team up with other professionals such as other scientists, lawyers, physicians, school personnel, engineers, policymakers, managers and computer experts to contribute to every area of society. We can find them in hospitals, laboratories, courtrooms, community health centres, schools and universities, prisons and corporate offices.

    Psychologists traditionally study both normal and abnormal functioning and treat individuals with mental and emotional problems. They also concentrate on behaviours that affect the mental and emotional health and mental functioning of healthy human beings. They work with patients to help them change behaviours that are having negative effects on their physical health. Student works with performers, business executives, and athletes to reduce stress and improve performance.

    The average annual course fee ranges anywhere between INR 3,000 to 2 lakhs depending upon the institute offering the course. The average salary offered for this course in India to successful postgraduates of the course ranges between INR 3 lakhs to 20 lakhs depending upon the candidate’s expertise in the field.

    M.Sc. in Psychology: Course Highlights

    Shown below are some of the major highlights of the course.

    Course LevelPost Graduate
    Duration2 years
    Examination TypeSemester System
    EligibilityBachelor’s degree in the stream of science
    Admission ProcessCounselling after taking Entrance Examination
    Course FeeINR 3,000 to 2 lakhs
    Average Starting SalaryINR 3 to 20 lakhs

    M.Sc. in Psychology: What is it all about?

    Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour. By examining both individual behaviours as well as the behaviour of groups, psychologists work towards understanding human activity, treating mental disorders, and counselling people to help them achieve emotional stability.

    Psychology as a discipline encompasses a wide range of studies including attention, perception, comprehension, emotions, intelligence, personality, relationships, behaviour, and even the subconscious. They are working a lot on in our minds and psychologists are dedicated to understanding every bit.

    In terms of research, psychology holds an interesting place amongst other fields. Psychology is concerned with social behaviour, so in many ways it is related to the social sciences and humanities, like anthropology and philosophy. They use many similar research techniques as these disciplines, including interviews and observing behaviour.

    Psychology relies on a very scientific method, they are using carefully designed experiments to produce reliable data about behaviour, emotions, or brain chemistry. Through years of observations and experiments, they have determined ways to test for emotional stability or mental illness and have developed counselling techniques to encourage mental development, ease emotional pain, or promote healthy behaviour.

    Eligibility for M.Sc. in Psychology

     A student who has passed in B.A. or B.Sc. Psychology Degree from a recognized university with minimum of 50% aggregate.

    Students having any other degree such as Bachelor of Social Work (BSW), B.A. Sociology, B.Sc. Home Science, B.A. Philosophy or B.Ed. with Psychology papers.

    M.Sc. in Psychology: Admission Process

    The eligible candidates will be invited for the Written Test (Research Aptitude Test - RAT) to be held at all the Campuses. Candidates can opt to take the RAT at any of the campuses.

    Students who have cleared JRF, GATE and other relevant exams are also expected to attend the Written Test and Personal Interview.

    The list of shortlisted candidates from the eligible list of candidates for all the programmes will be released by the conducting body.

    M.Sc. Psychology: Top Institutes

    Some of the institutes or colleges offering the course in the country with the corresponding locations and fees charged by the respective colleges are listed below.

    Allahabad universityAllahabadINR 70,000
    Amity university of behavioral health and applied scienceNoidaINR 55,000
    Amity universityLucknowINR 33,500
    Awadhesh pratap singh universityMadhya PradeshINR 24,000
    BHUVaranasiINR 1,00,000
    Banasthali universityRajasthanINR 1,17,000
    Bharath ratna Dr B.R. Ambedkar universityDelhiINR 16,000
    Bhavnagar universityGujaratINR 22,000
    Central university of KarnatakaGulbargaINR 19,000
    Dr. Annasaheb GD bendale mahila mahavidyalayaMaharashtraINR 25,000
    Guwahati universityGuwahatiINR 31,850
    Gokul das Hindu girls collegeMoradabadINR 80,000
    Government college for womenThiruvananthapuramINR 2,90,000
    Gulbarga universityGulbargaINR 3,960

    M.Sc. in Psychology: Syllabus and Course Description

    A Semester - wise syllabus of the course is tabulated below.

    Cognitive psychologyCognitive psychology II
    Statistics in behavioral scienceExperimental designs theory
    Research methods in psychologyPsychometrics theory
    Neuro psychologyNeuro psychology theory
    Psychology of social behavior theoryDynamics and interpersonal behavior theory
    Applications of psychologyApplications of psychology II
    Personality theorySelf and positive psychology
    Systems and skillsSystems and skills intervention

    M.Sc. in Psychology: Career Prospects

    Master of Science in Psychology can open doors to a number of exciting career paths as it provides a comprehensive background in psychological theories and their applications. Individuals can gain entry into work environments as varied as consulting with top corporate executives and counseling patients in medical facilities. 

    Social Service and Mental Health Career Mental health and social services are two of the most popular career fields for psychology graduates. There is a strong demand for professionals in these fields, they can expect to earn a descent income and have the opportunity to work directly with patients struggling with mental illness and other ailments. A master’s degree in psychology is the minimum requirement for most entry-level career positions; most of the best jobs are reserved for psychologists with a doctorate in psychology.

    Some of the top professional avenues open to such postgraduates are listed below with the corresponding salaries offered for the respective positions.

    Master of Science (Psychology) annual salary
    PsychologistThey work in a variety of settings with individual patients, hospitals, businesses, clinics, prisons, communities, schools, the government, the military, and many others. Some psychology professions require an advanced degree, a master's or a doctorate.INR 8 to 9 Lacs
    Educational psychologistEducational psychologists might work for schools or government agencies and the private sector. Psychologists might be involved with the development of instructional methods and materials, and studying existing educational programs to see what's working and what needs improvement. Educational psychologists work directly with educators to train them in effective teaching methods.INR 2 to 3 Lacs
    Social psychologistSocial psychologists research social interactions and the factors that influence them. They also work in university or college settings, and in government or private organizations.INR 6 Lacs
    Urban planning officerPlanning officers specialize in the design and implementation of strategic management plans for businesses in all types of industries to increase their efficiency and profits. Same as management analysts or management consultants, professionals might examine company financial or marketing data, they interview employees, and observe business procedures and practices. They use this information to develop business strategies. They also consult with management after their plans have been implemented to make sure they're working as expected.INR 5 to 6 Lacs
    Staff recruiterA staffing coordinator's job duties may include creating job descriptions, identifying qualified applicants, finding appropriate job placements, reviewing resumes, scheduling interviews, and retaining valuable employees.INR 2 to 3 Lacs

    Master of Science [M.Sc] (Psychology) Fee Structure in India

    1.85 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES5.2 L (Maximum Fee)
    57.2 K (Average Fee)
    2.6 K (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES2.6 L (Maximum Fee)
    72.34 K (Average Fee)

    Master of Science [M.Sc] (Psychology) Fee Structure by State


    18.54 KPUBLIC COLLEGES3.06 L
    1.06 L
    88.06 K

    Tamil Nadu

    23.42 K
    53.4 K


    38.68 K
    85.69 K


    1.6 L
    46.46 K

    Andhra Pradesh

    14.07 K
    22.88 KPRIVATE COLLEGES22.88 K
    22.88 K



    Saroj Kumari

    I had done MBA(Marketing) and B.Sc (chemistry. Will i be able to do M.Sc(Psychology) as well as i am working professional?

    22 Nov, 2019 15:58
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Saroj, kindly mention the college/university in which you want to take admission as eligibility criteria may differ as per the college.

    22 Nov, 2019 17:35
    Saroj Kumari

    Hey Shobhna, It will be great, if you can suggest me from your end. Currently i am residing in Pune.

    22 Nov, 2019 20:33
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    You can refer to any of the following colleges: M.Sc Psychology Colleges

    26 Nov, 2019 17:16
    Shabna Shajahan

    I had done Masters in English literature and degree in Law. will I be able to do MSc Psychology????

    21 Nov, 2019 09:25
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Shabna, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission. If the college accepts subject-specific qualification, then, you will not be eligible else you can apply.

    21 Nov, 2019 10:18
    shrutika rawat

    I have done BSc Life Science(P) from DU . Can i do masters in psychology?

    09 Nov, 2019 10:43
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Shrutika, as per qualification, you are eligible for the course. However, minimum percentage required will vary as per the college/universities to which you have applied.

    09 Nov, 2019 11:46
    Annu Mandal

    I have done bsc in zoology honours.. Can I do Masters in psychology??

    04 Nov, 2019 13:37
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Annu, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as some of the colleges accept graduation as eligibility while others have subject specific criteria.

    04 Nov, 2019 14:56
    Ali Imran Shaikh

    I have a B.E degree in EXTC Engineering.. from the University of mumbai...can i Also pursue Msc in Psychology??

    22 Oct, 2019 11:23
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Imran, kindly mention the college/university in which you want to take admission as the eligibility criteria varies from college to college.

    22 Oct, 2019 11:53
    Shruti Jain

    Right now i m doing bsc in homescience, can i do my msc in psychology..? If yes so how???

    18 Oct, 2019 17:03
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Shruti, this will depend upon the college/university in which you are applying for admission. Kindly mention the concerned university so that we can provide you the admission procedure for the same.

    18 Oct, 2019 17:40
    ITZZ DATTA Here 999

    I am doing bsc forensic science in LPU. I want to do MSC psychology after completing my degree, will I be eligible for this course

    18 Oct, 2019 00:44
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Datta, generally, students who have done graduation in science stream are considered eligible for this course. However, this depends on the college/university in which you are applying for admission as some of them may have subject-specific eligibility criteria.

    18 Oct, 2019 12:01
    Kavya H

    I'm doing bsc nursing in Kidwai memorial institute of oncology Bangalore, Karnataka. I want to do msc psychology after completing my BSC nursing. will I be Eligible for this course?

    06 Oct, 2019 13:18
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Kavya, as some of the universities have subject-specific criteria while others are not, thus, it will depend on the college/university in which you are applying for admission and its respective eligibility criteria.

    10 Oct, 2019 15:46
    priya madhu

    Hai sir I completed MCA and MEd can I do MSC psychology

    02 Oct, 2019 09:42
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Priya, generally, admission to PG courses is based on the score secured in graduation. Thus, if you have done graduation in the relevant stream, then, you are eligible for admission.

    03 Oct, 2019 15:38
    Hardik Kalra

    Sir I have done bsc. In hotel management can I do Masters in psychology

    20 Sep, 2019 21:38
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Hardik, generally, to be eligible for this course, candidate must have done graduation in the relevant stream. Thus, you are not eligible.

    21 Sep, 2019 15:21

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