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    Master of Surgery in Otolaryngology Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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    Stream: Otolaryngology    
    Duration: 2 Years

    Course: M.S.

    Course Type: Post Graduation

    M.S. Otolaryngology or Master of Surgery in Otolaryngology is a postgraduate Surgery course. Otolaryngology (sometimes called ENT or otorhinolaryngology) is a branch of medicine that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of the ears, nose, throat, head, and neck disorders. It is a type of surgery, and practitioners are considered surgeons. otolaryngologist diagnoses and provides medical and or surgical therapy or prevention of diseases, allergies, neoplasms, respiratory and upper alimentary systems, deformities, disorders and or injuries of the ears, sinuses, nose, throat, jaws, face, and the other head and neck systems. Head and neck oncology, facial plastic and reconstructive surgery, and the treatment of disorders of hearing and voice are fundamental areas of expertise.

    The average tuition fee charged in India for M.S. in Otolaryngology ranges between INR 3,000 (government institutes) to 5 lacs (private institutes).

    Typically, the duration of the course is 2 years. For a fresher in Otolaryngology working under government hospitals can start earning in between Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 25,000 per month excluding other perks and benefits. Private sector hospitals offer very high pay which ranges from Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 40,000 per month.

    After having relevant experience of 4-5 years he/she can earn a salary in the range of Rs 40,000-80,000 per month depending upon his/her skills and popularity. At senior level salary can be in the range of Rs 1,00,000-2,00,000 per month depending on their experience.

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: Course Highlights

    Listed here are the main highlights of the course.

    Name of the courseM.S. in Otolaryngology
    Course LevelPost Graduation
    Duration2 years, full time
    Examination TypeYearly
    Admission ProcessCandidates are admitted in MS they must have to completed MBBS with with 50% marks. Admission are done in MS programme through Entrance Examination.
    Average Course FeeINR 3K to 5 Lacs
    Average Starting SalaryINR 3 to 15 Lacs
    Top Recruiting CompaniesFortis Healthcare , MAX Healthcare, Care Hospitals, Indian Council of Medical Research, Apollo Hospitals, Kailash Hospital, Adecco India Private Limited, Jaypee healthcare limited, Meditrina Hospitals Private Limited

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: What is it About?

    The objectives of Otolaryngology Residency Program are to:

    Practice ethically keeping in mind the requirement of the patient, community and people at large. Demonstrate sufficient understanding of basic sciences related to particular specialty and be able to integrate such knowledge in his Clinical practice.

    They have to diagnose and manage majority of conditions in specialty (clinically and with the help of relevant investigations).

    Plan and advice measures for the promotive, preventive and rehabilitative aspects of health and diseases in the specialty of ENT. Play the assigned role in the implementation of National Health Programs

    The course study demonstrate competence in basic concepts of research methodology and writing thesis and research papers and also helps to develop good learning, communication and teaching skills.

    Most post graduated end up in a clinical practice, in a hospital or smaller clinic, where they perform surgeries on patients with various head and neck disorders or abnormalities requiring reconstructive surgery.

    Candidates who completed MS in Otolaryngology can also work in specific speech or auditory clinics as researchers or clinicians.

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: Academic Options

    After effective finishing of this course, interested student can additionally proceed with research in an indistinguishable specialization from in their Masters degree and can seek after a Ph.D. in M.S. from top Ph.D. Otolaryngology. They ought to finish three-year M.Ch. in Otolaryngology after that.

    Top Institutes Offering M.S. in Otolaryngology

    Listed below are some of the best institutes in India that offer M.S. in Otolaryngology.?

    All India Institute Of Medical SciencesNew Delhi1,944
    Kasturba Medical CollegeMangalore, Karnataka15,10,000
    Armed Forces Medical CollegePune, Maharashtra64,400
    Maulana Azad Medical CollegeNew Delhi10,000

    Eligibility for M.S. in Otolaryngology

    M.B.B.S. degree from a MCI recognized university or equivalent with minimum one-year internship with minimum 50% marks

    Some of the very reputed universities and institutes conduct entrance examination for admission.

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: Admission Process

    Admissions in M.S. in, Otolaryngology, are done through a process which has an online test followed by counselling, which eventually leads to the admission of a student. Admissions are done by online entrance test or depend on qualifying examination marks.

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: Syllabus and Course Structure

    Subjects of Study
    Basic Sciences
    Nose and Paranasal Sinuses
    Oral cavity
    Pharynx and oesophagus
    Larynx and tracheobronchial tree
    Skull base
    Imaging and Radiology
    Disorders: Their Medical/Surgical Management
    Nose and paranasal sinuses
    Oral cavity and Salivary Glands
    Pharynx and Esophagus
    Paediatrics Otolaryngology
    History taking pertaining to Otolaryngology and examination
    Monitoring skills
    Therapeutic skills
    Diagnostic skills
    Surgical skills

    M.S. in Otolaryngology: Career Prospects

    There are several career options available for those who completed their Otolaryngology degree.  Employment can be found in sectors such as hospitals undertaken by state and central government. Additionally, they also have opportunities available in NGOs, private hospitals, clinics, missionary hospitals and charitable hospitals run by railways and defense. Students can also take up research work with organizations such as ICMR.

    Most of the ophthalmologist prefer private sectors such as nursing home, private hospitals and clinics because of high remunerations available. Those who have relevant experience of at least 4-5 years in Otolaryngology can start their own private eye-clinic as well. A student can also begin his/her career in research or teaching area after completing postgraduate and/or PhD degree in any specialized field of Otolaryngology.

    There is massive requirement for Indian ophthalmologists in abroad mainly in USA, Australia, UK, Gulf countries.

    M.S. Otolaryngology Job Types

    Some job types are:

    Otolaryngology Physician

    Lecturer & Professor

    ENT - Coastal Maine


    Pediatric Otolaryngologist


    ENT assistant



    ENT surgeons

    Private practitioners

    Jobs are available for post graduated in Otolaryngology with organizations such as:

    Colleges & Universities

    Government & Private Hospitals


    Military Services

    Medical Labs

    Hospital Administrative Jobs

    A portion of the well known proficient roads open to such postgraduates are recorded beneath with the relating pay rates offered for the separate positions.

    Master of Surgery (M.S.) in Otolaryngology ANNUALSALARY
    Job TitleJob DescriptionAverage Annual Salary in INR
    Otolaryngology PhysicianOtolaryngology Physician looks at, findings and treats issue, ailments, and wounds of the ear, nose and throat. Counsels with patients to decide the fitting course of treatment. Prescribes and arranges tests to decide degree of infection or help analyze condition. Requires a degree in prescription from a certify school and is authorized to hone.3,10,000 - 811,804
    OtolaryngologistsOtolaryngologists are physicians trained in the medical and surgical management and treatment of patients with diseases and disorders of the ear, nose, throat (ENT), and related structures of the head and neck. They are commonly referred to as ENT physicians.2,18,393 - 10,25,312
    Pediatric OtolaryngologistPediatric otolaryngologists treat children from the newborn period through the teenage years. They choose to make pediatric care the core of their medical practice, and the unique nature of medical and surgical care of children is learned from advanced training and experience in practice.280,212 -14,430,622

    Master of Surgery [MS] (Otorhinolaryngology) Fee Structure in India

    5.83 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES85.8 L (Maximum Fee)
    22.53 L (Average Fee)
    12.88 K (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES96 L (Maximum Fee)
    46.45 L (Average Fee)

    Master of Surgery [MS] (Otorhinolaryngology) Fee Structure by State

    Tamil Nadu

    40.3 L
    59.75 L


    78.95 L
    49.07 L

    Uttar Pradesh

    84.67 K
    12.31 L

    Delhi NCR

    5.83 KPUBLIC COLLEGES63.03 L
    29.68 L
    63.03 LPRIVATE COLLEGES63.03 L
    63.03 L



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