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    Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary

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    M.S. Shalya Tantra is a full-time 3 year postgraduate Medical course. Eligibility to which is bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree from a recognized university with 60% of marks

    A few colleges offer Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra) course in India. Every college has their Eligibility criteria, Admission process, Exam patterns, Syllabus, Course Structure, Training methods, etc.

    Top colleges and universities offer this course include:

    The average fee for this course ranges between INR 20,000 to 3 Lacs based on the marks obtained in bachelor’s degree examination or an entrance exam scores.

    Admission for M.S. Shalya Tantra course is based on merit-list or Entrance-exam. Most of the colleges conduct counseling and select students through merit-list prepared by the state-wise universities. Some colleges conduct entrance exam to select students for this course admission. 

    Shalya Tantra which is also called as Samanya is one of the significant branches of Ayurveda. This course provides in-depth knowledge of the principles and features of the modern surgery.

    After completing this course, graduates may work in areas like Health Centers, Herbal Product Manufactures, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Medical Tourism, Pancha Karma Centers, Hotels, Private Practice, etc. These professionals may work in positions like Teacher, Shalya Chikitaka, Researcher, Production Manager, Nutrition Expert, Medical Officer, Manager, Kaya Chikitaka, Consultants, Ayurvedic Supervisors, etc. The average salary for these professionals ranges between INR 2 to 20 Lacs as per their experience and expertise in this field.

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Course Highlights Table

    Written below are some of the major highlights of the course.

    Course LevelPostgraduate
    Duration3 years
    Examination TypeSemester type
    EligibilityBachelor’s degree
    Admission ProcessMerit-based or Entrance-based
    Top recruiting organizationsAll medical institutes, MAC Infotech, Med life International private limited
    Top recruiting areasHealth Centers, Herbal Product Manufactures, Hospitals, Educational Institutes, Medical Tourism, Pancha Karma Centers, Hotels, Private Practice
    Top job profilesTeacher, Shalya Chikitaka, Researcher, Production Manager, Nutrition Expert, Medical Officer, Manager, Kaya Chikitaka, Consultants, Ayurvedic Supervisors
    Course FeeINR 20,000 to 3 lakhs
    Average Starting SalaryINR 2 to 20 lakhs

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: What is it about?

    M.S. Shalya Tantra course has made substantial contributions in the areas of Wound Management, Fracture Healing, Ano-Rectal Diseases, and Urinary Disorders. In this course, students will learn study of ancient surgical procedures which explains in clinical, treatises, and surgical applications of various treatment modalities, treatment of chronic diseases, practical training with blood-letting through leeches, successful treatment for piles and fistula, and surgical procedures on patients.

    This study deals with the surgical techniques, diagnosis of the surgical disorders, and surgical emergency management. This study demonstrates and explains surgical procedures and its knowledge that was performed and used before. This course also describes the surgical treatments in Shalya Tantra which can be used and researched in diseases with side effects and minimum complications. In this course, student’s goals include evaluating and discovering drug compounds, studying dosage requirements, identifying possible interactions with other medicines and discovering the possible side effects of the medicines.

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Top Institutes

    Given below are the college names, location and the average structure of the fees which will be taken by the college for this course.

    Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College and Research CentreTumkurINR 28,590
    Government Ayurvedic Medical CollegeErnakulumINR 12,000
    Jammu Institute of Ayurveda and ResearchJammu and KashmirINR 1,18,000
    Loknete Rajarambapu Patil Ayurvedic Medical CollegeMaharashtraINR 2,30,000
    Rajiv Gandhi Education Society’s Ayurvedic Medical CollegeGadagINR 1,80,000
    Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur UniversityNagpurINR 2,00,000
    RD Memorial Ayurveda Post Graduate College and HospitalBhopalINR 1,95,000
    Shri JG Ayurvedic Medical CollegeBelgaumINR 25,991
    Sri Sai Ayurvedic Medical College and HospitalAligarhINR 2,86,000
    Amrita Vishwa VidyapeethamCoimbatoreINR 75,500
    SDM College of AyurvedaKarnatakaINR 25,000

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Eligibility 

    Candidates who have completed Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery degree from a recognized university are eligible for Master of Surgery (Shalya Tantra) course.


    Candidates who have completed 4 years BAMS course with 6 months of internship are also eligible for this course. Candidates who have passed their bachelor’s degree with 60% of marks are eligible for this course. The percentage may vary from one college to another. Eligible candidates may apply for this course can get applications from the official website of the respective colleges or directly collect from the admission office of the respective college.

    Note: The Minimum age limit of the candidates applying for this course is not more than 35 years.

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Admission Process

    Admission to M.S. Shalya Tantra course is based on merit-list or Entrance-based. Most of the colleges conduct counseling and select students through merit-list prepared by the state-wise universities. Some colleges conduct entrance exam to select students for this course admission. Major entrance exams conducted by the colleges and universities are

    • BHU PG Entrance Test for MS
    • UPGMEE
    • JPGEE
    • JPGET

    Entrance exam pattern may vary from one college to another. Some of the other colleges conduct the personal interview along with the entrance exam. Based on both the performances, candidates will be selected for the course admission. Few colleges directly admit candidates for this course.

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Syllabus and Course Description

    A year-wise syllabus for Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra)is given below. The syllabus may vary from one college to other.

    Charak SamhitaMarma Shaarira Evum Asthi Sandi Peshee ShaariraPractical- Viva-voce
    Sushrut Samhita & Ashtang-HridayamTantra Shaarira Evum Antah and BahihGranthi Vigyaniya-
    Ayurvediya and Darshanika SiddhantaGarbha Shaarira-
    Ayurved Itihas and Prayogika SiddhantKoshthanga Sira Dhamani-

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Who should opt for this course?

    • Candidates who have a basic understanding of Ayurvedic principles and theories are suitable for this course.
    • Candidates familiar with environmental awareness such as understanding people at work, home, etc. and knowing how someone’s environment influenced by their behavior are suitable.
    • Candidates with interpersonal awareness such as learning about the potential sources of interpersonal conflict and the mechanisms of social communication are suitable.
    • Candidates with problem-solving skills such as the capacity to tackle different types of problems are also suitable for this course.

    M.S. Shalya Tantra: Career Prospects

    Graduates who have knowledge and skills in Ayurveda will be in demand as new innovations are being developed in delivery systems of drugs, medical production, and drug therapy. These ayurvedic professionals must aid in developing, evaluating, and manufacturing such as capsules, ointments, and medicinal, nutritional, and commercial use.

    There are huge numbers of opportunities available for the students in both public and the private sector. Graduates can also work in a government sector. After completing this postgraduate degree, they can work at private hospitals, government hospitals, and private medical shops.

    More career options are available in this field are drug action, drug analysis, drug discovery and design, pharm economics, drug delivery, regulatory options, marketing, and sales are the primary categories. These ayurvedic professionals work for research facilities, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, laboratories, biotechnological firms, and pharmacies.

    Some of the specific job titles they may work include:

    • Teacher
    • Shalya Chikitaka
    • Researcher
    • Production Manager
    • Nutrition Expert
    • Medical Officer
    • Manager
    • Kaya Chikitaka
    • Consultants
    • Ayurvedic Supervisors

    Given below are the major job positions, their descriptions, and the Average annual salary for each position:

    Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra annual salary
    Medical OfficerMedical Officers are responsible for organizing laboratory services for the cases within the scope laboratory for proper diagnosis of cases. They will make arrangements for the treatment of minor ailments at the PHC through health workers and assistants. They will coordinate and cooperate with other institutions providing medical care services in their areas.INR 6 to 7 Lacs
    Healthcare ManagersHealthcare Managers are responsible for budgeting, overseeing staff, ordering supplies, marketing or handling public relations, and creating procedures for dealing with patients. They will understand the financial background of the organizations, and fulfill the human resources roles by taking better decisions for patients. These professionals should be excelling in this role and familiar with healthcare systems.INR 6 to 7 Lacs
    Ayurvedic SupervisorsAyurvedic Supervisors are responsible for diagnosing people through visual and tactile observations and analysis of patients' medical histories and lifestyles. They use holistic techniques from India to help patients maintain a healthy life, reduce stress, eliminate impurities, and fight disease.INR 7 to 8 Lacs
    Nutrition SpecialistsNutrition Specialists are responsible for taking a holistic view of a person's lifestyle, dietary habits, overall health, and they provide their client with customising nutritional advice. After creating a nutritional plan, they will continue to monitor their client's progress and any changes or improvements to their health.INR 2 to 3 Lacs
    TeacherTeachers are responsible for specializing in any of a wide variety of subjects and fields. They teach academic subjects, such as English or philosophy. They focus on career-related subjects, such as law and science. Professors may teach large classes of several hundred students, smaller classes, seminars with just a few students, and laboratories where students practice the subject matter.INR 3 to 4 Lacs

    Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra) Fee Structure in India

    80 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES47.7 L (Maximum Fee)
    16.9 L (Average Fee)
    1.5 L (Minimum Fee)PRIVATE COLLEGES16.5 L (Maximum Fee)
    10.86 L (Average Fee)

    Master of Surgery [MS] (Shalya Tantra) Fee Structure by State


    32.1 L
    13.35 L



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