Master of Veterinary Science [MVSc] (Veterinary Parasitology) Top Colleges, Syllabus, Scope and Salary 2021

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Mv.Sc. Veterinary parasitology is a 2-year postgraduate course which is designed to teach students the relationship between a parasite and its host body interactions. The main objective of this course is to study the parasites of both domestic and wildlife animals. The program involves a detailed study of topics related to the animal’s parasites and their behaviour.

Students who have completed their Graduation in relevant discipline with a score minimum of 60% aggregate are eligible to apply to this course.

Admissions to this course are done on basis of merit and by giving entrance exam and selection of candidate will be done after that. 

Students who have completed MvSc Veterinary parasitology program have career opportunities in both public and private sectors where they can work as research labs, veterinary hospitals, colleges, disease control centres etc.

An average salary around INR 20,000 – 30,000 per month can be expected after completing the course. The average course fees would usually range between INR 45,000 to 3,00,000.

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Course Highlights

Mv.Sc Veterinary parasitology course highlights are mentioned in the below table:

Course MV.Sc Veterinary Parasitology
Duration 2 Years
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree in relevant discipline
Examination Type Merit/Entrance Based
Top Recruiting areas Health centres, Research Labs etc.
Top Job Profiles Veterinary Office, Animal Epidemiologist, Pharmacist etc.
Course Fees INR 50,000 to INR 3 LPA
Average Salary INR 20,000 to 30,000 per month
Admission Process

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Admission Process

  • Some universities give admission to students in Mv.Sc courses on the basis of merit whereas few universities give admission to the qualified candidate on the basis of the entrance examination.
  • Students need to submit the application form to the colleges or universities they want to take admission. They need to perform well in their undergraduate course as the scores obtained in these form the basis in the whole admission process. 
  • Some college’s release their cutoff list as well please check if you are eligible in any of the colleges. If you are eligible then visit the college and submit all the required documents.

How to Apply?

The steps to apply in MVsc course through entrance mode then below are the steps which need to be followed.

  • Step 1- Registration: Students need to create an account on the institute portal by adding various details like Name, mobile number etc.
  • Step2- Application Form: In this step, the application form needs to be filled with all details. Please make sure all details which are mentioned in the form are correct.
  • Step3- Uploading of documents: Candidate should scan all the required documents in the format which is asked by institute and upload them all in desired format only.
  • Step4- Payment of Application Fees: Application fees candidates are required to submit which can be done either through offline mode or in online mode.
  • Step5- Downloading of the admit card: Admit cards are released once all applicants are judged for eligibility. Candidates are required to download the admit card and take the print out of the same so that it can be used on the day of entrance examination.
  • Step6- Entrance Exam: Prepare for the exam as per syllabus and past papers. Appear for the examination on the date of examination.
  • Step7- Results: Results are announced after a few weeks. If a candidate is successful in qualifying the entrance they can move on to the next round

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for Mv.Sc Veterinary parasitology is very simple and is as follows. The eligibility criteria will differ from institute to institute.

  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in any relevant discipline from a recognized college or university.
  • Have scored at least 60% marks in their UG course.
Entrance Exams

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Entrance Exams

Only a few colleges offer this course on the basis of India. Depending upon the college the entrance exams will be online or offline. Some of the entrance exams mentioned below:-

  • ICAR AIEEA PG- This is a national level based exam which is conducted every year by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR). It’s a computer based test which will be given online only.
  • GBPUAT:- This exam is conducted every year and it is a pen paper based examination. It’s a 3 hour based exam conducted by Pantnagar University in Uttarakhand.

Details of important dates of entrance exams which are mentioned above shown in the table below:-

Entrance Exam Name Application Process Date Of Exam
ICAR AIEEA PG The fourth week of March, 2021 The first week of June, 2021
GBPUAT The second week April, 2021 The first week of June, 2021

How to prepare for the Mv.Sc Veterinary parasitology entrance examination?

The syllabus of Mv.Sc entrance exams will vary from college to college. Candidates preparing for any of the above mentioned entrance examinations are advised to take note of the preparation points given below:

  • Students need to go through the syllabus of the written, start studying them, revise your concepts also.
  • Decide on Exam Preparation material early and stick to the decided Textbooks or Prep Material throughout their study. This will help students avoid any confusion especially towards the end.
  • Practice with previous Year’s Papers so that the candidate will be completely aware about the content and format of the examination. With practice student can improve their speed as well to complete the tougher sections

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: How to get Admission to a Good College?

To get an admission into a good Mv.Sc Veterinary parasitology college a number of factors come into play. Some of the following below mentioned points will be helpful in the admission process.

  • The Admission to good college is either on the basis of Entrance exam or on the basis of merit basis.
  • Candidates should have scored good marks in their undergraduate course because most of the colleges enrol students on the basis of merit.
  • If a candidate has experience in extracurricular activities then this will help students to get a high rank when the merit list is getting prepared.
  • Students need to get qualifying marks in the entrance based examination for getting admission to good College.
  • Student’s should be aware of the exam pattern. Preparation should be done according to the marks allotted to each section in the exam. Higher marks sections should be prepared first.

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Syllabus

Below mentioned table shows the detailed syllabus of the two years course. The subjects cover all the aspects which are related to Veterinary Parasitology which will provide the full understanding of the course to the master’s level students.

Year I Year II
Veterinary Helminthology Immunoparasitology
Veterinary Entomology and Acarology Parasitic Zoonoses
Parasitological Techniques Malacology
Clinical Parasitology Parasites of Zoo and Wild Animals
Trends in control of livestock and poultry parasites Environmental parasitology
Practical Work Research report

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: What is it about?

The details and information about the MV.Sc Veterinary parasitology program are mentioned below:-

  • MV.Sc in Veterinary parasitology is a 2 year long course and suitable for candidates who want to pursue a long term career in the study of animals and their interactions with different kinds of parasites.
  • It is basically designed to make students aware about animal diseases and how they respond to foreign objects on their bodies.
  • Mv.Sc syllabus is designed in such a way to prepare students with necessary skills and academic knowledge.
  • The other aim of the course is to see if there is any use of the parasite on the animal body and if they will be useful for any other organism as well.

Why study Mv.Sc Veterinary parasitology?

There are various reasons to study Mv.Sc in Veterinary Parasitology. The nation wants professionals who possess good animal knowledge and could do something for the betterment of animal life in the country. Below mentioned are the preferred options by the students who took admission into this course.

  • It opens a number of various opportunities in various fields especially in the fauna sectors.
  • After completion of the course students can apply for various posts like Pharmacist, Veterinary officer, Scientific Officer etc.
  • Those students who want to upgrade their knowledge can go for further studies like PhD in relevant disciplines.
  • Those who have completed this course can go for various job options in the field based on their knowledge, skills and calibers.
Top Colleges

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Top Colleges

Mv.Sc in Veterinary parasitology courses offered by various top colleges and universities in the country. Below mentioned table shows some of the top colleges offering this course with several other details.

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: College Comparison

College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner Vs Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly

Parameters College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Bikaner Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Bareilly
Overview College of Veterinary and Animal Sciences is one of the leading colleges in Bikaner which is offering students a veterinary degree. Indian Veterinary institute is providing advanced facilities in the field of veterinary and medicine. It has several branches in other states also.
Location Bikaner Bareilly
Eligibility Have passed UG course with at least 60 % marks Have passed UG course with at least 60% marks
Admission Process Entrance Based EntranceBased
Average Annual Fees INR 14,670 INR 9,800
Average Annual Salary INR 3 to 4 Lacs INR 3 to 3.5 lacs
Top Recruiting areas Veterinary hospital, Research institutes, Governmental animal habitat centers etc. Veterinary hospital, Research institutes, Governmental animal habitat centers etc.
Course Comparison

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Course Comparison

MV.Sc Veterinary Parasitology and MV.Sc Veterinary Medicine are two different courses offered in the field of Veterinary sciences. Some of the key differences between two are mentioned below:

Parameters MV.Sc Veterinary Parasitology MV.Sc Veterinary Medicine
Domain Veterinary Science Veterinary Science
Overview This course mainly deals with study of interactions between parasites and its host. This course deals with medicinal treatment of various diseases in Animals.
Duration 2 years 2 years
Eligibility Must have passed UG course with 60% marks at least Must have passed UG course with 60% marks attleast
Admission process Entrance/Merit Based Entrance/Merit Based
Average Annual Fee INR 45,000 to 3 lacs INR 9,000 to 1 lac
Average Annual Salary INR 3 - 4 Lacs INR 2-15 lacs
Top recruiting areas Research labs, hospitals, zoos etc Medicine centres, labs, universities etc.

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Important Books

Below mentioned table shows the subjects books which will help students to have a detailed knowledge of the subject.

Name of the Book Name of the Author
Veterinary Clinical Parasitology Anne M.Zajac
Veterinary Parasitology M.A. Taylor
Advances in Parasitology David Rollinson
Diagnostic Parasitology for Veterinary Technicians Elsevier Health

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Job Prospects and Career Options

  • A wide range of careers for students who have completed MV.Sc in Veterinary Parasitology in both private and public sectors.
  • MV.Sc degree holders are hired in many different sectors such as Health centres, research labs, hospitals etc.
  • Fresh Mv.Sc degree holders of this course can easily expect a salary of INR 2,00,00 to 3,00,000 per year.

Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology: Job Profiles

Some of the most common job profiles that a Mv.Sc degree holders can opt are mentioned below with job description and salary expected.

Job Role Job Description Average Salary
Pharmacist As a Pharmacist one can be involved in the domain of animal health care where role can be played in the supply chain of research and deployment. INR 3,00,000
Animal Epidemiologist As an Epidemiologist one can involve in analysis of the diseases and providing solutions for the same. INR 3,50,000
Veterinary Officer This job involves care and other responsibilities of maintaining Zoos and other habitats of animals. INR 4,00,000
Professor Candidate can also select option to work as lecturer or professor in the university or college INR 3,50,000
Veterinary Doctor This involves treatment and Rehabilitation of animals INR 3,00,000
Annual Salary


MV.Sc Veterinary Parasitology : FAQs

Ques. Is there any age limit to apply for the MV.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. No there is no age limit, but students should have eligibility that undergraduate courses should have been done in the relevant discipline.

Ques. Is Doctor Degree given to the student who did Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology?

Ans. No Doctor degree will be assigned only when MBBS in veterinary Sciences will be done. MV.Sc Students have in- depth knowledge about animal parasitic interaction so they can work under the shadow of a Veterinary Doctor.

Ques. How can one go to Government hospital after doing an Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. Students after completing the course should go for a government exam to get selected in any of the Government organisations.

Ques. Is Mv.Sc equivalent to an M.Sc degree?

Ans. Degree is equivalent. Only difference in the course study. Former is related to animals whereas later related to normal specializations.

Ques. Are there any job opportunities in the Government sector also for employees who have a degree in Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. Yes various employment options are available in government sectors Veterinary hospitals, animal artificial habits like zoos etc.

Ques. Is Internship necessary while pursuing an Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. Yes it is necessary to do an internship before completing the degree .

Ques. What is the need of Veterinary Parasitology nowadays and how is this course flourishing?

Ans. Veterinary Parasitology course study helps to find out the parasite interaction on the host body and in this way one can find out the parasites which are beneficial to the animal body. 

Ques. Is it possible for the student to take lateral entry into the second year of Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. No it is not possible to take lateral entry in this course. However, some colleges provide lateral entry options in different courses but not for this course.

Ques. What all certificates are required for taking admission into an Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course?

Ans. The certificates required are 10th Marksheet, 12th Marksheet, graduation certificate, migration certificate, Adhar card etc.

Ques. Is Mv.Sc Veterinary Parasitology course part time also?

Ans. No this course is available only as a full time course. There is no option for students to do this course through distance learning mode.

Master of Veterinary Science [MVSc] (Veterinary Parasitology) Fee Structure in India

6.67 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES1.28 L  (Maximum Fee)
67.58 K (Average Fee)
11.79 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES2.32 L (Maximum Fee)
78.68 K (Average Fee)



Master of Veterinary Science [MVSc] (Veterinary Parasitology) Colleges IN INDIA

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15.55 K first year fees
49.11 K first year fees
15.74 K first year fees
39.14 K first year fees
15.74 K first year fees
33.33 K first year fees