M.Phil. (Political Science)

M.Phil. in Political Science provides a student with a solid base for a broad range of career, including educational, professional, business, diplomatic and governmental positions. Political science students can do a variety of jobs. One can become a High School Teacher, College Professor, Legislative Aide, Campaign Manager, State Legislator, Agency Specialist, District Attorney, Consultant, Press Secretary or a Lobbyist.

Some of the top recruiters are:

  • State and Central Government
  • National and International NGOs
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Quis Lex
  • Mind crest
  • Pangea 3
  • United Lex

After completion of the course, an individual can work in various profiles as mentioned below.

Designation Job Description
Business Political Writer  The Business Political writer will lead the coverage for the business enterprise; conceptualize and implement pioneering audio-video content and create a team of good quality freelance writers.
Assistant Professor/ Lecturer in Political Science The person is responsible for teaching students; score assignments and develop lesson plans. The person also works with students in the formulation and implementation of research. 
Political Research Associate In this job profile, a person has to work on a special project on governance covering a range of facets of political, economic and social development.
Project Officer  A person will be in charge for preparation and implementation of activities, research and analysis, collecting data and creating various communications and related advocacy work.
Consultant (Political Advocacy) An individual has to develop and maintain relationships with key govt. officials or political parties; organize meetings and dialogues; make presentations and communicate effectively.
Program officer A program office has to lead the implementation of policy and advocacy strategies, manage the tracking and analysis of key policy progresses, develop appropriate outreach plans, ensure high-quality interactions and prepare regular reports and presentations.

M.Phil. in Political Science: Salary Trends

Political Science has shown a growth of 10% in the industry and there are fair chances that it will increase up to 21% by 2022. The salary for an individual entirely depends upon one’s academic achievements, personal skills, and capability. As a fresher, the pay figure may not be satisfying, but it would increase with growing years of experience. The average entry-level salary ranges between 15,000 INR to 25,000 INR in the private sector.

Given below is the graph illustrating the salary trends in various profiles:




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