M.Phil. (Political Science)

M.Phil. in Political Science: Course Structure

M.Phil. in Political Science is spread over two years. The first year will consist of 5 exams and the second year will have 3 exams and dissertation in the end semester.

Scheme of Assessment

There are two semesters in one academic year. A student has to present Dissertation at the end of the final semester. Marks are awarded to students on the basis of written exams and internal assessments.

Internal Assessment Written exam Total
20 80 100

M.Phil. in Political Science: Syllabus

Syllabus set by the UGC for the course M.Phil. in Political Science for various universities is briefed in the table given below.

Name of the course Topics Covered Objective
Research Methodology Theories of knowledge, Importance and Role of Hypothesis, Importance and Role of Research Design, Types of Sampling, Characteristics and Problems of Representative Sample, Types and Sources of Data, Data Analysis, Statistical Analysis, Research and Theory The objective of this course is to make students understand different methods of research.
Recent Trends And Issues In Indian Politics Recent trends in India federalism, Impact of Planning and Party System on Federalism, Criminalization of Politics, Politics of Violence, Globalization and its implication for India, Election Commission and Electoral Reforms, Rise of Hindu Nationalization, Women Politics and Gender Debate The goal of this subject is to make students aware of different kinds of issues in the Indian political system.
Key Political Thinkers Plato, Machiavelli, Hobbes, Rousseau, Hegel, Marx, Lenin, Mao Tse Tung This subject helps students to learn about various teachings of key political thinkers.
Contemporary Political Theory Liberalism, Post-Modernism, Post-Colonialism, Theories of Structuralism, Post-Marxism, Scientific Humanism, Social Democracy, Feminism, Environmentalism, Civil Society, Human Rights This goal of this subject is to make students aware of contemporary political theories.
Contemporary Indian Political Thought School of Indian Liberalism, School of Militant Nationalism, School of Indian Socialism, School of Gandhian, Political Thoughts, Hindu Nationalism This objective of this subject is to make students understand the contemporary Indian political thoughts.
Computer Applications Computer System an Overview, MS Windows, Introduction to MS Office and MS Excel, MS PowerPoint and Internet It is a subject that teaches students the basics of computers applications.



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