Pharmacology Courses in India, Top Colleges with Fees 2021

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Pharmacology is the investigation of medications and how they influence the body. This implies making new synthetic substances and breaking down the impacts of set up therapeutic mixes, just as understanding both the valuable and hurtful impacts of medications. 

The subject includes components of toxicology,biology,chemistry, and physiology, and is a wide logical field relevant to numerous vocations in the existence science zone. 

It is essential to take note of the contrast between the investigations of pharmacy and pharmacology. Courses in pharmacy are outfitted towards furnishing graduates with licenses to administer professionally prescribed prescriptions in drug stores, or to turn into a drug specialist. 

These courses are offered in Offline as well as Online mode. Pharmacy courses are offered at Graduate, Postgraduate, Doctorate, and as well as at the Diploma level presently. Apart from that, there are plenty of pharmacology courses offered by colleges as well as online websites like Coursera and Udemy

Certificate Programs
  • This program is generally about the basic level of pharmacology sciences.
  • Many online certificate courses are on self basis.
Diploma & PG Diploma Courses
  • This program is mainly for those candidates who wants to gain knowledge in wide area of pharmaceutical sciences
  • This course will prepare the students for a very prosperous career in the field of medical sciences.
Bachelor Pharmacology Courses
  • Full time pharmacology course after 12.
  • It is a 4 year program.
  • This course involves molecular modelling of drugs.
Master Pharmacology Courses
  • Pursued by those candidates who look for additional specialization in this field.
  • This course covers all the advanced concepts of pharmacology.
Doctorate Pharmacology Courses
  • Multiple universities offer PhD courses to students looking for research opportunities.
  • It has multiple openings.
  • The length of these courses changes from level to level. It is from 4 years at graduate level, 2 years at postgraduate level and 1 year if there should arise an occurrence of diploma courses.
  • Certificate Programs related to this field can be as short as a few hours and some can even run up to 6 months.
  • Many online platforms offer courses with zero fees also. Their programs are totally free and can be accessed anytime..
  • The top specializations in this field are Toxicology,Biotechnology,Medicinal Chemistry,Pathophysiology and so on.

After graduating students in this field get jobs like Pharmacologist,Research Scientist,Analytical Chemist etc.The average salary in this job roles ranges from INR 2-8 LPA in india currently.

Some of the top skills demanded by graduates of Pharmaceutical courses are Knowledge in Chemistry,Strong observation skills,Analytical Skills,Inquisitive mind,Creativity etc

Pharmacology courses: Highlights

Pharmacology courses: Highlights

Since Pharmacology courses can be pursued at UG,PG and as short term certifications, these courses help the students to enhance their employability. Below are the highlights of different computer courses offered in India.

Popular Courses Certificate: plethora of topics like community and institutional pharmacy,Pharmacotherapy
Diploma & PG Diploma:Diploma in Pharmacy Technician, Drug Store Management,Diploma in Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
UG: Bachelor in Pharm(Pharmacology),Bachelor of Pharmacy in Pharmaceutics
PG: Master of Phar(Pharmacology),Master of Pharmacy in Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics
Doctorate: Phd in pharmaceutical Biotechnology,Pharmaceutical chemistry
Duration Certificate: few hours- 6 months
Diploma & PG Diploma: 1 year
UG: 3-4years
PG: 2 years
Doctorate: 3-6years
Eligibility Certificate: pass in 10+2 from a recognized board
Diploma & PG Diploma: pass in 10+2 from a recognized board
UG: pass in 10+2 from a recognized board
PG: pass in UG with pharmacology or any of its related subject
Doctorate: pass in PG in pharmacology
Average Fees Certificate: INR 300-15,000
Diploma & PG Diploma:INR 5,000- 1 Lakh
UG: INR 20,000-2 lakh
PG: INR 50,000- 2 Lakh
Doctorate: INR 20,000-5Lakh
Online Courses Available
Types of Online Courses edx, Coursera, Udemy, etc. (Includes Paid and Unpaid courses)
Top Job Prospects Drug Safety Associate, Research Scientist, Biomedical Scientist
Average Salary Certificate: INR 1- 4LPA
Diploma & PG Diploma:INR 2-5LPA
Doctorate: INR 3-10 LPA

As you might have a little idea about each kind of pharmacology course by now,let's discuss them in detail one by one.

Certificate Pharmacology Courses

Certificate Pharmacology Courses

The certificate programs in pharmacology courses are offered through both Online as well as Offline medium.There are a lot of online course websites which offer relevant courses in pharmacology.As mentioned before,they can be of any time length ranging from a few hours to a few months.

  • Certificate programs gives you the basic information about pharmaceutical science
  • Different certification courses provides different aspects of pharmacology
  • Many offline institutes of india also offers pharmacology certificate course

These courses are for those who want to master the basics of pharmaceutical sciences.

After completing certificate courses you may expect a salary of 1 - 5 LPA.

Online Certificate Courses

Course Name Provider Duration Fees
Drug development  Coursera 3 months free
Basics of Clinical Pharmacology Udemy 2 hours INR 1,200
Top drugs medications Udemy 5 hours INR 700
Drug Discovery Coursera 3 hours free

Offline Certificate Courses

Certificate Name Institutes Duration Fees
Professional Certificate in Pharmacovigilance Crimson Consultancy Services Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College 3 months INR 10,000
Drug Regulatory Affairs Universal School of Biosciences, Delhi 3 months INR 15,000

How to get Admissionin Certificate Pharmacology Courses?

Admission in certificate courses is not done like that of other courses. There are no particular entrance exams either which are conducted for admission in these courses.

  • Admission in online certificates is simply done by applying on the websites of the course provider.
  • For offline you must have to fill the application form which can be done in online or offline mode.
  • In the case of an offline certificate ,the college might admit you on your merit basis.

Top colleges for Pharmacology Courses

Given below are a few popular colleges that offers certificate courses

College offering online certificate

Below are some of the colleges offering online certificate courses

Rankings College Location Fees
51 Cardiff University Cardiff INR 5 lakh
151 Rutgers University New Jersey INR 4 lakh
251 University of South Florida Tampa INR 3 lakh
456 University of Canberra Canberra INR 3 lakh

Colleges offering offline certificate

College  Location Fees
IIPM  Lucknow INR 6,978
Ramnarain Ruia Autonomous College Mumbai INR 15K
Gitam Institute of Pharmacy Visakhapatnam INR 12K
Anovus Institute of Clinical Research Chandigarh INR 10 K
Diploma and PG Diploma Pharmacology Courses

Diploma and PG Diploma Pharmacology Courses

Diploma and PG diploma Courses diploma courses mostly differ in terms of eligibility criteria they ask for.While a diploma course can be pursued after you complete class 12 and a PG course is pursued after graduation.

  • After completing diploma students pursued a career in the field of medical sciences.
  • They prepared with all the skills which help them in admission time.
  • This courses gives you the flexibility to choose from a huge set of specializations
  • The courses have a duration of 1-2 years and after completing diploma they can expect a salary in between INR 2-5 LPA.
  • This course is specially for those who want to work in retail pharmacies and other pharmaceutical companies.

Top Diploma and PG Diploma Courses

There are different colleges in india which offers Diploma and PG Diploma courses. Some of the colleges are listed below:

Course Colleges Duration Fees
Diploma in Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • IIPM Lucknow
  • NIMS University
4 months INR 7000
Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
  • IICT
  • Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • IIPM Lucknow
4 months INR 7000
Diploma in Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance.
  • Anovus Institute of Clinical Research
6 months INR 62,000
PG Diploma in Drug Store Management
  • Indian Institute of Commerce and Trade
  • IICT
  • Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • IIPM Lucknow
1-2 years  INR 15,000
Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Management
  • SIES College of Management Studies, Mumbai
  • MITCON Institute of Management, Pune
  • Rayat Bahra University, Mohali
1 year INR 50,000
Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu,
  • Dayalbagh Educational Institute, Uttar Pradesh
1 year INR 30,000

How to get Admission in Diploma Pharmacology Courses?

Admission is done through the marks obtained in their boards or through some entrance tests.

  • You must appear for an entrance test of UPSEE,GPAT etc.
  • Exam is mostly based on general types which you might have studied in the previous class.
  • Students can also go through some certification courses before admission in any college.

Top Colleges Offering Diploma in pharmacology Courses

Given below are the colleges in India which offer pharmacology courses as both diplomas and PG diplomas.

Colleges Offering Diploma Pharmacology Courses

Below are some colleges which offer Diploma in Pharmacology.

Ranking  College Location  Fees
1 Jamia Hamdard New Delhi INR 70,000
2 Panjab University Punjab INR 5,000
3 National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Punjab Punjab INR 90,000
4 Institute of Chemical Technology MumbaiMumbai INR 85,000

Colleges offering PG Diploma Pharmacology Courses

College Name Location Fees
Indian Institute of Pharmaceutical Marketing - IIPM Lucknow Lucknow INR 6,978
JSS Academy of Higher Education and Research Mysore INR 50,000
Madurai Kamaraj University, Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu INR 30,000
SIES College of Management Studies, Mumbai Mumbai INR 2 lakh
Bachelor Pharmacology Courses

Bachelor Pharmacology Courses 

Bachelor degrees are the most opted courses as a large share of students look to earn a full-time degree. These bachelor courses require proper campus education, though most of them are going online medium now.

  • The duration of bachelor Pharmacology course is from 3-4 years.
  • These courses covers all the important aspects of pharmacology
  • These courses also cover various topics like drugs, chemical structures and formulation, etc.

This course is for those students who are willing to expand their knowledge of pharmaceutical sciences.Graduates of pharmacology Course can expect a salary of INR 3-5 LPA.this will increase according to your experiences.

Top Bachelor Pharmacology Courses

Various pharmacology courses are available for undergraduate students.the table below shows some of the courses.

Course Colleges Duration Fees
Bachelor of Pharm (Pharmacology)
  • Integral University
  • NIMS University
  • Lovely Professional University
3 - 4 years INR 15,000- 1 lakh
Bachelor of Pharmacy in Pharmacognosy
  • Sachdeva College of Pharmacy
  • Nalanda School of Management College
3 years INR 1 lakh
Bachelor of Ayurvedic Pharmacy
  • Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute
  • RGPI
  • MDS Kissan Technical Institute
3 years INR 50,000

How to get Admission in Bachelor Pharmacology Courses?

Admission in bachelor courses is simply done through both entrance test and merit basis.

  • Students willing to take admission in pharmacology courses will have to fill the application fromm and sit for the entrance test
  • Some of the top entrance exams for UG courses include MHT CET,UPSEE,GPAT,WBJEE,BITSAT,IPU CET etc .
  • These tests are mostly aptitude based tests. Some questions are also from your 10+2 syllabus.

Colleges offering Bachelor Courses

The table below shows some of the best colleges in India to pursue pharmacology courses at the UG level.

Colleges Location Average Fees
Integral University Lucknow INR 4.8 lakhs
Shoolini University Solan INR 3.8 lakhs
NIMS Institute of Pharmacy Jaipur INR 2.6 lakhs
Lovely Professional University Delhi INR 6.3 lakhs
Sinhgad College of Pharmacy Pune INR 4.3 lakhs
Mahatma Jyoti Rao Phoole University Jaipur INR 2.8 lakhs
PDM University Bahadurgah INR 4.5 lakhs
Chandigarh Group of Colleges Chandigarh INR 3.15 lakhs
Master Pharmacology Courses

Master Pharmacology Courses

Master courses are generally pursued by those students who are not satisfied with bachelors and have a zeal for more specializations.It covers all the advanced concepts of pharmaceutical sciences.

  • The duration of these courses is approximately 2 years.
  • It deals with the proper usage of different types of pharmaceutical products
  • Admission here also are some entrance exams.Some of the tests are GPAT,HPCET,BITS HD, AP PGECET etc

Even those students who are looking to enter the research field should opt for master courses as they are compulsory to pursue a PhD course.

The average salary for the masters students is from INR 3-6 LPA.

Top Masters Pharmacology Courses

Course  Colleges Duration Fees
Master of Pharm (Pharmacology)
  • NIPER, Mohali -University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Chandigarh
  • Institute of Chemical Technology, Mumbai
2 years INR 1 lakh
MSc Clinical Research and Pharmacovigilance
  • Anovus Institute of Clinical Research
2 years INR 1 lakh
MPharm. in Pharmaceutics
  • GITAM Institute of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam
2 years INR 1 lakh
MPharm. in Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • GITAM Institute of Pharmacy, Visakhapatnam
2 years INR 50,000

How to get Admission in Masters Pharmacology Courses?

Admission in master courses are also done through some entrance test and merit basis

  • There are a number of entrance tests for various Master Pharmacology courses like GPAT,AP PGECET etc
  • Some colleges may also arrange an interview for those students who have cleared the entrance tests.

Colleges offering Master Courses

The table below shows some of the best colleges in India to pursue pharmacology courses at the PG level.

College Location Average Fees
AIIMS Bhopal INR 1000
Bharati Vidyapeeth Pune INR 75,689
Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Vijayawada INR 30,760
GMCH Udaipur INR 22,600
Index Medical College Indore INR 47,355
Jhalawar Hospital and Medical College Jhalawar INR 7,052

Doctorate Pharmacology Courses

Doctorate Pharmacology Courses are chiefly pursued for the purpose of entering the research field of pharmaceutical sciences.

  • The minimum duration for these programs is 3 years.
  • This course is necessary for advancement of medical sciences
  • The course is mainly about therapeutic usage of drugs,diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.

After completing Doctorate students can work at various private and government hospitals and laboratories.

The average salary after doctorate courses is around 3 - 10 lakh in india currently

Top PhD Pharmacology Courses

Course Colleges Duration Fees
Doctor of Pharma (Pharmacology)
  • Jamia Hamdard University
  • Institute of Chemical Technology
  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research
3 years INR 3 lakh
Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Jamia Hamdard
  • Geetanjali University
3 years INR 2 lakh

How to get Admission in Phd Pharmacology Doctorate Courses?

Admission in doctorate courses in india are mainly done through entrance exams.

  • There are multiple exams conducted to get research fellowships in India
  • Some of these include UGC NET,CSIR UGC NET etc
  • In some cases, interviews are also conducted in some entrance exams for admission in PhD courses.

Students need to have a master degree or PG Diploma degree in order to be eligible for doctorate courses.

Colleges Offering PhD Courses

Rankings College Location Fees
7 Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences Manipal INR 4.3 lakh
9 JSS College of Pharmacy Tamil nadu INR 2.9 Lakh
22 Poona College of Pharmacy Pune INR 1.75 lakh
45 LM College of Pharmacy Ahmedabad INR 1.75 Lakh
What are the Top Job options After Pharmacology Courses?

What are the Top Job options After Pharmacology Courses?

Pharmacology course is an exceptionally mainstream profession alternative in India which gives you the occasion to fabricate your future in a wide number of fields. Given beneath are probably the best employment choices for the Pharmacology understudies alongside the skill set required and their salaries:

Clinical Research Associate

A Clinical Research Associate is predominantly liable for gathering and coordinating various kinds of information that are gathered during a clinical preliminary. The individual will likewise make definite documentation for a similar which will contain the consequence of the preliminary and the data of the items that have been utilized in the preliminary.

Starting Salary: INR 3-4 lakhs

Skills Required:

  • Creativity
  • Determination
  • Observatory skills
  • Organization skills

Drug Specialist

A drug specialist works in various retail drug store stores and other drug organizations. The drug specialists read medicines that are recommended by the specialists and give the necessary prescription to the patients. The drug specialists additionally do different preliminaries and exploration exercises in drug organizations.

Starting Salary: INR 2-5 lakhs

Skills Required:

  • Detailed knowledge of Chemistry
  • Insight
  • Analytical skills
  • Observatory skills

Drug Safety Associate

A Drug Safety Associate ceaselessly screens the security of different drug drugs. The person additionally assesses its odds of causing unfavorable impacts in patients. The Drug Safety Associate likewise keeps definite records of the advantage to chance proportion of various sorts of touchy medications

Starting Salary: INR 3.5-5 lakhs

Skills Required:

  • Communication skills
  • Chemistry knowledge
  • Inquisitive mind
  • Patience

Drug Inspector

A Drug Inspector cautiously examines those areas where food and medications are fabricated. They will at that point give itemized reports of those destinations to the higher specialists. The medication auditor is additionally answerable for reviewing the best possible stockpiling and treatment of medications and synthetics.

Starting Salary: INR 6-8 lakhs

Skills Required:

  • Strong observation skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Knowledge of chemistry
  • Communication skills
Pharmacology Courses FAQs

Pharmacology Courses FAQs

Ques. Is pharmacology hard to study?

Ans. Studying for pharmacology may be extraordinarily tough because of the overpowering amount of records to memorize consisting of drug aspect results, goal lab values, drug interactions and more.

Ques. Is a pharmacologist a doctor?

Ans. Pharmacologists are clinical scientists who dedicate their careers to developing new drugs and evaluating their protection and effectiveness. Pharmacologists should now not be confused with pharmacists, who dispense medicines.

Ques. Is pharmacology a good career?

Ans. The opportunities in pharmacology are interesting and these experts make superb contributions to society each as practising pharmacists and as studies scientists. there are numerous paths your profession may also observe with the diverse jobs in pharmacology

Ques. Which is better pharmacy or pharmacology?

Ans. Pharmacy graduates can dispense medicinal drugs in their position as a pharmacist. alternatively, pharmacology graduates explore and observe-related reactions to the use of medication in the human frame. 

Ques. Can a pharmacologist prescribe drugs?

Ans. In recent years, the pharmacist's position has developed to consist of the ability to prescribe medicines, regulate and display drug therapy, perform patient exams, and extra — given an active license from the Board of Pharmacy

Ques. Is pharmacology the same as pharmacy?

Ans. Pharmacology is the take a look at the resources, uses, and mechanisms of motion of medicine. Pharmacy is the technology or exercise of the guidance, formula, and doling out of medicinal drugs.

Ques. What is B.Sc in Pharmacology?

Ans. Programs related to a BSc in pharmacology deal with the basics of the organic sciences inside the first year of take a look at, before moving on to pharmacology specializations. those may additionally consist of: Toxicology. Biotechnology. Medicinal chemistry. Drug shipping systems. Drug design and development. Molecular mobile biology.