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    Media Studies


    Post Graduation

    Sakshi Gupta Sakshi Gupta
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    Course Structure

    There are two semesters in one year. This is a practical-heavy programme and will largely involve hands-on learning in fake settings on campus, field work, and an internship. A final project is compulsory for all students.

    Scheme of Assessment:-

    Assessment will be partly on the basis of examination in theory and partly on the basis of class assignments and practical work. A student will be expected to get a minimum of 40% marks in each exam. Subsequently students will be attached to a newspaper, magazine, or any other media organization for internship at the end of the programme.

    Detailed Syllabus of Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism is as follows:->

    Name of the subject



    Principles of Mass Communication

    ·        Communication theory concept, process and research

    ·        Communication models and Development communication

    ·        History of Media

    ·        Media ethics and laws

    ·        International communication

    The objective of this course is to teach students the communication models and theory.

    Media Management 

    • Economics of news channels
    • Business model of a media company

    ·        Product branding and equity

    ·        Integrated media marketing and ad sales 

    ·        New media laws, content sharing and tie-up models.

    ·        Audience research (NRS, IRS, TAM) 

    ·        Online journalism and content management 

    ·        A peep into future technology 

    ·        Political and judicial System

    ·        Indian Parliamentary democracy

    ·        Major Indian national and regional parties

    The goal of this course is to make students understand the Economics of news channels.

    Political system of other major nations

    ·        Indian and International judicial system

    ·        Intelligence agencies and their international networking

    This subject helps the candidates to learn about both Indian and International judicial system

    Camera - Sound - Studio-Editing

    ·        Basic camera functions and its operations 

    ·        Spy cam, mobile cam uses as a reporter 

    ·        Understanding sound 

    ·        Understanding the studio 

    ·        Concept and process of Video Editing 

    ·        Animation and Graphics 

    The goal of this subject is to teach students how to operate camera and edit sound.

    News Production 

    ·        Elements of production 

    ·        Packaging of a story 

    ·        Packaging of a program 

    ·        News wheel 

    The objective of this course to help students gain knowledge about different elements of news production.


    ·        News gathering and reporting concept, process and skills

    ·        TV interviews - Techniques and skills 

    This course helps students learn different aspects of reporting and skills.

    News writing

    ·        Introduction to creative writing 

    ·        Writing for TV news and programs

    ·        Structure and content of writing 

    ·        Writing for different news formats 

    ·        Web writing 

    This subject teaches students the structure and various formats of news writing.

    On the screen

    • Anchoring 
    • Voice Over
    • Recreation

    It is a useful subject that helps an individual understands how to act in front of a screen.


    6 weeks

    A student has to undergo internship in a respected media house at the end of the last semester.


    Submission of final project

    A student has to submit a TV or radio documentary, a print portfolio or an online project at the end of the course.



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