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What is PGDM International Business?

PGDM-IB or Post graduate diploma in International Business is a specialized course offering expertise in international trade and practices, opportunity to learn work ethics of worldwide businesses and rules and regulations of import and export across the borders. 

The individuals pursuing this course are in much demand to take up managerial positions in Companies dealing in International Trades or as experts in consultancies helping businesses expand their sizes to international markets. 

It is a two-year course which includes a 4 semester and Summer Internship Program.

Eligibility requirement for PGDM-IB course is minimum 50% marks in 10th and 12th class, a Bachelor’s Degree in any stream with a minimum of 50% marks. Few colleges in addition to these require some years of work experience.

Some of the colleges offering PGDM-IB course with their basic details are given below:

India Today Ranking  College Admission Process Average Annual Fees Average Annual Salary
7 Management Development Institute, Gurugram Entrance Test INR 25,00,000 INR 22,05,000 
14 Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad Entrance Test INR 7,95,000 INR 6,00,000
21 Birla Institute of Management Technology (BIMTECH), UP Entrance Test INR 12,00,000 INR 8,18,000
40 Asia- Pacific Institute of management, Delhi Entrance Test INR 9,65,000 INR 8,10,000
- Fore School of Management, New Delhi Entrance Test INR 3,99,500 INR 10,60,000 

The average fee charged for the course is INR 9,00,000 - 10,00,000 . It can increase or decrease depending on the international and national recognition of College, facilities offered etc.

Number of Job opportunities are available to the individuals with PGDM-IB courses such as Business Analyst, Export Manager, International Finance manager, International Customer Relations Manager and they offer salaries in the range of INR 3,50,000- 16,00,000 or more. 

Other than these careers, graduates in PGDM-IB can also take up a career in research, teaching, advising, consultancy and entrepreneurship.

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What is the PGDM International Business Admission Process?

Admission Process for PGDM International Business is mainly through entrance exams taken by the candidate and academic history. Here are some important points in regards to admission process:

  • People who wish to apply for PGDM-IB are required to appear for entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, CMAT, XAT etc.
  • They are simultaneously required to fill the application forms of the colleges they want to join.
  • Colleges will release their cut off and list of shortlisted candidates.
  • Selected candidates will then appear for Group discussion/ Personal Interview and other tests as per Institute requirement.
  • Candidate will be selected based on his overall performance in the tests, GD and Interviews.

What is the PGDM International Business Eligibility Criteria?

The Eligibility Criteria for PGDM IB are stated below:

  • 50% marks (Equivalent CGPA) or above in class 10th and 12th.
  • Bachelor’s degree with 50% marks (Equivalent CGPA) or above from any recognized university.
  • Some institutes may require an additional condition of work experience to be met for admissions.

What are the Top PGDM International Business Entrance Exams?

Some of the top entrance exams given by candidates to secure admission in PGDM International Business are:

  • CAT: The common admission test is conducted by the IIMs as a mandatory requirement of admitting students in Management Courses at IIMs.
  • MAT: MAT is a mandatory exam to be taken by candidates interested in taking admission in MBA and allied programs.
  • CMAT: It is a national Level Entrance exam for admissions in management programmes in top Business Schools.
  • XAT: XAT is used by more than 160 B-Schools in India for admissions.
Exam Conducting Body Application Date Exam Date
CAT IIM Aug 5 - Sept 23, 2020 Nov 29, 2020
MAT AIMA Nov 23 - 29, 2020 Dec 6, 2020
XAT XLRI Sept 12 - Nov 30, 2020 Jan 3, 2021

How to Prepare for PGDM International Business Entrance Exams?

Here are some tips that will help you strategize for PGDM International Business Entrance Exams:

  • Start with questions you know, divide time between sections, double check the selected answers, don’t give extra time to tricky questions.
  • Time management is very crucial, focus more on sections other than GK, choose questions appropriately.
  • Never ever stick to one question, save difficult questions for the last, do not over stress.

How to Get Admission in Top PGDM International Business Colleges?

PGDM-IB selection process includes simple stages i.e. writing MBA Entrance Exams, filling application form of the respective universities and giving GD-PI and WATs as conducted by the institutions but to get into a good college, various things should be kept in mind.

  • Maintain a good academic record. The minimum criteria for admission is 50% marks (Equivalent CGPA) or above in class 10th and 12th but top business colleges require your best performances in every field, so prepare hard.
  • Get top grades in the bachelor’s programme and show eventual progress in the academic record. Although a min. the requirement of 50% is needed to appear in exams, getting selected requires a lot more.
  • Have relevant work-experience in the field. Although experience is not a mandatory requirement in many business schools, people with good experience and leadership skills are preferred for admissions in management exams.
  • Ace the MBA entrance exams such as CAT, MAT, GMAT, XAT etc. These are compulsory requirements for applying in any management Course.
  • Start preparing in advance for the Group-discussions, Personal Interviews and Written Aptitude Test of the institutes as an excellent performance in these can get you a seat at the MBA College of your choice.

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PGDM International Business : What is it About?

PGDM International Business : What is it About?

The Post Graduate Diploma in International Business is a course aimed at developing the business and managerial skills in the student with the perspective of Global Market.

  • Students under this course learn how the interaction of the Indian market with the international businesses affect each other and how to come up with appropriate solutions to expand the business of their companies across the borders. 
  • This course opens up a number of job opportunities in Banks, Financial Institutions, Investment Companies, International Business Consultancies etc.
  • Students can either work for business dealing with International Operations Management or open their own Consultancy or Businesses after doing this course.

PGDM International Business: Course Highlights

This course gives an edge to the management student over other fields competing in the domestic market.

Course Level Post Graduate Diploma
Full-Form Post Graduate Diploma in Management- International Business
Duration 2 years
Examination Type Semester
Eligibility Bachelor's degree with 50% marks
Admission Process Entrance Test
Course Fee INR 8,00,000 - 25,00,000 
Average Salary INR 12,00,000
Top Recruiting Companies Infosys, Boston Consulting Group, Accenture, FedEx, BlueDart, ONGC, Johnson & Johnson, Microsoft Corporation, Deutsche Bank, Pepsi, Morgan Stanley among others 
Why Study PGDM International Business?

Why Study PGDM International Business?

In today’s world of cut-throat competition, PGDM in IB broadens the opportunities available for the student. Businesses are expanding all over the world and a degree in International Business management comes handy when the jobs are shrinking in our country.

  • Variety of Industries: Students can opt for various specializations and end up in an industry of their choice such as Banks, Financial Institutions, Trade houses, investment companies, international business consultancies and export-import companies, airlines, cargo, global shipping companies etc.
  • Practical knowledge in the Business Field: Students are assigned with industrial case-studies to foster a better understanding of the business environment. Students learn to work under pressure and develop technical knowhow of business and exceptional managerial skills.
  • Entrepreneurship: Number of people want to start their own businesses but fail to do so due to lack of marketing and Business strategies. A course in PGDM-IB equips you to start your own business without worry. Consultancy firms are one viable option.
  • Easy switch to foreign market: Some people want to settle abroad and work. This aspiration becomes a lot achievable with PGDM-IB course since you already have knowledge of managing international operations and business transactions. Thus, it makes switching jobs across countries an easy task.
Course Comparison: PGDM vs PGDM International Business

Course Comparison: PGDM vs PGDM International Business

Post graduate Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in International Business; although similar in nature have minor differences. The similarities and differences of both the courses are discussed below.

PGDM PGDM International Business
To train and produce Future managers To produce managers who can work with companies engaged in International Business Operations
New Course – Introduced 11 years back Old course- introduced 23 years back
More focus is on understanding problems that generate with linking of Indian businesses to the foreign ones. Aimed at developing improved thinking and concept building for improved decision making
Students of PGDM-IB are taught with a perspective of the global environment. Students at PGDM Course are taught generally keeping the corporate world in mind, not necessarily linked to International Business operations.
What are the Top PGDM International Business Colleges?

What are the Top PGDM International Business Colleges?

Number of colleges providing specialization in PGDM-IB courses is few as compared to other management colleges. The selection process for PGDM-IB is similar to any MBA course and requires clearing of MBA entrance Exams. A list of top colleges providing specialization in this field is provided below for your convenience.

India Today Ranking College Name Total Course Fees  Average Placement Package
7 Management Development Institute INR 25,00,000 INR 22,05,000
14 Institute of Management Studies INR 7,95,000 INR 6,00,000 
21 Birla Institute Of Management Technology INR 12,00,000  INR 8,18,000
40 Asia- Pacific Institute of management INR 9,65,000 INR 8,10,000
- Shanti Business School, Ahmedabad - INR 6,00,000
- Fore School of Management INR 3,99,500 INR 10,60,000

PGDM International Business: College Comparison

Various colleges across the country are offering courses in PGDM-IB. Although the institutes are providing specialized courses in the same fields, still minor differences make one college better than the other. Provided below is a comparison of top Business Schools offering courses in PGDM-IB. The comparison is done based on their overall ranking according to India Today, Average Fees for the Course, Average Placement offered, top recruiters and other parameters.

College Management Development Institute, Gurugram Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad Birla Institute Of Management Technology
Rank 7 14 21
Overview Accredited by AMBA, AICTE, NBA Accredited by AICTE and NBA. Accredited by NBA and NAAC (A+)
Average Fees INR 25,00,000 INR 7,95,000 INR 12,00,000
Average Placement INR 22,05,000 INR 6,00,000 INR 8,18,000 
Top Recruiters Hinduja Group, Average Group, Infosys Consulting, JSW Group, McKinsey Digital Colgate, Deloitte, Berger, Airtel, ITC, Kent, Godrej, Amul Infosys, KPMG, Gartner, nielsen, HDFC Bank, Oppo, Marsh, RAK, MOODY’’s Analytics, Panasonic
What is the PGDM International Business Syllabus?

What is the PGDM International Business Syllabus?

A List of the core subjects in term 1 and term 2 of PGDM-IB is provided below while second year is dedicated to the electives:

Semester I Semester II
Organizational Behaviour Human Resource Management
International Economics Digital Marketing
Financial Management  International retail Business
Marketing Management  Strategic Management
Managerial Economics International Marketing 
International Intellectual Property  Management Communication
Business Environment  Data Analysis
Business Communication  Government Ethics and Policy
International Banking and Law  Social- Cultural Management
Business Mathematics Operational Management.
Semester III Semester IV
Electives Electives
What are the PGDM International Business Job Profiles?

What are the PGDM International Business Job Profiles?

Below are some job positions which are bagged by a person pursuing PGDM International Business:

Job Profile Job Description Average Annual Salary 
Business Analyst Understand the changes in business processes and convey its benefits to all the stakeholders INR 3,50,000
Export Manager To manage the international shipments and ensure that they comply to the laws of the governing authority INR 5,00,000 
International Finance Manager Managing Activities such as accounting operations, grants management, donor and management reporting, budget planning and monitoring, financial analysis and forecasting etc. for the designated client INR 14,00,000 
Campaign Manager They devise and run marketing campaigns for companies INR 8,00,000
International Customer Relations Manager Helping in building strong and long term relations with clients. Also addressal of customer complaints comes under their responsibility INR 3,00,000 
Product Manager Devise the process of product release and coordinate all activities for launching a product in the market INR 16,00,000
International Marketing Manager Responsible for increasing the market share and profits of their company. INR 4,78,000
Sales Manager Responsibilities include hiring of team members, leading the sales team, overseeing their performance and developing processes for driving sales. INR 5,00,000
What are the PGDM International Business Future Scope

What are the PGDM International Business Future Scope

As we know from the statistics above that the students in PGDM-IB have a number of job opportunities available to them. Recruiters from big companies hire these students for several managerial posts. But this course also offers further options post PGDM in international business, which is discussed below:

  • Research Organizations: Doing a PGDM-IB course doesn’t mean you can’t go into the research field. Even the research organizations are in need of management students who can work with them as business analysts or Business Analytical experts.
  • Advisor/ Business Consultant: This option is more exciting due to the fact that you can work with companies either as full-time consultants or can provide guidance outwardly as experts.
  • Teacher: one of the least mentioned career options is that of a teacher. But some people have a genuine passion for teaching and such passions should be taken forward. With PGDM-IB, you have both the option of either teaching at a business school or at a coaching facility preparing students for MBA exams.
  • Entrepreneurship: PGDM-IB course develops the analytical skills of students and instils in them Managerial and Leadership skills. These are a prerequisite for starting any successful business.
PGDM International Business: FAQs

PGDM International Business: FAQs

Ques. Can the final year students also apply for PGDM-IB?

Ans. Yes, they can provide they can furnish their graduation proofs latest by 1/10/21

Ques. If there is any Company Sponsored Category, Does the company Sponsored Candidate need to send some document?

Ans. Yes, they need to download the required form from the website, fill it up and get it signed by the Company Head and send it to the institutes.

Ques. Is there any management Quota available?

Ans. Not all the admissions are done on the basis of merit.

Ques. What is the admission process of PGDM-IB?

Ans. Appear for MBA entrance exams/ fill online application forms of desired institutes and give a written aptitude test, GD-PI of the institutes.

Ques. What were the cut-offs of PGDM-IB last year at FORE Institute to get a call for the selection Process?

Ans. The cut offs for PGDM IB are CAT: 79, XAT: 81, GMAT: 600.

Ques. How is PGDM-IB course in ITM, Mumbai?

Ans .It is good with much needed industry exposure, decent infrastructure and good placement record.

Ques. What is the difference between PGDM and PGDM-IB Course in KJ SIMSR? 

Ans. PGDM is an older course with one year study in General Management and second year for specialization in a field of your choice. PGDM-IB course is designed keeping in mind the needs and requirements of International Business Operations and management.

Ques. What are the placements of PGDM-IB Course in BIMTECH?

Ans. It is quite good. Average package offered is INR 8,10,000 and average package offered to top 100 students is above INR 11,00,000.

Ques. Which is better- Fore PGDM-IB or TAPMI PGDM?

Ans. Fore, because it provides more exposure and gives better returns

Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] (International Business) : 7 answered questions


Ques. What are the placements in BIMTECH Noida for PGDM-IB program?

● Top Answer By Karishma Khatri on 23 Feb 21

Ans. If you are enrolling with BIMTECH, you should not worry about the placement opportunities as this institute will make sure to provide you with the best possible placement training and assistance.   The students are offered specializations in finance, marketing, and operations. The ambience and infrastructure act to its advantage and provide a rich exposure in terms of both quantity and quality.  The placement statistics of BIMTECH are pretty decent. The average CTC (batch 2018-20) offered to the students of the PGDM International Business (IB) program was INR 8.21 lakh.  For the 2018-20 batch, the overall package was:  The highest domestic package offered was 18 LPA by Amazon  The highest International package offered was 23 LPA by Landmark Inc. Dubai  The average package of the top 100 students was above 11 LPA.  If you are serious about your career, your hard work will definitely get a payoff at BIMTECH.  Points to consider about BIMTECH’s placement:  BIMTECH has seen a 12% increase in the domestic package and a 15% increase in the International package which is again a good increase in percentage.  By the mid of December 2019, 50+ companies had completed their recruitment process. This indicates that many recruiters visit BIMTECH with the trust to recruit talented aspirants.  Also, you would like to know that recruiters frequently appreciate the analytical skills of BIMTECH students. Some of the top recruiters at BIMTECH are Amazon, Voltas, SBI, Aditya Birla Group of Industries, etc.  To sum up, BIMTECH is quite decent and efficient when it comes to providing placement opportunities to its students.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How is BIMTECH Noida's international business management?

● Top Answer By Laxmi Rout on 23 Feb 21

Ans. BIMTECH’s PGDM-International Business is quite good. The program curriculum includes management simulation assignments, presentations, short-term live projects, case studies, quizzing, panel discussion, fieldwork, management games, and industrial visit.  The faculty at BIMTECH is highly-educated and student-friendly.  The duration of this course is 2 years. This programme offers specialization in Marketing, Finance, and Operations. According to your area of interest, you can choose your subjects. Some of them would be Business Innovation & Growth Strategy, International Strategic Management, Geopolitics & Global Risk Analysis, International Trade Operations, Foreign Language-II (Chinese/French/German), and more. The primary features of PGDM in the International Business program are:  Well-designed course content  Regular industry interface  Research projects  Foreign language  Industrial and Port visit  To ensure successful course completion, they have set some programme level goals.  Categories BIMTECH Highest Domestic package 18 LPA Highest International package 23 LPA Top 50 students had received above 11.12 LPA Top 100 students had received above 10.03 LPA Top 200 students had received above 9.36 LPA Average CTC for PGDM in International Business 8.18 LPA (Batch 2018-20) Overall, you will get the opportunity and complete exposure to get placed in leading global companies.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is the MBA IB program of the Delhi School of Economics (DSE)?

● Top Answer By Megha Rohilla on 05 Sept 20

Ans. Delhi School of Economics or DSE is one of India’s premier public universities in India. The brand name is internationally recognized. Given below is a brief overview of the program. Course Name MBA - International Business Eligibility  Bachelor's degree with 50% or above Exams Accepted CAT Selection Group Discussion, Personal Interview Course Fee INR 30,392 Placement Percentage 100% Highest Salary Package 26 LPA Average Salary Package 14 LPA Recruiting Companies Zee Media, Genpact, Infosys, Google, TCS, Mckinsey and Company, Boston Consulting Group, Merrill Lynch and co., Accenture, Deloitte. Listed below are some more factors to learn more about the program:  ROI: The institute has a high ROI as the course fee is only INR 30,392 and the average CTC is 14 LPA. It also has an added advantage of being located near the industrial hub, Delhi NCR.  Alumni Base: Although the MIB course has recently (2014) changed to MBA(IB), the course has a legacy of more than 30 years. The institute has a large alumni base placed across various domains of management in renowned MNCs.  Academics: DSE has a dedicated group of highly talented faculty. Most of the faculty members have their own PhDs. The course curriculum is updated with recent industry trends. Also, the institute has a unique student-run system, where every industry visit, guest lectures, seminars are organized by students.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How good is KJ Somaiya for MBA in Finance and International Business?

● Top Answer By Asmita Khandelwal on 04 Sept 20

Ans. It must be noted that Finance is a specialization in KJ Somaiya whereas, International Business (IB) is a course. However, the institute has impressive academics and placement records for both domains. As the institute is situated in Mumbai, Maharashtra, the financial capital of the country students receive ample opportunities in the Finance sector. Banking & Insurance and Financial Services are among the top recruiting sectors.  The placement statistics of 2019-20 reveals the placement percentage in different sectors was as follows. Banking & Insurance 31% IT 20% Financial Services 16% Manufacturing & FMCG 13% Consulting 10% Conglomerate 10% The top esteemed recruiters at the institute are Cognizant, Google, Dell, Amazon, PwC, Puma, Canon, Deloitte, Oracle, and many more. The average CTC was around 10.08 LPA. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What should I choose between SIBM Bangalore and BIMTECH PGDM-IB? How are the placements for the same?

● Top Answer By Dhruv Kaushik on 04 Sept 20

Ans. BIMTECH’s PGDM in International Business is its flagship program. Admission is done through CAT/ XAT/ GMAT followed by further scrutinization via BIMTECH WAT and personal interviews. The two-year program offers students the specializations in International trade, Marketing, Finance and Operations.  MBA in HR is the flagship program of SIBM Bangalore, ranked among top 50 B-Schools in the country. There are various specializations offered under PGDM such as HR, Business Analytics, Operations Management, Financial Management. The international collaborations with universities from countries like France, USA, Germany help improve global outlook and earn recognition at the global platform. Tabulated below is a brief overview of both institutes: SIBM-B BIMTECH ESTABLISHED 2008 1988 RANKING 50-100 47 FEES 14.50 LACS 11.50 LACS TOTAL SEATS 300+ 400+ AVERAGE PACKAGE 9.80 LPA 11 LPA Placement Statistics: SIBM Bangalore 200+ companies participated in the recruitment process, top recruiters were ITC, JP Morgan, Dell, Bloomberg, DHL Deloitte, Atkins Global, Fitsource, H&M offered roles in the field of Talent acquisition, Training and Management, Organisational Transformation. Average CTC increased to 9.79 LPA last year Highest domestic CTC at offer was 26.8 LPA while highest international CTC was 70 LPA 100+ companies took part in the summer internship drives offering highest stipend of 1.6 lacs and average stipend of 47k Highest recruitments were made by the FMCG sector (26%), followed by Consultancy (24%) and BFSI (23%) BIMTECH Average placement rate has been over 90% Highest international CTC offered was 23 LPA while that of domestic was 18 LPA Amongst the 100+ companies took part in the recruitment process, Landmark Home Centre, BigBasket, Oppo, KPMG, Amazon were the top recruiters BFSI and IT& Operations were highest recruiting sectors with 24% and 19% of the total recruitments respectivelyRead more
1 Answer

Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] (International Business) Fee Structure in India

1.26 L (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES7.14 L  (Maximum Fee)
4.20 L (Average Fee)
45 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES25 L (Maximum Fee)
6.11 L (Average Fee)

Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] (International Business) Fee Structure By state

Delhi NCR

1.26 L
45 KPrivate COLLEGES25 L
6.13 L



Post Graduate Diploma in Management [PGDM] (International Business) Colleges IN INDIA

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9.43 L first year fees
15.98 L Total fees
12 L Total fees
9.65 L Total fees
4.55 L first year fees
12.9 L first year fees
ITM Business School Kharghar - [ITM]
Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra
4.95 L first year fees