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What is PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM)?

What is PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM)?

PGDMM or Post Graduate Diploma Marketing Management (PGDMM) is a course that mainly focuses on the betterment of a student in the marketing field. Marketing management is entirely focused on the practical application of marketing techniques and management of an organization’s resources and activities. 

Note: Students who wish to pursue their education in Management field or get a career boost, can check MBA course.

This course improvises a student’s abilities and helps to develop their skills. This course gives them a vast knowledge on how to be better marketing managers in the future and helps them to ace in this field. Students are acquainted with some marketing strategies and techniques. They are taught to work in a team and to adjust with changes or in any other circumstances.

PGDMM is a master degree programme which is for 2 years. Any student who has completed their higher secondary and their graduation is eligible to do this course. Students are required to give an entrance exam in order to get admission for this course in any institution. Some of these entrance exams are  CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, SNAP, etc. 
The average fee for this course in different colleges is between INR 4 to 20 Lacs. The subjects taught in this course are Economics, Finance, Human Resource Management, Information System, Marketing, operations management, strategy area and general management. Different elective subjects are offered under these subjects according to the interest of the students.

College Name Admission Process Average Annual Fees
Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi Entrance Exam INR 8.25 lacs
Indian Institute of Management (IIMC, Kolkata), Kolkata Entrance Exam INR 22.2 lacs
Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur Entrance Exam INR 23.6 Lacs
Management Development Institute (MDI, Gurgaon), Gurgaon Entrance Exam INR 23.58 Lacs

Candidates are furnished with theoretical and practical training in order to improve their skills so that they do not face any difficulty while running the marketing branch of an organization. This course also includes the study of broad market research.

Some programs include the study of internet technologies, social networking, etc. which is used by an organization for marketing products and services. This course is for those students who need to increase their experience and involvement and to develop skill for working with other marketing managers.

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Some of the most important things taught in this course are Market Research and Analysis, Selling, Pricing, Advertising, Product Designing, Presentation and Communication.

Students may also turn towards an MBA Course which offers better MBA Salary with more opportunities and job prospects. Students may be interested in MBA Marketing or other MBA Courses. 

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Course Highlights

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Course Highlights

Course Level Post-graduation
Full-Form Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management
Duration 2 year long
Examination type Semester System
Eligibility Bachelor’s degree
Admission Process Entrance Exam
Course Fee INR 4 to 20 lacs
Average Salary INR 3 to 9 lacs
Top Recruiting Companies Exim, Al Futtaim Kaybee, Sony, KOJ Establishment, Ranbaxy Fine Chemicals India, SEA, Al Ghanim, Spencer’s Retail Ltd India, Avalon Consulting, RAK Bank, Strategic Foods, etc.
Job Positions Associate Professor, Management Trainee, Zonal Business Manager, Consultant, Assistant Manager, Relationship Manager Marketing Communication Manager, Business Process Analyst, Sales Operations Associate, Demand Supply Advisor, etc.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Eligibility

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Eligibility

The eligibility criteria for PG Diploma in Marketing Management are mentioned below:

  • A student needs to complete their higher secondary and then their graduation or bachelor’s degree from a college.
  • They need to have a minimum of 50% aggregate.
  • Any SC/ST candidates can avail 5% relaxation on the admission cut-off.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Admission Process

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Admission Process

The admission process for the course of Post Graduate Diploma in marketing Management comes in three steps, which are as follows:

  • The very first step to get admission for this course is to give an entrance exam which can be given on paper as well as online and after that the result of the entrance exam is out.
  • On the basis of the result, students are called in for group discussion as well as personal interview. Some colleges even conduct an essay writing test before the group discussion and the personal interview.
  • After the personal interview, a student is offered to take admission in that college, on the basis of their overall performance.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Entrance Exams

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Entrance Exams

An entrance exam is an important aspect of this Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management course. The admission in institutions is based on the result of the entrance exams. After the results of these entrance exams a student is called in for group discussion and personal interview. A student’s overall performance confirms whether he will get admission in an institution or not. The most common entrance exam for this course is CAT, and some others are GMAT, XAT, MAT.

Entrance Exam Application Period Exam Date
CAT August 4- September 18, 2020 November 29, 2020
GMAT The whole year After the registration, it is conducted as peer your selected date
XAT August 23, 2020- November 30, 2020 January 5, 2021
MAT May 18 to June 30, 2020 May 25 to July 05, 2020

How to Prepare for the Entrance Exam?

A student can prepare for these entrance exams in two ways: firstly, by self-studying with right study material and secondly by joining a coaching institution. The following steps may help you in preparing for the exam:

  • Check the syllabus for the entrance exam.
  • Decide how you will prepare by self-study or coaching.
  • Make a time table for studying and an exam time table and follow it strictly.
  • Get the best books, study materials, etc.
  • Take mock tests to check how prepared you are and to improve.

The question paper consists of three parts:

  • Verbal ability and reading comprehension
  • Data interpretation and logical reasoning
  • Quantitative ability

How to Get Admission in a Good College?

Nowadays, it is really hard to get admission in a good college. But there are various ways in which you can get admission in a good college:

  • In order to get admission in a good college for the course PGDM a candidate must brush up their skills Market Research and Analysis, Selling, Pricing, Advertising, Product Designing, Presentation, Communication.
  • A candidate should have enough intelligence qualification and should be aware of general knowledge at the same time. They must have good grades.
  • Candidates should be able to think critically and reason logically. They should at the same time be able to think creatively and have keen interest in the popular culture, media and technology revolving around the same.
  • A candidate must meet all the eligibility criteria properly and be prepared for any circumstance.
  • A candidate must not delay on the admission fees otherwise they may lose their allotted seat as we all know how much competition there is for these seats in engineering college.
  • Key details of how to get admission and what all to keep in mind
  • Essential details, other than the entrance exam, that should be considered while applying for the course.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Syllabus

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Syllabus

The syllabus of PGD in Marketing  Management divided into semester are mentioned below:

Semester I Semester II
  • Consumer Behavior
  • Fundamentals of Management Accounting
  • Business Communication
  • Research Methodology
  • Principles & Practices of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Managerial Economics
  • Indian Economics Environment
  • Market Research
  • Sales Management & Personal Selling
  • Services Marketing
  • Retail Marketing
  • Distribution Management & Logistics
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Field work + SPSS
Semester III Semester IV
  • Virtual Marketing
  • Project Work
  • Marketing Communication
  • Laws related to Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Financial services marketing
  • Retail operations management
  • Foreign Language
  • Entrepreneurship development
  • Industrial marketing
  • Brand marketing
  • Strategic marketing
  • Direct marketing
  • Foreign language
  • Rural marketing
  • Agricultural marketing
  • Brand management

The Important Books for PGDMM along with the name of the author are mentioned below:

Book Name Author Name
Management (Text and Cases) V.S.P. Rao & V Hari Krishna
Business Communication Today Bovee, Thill & Chaturvedi
Operations Management: Theory and Practices Mahadevan
Organization Behavior Stephen P. Robbins, Timothy A. Judge & Seema Sanghi
Production and Operations Management E.E. Adam and R.J. Ebert
Essentials of Management: An International Perspective Koontz & Weihrich
Contemporary Management Gareth R. Jones & Jennifer M. George
Macroeconomics R. Glenn Hubbard
Financial Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis Ashok Banerjee
Human Resource Management John Ivancevich
International Financial Management Thummuluri Siddaiah
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Top Colleges

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Top Colleges

The colleges that offer PGD in Marketing Management along with the admission process, fees and salary are mentioned below:

College Name Admission Process Average Annual Fees Average Placement Offer
Fortune Institute of International Business (FIIB), New Delhi Entrance Exam INR 8.25 lacs INR 19.43 Lacs per annum
Indian Institute of Management (IIMC, Kolkata), Kolkata Entrance Exam INR 22.2 lacs INR 25.40 Lacs per annum
Xavier Labour Relations Institute (XLRI), Jamshedpur Entrance Exam INR 23.6 Lacs INR 30 Lacs per annum
Management Development Institute (MDI, Gurgaon), Gurgaon Entrance Exam INR 23.58 Lacs INR 40.79 Lacs per annum
FMS, DU Entrance Exam INR 10,000 INR 20.20 Lacs per month
ICFAI Business School Entrance Exam INR 6,25,000 INR 18.78 Lacs Per Month
Christ University Entrance Exam INR 1,53,000 INR 47.20 Lacs per month
Department of Management Studies Entrance Exam INR 4,00,000 INR 17.86 Lacs per month
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies Entrance Exam INR 7,85,000 INR 21.50 Lacs per month
Institute of Management Studies Entrance Exam INR 1,99,000 INR 32.50 Lacs per month
Why Study PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM)?

Why Study PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM)?

The advantages of studying PGD in Marketing Management are mentioned below :

  • Professional Growth: The course of PGDM focuses on theoretical concepts and practical learning based on the latest needs of the industry. This course helps in developing the managerial skills as well as industrial skills which prepares you for the better future for your career. Some colleges offer guest lecturing given by industry experts, CEOs, etc. which overall helps in the growth of the students.
  • Choice of Specialization: students are usually shortlisted on the basis of their expertise in a field. While taking admission in an institution for this course, it is mandatory to choose a specialization by the candidates as per their interest. Therefore, this course expands the scope of your career, and it opens ups various career options increasing the chances of their employability.
  • Increased Employability: Nowadays, an organization seeks good skills along with degrees. As this course is designed as independent of the theories and traditional books, the students get more room for developing their skills which eventually increases the possibility of employability.
  • Industry-centric Course: As we know this course is based on the latest needs of the industry, it is more learner- oriented. This course does not solely teach theoretical concepts but also practical and useful approaches.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Course Comparison

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Course Comparison

The comparison between PGDM vs MBA are mentioned in the table below:

Course type Diploma Degree
Syllabus Formulated by the institutes individually and may differ from college to college Formulated by the university and can be same in different colleges
Focus of the course Focuses on technical aspects Focuses on practical marketing skills
Expenses INR INR 7.5 to 20 lacs p.a.
Impact on your career This course focuses solely on marketing and on aspects related to market This course focuses on all market as well as business related aspects.
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Scope

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Scope

The students pursuing the course of Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management [PGDMM] can have various scope in the future. They can be assigned very respected jobs. Some of them are Marketing Manager, Area Sales Manager, Business Development Executive, Business Development Manager, Regional Sales Manager, Market Research Analyst, Brand Manager, Media Planning, etc.

Students who graduate by pursuing this course can find various opportunities in Public Sector Undertakings. Some students also give some government exams like UPSC and SSC. Usually people in marketing are responsible for creating very impactful strategies.

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) Jobs

A good course of Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management can help a student in getting a nice and respectable job in both public and private sector. This course has various career options. You can be an entrepreneur, a consultant or a freelancer as well. A good course will make sure you are skilled enough to get any job and valuable enough for any organization. A student can even appear for government exams like SSC and UPSC.

Job profiles with description

The job roles that are on offer after studying PGD in Marketing Management are mentioned below:

Name of Job Profile Description of what roles does the particular person has to play Average salary in INR
Associate Professor The academic discipline and teaching responsibilities are looked after by an Associate Professor. They are given this responsibility as suitable by them and the job is designed to help the needs of a department of college as well as to support them. INR 5 to 6 lacs
Consultant The job of a consultant is mainly to help an organization in terms of advice in order to increase the profitability, operations, management structure as well as strategies. Also they are in charge of expertise in the above stated fields. INR 8 to 9 lacs
Marketing Manager The job of a Marketing Manager is to manage the marketing department of an organization. They help in creating, developing and executing the marketing strategies in order to catch potential customers as well as to retain the existing ones and they also help in increasing profitability. INR 6 to 7 lacs
PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) FAQ

PGD in Marketing Management (PGDMM) FAQ

Ques: How many types of marketing are there?

Ans: There are four types of marketing. These include Cause Marketing, Relationship Marketing, Scarcity Marketing, and Undercover marketing.

Ques: What marketing is all about?

Ans: Marketing Management refers to the proper management of activities that relates to the marketing world. This means that you will organize, plan, direct, and control all the activities involved in the field of marketing.

Ques: Name the ten marketing activities?

Ans: Here are the ten marketing activities:

  • Data Collections
  • Content Management and creation
  • Targeting users and retaining them.
  • Activation programs
  • Collection of reviews.
  • Birthday wishes messages
  • Sales emails
  • PreSales emails
  • PostSales emails.

Ques: Name the two main types of marketing.

Ans: Consumer Marketing and Business-To-Business Marketing are the two main types of marketing.

Ques: Name the 7-P formula of marketing?

Ans: Product, Price, Promotion, Place, Packaging, Positioning, and People are the seven Ps of marketing.

Ques: How much does it cost to take up distance learning course in Marketing Management?

Ans: 10,000 to 15,000 INR.

Ques: What’s the eligibility criteria to join this course?

Ans: 50 percent in your 10+2 board exam.

Ques: How much can you earn per annum if you take up this course?

Ans: You can earn up to 5 to 10 lacs per annum if you are taking up course?

Ques: What’s the duration of this course?

Ans: 2 years.

Ques: Name a few job profiles that I can apply after graduation.

Ans: Marketing Executive, Social Media Manager, Marketing Manager, Associate Professor, and Marketing Consultant are a few job profiles that you can apply for after completing the course.

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management [PGDMM] : 8 answered questions


Ques. Is it advisable to leave your 6-LPA job and join IMT Ghaziabad marketing PGDM?

● Top Answer By Debdeep Majumder on 09 Mar 21

Ans. Well, the answer is always a big yes; however, one of my friends has told me about the promising scenarios, considering this question. The followings are the list of that possible synopsis. Suppose a student got a job offer with 6 LPA CTC (although he or she is a fresher and has an upright educational background). It will be better if they try again to get an opportunity to study in good IIMs. Suppose a student has several years of experience, approximately 3 years, and has a good educational score. But he or she is not interested to do MBA in ongoing years, then it will be better if they try to get admission in IIMS, or else they can take admission in IMT. Besides, if the student is not satisfied with the job he or she gets and is interested in a marketing profile, they can grab the opportunity to join IMT. If the student wants to get knowledge in marketing and sales profile, obviously, they join IMT. One thing should always be remembered that the student has to hard work to achieve his or her ultimate goals, and then they will definitely get a good hike in their previous salary.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which college is best for MBA/PGDM in marketing amongst BIMM Pune, MNIT Jaipur, BIT Mesra and IMS Ghaziabad?

● Top Answer By Praver Katyal on 18 Jan 21

Ans. You can judge for yourself, which is the best college for an MBA based on certain parameters.  Deciding Factors: Some of these parameters are as follows. College ranking in India Competition for admission Cutoff required Syllabus and the project time duration Industry interface  MoUs and international collaborations Top recruiters in the campus placement Past placement record CTC offered yearly from maximum to minimum Comparison: A brief comparison between BIMM Pune, MNIT Jaipur, BIT Mesra, and IMS Ghaziabad is given below.  Category BIMM Pune MNIT Jaipur BIT Mesra  IMS Ghaziabad Ranking 11th Times B- School 2020 71st by NIRF 2020 85th by NIRF 2020 14th Times B-School Average CTC 6 LPA 4.66 LPA 4.5 LPA 6 LPA Highest CTC 14 LPA 5.79 LPA 10.2 LPA 16.5 LPA Top recruiters  Andhra Bank, Bluestar, Britannia, Dabur, Deloitte Goldman Sachs, Walmart, Salesforce, Accenture,  TATA AIG, Bandhan Bank, ICICI Bank, Prism Johnson, ICICI Prudential Deloitte, Federal Bank, ITC, Ernest and Young, ICICI Group Entrance CAT/MAT/XAT CAT/MAT/XAT CAT/MAT/XAT CAT/MAT/XAT CAT cutoff 70 percentile - 40 percentile 75 percentile Fees Rs. 8.75 lakhs Rs. 3.18 lakhs Rs. 5.54 lakhs Rs. 7.95 lakhs All the colleges are good for an MBA and have something unique to offer. Based on the given information, you can decide which college meets your needs and preferences.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better, TAPMI PGDM core or IMT Nagpur marketing?

● Top Answer By Akanksha Gupta on 05 Jan 21

Ans. IMT Nagpur Marketing is the better choice as the faculty is great and the institute offers good placement opportunities. Faculty:  According to the student reviews the marketing faculty is great at IMT Nagpur for every subject of marketing like brand marketing, rural marketing, service marketing.  Placement: TAPMI offers good placement overall, however, for the marketing domain, IMT Nagpur is better. At IMT Nagpur for the 2020 batch, the highest package offered was 16 LPA and the average package was 7.94 LPA. A total of 90 companies visited for the recruitment process. Most of the offers that were made were for marketing. Marketing had 44% function-wise offers. Although PGDM Core at TAPMI has good placement and academics. If you have an interest in marketing you should definitely choose IMT Nagpur.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is better IMT Ghaziabad PGDM (marketing) or IMI Delhi PGDM?

● Top Answer By Sahil Sachdeva on 11 Nov 20

Ans. IMT Ghaziabad is known for its excellence in management studies. It ranks 37th in the management category by NIRF 2020. It has a faculty strength of 66 members. It offers PGDM degrees in Marketing, Finance, Dual Country, Banking and Financial Services and Executive. IMI Delhi is one of the 5 Business schools in India to receive accreditation from the very agency, AMBA. It ranks 27th among management institutes in India by NIRF 2020. It offers PGDM degrees in Human Resource Management and Banking and Financial Services. Tabulated below is a brief overview of the both institutions: Categories IMT Ghaziabad IMI Delhi Placement Percentage 53% 80% Highest CTC 34 LPA 20.7 LPA Average CTC 13.7 LPA 13 LPA Placements  IMT Ghaziabad  179 companies participated in the placement program. 12 were international offers. The median salary package offered was 11 LPA. The recruiting companies include Adobe, AgroTech, Absolut Data, E&Y, Fidelity, Genpact, HSBC, Honeywell, Reliance, Trident, Virtusa, Infosys, etc. IMI Delhi More than 100 companies participated in the placement program. 308 students were recruited. The top recruiting companies include Google, Deloitte, Wipro, Capgemini, Mindtree, Barclays, Aditya Birla Capital, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Goldman Sachs, E&Y, KPMG, Sony Pictures, Asian Paints and many more. Admission  IMT Ghaziabad  The Admission Process of IMT Ghaziabad has 3 stages after students get selected through their CAT, XAT and GMAT scores. This will be followed by Critical Thinking (CI), Group Exercise (GE) and Personal Interview (PI). The final selection will be based on the student’s collective performance in CI, GE, PI and Valid entrance exam scores. IMI Delhi  The Admission Process of IMI Delhi also has 3 stages after the CAT and GMAT scores are determined. It will be followed by a written test, a personal interview and an extempore round. The final selection will depend on the performance of the students in all these exams and the CAT and GMAT. Faculty  IMT Ghaziabad  They have a faculty strength of 66 members. They are well qualified and most of them have great industry experience. Marketing Management has the highest number of professors, followed by Finance. IMI Delhi Their faculty includes 42 members, most of them being Ph.D. holders. They have 3 visiting faculty for Strategy and General Management. They also have 1 adjunct faculty member for Strategy and General Management. Both the institutes are reputed in India. IMI Delhi though has a higher placement record than IMT Ghaziabad. If location is not your primary concern you can opt for IMI Delhi for the postgraduate diploma course in management.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How do I get into XLRI for MBA in marketing?

● Top Answer By Abhijeet Singh on 10 Nov 20

Ans. XLRI is a well-reputed university known for its management courses all across the country. NIRF ranked it at #9 in the management category, The Week at #4, and India Today at #3 for its MBA Course. The PGDM courses offered by this university have a dedicated focus on marketing and international business. PGDM for General Management Program and Business Management have Marketing Management as one of their main subjects. Below mentioned are some of the highlights of the PGDM for Marketing courses offered by XLRI: Particulars PGDM – General Management Program (GMP) PGDM – Business Management (BM) Fees INR 20,95,000 INR 23,06,000 Entrance Criteria UG Degree & XAT/GMAT UG Degree & XAT/GMAT Duration 1 Year 3 Months 2 Years Total Seats 120 360 Admission and Entrance Criteria: General Management Program (GMP): The students seeking admission in the General Management Program of XLRI must have a UG Degree in the relevant discipline and a full-time job experience of 5 years. Business Management (BM): For admission in BM and HRM programs, students must have passed 3 years of Bachelor’s Degree exams from an AICTE recognized university and should have a work experience of 3 years. XLRI accepts XAT or GMAT as its entrance exams for its PGDM programs, where the candidates are shortlisted based on their sectional and overall scores. The cut-off for XAT first round in the recent examinations was 96. Further, the selected candidates are required to undergo the GD and PI rounds, based on these rounds the final admissions are granted. Tips for Preparation: The percentile in XAT exam is calculated based on three major sections VALR, QADI, and DM. So one should concentrate on these three sections while preparing for XAT. It is essential to prepare as per the proper XAT pattern and indulge in as many mock tests as possible. Try to solve as many sample tests as possible in real time as time management is a key issue. For GD & PI round, hone your communication skills and surf the web for previously asked topics to prepare accordingly. Campus Placement: Average placement rate has been around 90% Highest CTC offered was 48 LPA Average salary offered was 22.6 LPA Some of the leading recruiters are Accenture strategy, Dell, HCL, Amazon and Axis Bank XLRI being an old and one of the most reputed institutes of the country is also ranked as the best private management college by various surveys. Getting into any college matters on how well prepared one is and how diligently the individual has worked for it. It is on the individual to carefully scrutinise the course in a particular college and then decide.Read more
1 Answer

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management [PGDMM] Fee Structure in India

3 K (Minimum Fee)PUBLIC COLLEGES25.75 K  (Maximum Fee)
11.01 K (Average Fee)
3.20 K (Minimum Fee)Private COLLEGES8 L (Maximum Fee)
3.50 L (Average Fee)

Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management [PGDMM] Fee Structure By state

Uttar Pradesh

8.30 K
8.40 KPrivate COLLEGES7.95 L
4.51 L



Post Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management [PGDMM] Colleges IN INDIA

View All
14.5 K first year fees
St. Joseph's College
Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu
Dibrugarh University
Dibrugarh, Assam
52.38 K first year fees
7.95 L Total fees
2.58 L first year fees
ITM Business School
Warangal, Telangana
2.7 L first year fees
Sardar Patel University - [SPU]
Vallabh Vidyanagar, Gujarat
68.14 K first year fees