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Web designers and developers are high in demand due to the rise in online and e-commerce sectors worldwide. Web designers create and maintain the performance and capacity of a website. US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% growth rate in employment opportunities for a web designer, which is higher than any other occupation.

The scope of web designing is increasing due to the rise in mobile devices, hence more web designers are in demand to create mobile-friendly websites. Around 14,300 job openings for web designers are projected each year.

Web designing courses are available as short-term Certification Courses, Diploma Courses, UG courses, PG Courses and PG diploma Courses. Novices can undertake various Web Designing Courses for Beginners. There are a number of Free Online Web Designing Courses that are available online from different websites such as Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare, Alison and many more. There are many Youtube Channels for Web Designing Courses that offer guidance in web designing.

An entry-level web designer earns INR 196,000 per annum in India. With few years of work experience, the salary can go up to INR 6,00,000 per annum.

Table of Contents
  1. What are Web Designing Courses?
  2. Who can Pursue Web Designing Courses?
  3. When to do Web Designing Courses?
  4. Types of Web Designing Courses

4.1 Certificate Courses

4.2 Diploma Courses

4.3 Bachelor Courses

4.4 Master Courses

  1. Top Web Designing Softwares

5.1 Wordpress

5.2 Wix

5.3 Adobe Dreamweaver

5.4 Web Flow

5.5 InVision

  1. Skills Required for Web Designing Courses

6.1 Creativity

6.2 Knowledge of software

6.3 Knowledge of Colour Theory

6.4 Skills in Visual Design

6.5 Knowledge of Typography

6.6 Eye For detail

6.7 Time Management

  1. Top Web Designing Courses Online

7.1 Udemy

  1. Top Web Designing Colleges in India

8.1 Delhi

8.2 Mumbai

8.3 Bangalore

8.4 Kolkata

  1. Web Designing Course Syllabus

9.1 Recommended Books

  1. Scope of Web Designing Courses

10.1 Job Profiles

10.2 Top Recruiters

10.3 Salary on Basis of Experience

  1. Web Designing Courses: FAQs

What are Web Designing Courses? 

The web design courses equip the aspirants with skills to develop, design and maintain websites in such a way so that it remains appealing to the users. The courses allow the users to learn server programming so that they are able to create a dynamic website.

The web designers work very closely with the SEO specialist, marketing team, content writer, and other experts to improve the graphics, user interface of the website and find a way to improve session timing and bounce rate of the websites.

US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% growth rate of the web design industry, which is much faster than the average growth rate of any other industry in the present years.

Median Pay (2020) INR 56,28,856 per year
Entry-Level Education Associate Degree
Work Experience None
Number of Jobs (2019) 174,300
Job Growth Rate (2019-2029) 8%
Number of Jobs to Increase (2019-2029) 14,000

The following are the reasons as in why web designing courses are important:

  • High Demand: With the massive increase in internet consumption the different websites compete with each other with more or less the same contents.A viewer will leave the web page if the websites fails to impress them. Thus, good web designer are always in demand
  • Good opportunities: The web designer has massive opportunities to pursue a wide variety of job profiles such as web designer, application developers, web design instructors, website programers and many more.
  • Robust career growth: The IT industry in India is expected to grow by 2.3 % in 2020-21. Thus, the web designers would have sustainable income and steady growth opportunities. In India a web designer earns an average salary of INR 280,000 per annum.
  • Opportunities to learn: The IT industry is continuously changing and thus it provides the we designer with opportunities to learn new softwares and improve career competencies 

Who can pursue Web designing courses? 

The web designing course eligibility criteria for the across different level has been discussed in the following section:

  • Certificate Course: The eligibility criteria for the certificate courses are that the candidates must pass their 12th or equivalent exam and should have basic knowledge about software.
  • Online courses: Anyone with the basic knowledge of english and computer science can pursue these courses.
  • Diploma Courses: Candidates must obtain a minimum of 50% marks in their 12th and equivalent exam to pursue diploma in web design course.
  • Undergraduate courses: Aspirants with at least 50% marks in their 12th exam can pursue UG courses in Web designing. In some cases they need to clear an entrance exam.
  • Post Graduate: Candidates who have completed their graduation from a recognised university are eligible to pursue PG courses in Web designing.

Apart from these courses the candidates may take other courses that are similar to the web designing courses. For example, IIT Roorkee has launched an online certification course on Full Stack Web development. 

UPES has launched an interesting course in MBA domain, i.e MBA in Digital Business Web design and Development. It allows the students a focused view on print and internet branding of accompanies. It uses the concepts of Digital Marketing in the design and development of websites.

Check out: MBA course.

When to do Web Designing Courses?

The courses should be pursued by candidates who have interest in:

  • Starting their career as a freelance web designer. The candidates can start their own business as an entrepreneur and develop web contents for different clients.
  • Aspirants of the courses are people who wish to learn cutting edge technology about website development, website aesthetics, graphical design and many more.
  • The courses can be pursued by IT professionals who are working as quality analysts, system support and testing can take up the courses to complete their translation as a website developer.
  • This course can also be taken by non IT professionals who aspire to reboot their career.
  • Last of all, the students who have interest in website development should definitely take up the courses. 

Types of Web Designing Courses 

  • The Web Designing courses are available to the candidate across different educational levels such as Certificate course, Diploma courses, Undergraduate Courses and Postgraduate Courses. 
  • The eligibility criteria for undergraduate courses are 50 % marks in 12th or equivalent exams. In some courses the candidates need to pass the entrance examination.
  • In case of PG Admission, the candidates should have completed their graduation with at least 50% marks.
  • In the case of certificate courses, there are no such eligibility criteria, however, the candidates need to have a basic knowledge of English and computer software to be able to grasp the subjects.

Certifications in Web Designing Courses

Web Designing Certificate Courses are mostly available in online mode. These courses have become extremely popular among the students and their popularity is increasing.

  • The web designing certifications are mainly meant to provide additional knowledge to the students on the various advanced concepts of web designing. The students mainly apply for these courses after the X and XII examinations. 
  • Throughout the duration of the course, the students will acquire knowledge on web designing tools like Dreamweaver and Adobe. The candidates also learn about the concepts of jQuery.
  • The web designing certificate courses are for those candidates who are about to start their jobs in a short while and wish to acquire some extra knowledge. The average starting salary after a web designing certificate course is INR 1,15,000 - 3,00,000 LPA.
Course Name  Course Fees Course Duration
Web Designing Certification by University of Michigan Free  6 Months 
Designing the User Experience INR 14,594 4 weeks
Introduction to Web Design and Development Free Self Paced
Certificate Courses in Web Designing INR 10,000-INR 36,000 1 to 6 Months
Beginners Course in Web Designing INR 455 Self Paced
Certificate Program in AWS Solutions for Emerging Technology INR 41,300 Self Paced
Graphics, Web Design and Development (GWDD) INR 1,19,000 14 Months
Web design and development  - 7 Months
Certificate Course in Multimedia Web Designing INR 40,000-INR 125,000 1-2 Years
Certificate in Office Automation & Web Designing INR 5,500-INR 50,000 1-2 Years
Certificate in Application Software and Web Designing INR 15000 1-2 Years

Know More:

Diploma in Web Designing Courses

Web designing diploma and PG diploma courses are quite popular. You can opt for these courses after you complete your class 10+2 examinations. In some colleges, the PG diploma course is also available. You can apply for this course after graduation.

  • Web designing diploma courses are offered in subject-specific courses and cover topics like Adobe Fireworks, Dreamweaver, Search Engine Optimization, and Page Building.
  • The duration of such courses is mostly 1-2 years. However, in some colleges, it may be around 3 years. It is a professional course and provides multiple job opportunities in the IT sector.
  • After successful completion of the course, you can become a Frontend Developer, a Web Application Developer, a Design and Layout Analyst, and much more.
Course Name Average Fees Course Duration
Diploma in Web Designing INR 75,000-INR 5 Lakhs 1-2 Years
Diploma in Web Designing and Software Development INR 50,000 2 Years
Diploma in Graphic and Web Designing INR 32,900-INR 94,000 1 Year
Diploma Course in Multimedia and Web Designing INR 42,000 – INR 1,25,000 1-2 Years
Advanced Diploma in Office Automation and Web Designing INR 5,500 to INR 42,000 6 months to 3 years
Post Graduate Diploma in Web Designing INR 15,000-INR 1,00,000 1-2 Years
Master Diploma in 2D Graphics and Web Design and Photography - 484 Hours
Masters Diploma in 2D Graphics and Web Design - 11 Months

UG Level Web Designing Courses 

A bachelor's in web designing will give candidates good prospects. The bachelors in Web Designing courses are full-time courses that are taught in various colleges and universities across the world.

  • The bachelor's in web designing course duration are around 3 to 5 years. These courses provide an excellent understanding of the concepts of web designing to the students.
  • The course involves various important topics like technical writing, web publishing, systems analysis, and many more.
  • The average salary offered to the candidates is around INR 3-6 LPA. The salary depends on the candidate’s skill set.
Course Name Average Fees Course Duration
B.Voc Web Technology INR 5,000-INR 2,00,000 3 years
B.Voc Web Design  INR 5000-INR 2,00,000 3 years
BSc in Multimedia and Web Technology - 3 years
BSc in Multimedia INR 20000-INR 3,00,000 3 years
BA Multimedia  INR 112,500 3 years

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PG Level Web Designing Courses 

A postgraduate degree will allow the candidates better career option in the field of web designing

  • The duration of the courses are for a period of 2 years.
  • The average fees ranges between INR 44,000-343,000.
  • The candidates after completion of the degree can get job as web designers, layout designer, project manager and many more.
Course Name Average Fees Course Duration
MSc Multimedia INR 44,000 2 years
MSc e-commerce and web design - 2 years
MDes INR 1-3 Lakh 2 years
MBA Digital Business Web design and Development INR 343,000 2 years

Top Web Designing Software 

Web designers have to use a lot of sophisticated software to make their clients' websites aesthetically pleasing and improve the user experience. These software or tools are specially designed to provide all in one solutions to the web designers in executing a well crafted website. The following are the top software that the web designer can use in 2021


  • Wordpress software is heavily used by website developers around the world. Wordpress has been used in some way or the other to develop over 40% of the websites in 2020.
  • Wordpress is highly customizable and provides over 50,000+ plugins.
  • The wordpress software is extremely useful to develop personal websites.
  • Wordpress is available in free and paid versions. The paid version costs USD 4 per month.


  • The Wix software can be used by people who have hardly any knowledge of Web designing.
  • The Wix software provides over 800 ready made templates that can be used by the web designers. The software has an artificial design intelligence feature that allows the developers to create the websites by simply answering questions.
  • Wix also provides a drag and drop editor. 
  • Wix is available in both free and paid versions. The Paid version costs USD 13 per month. 

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Adobe Dreamweaver 

  • This particular website designing software from Adobe allows the users to alter the code of the website through intuitive visual interface.
  • The web designers are able to see the real time preview while updating their codes.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver allows the traditional text based integrated development environment (IDE) along with auto code completion option and also option to expand and collapse sections of code.
  • It provides Git support and allows the web designers access to HTML assets like email, blogs, eCommerce, etc.
  • A 30 day trial is available and the full version is available at USD 52.99 per month.

Web Flow 

  • Webflow is an in browser web designing tool that can be used by web designers to create responsive websites visually.
  • It is an all in one web design platform that allows the designers to build their websites from the scratch and has the options for drag and drop unstyled HTML options.
  • Webflow also has a master components library with all the core layout, components and patterns.
  • You can start using Webflow as a free version, The paid one will cost USD 12 per month.


  • It is a cloud based web designing tool that allows you to use both Photoshop and Sketch.
  • Its in house prototyping tool, InVision Studio allows the user to use the smart swipe translation and animation features. 
  • InVision beta format is available for free.
  • The paid version will cost USD 7.95 per user per month. It allows you to collaborate with other web designers and other projects.

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Skills Required for Web Designing Courses 

The common notion is that web designers’ job is to only design and build websites, but there is much more to that. A web designer needs to develop both technical and soft skills that are necessary for their career development. 

The following are the top skills required by web designers irrespective of their experience or expertise


  • A web designer needs to be creative in their work approach to meet the requirements of their clients as well as team members.
  • The web designers need to be at their very best in order to select the color combinations that appeal to the users.
  • The web designers need to be creative with the website design and its background so that the initial user experience is positive.
  • Sometimes web designers use various animated features (In some cases characters) to grab the attention of the website viewers.

Knowledge of software 

  • The web designers should have in-depth knowledge of the different softwares that are required for the web designing and editing purpose. 
  • A web designer should be well versed with Adobe Illustrator, XD, Bootstrap, Webflow, InVision, Wix ettc.
  • The web designer should also be adept in using the mobile application version of the software.
  • Apart from these, the web designer should have knowledge of Java, CSS, HTML, Python and many more. Well, the more the merrier.

 Knowledge of colour Theory 

  • Knowledge about the colour aesthetics is absolutely an essential skill for web designers.
  • The web designers should have ample skills to develop a colour palette for the website using the primary colour.
  • The web designers should have the knowledge of colour wheel and the contrasting colours and devise ways of making different colours work together.
  • Understanding colour Theory requires a lot of trials and guess works, so the web designers must be really patient.

 Skills in Visual Design 

  • The visual design of the website is an essential feature of web designing.
  • The web designers should be skilled in creating a web design that allows them to optimise the look and feel of the websites/
  • Apart from the aesthetics the web designs should be skilled in arranging the important subtopics and links of the different pages in such a way so that the user can find them easily.
  • Skilled Web designers work on emergence aspects of the websites so that different features (Logo and images) provide visual clues to the users about what the feature represents.

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Knowledge of Typography 

  • Typography skills play an important role in website development.
  • The Web designers skills with the different types of fronts and their size, communicates a lot meaning about the websites. 
  • Apart from the Fonts style and size the geometry of the fonts also determines the performance of a website.
  • A skilled web designer knows how to use the different fonts in different segments of the websites.

Eye For detail 

  • A skilled web designer makes sure that the websites are extremely detailed and there should not be any stray objects on the web pages.
  • The colour combination and the font styles and types should be consistent across the different pages of the website.
  • The web designers should be skilled in detailing the website in such a way so that the users are able to navigate through the website easily.

Time Management 

  • Web Designers must have the ability to maintain their time efficiently.
  • Web designers should be skilled in such a way that they are able to compartmentalise their work so that they are able to meet the strict deadlines.
  • Skilled web designers manage their time by using different project tracking tools such as Tello and JIRA.

Apart from these other skills that web designers must have are:

Interpersonal skills Visualization
Ability to Work in a Team Good Communication Skills
Business/Client Management     Business Strategy
Ability to work long hours Digital Marketing

Top Web Designing Courses Online 

Web designing courses are generally available in both online and offline mode. However, at the time of a raging pandemic online courses are a much safer option for the aspirants. Many top websites and institutes provide online courses that can help the aspirants to upskill themselves, and improve their job prospects.

The online courses are offered at different levels such as beginners, intermediate and advanced. Some of the courses are available for free and can be pursued immediately

Some of the top online web designing courses are:

Provider Fees Duration Course Names
Webflow University Free 5 hours Ultimate web design course
Webflow University Free 2 Hours Web elements
Webflow University Free 6 Hours Freelance web design boot camp
Open Classrooms Free 5-15 Hours (Self paced) Build Your First Web Pages With HTML and CSS
Treehouse USD 1650-3250 Per Month 41 Hours Web design
Treehouse USD 199 per month 56 Hours Front End web development
Frontend Masters USD 39 per Month Self-paced CSS Grids/Flexbox Course
Skillcrush USD 1000-12,500 3 months Front end development
Evatotuts+ Free 3 Hours Responsive web design for beginners
Alison Free 15 Hours Diploma in Web Design
Shaw Academy INR 600 per month (First 4 weeks Free) 16 weeks Web Design Certification Course Online
edX INR 65,671 7 Months Professional Certificate in Front-End Web Developer
edX INR 14,594 12 weeks CS50's Web Programming with Python and JavaScript
edX INR 26,268 6 Months Computer Science for Web Programming
Unacademy Free (Candidates must subscribe) Self paced Web designing: For Beginners
Udacity Free 2 Weeks Responsive Web Design Fundamentals
Coursera  Coursera Subscription(Initial Trial Version Free) 6 Months Web Design for Everybody: Basics of Web Development & Coding Specialization by University of Michigan
Coursera  Free 22 Hours Introduction to Web Development by University of California
Coursera  Coursera Subscription(Initial Trial Version is Free) 7 Months Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization by University of London

Udemy Web Designing Courses 

The following are the list of web designing courses from the Udemy platform:

Course Name  Course Fees
Web Design for Beginners: Real World Coding in HTML & CSS INR 8,320
UX & Web Design Master Course: Strategy, Design, Development INR 8,640
Ultimate Web Designer & Web Developer Course for 2021 INR 8,640
Complete Web Design Course: HTML, CSS, Javascript and jQuery INR 7,680
Practical Web Design & Development: 7 Courses in 1 INR 8,640
Learn Web Designing & HTML5/CSS3 Essentials in 4-Hours INR 4,800
The Ultimate Web Designing Course in Photoshop INR 8,640
Easy AF web design, using Squarespace for your web business INR 2,880
Web Designing Course: Beginner to Advanced Level INR 8,640
Bootstrap Studio 5.5.1 Design website without coding! INR 8,640

Top Web Designing Colleges in India 

Web designing courses are available from different colleges and institutes across different cities in India. The different courses according to different institutes and the course names have been tabulated below.

Web Designing Courses in Delhi 

The following are the Colleges/Institutes providing web designing courses in Delhi:

College/Institute Names Course Name Average Fees
Gurudeva Media And Animation College, New Delhi Diploma In Web Design INR 40,000
St. Catherine Institute of Management & Technology (SCIMT) Diploma In Web Design -
Kalindi College, New Delhi B.Voc in Web Designing INR 47,241
Apeejay Institute of Design, Delhi B.Des in Animation and Multimedia INR 720,000
International Women Polytechnic, Janakpuri Diploma in Web Design and web developers Hons -
TGC Advanced certification in Web Design INR 53,100
Arena Animation Web design  INR 50,000-100,000
Graphics, Web design and Development (GWDD) INR 100,000-150,000
Web Design and Development program INR 20,000-INR 30,000
Attitude Tally Academy, Delhi Web designing HTML CSS Course -
DICE Academy, Delhi Web Design -
Web Training India Diploma in Designing and Marketing  INR 31,000
Nijoy Arts Swift Web design INR 20,000
Swift Web development INR 20,000

Web Designing Courses in Mumbai 

The following are the Colleges/Institutes providing web designing courses in Mumbai:

College/Institute Names Course Name Average Fees
National Institute Of Computer Arts - [NICA], Mumbai Diploma In Animation and Web Design INR 20,200
EDIT Institute Diploma in UI UX Design Course -
Graphic Design Training Institutes Master Web Designing Course INR 25,200
Diploma in Graphics and Web designing INR 36,000
Zee Institute of Creative Arts Program in Web Design -
Aptech Computer Education Web Design and Development INR 9,000
Arena Animation, Dadar, Mumbai Web Design and Development Program INR 25,000
Short Term Course in Web Design and Development INR 25,000
Arena Animation, Chembur Graphics, Web design and development  INR 100,000
Web Design INR 50,000
Web Design and Development INR 25,000
Seth Hirachand Mutha College of Arts, Commerce and Science Web Design and Office Automation INR 6,800
Compufield Computer Institute  Dual Diploma Pro in Web Technology and Multimedia INR 140,000

Web Designing Courses in Bangalore 

The following are the Colleges/Institutes providing web designing courses in Bangalore:

College/Institute Names Course Name Average Salary
Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Bangalore Advance Graduate Diploma in Multimedia INR 2,28,300
Picasso Animation College, Bangalore MSc Multimedia -
Idea Worldwide BVA in Animation, Multimedia Graphics and Web Design INR 3,90,000
ILM Imaginative Web Designing  INR 108,000
St Claret College, Bangalore Diploma in Web Designing  INR 40,000
Bangalore School of Design  International Diploma in Graphics + UI/UX design  INR 147,000
Diploma in HCI UI and UX design INR 70,800

Web Designing Courses in Kolkata 

The following are the Colleges/Institutes providing web designing courses in Kolkata:

College/Institute Names Course Name Average Salary
Aptech Computer Education Web Design and Development INR 9,000
NIELIT Kolkata - National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology Certificate in Web Designing INR 5,000
NSHM Knowledge Campus, Kolkata B.Sc in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics Design INR 430,000
M.Sc. in Visual Communication INR 300,000
Webel DQE Animation Academy Certificate in Compositing (NUKE) INR 35,000
WLC College India, Kolkata Professional Diploma in Visual Communication INR 773,000
iLEAD Institute of Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Development B.Sc. in Multimedia, Animation and Graphics INR 398,000
Speck Institute of Learning Web Designing - Graphic Designer INR 16,000
George Animatrix School of Animation Dual Certification on Graphics and Web INR 70,800
Certificate in Web Design and Development INR 35,400

Web Designing Courses: Syllabus 

The general subjects of the web designing courses syllabus are:

Web Design Principles 

Basic principles in developing a web site Rules of web designing
Page design Designing navigation bar
Home Page Layout


Basics in Web Design 

Web Standards Introduction to the Internet
Audience requirement -

Introduction to HTML 

HTML Documents Basic structure of an HTML document
Markup Tags  Line Breaks
Creating an HTML document HTML Tags

Elements of HTML 

Introduction to elements of HTML  Working with Text 
Working with Hyperlinks, Images and Multimedia Working with Forms and controls
Working with Lists, Tables, and Frames -

Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets 

Concept of CSS  CSS Properties 
CSS Id and Class CSS Advanced
Creating Style Sheet      Box Model    
Working with block elements and objects Creating page Layout and Site Designs

Introduction to Web Publishing or Hosting 

Website Creation Creating web site structure
Themes-Publishing websites Types of Hosting Packages
Creating Titles for web pages Defining Name Servers

Recommended Books for Web Designing Courses

Aspirants of Web Designing Courses can follow the following reference books:

Reference Books Authors
Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability  Steve Krug
Designing with Web Standards Jeffery Zeldman and Ethan Marcotte
HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites John Duckett
Responsive Web Design Ethan Marcotte
Design Is a Job Mike Monteiro
Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering Beauty David Kadavy

Scope of Web Designing Courses

After the completion of the courses the candidates can get themselves enrolled in different programs in top companies that are related to the IT sector. Apart from IT segments the candidates also can be engaged in other segments because every company needs to maintain their websites. The different web design jobs are web designer, web developer, UI designer,graphic designer, flash animator, layout designer and many more

Web Designing Courses: Job Prospects 

The following are the description of roles and responsibilities of different Web design jobs profile are 

Job Position Average Salary
Web designer INR 273,000
Web developer INR 310,000
UI designer INR 486,000
Graphic designer INR 299,000
Flash animator INR 300,000
Layout designer INR 11,00,000

Top Recruiters 

The designers can land web design jobs in website Designing Companies, internet marketing, web consultancies,web advertising companies and many more.

Some of the top recruiters in India are:

Recruiter’s Name Average Salary
Unified Infotech, Kolkata INR 270,000 
PageTraffic Inc, Delhi INR 390,000
Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd, Hubli INR 400,000
Webdesign Discovery, Chandigarh INR 318,000
White Orange Software, Surat INR 270,000
Mandy Web Design, Ajitgarh INR 250,000
MobileCoderz Technologies, Noida INR 370,000
Dynamic Dreamz, Surart INR 350,000
Cirkle Studio Pvt Ltd, Surat INR 300,000-INR 380,000
SAM Web Studio, Delhi INR 300,000

Salary on Basis of Experience 

The salary of web designers based on their years of experience are:

Experience Average Salary
0-1 Years INR 196,000
1-4 Years INR 240,000
5-9 Years INR 407,000
10-19 Years INR 527,000
20+ Years INR 600,000

Web Designing Courses: FAQs 

Ques: What is web designing course?

Ans: Web designing courses allows the aspirants to gain knowledge about the design of websites, how to improve the user experience, interface design, coding and many more.

Ques: What subjects are needed for web designing?

Ans: The important subjects of web designing courses are web design using HTML,flash action script, design fundamentals, CSS, website hosting, etc.

Ques. How long is a Web Design Course?

Ans. The duration of the course will vary according to the course level. If it is an online certificate course, it may take around 6 months. A bachelor degree course is of 3 years while a master degree course is of two years

Ques: Can I learn web designing from home?

Ans: Yes,there are many online courses you can enroll for. You can easily learn web designing at home by taking up an online certification course.

Ques: Is certification in web designing course better than diploma in web designing?

Ans: Both of those courses are quite similar to each other but the students who want to urge an in-depth knowledge of the topic can choose Diploma in Web Designing whereas students who are looking to get a short course on the subject and gain a certificate can opt for Certificate in Web Designing.

Ques: Is web designing in high demand?

Ans: The demand for web designers is high. Apart from that, companies search for multi-talented professionals who can continue with the market and perform more than one role. The demand for web designers is high. Apart from that companies search for multi-talented professionals who can continue with the market

Ques: What are the most popular online course providers for web designing courses?

Ans: Some of the most popular online course providers are Udemy, Coursera, edX, LinkedIn Learning.

Ques. What are the common job profiles after completing web designing courses?

Ans. Some of the most popular job roles include UI designer, Web Designer, Web Developer, Layout designer, etc.

Ques: Is web designing easy?

Ans: If the candidates have knowledge about basic website programming and an aptitude in designing websites and keen eye for detail then Web designing can be really easy to grasp.

Ques:. What is the average salary after completing a web designing course?

Ans: A web designer in India earns around INT 270,000 per annum.