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    Students appearing for the All India Law Entrance Test (AILET) by the National Law University (NLU), Delhi must familiarize themselves with the entrance exam by solving AILET's question papers from the previous year. The NLU, Delhi will conduct AILET 2020 to screen candidates for admission to the LLB, LLM, and PhD programmes in the Remote Proctored Test (RPT) mode on August 18, 2020. Read AILET 2020 RPT Mode Exam Guidelines

    The LLB paper will consist of English, General Knowledge, Basic Mathematics, Logical Reasoning, and Legal Aptitude sections. There would be a total of 150 questions carrying a total of 150 marks. LLM paper consists of 100 objective questions having 1 mark each. Additionally, 1 descriptive question is posed for 50 marks. Legal Awareness in LLM entrance exam is the core. The PhD paper is based on Research Methods and Legal Research Aptitude. Here, 100 objective style questions will be asked for 1 mark each. The exam duration is 90 minutes. Check AILET Exam Pattern

    • AILET 2020 question paper will be available once the exam is over. 
    • AILET's preceding year question papers will prove to be very useful to the candidates taking the exam.
    • The AILET 2020 question papers from the previous year would allow the applicant to determine different aspects of the entrance test such as the question paper format, the question paper's difficulty level, and estimate their level of readiness for the examination. 

    Read the article provided to discover all the information pertaining to AILET 2020 Question Paper. 

    AILET 2020 Question Paper Pattern

    AILET 2020 Question Paper Pattern

    Examination ModeOnline (RPT)Online (RPT)Online (RPT)
    Type of QuestionsObjectiveObjective and DescriptiveObjective
    Maximum Marks150150100
    Total Number of Questions150 MCQs 100 MCQs and 1 Essay100 MCQs

    AILET 2020 Question Paper Marking Scheme 

    • Every question in the AILET test paper carries 1 mark. 
    • The applicant is awarded 1 mark for every correct answer. 
    • There will be a penalty of 0.25 mark in case of incorrect answers. 
    • There is no negative marking on unattempted questions. 
    • In the event that a candidate gives two answers to a question, it would be regarded as a false answer and a penalty of 0.25 marks will be applied.
    ParticularsMarks Allotted
    Correct Answer+1
    Incorrect Answer-0.25
    Unattempted Question0

    Medium of AILET 2020 Question Paper

    Aspirants of AILET 2020 will be allowed to give the exam only in the language of English. There are no other choices available for language preferences. 

    AILET 2020 B.A LLB Question Paper Sections

    AILET 2020 B.A LLB Question Paper Sections

    B.A.LLB is a widely popular five-year course at NLU Delhi that requires the AILET score. Thousands of students write in the exam for the eighty seats available. So, a thorough understanding of the examination pattern for AILET 2020 is required. The paper is separated into five sections.

    Section NameNumber of QuestionsMaximum Marks
    English35 35
    General Knowledge3535
    Legal Aptitude3535
    Basic Mathematics (Numerical Ability)1010

    AILET 2020 LLM Question Paper Sections

    AILET 2020 LLM Question Paper Sections

    LLM is a one year postgraduate programme. AILET question paper for LLM consists of 100 objective style questions and one essay-type question. Objective questions contain 100 marks and 50 marks are given for essay. The paper would cover the sections given below:

    • Law of Contracts
    • Family Law
    • International Law
    • Jurisprudence
    • Property Law
    • Intellectual Property Law
    • Law of Torts
    • Criminal Law
    • Constitutional Law
    • Legal Theory

    AILET 2020 PhD Question Paper Sections

    AILET 2020 PhD Question Paper Sections

    It is a difficult task to gain admission to a PhD program at NLU, Delhi. Candidates will need to qualify the AILET RPT containing 100 MCQ questions to be answered in 90 minutes. This test is inherently merely qualifying and marks will not be considered in final selection. Questions around Research Methodology and Aptitude for Legal Research will be presented. Candidates securing 50 percent marks (40 percent for SC/ST) out of 100 will be asked to submit their research proposal in the written test. The proposal applies to the subject on which candidates wish to obtain a PhD.

    The research proposal will contain:

    • Title
    • Statement of problem and background information of the subject
    • Research questions, hypothesis, and methodology
    • Research design

    What is the best way to attempt the AILET 2020 paper?

    There is no such thing as the 'best' manner to answer AILET 2020. Several test takers and AILET toppers come forward with their suggestions on how to answer the paper. The best approach though is the specific method that is self-designed to answer the paper. 

    The ideal method is one which through continuous experimentation can be outlined. One has to experiment and find the best approach to attempt the AILET paper and answer this Remote Proctored Test as quickly as possible. During this phase, AILET mock tests will definitely be a great asset.

    How to attempt the AILET 2020 paper?

    How to attempt the AILET 2020 paper?

    Spend some time reviewing and skimming through the parts of the question paper. Look for the section that you are most confident about. Remember the given points when attempting AILET 2020:

    1. Prioritize exam sections: The paper includes 150 questions that are grouped into five sections. You must be conscious of those parts that are your strengths among these five. First seek to seek to answer questions from those sections. This will boost your performance level immensely because you will have more and more confidence to then answer any problem. 
    2. Read questions completely: The AILET examination is considered to be quite long, but experts also share the fact that the questions asked in this examination are extremely difficult. So, avoid rushing through the posed questions. Take some time to carefully read the questions, and then give the answers.
    3. Keep a check of time: For AILET 2020, adhere to the time management plan you developed during preparation. It is advised that you assign time for each question and try to stick to it for the whole test period. 
    4. Solve the sections of GK and Current Affairs first: Greater weightage is granted to current affairs in AILET exam paper as compared to GK questions. Even though the standard of questions posed in this examination section is supposed to be higher than that posed in CLAT or LSAT, it is still recommended that you start your examination by solving GK and Current Affairs questions as this is one section where you can be most confident of the answers and even score complete marks.

    Section-wise Attempting Tips for AILET 2020 

    1. General Knowledge

    Experts recommend that this section be solved first. It is the section where candidates are able to answer any question in less than one minute.Thus, candidates could build time here to solve the remaining questions of the exam. Also, when one is not sure of the answers to any questions in this section, then he/she can leave them for review and return to them after all the other questions in the paper have been solved.

    1. English

    Attempt the English section second. Questions relating to grammar and spellings require much less time. So, it is best to answer them first. Questions about para jumbles are highly scoring and so you should answer those questions next in the English section. The test is likely to have a minimum of one passage of comprehension. This will take slightly more time than the grammar questions. Quickly skim through the reading comprehension, and attain an idea of what it all is about. Start reading the questions after this, then go back to the comprehension where you think the answer to that particular question is and answer it. 

    1. Logical Reasoning 

    Next, attempt the Reasoning section. Read each question carefully in this section, and make sure you always read each and every answer choice very closely. The questions in this section mainly relate to quantitative ability and logical-based analytical reasoning. 

    1. Legal Aptitude 

    Then, attempt the Legal Aptitude section. Read the questions very carefully in this section, and seek to understand the key points of the statements posed to you. This will aid candidates to score well in AILET's Legal Aptitude section.

    1. Basic Mathematics

    Finally, attempt the Mathematics section. The questions in the section on maths are asked from the syllabus of class 9 and class 10. If you cannot answer any question at any point, then just skip the problem and get back to it later if time permits. 

    Apart from being difficult to attempt, AILET 2020 is essentially a speed test. Aspirants are encouraged to devise their exam day strategy by bearing their strengths and weaknesses in mind and then make full use of their strengths to score well during the exam.

    Most Expected Questions in AILET 2020 

    Most Expected Questions in AILET 2020 

    Students who are to answer the upcoming session for the law entrance exam, AILET, might be anxious about the kind of questions that will be asked in the question paper. Here are some of the questions suggested by experts.

    Expected Questions from English

    Q1.A word is underscored in the following paragraph. Choose the word that is a synonym for the word underlined. 

    The genre's fault is not to deceive the loquacious John Williams and the chatty Father Foucquet but to refuse to arrange an interview with the reticent Eunice Williams and tongue-tied John Hu.

    a) Talkative

    b) Laconic

    c) Taciturn

    d) Reserved

    Ans: (A)

    Q2. Following is the question based on the same words used as different parts of speech. Choose the correct matches.


    1. Adverb A. He has witnessed life’s ups and downs.

    2. Preposition B. The porter got killed by the down train.

    3. Adjective C. Fire engine came crashing down the hill.

    4. Noun D. “Royal George” went down. 

    a) 1-A,2-B,3-C,4-D

    b) 1-D,2-C,3-B,4-A

    c) 1-C,2-D,3-A,4-B

    d) 1-B,2-A,3-C,4-D

    Ans: (B)

    Q3. The following question is based on multiple speech figures. Which among the following statements is not an instance of an epigram?

    a) So innocent arch, so cunningly spine.

    b) A man cannot be very careful in the choice of his enemies.

    c) Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.

    d) Art lies in concealing art.

    Ans: (A)

    Expected Questions from General Knowledge

    Q1. Why does Northwestern India get rain in January and February's winter season? 

    a) Because of western disturbances in the Mediterranean Sea 

    b) Because of Mediterranean Sea's eastern disturbances 

    c) Because of Pacific Ocean's western disturbances 

    d) Because of Pacific Ocean's eastern disturbances

    Ans: (A)

    Q2. Which among the following movies has got the 91st Best Picture Academy Award?

    a) Black Panther 

    b) Green Book

    c) Bohemian Rhapsody

    d) Roma

    Ans: (B)

    Q3. Where is the world’s largest Solar Park inaugurated? 

    a) Karnataka, India 

    b) Tengger Desert, China

    c) Gobi Desert, China

    d) Rajasthan, India

    Ans: (A)

    Expected Questions from Legal Aptitude

    Q1. Adapt the legal principles to the facts set out below and find the most suitable answer. 

    Legal Principles: 

    • An attempt is an act perpetrated in part by the execution of a criminal design or intent, more than mere planning, but lacking in actual commission.
    • Whoever, by deceiving any individual, fraudulently or dishonestly induces the individual so deceived to give any property to another party, or to agree to the retention of any property by any person, or deliberately induces the party so deceived to do or omit something he will not do or omit if he was not so deceived, and which induces or is likely to cause harm or damage to that person.
    • The second step in the commission of a crime is planning. This means preparing the requisite steps for the planned criminal act to be executed. 
    • The offense of murder is committed by anyone who causes death by committing an act with the purpose of causing death, or with the purpose of causing such bodily injury that is likely to bring death, or with the knowledge that his act is likely to result in death.
    • One who causes another person's death by doing some reckless or careless act ought to be guilty of negligence. 

    Which of these instances shows X is guilty of trying to commit an offence? 

    a) X, to counterfeit a document purporting to be executed by Y, shall send his servant to buy a stamp paper on Y 's behalf. He is captured as the servant enters the store.

    b) X fires Y, the back of whom is facing him. Y is not hit, because he is outside the target range.

    c) X pours half a pint of substance from a poison-marked bottle into Y's drink. Y does not know it. Later, it turns out there was no poison in the bottle. 

    d) X administers a certain noxious substance to Ria so that it results in abortion. The woman did not become pregnant.

    Ans: (B)

    Q2. Which among the given offences can be prosecuted under the recently enacted Fugitive Economic Offenders Act, 2018?

    1. Eonomic offences involving Rs. 100 crore and more
    2. Dishonouring of cheques.
    3. Money Laundering 
    4. Benami transactions

    a) 3,4

    b) 1,2,3,4

    c) 2,4

    d) 1,3,4

    Ans: (B)

    Q3. What is it known as if the tax rate rises with income? 

    a)Progressive Tax

    b)Proportional Tax

    c)Lump Sum Tax

    d)Regressive Tax

    Ans: (A)

    Expected Questions from Reasoning

    Q1. Read the information below and address the question.

    Shoppers Stop provides exactly 10 styles of perfumes: Woods, Proposal, Rose, Neesh, and Hydra, of both domestic and export variants. Shoppers Stop has a few of these kinds of perfumes on sale. The following terms and conditions apply:

    1. Export Rose is on sale; domestic Proposal is not
    2. If both types of Rose are on sale, then all Hydra is.
    3. If both types of Woods are on sale, then no Neesh is
    4. If neither type of Woods is on sale, then Domestic Rose is.
    5. If either type of Neesh is on sale, then no Hydra is.

    Which among the given can be a complete and correct list of the kinds of perfumes that are on sale?

    a) Export Proposal, Export Rose, Domestic Neesh, Export Neesh.

    b) Domestic woods, Export Rose, Export Neesh, Domestic Hydra.

    c) Domestic Woods, Export Woods, Export Proposal, Export Rose, Domestic Neesh.

    d) Export Woods, Export Rose, Domestic Hydra, Export Hydra

    Ans: (D)

    Q2. A timepiece is set at 10 am. Over 24 hours, the clock gains 10 minutes. What is going to be the correct time if the clock on the next day shows 3 pm?

    a) 12:40 pm

    b) 1:40 pm

    c) 2:40 pm

    d) 2:48 pm

    Ans: (D)

    Q3. There are seven persons in a family, containing two married couples. F1 is F2's son, and F3 's grandson. F2 is a widower. F2 and F4 are siblings and F5 is F6's daughter-in-law who is F4's mother and F7's grandmother. What is F7 to F2?

    a) Brother

    b) Nephew or niece

    c) Cousin 

    d) Son-in-law

    Ans: (B)

    Expected Questions from Mathematics

    Q1. Three wheels can finish 40,24 and 16 revolutions for each minute. That wheel has a green spot which hits the ground at zero time. After how long will all these spots reach the ground again at once?

    a) 7 and ½ seconds

    b) 7 seconds

    c) 7 and ½ minutes

    d) 7 minutes

    Ans: (A)

    Q2. Amrit intends to sell cars above the cost price by 25 per cent. Its expense is reduced by 5 per cent due to a slump in the industry. He thus gives an 8 percent discount, which raises revenue by 25 percent. Calculate the change in the profits to Amrit.

    a) Unchanged

    b) 5%

    c) 4%

    d) 3%

    Ans: (A)

    Q3. Anju waits for her train to arrive at the railway station. In 27 seconds and 17 seconds respectively, two trains running in opposite directions cross Anju on the platform, and cross each other in 23 seconds. Their velocity ratio is?

    a) 2:3

    b) 1:2

    c) 3:2

    d) 2:1

    Ans: (C)

    AILET Previous Years Question Papers 

    AILET Previous Years Question Papers 

    Question papers from the preceding years play a critical role in the AILET preparatory study. When candidates have previous year papers included in their planning and cleverly solve them, it will help them score high. Bear in mind the following points when solving AILET's papers from previous years:

    • Study the change in question trends: Candidates would see how AILET changed over the years by addressing questions from previous years. They can check the changing trends in the exam. This way, the candidates can prepare their strategy appropriately.
    • Assess question weightage: After answering 3-4 questions sample papers, candidates will find out about the weightage of questions asked from each subject. This weightage can vary, but you may get a rough idea about the same. In addition to testing, the most important usage of the previous year's AILET question papers is to write down the weightage of the topics, since there will be certain topics with the highest weightage. 
    • Understand your concepts and maintain accuracy: By answering various types of questions from different papers, you can easily clarify your concepts. The regular solving of AILET question papers from the previous years would also help to increase the accuracy.
    • Regard Practice Papers as Mock Tests: Aspirants need to be well prepared for their actual exam. This can be achieved by solving the past year's papers. Establish a test-like atmosphere and try to solve the sample papers in the same way that would solve the actual RPT. Set the timer to 90 minutes, then answer all the questions within that time. This will help you develop a variety of strategies that will aid you in answering the actual AILET 2020.
    • Analyze the difficulty level: Candidates are advised to keep a tab on the difficulty level of all the papers they have solved from the previous years. If you find those papers hard to answer, then you will know you have to work much more to perform better.

    Benefits of Solving AILET Question Paper

    Benefits of Solving AILET Question Paper

    Besides recognizing the pattern of the exam and its level of difficulty, you can recognize your weak and strong areas, too. When the question papers are being addressed, note the sections or topics you find hard to answer. Practice further later to improve your weak points. A few more advantages of AILET Question Paper solving are described below: 

    • Candidates, while maintaining precision, could increase the pace at which they answer questions. 
    • Candidates would learn how to handle the time efficiently for the actual test. Candidates may get a better insight into AILET's test pattern. 
    • You should also look at what kind of questions are being asked, and what is the marking scheme.
    • You could appraise your training level. It would also help you develop your exam strategy. 
    • AILET Question Paper offers an insight on the actual test scenario. 
    • Solving past year's question papers will also instill confidence. 
    • You may also classify the most important topics. You should practice certain topics more frequently after doing this.

    Answer as many previous year question papers as you can and ace AILET 2020!

    Question Paper


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    AILET Question Paper


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