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Amity JEE Syllabus 2019, Important Topics and Books

Updated On - January 30th 2019 by KRITIKA GUPTA

Amity JEE Syllabus for the engineering paper comprises General English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/ Biology of class 11 and 12 as prescribed by CBSE. Candidates can choose one from either of the section i.e. Biology/ Mathematics. Amity JEE features 90 questions which are to be completed in 120 minutes. General English section has 15 questions and rest 3 sections have 25 questions each.

This year, the exam  for Amity JEE conducted from April 08 to May 05, 2019. Intermediate science stream graduates can apply for the exam in January 2019 at on to know more about important topics for Amity JEE, recommended books and other resources to prepare better for the exam.

Highlights of Amity JEE Exam Pattern

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Other important Facts:

  • No marks would be awarded if more than one choice has been selected for any question.
  • Approximately 1.25 minute per question on an average is required for solution of each question.
  • The total number of questions is 90 and the maximum marks are 360.

Amity JEE Syllabus for General English

Amity JEE Syllabus for General English contains some common topics asked in aptitude exams. This section will have 15 questions, and thus, will carry a weightage of 60 marks out of 360.

This section will test a candidate’s language and comprehension skills. The questions from comprehension will test the ability to comprehend the meaning from a given passage.

The topics included in General English section of Amity JEE are as follows: -

Critical ReasoningGrammar & Usage
Sentence CorrectionWord usage
Fill in the blanksPara Jumble
Para completionIdioms
Para SummaryVocabulary

Amity JEE Recommended Books

Candidates can refer to following books for their preparation: –

Amity JEE Recommended Books for English
Amity JEE General English Book NameAuthor / Writer / Publisher
High School Grammar and CompositionWren and Martin
Objective General EnglishSP Bakshi
Plinth to Paramount English for all Competitive ExamsNeetu Singh

Amity JEE Syllabus for Physics

Physics is an important section of Amity JEE exam. The section will have 25 questions which have a total weightage of 100 marks. The syllabus can be broadly segregated into the following 5 sections:

  1. Mechanics
  2. Heat and Thermodynamics
  3. Electrostatics and Magnetism
  4. Current Electricity and Electromagnetism
  5. Optics and Modern Physics

The topics asked in Physics section of Amity JEE are quite similar to those asked in JEE Main. Candidates can refer to the following table to get a detailed list of topics for this section: -

Physics and MeasurementVector Algebra
Kinematics of a ParticleNewton’s Law of Motion
Work, Energy and PowerRotational Motion
GravitationPeriodic Motion
Wave MotionProperties of Solids and Liquids
Kinetic Theory of GasesElectrostatics
Current ElectricityMagnetic Effect of Current
MagnetismTerrestrial Magnetism
Electromagnetic InductionAlternating Waves
Electromagnetic WavesRay Optics
Wave OpticsDual Nature of Matter and Radiation
Atoms and NucleiElectronic Devices
Communication SystemsExperimental Skills

Amity JEE Recommended Books

Amity JEE Recommended Books for Physics
Amity JEE Physics Book NameAuthor / Writer / Publisher
Understanding PhysicsD C Pandey
Concept of Physics (Part 1 and 2)H C Verma
Class 11 and 12 Physics BooksNCERT
Cengage Physics BooksBM Sharma

Amity JEE Syllabus for Chemistry

Chemistry is another compulsory section of Amity JEE, i.e. everyone needs to attempt this section. Similar to Physics, this section will also have 25 questions carrying 4 marks each.

Further, the topics asked in exam are mostly based on Class 11 and 12. Here is a break up of the topics in the Chemistry syllabus:

  1. Physical Chemistry
  2. Organic Chemistry
  3. Inorganic Chemistry

 Mentioned below is a complete list of topics to be asked in this section in Amity JEE: -

Some Basic Concepts in ChemistryRedox Reactions
P-block ElementsPurification and Characterization of Organic Compounds
Atomic StructureHydrocarbons
Solid StateSolutions
Chemical KineticsElectrochemistry
Surface ChemistryOrganic Compounds containing Halogens (Alkyl and Aryl Halides)
HydrogenCo-ordination Compounds
Chemical ThermodynamicsOrganic Compounds containing Oxygen
Basic Principles of Organic ChemistryGeneral Principles and Process of Isolation of Elements
States of MatterD and F Block Elements
Chemical Bonding and Molecular StructureClassification of Elements along with Periodicity in Properties
Chemical EquilibriumS-block Elements: Group 1 and 2
Ionic EquilibriumOrganic Compounds containing Nitrogen
BiomoleculesChemistry in Everyday Life

Amity JEE Recommended Books

Amity JEE Recommended Books for Chemistry
Amity JEE Chemistry Book NameWriter / Author / Publisher
Organic ChemistryMorrison and Boyd
Organic ChemistryO P Tandon
Inorganic ChemistryO P Tandon
Physical ChemistryPeter Atkins
Class 11 and 12 BooksNCERT

Amity JEE Syllabus for Mathematics Section

Mathematics appears in Amity JEE as one of the optional sections. Candidates can either choose Mathematics or Biology as their 4th section in the exam.

Despite this, the weightage remains similar to Physics and Chemistry. The fourth section of the exam will have 25 questions, carrying 4 marks each. Here are the major topics included in this section.

  1. Algebra
  2. Trigonometry
  3. Calculus
  4. Coordinate Geometry

Other related topics one needs to study for Mathematics section of Amity JEE: -

Quadratic EquationSequence Series
Complex NumbersBinomial Theorem
Permutation and CombinationMatrix and Determinants
Straight LineCircle
ParabolaTrinometric Equations
Properties of TrianglesFunctions
Limits and ContinuityDifferentiation and Differentiability
Indefinite IntegrationDefinite Integration
Application of DerivativesMaxima and Minima
Ellipse and HyperbolaInverse Trigonometric Function

Amity JEE Recommended Books

Amity JEE Mathematics Book
Amity JEE Mathematics Book NameWriter / Author / Publisher
Mathematics Class XII Volume 1R D Sharma
Plane TrigonometryS L Loney
Problem in Calculus One VariableI A Maron
IIT JEE MathematicsTata McGraw Hill Publications
Cengage Mathematics Set of 5 BooksG Tiwani

Amity JEE Syllabus for Biology Section

As mentioned earlier, Biology can be chosen as the 4th section in Amity JEE. Topics included in this Biology section of Amity JEE are as follows: -

Diversity in Living WorldReproduction
Cell Structure and FunctionPlant Physiology
Human PhysiologyStructural Organization in Animals and Plants
Biotechnology and its ApplicationsBiology and Human Welfare
Genetics and EvolutionEcology and Environment

Amity JEE Recommended Books

Amity JEE Recommended Books for Biology section
Amity JEE Biology Book NameWriter / Author / Publisher
A Textbook of BiologyP S Dhami
Elementary BiologyK N Bhatia
Objective NCERT (Biology) at your FingertipsMTG Editorial Board / MTG Publishers
Class 11 and 12 Biology BooksNCERT

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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