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ATMA 2019 Paper Analysis for February Session

Updated On - February 27th 2019 by JAINAB ALVI

ATMA Paper Analysis 2019: ATMA 2019 (December Session) concluded on February 17. As per the students, the difficulty level of ATMA was moderate to difficult. The official analysis and answer keys will be available shortly.

  • The exam was conducted in online (computer-based) mode. Check ATMA Exam Pattern
  • There was no change in the code of conduct or paper pattern of the exam.
  • The authorities will now release the results for ATMA December 2019 on February 22. Read more
  • Make sure to preserve your ATMA Admit Card till the admissions are confirmed.

The following article gives the previous year analysis of the national level management examination.  

ATMA Paper Analysis 2019 – February Session (Releasing shortly!)

ATMA Paper Analysis 2018 – February Session

As per the analysis, the overall structure of the examination was same as the previous year. Each section had 30 questions to be completed in 30 minutes.

SectionSubject AreaNumber of Questions
Section IAnalytical Reasoning I30
Section IIVerbal Skills I30
Section IIIQuantitative Skills I30
Section IVVerbal Skills II30
Section VAnalytical Reasoning II30
Section VIQuantitative Skills II30

Analytical Reasoning – Section I and V

  • Both the sections had similar questions based on Verbal and Logical Reasoning questions.
  • Section I – Critical Reasoning, Course of Action, Statement Interference, Statement-Conclusion, Data Sufficiency etc.
  • Section V – Coding-Decoding and Strengthen or Weaken arguments.

The breakup of both the sections are as follows:

TopicsNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Critical Reasoning6Moderate - Difficult
Syllogisms6Moderate - Difficult
Course of Action3Easy
Statement Cause-Effect6Moderate
Strong/Weak Arguments1Moderate - Difficult
Course of action2Easy
Arrangements10Moderate - Difficult
Data Sufficiency8Moderate
Coding decoding6Easy - Moderate

Good Attempt: 42 – 43 Questions

Accuracy: 90% accuracy

Quantitative Skills: Section III and VI

  • Section III mostly had questions on Arithmetic and numbers.
  • Section VI was dominated by the question on Geometry and Data Interpretation.

The breakup for this section is given below:

TopicsNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Modern Math12Easy-Moderate
Data Interpretation15Moderate

Good Attempt: 41 – 42 questions

Accuracy: 80% accuracy

Verbal Skills: Section II and IV

The questions in this section were on Parajumbles, Grammar, Correct statement, Main idea, Cloze etc. The difficulty level was considered to be moderate.

TopicsNumber of questionsLevel of difficulty
Jumbled Paragraph6Easy – Moderate
Sentence not contributing
to Main Idea
Sentence starters2Moderate
Antonym-Synonym pairs3Moderate
RC ( 5 passages)30Easy – Moderate
Fill in the blanks6Easy – Moderate
Correct Statement1Easy
Part of sentence with error 4Easy
Incorrect word/phrase3Easy

Good Attempt: 41 – 42 questions

Accuracy: 90% accuracy

ATMA Paper Analysis 2018 – February Analysis

  • The question paper and exam pattern of ATMA 2018 was as per the trend we have observed so far.
  • Overall difficulty level of the question paper was moderate.
  • To attempt 100 questions out of 180 in the given duration was not really a work of hassle in ATMA February 2018.
  • The overall level of difficult was easy to moderate, with around 100 questions being on the easier side.
  • Topics like Numbers, Arithmetic, fill in the blanks were more dominant in ATMA 2018.
  • The reasoning section was well balanced, however, in other sections, topics like Reading Comprehension, Probability carried lesser questions than expected.

Let us have a look at the overall difficulty level of ATMA June 2018:

SectionNo. of QuestionsDifficulty LevelEasy Attempts
Analytical Reasoning Skills30Easy-moderate16-17
Analytical Reasoning Skills30Easy-moderate16-17
Quantitative Skills30Moderate15
Quantitative Skills30Easy-Moderate16-17
Verbal Skills30ModerateAround 17
Verbal Skills30Easy ModerateAround 20

ATMA February 2018 Section Wise Analysis

  • As mentioned above, ATMA 2018 was more on easy to moderate side, with most of the sections were easy to moderate.
  • Topics like Arithmetic, Number and Fill in the blanks were the ones carrying most of the most of the weightage and candidates had a fairly good chance of scoring great in these sections.
  • The sections on Analytical reasoning were fairly balanced amongst various kinds of questions.

Let's take a look at the section-wise analysis of ATMA 2018 Exam:

Section 1 Analytical Reasoning:

  • Both the sub-sections of Analytical Reasoning were quite similar.
  • These included questions based on Verbal Reasoning, Syllogism, analogies and other common topics in reasoning.
  • Level of this section was easy to moderate and around 16-17 questions were sitters.

Here is a table showing some of the major topics of ATMA 2018 February 25:

Course of Action1

Section 2 Analytical Reasoning:

  • Both the sub-sections of reasoning were quite similar.
  • No single topic in both the sections carried a huge weightage and the section was well balanced between multiplicities of topics.
  • Level of this section was also easy to moderate and around 16-17 questions were easy ones for all.

Here is the table showing the topics from which questions came in Section 2 of ATMA 2018:

Implicit Meaning2
Statement Inference4
Logical Matching6

Section 3 Quantitative Ability:

  • Arithmetic was the most dominant topic in Section 3 of ATMA Exam.
  • Questions from topics like Averages, ratios and percentages were present in large numbers.
  • This section also included 6 questions from Data Interpretation.
  • The level of this section was moderate and candidates could have attempted 15 questions with ease.

Section 4 Quantitative Ability:

  • Similar to the Section 3, this section also included 6 questions from Data Interpretation.
  • But unlike the above section, the dominant topic in this section was Number System.
  • Further in Number System, Calculation based question and questions on topics like Factors, LCM HCF were more dominant.
  • However, this section was actually easier than the section 3 and candidates could have attempted 16-17 questions without any difficulty.

Section 5 Verbal Skills:

  • The section 5 of ATMA 2018 was dominated by Fill in the blanks and Reading comprehension.
  • The dominant topics actually had questions on moderate level of difficulty and this section can be termed as the most difficult section of the exam.
  • The overall feel of this section was moderate and around 17 questions were easily attemptable.
  • However, the section still did not have sky high level of difficulty and was of moderate-high level.

Let us take a look at the division of topics in Section 5 of ATMA 2018:

Fill in the Blanks – Grammar Based17
Fill in the blanks – Vocabulary Based
Reading Comprehension6

Section 6 Verbal Skills:

  • This section did not have any Reading Comprehension but was dominated by Fill in the Blanks.
  • However, this section was much easier than section 5 and candidates could find more question on synonyms and other verbal ability topics instead of Reading Comprehension.
  • The overall feel of this section was easy to moderate and 20 questions in this section were easily doable.

Here is the topic wise division of section 6 of ATMA 2018 Exam:

Fill in the blanks6
Correct Incorrect8

ATMA Paper Analysis 2018 (May and June)

We are here posting a brief analysis of other two ATMA 2018 papers conducted in Feb and May respectively. These analyses can help candidate to shape their preparation for next ATMA 2018 paper.

ATMA May 2018 Analysis

  • ATMA May 2018 seems much in line with the structure of previous paper. The structure was almost similar and the same topics were dominant.
  • However, ATMA 2018 May paper was slightly easier that ATMA February 2018.

Here is a table including brief information about ATMA 2018 May:

QuestionsDifficultyEasy AttemptsDominant Topics
180Easy to Moderate110+Grammar, Vocabulary, Number and Arithmetic

ATMA June 2018 Analysis

  • ATMA Feb 2018 was a bit different in division of topics for questions.
  • This paper was conducted in offline mode.
  • Dominant topics of question paper were a bit different.

Here is table providing brief details about ATMA June 2018:

QuestionsDifficultyEasy AttemptsDominant Topics
180Easy to Moderate110+Reading Comprehension, Charts, Probability

Now, candidates must gear up for the next session of ATMA Exam. It will be conducted on July 28, 2019. We suggest you to be thorough with the exam pattern and syllabus, so as to get excellent marks. All qualifying candidates will be notified about the result on August 9, 2019. Good luck!

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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