AUCET 2020 Exam Pattern and Syllabus

    AUCET 2020 (Andhra University Common Entrance Test) is conducted by Andhra University for admission to various postgraduate courses. AUCET 2020 is scheduled to be conducted in June 2020.

    • AUCET entrance test is conducted through the offline mode i.e. it is a Paper-Pen Based Test.
    • It is comprised of 100 objective type and multiple-choice questions.
    • Time duration to complete the paper is 1 hour 30 minutes.
    • For every correct answer, 1 mark will be awarded.
    • There is no negative marking for the wrong attempt.

    The questions in the exam are asked from Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Geology, English, Physical Sciences, and Humanities and Social Sciences etc.

    AUCET 2020 Pattern Highlights

    AUCET 2020 comprises of multiple choice questions. The following table shows the examination pattern of AUCET 2020:

    Exam ModeOffline (Pen Paper Based)
    Number of Papers7
    Number of Sections7 (Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Geology, Humanities & Social Sciences, and English)
    Questions Paper TypeObjective Type Multiple Choice Questions
    AUCET 2020 Total Marks100 marks
    Exam Duration1 hour 30 minutes
    Exam LanguageEnglish

    AUCET 2020 Exam Pattern

    AUCET 2020 exam pattern helps students in the better preparation of the entrance exam. Following is the detailed explanation of AUCET Exam. 

    • AUCET Entrance Test is conducted through offline mode only i.e. it is a pen paper based test.
    • Total time duration to complete the test is 1 hour 30 minutes
    • The questions in the paper are comprised of objective type multiple choice.
    • The paper is available in English language only
    • The questions are asked from the subjects such as Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Mathematical Sciences, Chemical Sciences, Geology, Humanities & Social Sciences, and English

    Marking Scheme

    • For every correct answer, students will be awarded by 1 mark
    • Candidates are free to attempt all the questions because there is no negative marking for the wrong attempt
    • No marks will be deducted or given for un-attempted questions.

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    AUCET 2020 Syllabus

    AUCET 2020 syllabus is very important for the better preparation of the entrance test. The questions are asked from the syllabus of Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths, etc.

    The following table shows the AUCET 2020 Exam syllabus in details:

    Life Sciences Syllabus-Cell Biology
    Molecular Biology and Genetic Engineering
    Bio molecules
    Animal Science
    Plant Science
    Ecology Environment and Evolution
    Physical Sciences SyllabusElectricity, Magnetism and ElectronicsElectrostatics
    Moving charge in electric and magnetic field
    Electromagnetic induction
    Varying and alternating currents
    Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic waves
    Basic Electronics
    Digital Principles
    Modern PhysicsAtomic Spectra
    Molecular Spectroscopy
    Quantum Mechanics Inadequacy of classical Physics
    Matter Waves
    Uncertainty Principle
    Schrodinger Wave Equation
    Nuclear Physics Nuclear Structure
    Alpha and Beta Decays
    Nuclear Reactions
    Crystal Structure
    X-ray Diffraction
    Bonding in Crystals
     -Thermodynamic and OpticsKinetic theory of gases
    Thermodynamic potentials and Maxwell’s equations
    Low temperature Physics
    Quantum theory of radiation
    Statistical Mechanics
    The Matrix methods in paraxial optics
    Laser, Fiber Optics and Holography
    Mechanics and Waves and OscillationsVector Analysis
    Mechanics of Particles
    Mechanics of rigid bodies
    Mechanics of continuous media
    Central forces
    Special theory of relativity
    Fundamentals of vibrations
    Damped and forced oscillations
    Complex vibrations
    Vibrations of bars
    Vibrating Strings
    Mathematical Sciences SyllabusLinear Algebra and Vector CalculusLinear Algebra
    Multiple Integrals and Vector Calculus
    Abstract Algebra & Real AnalysisGroups
    Real Numbers
    Differential Equations and Solid GeometryDifferential Equations of First Order and First Degree
    Differential Equations of First Order but not of the First Degree
    Higher Order Differential Equations
    System of Linear Differential Equations
    Solid GeometryThe Plane
    The Line
    The Sphere
    Cones, Cylinders and Conicoids
    Chemical Sciences SyllabusInorganic Chemistrys-block elements
    p-block elements
    Organometallic Chemistry
    Chemistry of d-block elements
    Chemistry of f-lock elements
    Theories of bonding in metals
    Metal carbonyls and related compounds
    Coordination Chemistry
    Spectral and Magnetic Properties of Metal Complexes
    Reactivity of metal complexes
    Stability of Metal Complexes
    Hard and soft acids bases (HSAB)
    Bioinorganic Chemistry
    Organic ChemistryStructural theory in Organic Chemistry
    Acyclic Hydrocarbons
    Alicyclic hydrocarbons (Cycloalkanes)
    Benzene and its reactivity
    Polynuclear Hydrocarbons
    Halogen compounds
    Hydroxy compounds
    Carbonyl compounds
    Carboxylic acids and derivatives
    Active methylene compounds
    Exercises in interconversion
    Nitrogen compounds
    Heterocyclic Compounds
    Introduction and definition
    Amino acids and proteins
    Mass Spectrometry
     -Physical ChemistryGaseous State
    Liquid State
    Solid State
    Colloids and Surface Chemistry
    Phase Rule
    Dilute Solutions
    Chemical Kinetics
    Chemistry and IndustrySeparation Techniques
    Molecular sectorscopy
    Drugs, Formulations, Pesticides and Green ChemistryDrugs
    Green Chemistry
    General ChemistryAtomic Structure and elementary quantum mechanics
    Chemical Bonding
    Stereochemistry of carbon compounds
    General Principles of Inorganic qualitative analysis
    Molecular symmetry
    Theory of quantitative analysis
    Evaluation of analytical data
    Introductory treatment to
    Geology SyllabusPalaeontology, Indian Geology and Economic GeologyPalaeontology
    Indian Geology
    Economic Geology
    Petrology and Structural GeologyNature and Scope of Petrology
    Metamorphic Rocks
    Physical Geology, Crystallography and MineralogyPhysical Geology
    Optical Mineralogy
    Humanities and Social Sciences Syllabus -Reasoning
    Numerical Ability
    General English
    Current Affairs
    EnglishLiterary TermsGenres
    Literary Movements and Trends
    Critical Concepts
    VerbVerb patterns and structures
    Phrasal verbs concord
    Active and Passive Voice
    Question tags
    Synonyms and antonyms
    one word substitutes
    Note taking
    ComprehensionUnknown Poem and Passage
    Letter Writing
    Idioms and Phrases

    AUCET 2020 Recommended Books

    Books play a most important part in the better preparation of entrance test. Students must prepare every topic from the books because with the help of the books students can clear their doubts regarding any topic.

    Following table shows the books name and author name for the preparation of AUCET 2020:

    Book NameAuthor Name
    B.Ed Entrance Exam GuideRPH Editorial Board
    Pedagogy of MathematicsBSP Raju and B.S. Upadhyaya
    Objective General English for Competitive ExamsDisha Experts
    B.Ed GuideBharti Sharma

    AUCET 2020 Exam Day Instructions

    Students must follow the below instructions before appearing for the paper:

    • Candidates are advised to reach the examination centre before the scheduled time
    • Those who are reaching the examination centre after the scheduled time will not be able to appear for the exam
    • Students must carry admit card at the examination centre
    • They are not permitted to leave the examination hall during the test.
    • Electronic devices are not allowed inside the examination hall like Bluetooth, mobile phones, calculators, watches, pagers, etc.
    • Students are also not allowed to carry any written material inside the test centre
    • If students are unable to appear for the exam then re-examination shall not be held  
    • Applicants are advised not to mark more than one response for the same question.

    All the shortlisted candidates will be called for counselling. Students must be physically present at the time of counselling.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College




    Kirasala narayana

    Hi sir I need syllabus

    26 May, 2020 07:03
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Kirasala, you can check the course curriculum for the concerned course from official website of the university.

    26 May, 2020 07:35

    How to apply aucet exam

    17 Apr, 2020 22:40
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Swathi, you can check the application procedure from here: AUCET Application Process

    18 Apr, 2020 01:12
    saichandana bobbili

    I need syllabus for MSC(statistics) 2020

    25 Feb, 2020 10:35
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Saichandana, generally, questions in the entrance exam consists of the syllabus of previous academic degree and the subject that you are applying for. You can check the syllabus in detail from the official website.

    25 Feb, 2020 10:49
    Peram Lavanya

    Hii sir i need syllabus for mtech eee

    18 Feb, 2020 11:06
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Lavanya, admission to M.Tech is done on the basis of marks scored in AUEET (Andhra University Engineering Entrance Test) conducted by the university. You can check the syllabus of the entrance exam from the official website.

    18 Feb, 2020 12:23
    Pappu Baby Maduri

    i ned syllabus for BFA sir

    25 Sep, 2019 13:22
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Maduri, you can check the syllabus of the concerned course on the official website of the authorities.

    26 Sep, 2019 17:58
    Veena 0764

    I need syllabus for MSc marine biology sir

    01 Aug, 2019 21:10
    Suresh Vishnoi

    Hi Veena, There is no prescribed syllabus by the university for an entrance test. Mostly consist of the subjects you have studied in your graduation.

    09 Aug, 2019 18:08
    neha dasi

    i need to know about the syllabus for sciences)

    16 Apr, 2019 11:57
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Neha, syllabus for entrance exam of M.Sc Computer Science will mostly consist of the subjects you have studied in your graduation. There is no prescribed syllabus by the university for entrance test.

    16 Apr, 2019 12:28
    Emani Pujitha

    What is the minimum rank to get seat in university

    24 Jun, 2018 21:25
    Aamir Khan

    Hello Emani, Please access this link for more detail regarding minimum rank

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