BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern, Subjects, Marking Scheme and Books

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    BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern will be released by Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani along with the official admission notification. Following previous years trends, the question paper will have 150 multiple-choice questions. For every correct answer, 3 marks will be awarded and for an incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted. However, unattempted questions will be marked zero. Check BITSAT Important Books

    • Further, the question paper will be divided into four parts i.e. 
      • Part I – Physics, 
      • Part II – Chemistry,
      • Part III – Maths/Biology, 
      • Part VI – English Proficiency & LR. 
    • Candidates can attempt the questions of their choice from any part as there will be no sectional time limit in the exam. CheckBITSAT 2021 Syllabus
    Table of Contents

    The total time duration to complete the test is 3 hours. BITSAT 2021 exam pattern will help all the candidates in boosting up their preparations. Candidates must read the article to know more about marking schemes, important topics, books, and much more. 

    BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern Highlights

    • If a candidate answers all the 150 questions then they will get an option of attempting 12 extra questions, if there is still time left.
    • These extra questions will be asked from PCM/B only. That means four questions from each part.
    • If a candidate has opted for these extra questions option then they cannot go back to correct the questions attempted earlier.
    SectionsPhysics, Chemistry, English Proficiency, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics/ Biology
    Mode of ExaminationOnline mode
    Type of QuestionsMCQ (Multiple Choice Questions)
    Medium of ExamEnglish
    Duration of Exam3 Hours
    Total Marks450 Marks
    Marking SchemeFor every correct answer: +3 marks
    For every incorrect answer: -1 mark
    For every unattempted answer: 0 marks

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    BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern

    The section-wise breakdown of BITSAT 2021 exam pattern is shown in the table below: 

    SectionsSubjectsNo. of questions
    Part IPhysics40
    Part IIChemistry40
    Part IIIEnglish Proficiency15
    Logical Reasoning10
    Part IVMathematics/Biology (B.Pharma)45 (Each)
    Total Questions150
    BITSAT Exam Pattern

    BITSAT 2021 Marking Scheme

    In BITSAT 2021 marking scheme, candidates will have to attempt a total of 150 MCQs. The paper will be divided into 4 parts, but there is no sectional time limit to attempt the questions. Candidates can move easily from one question to another. 

    • Every Correct Answer: +3 Marks
    • Every Incorrect Answer: -1 Mark
    • Unattempted Questions: 0 Mark
    • Mode of Exam: English

    Additional Questions in BITSAT 2021

    In BITSAT 2021 apart from the 150 questions, an additional 12 questions will also be provided to the candidate. These 12 additional questions will be given to the candidates who complete the initial test. 

    But these additional questions are to be attempted within these 3 hours only. The division of these additional questions is :

    • Physics: 4 questions
    • Chemistry: 4 questions
    • Mathematics/Biology: 4 questions

    NOTE:Candidates who choose to answer these 12 extra questions are not allowed to go back to the original exam and make any changes in those 150 answers.

    BITSAT Exam Pattern

    BITSAT 2021 Important Topics and Weightage

    The important topics from all the subjects of BITSAT 2021 Syllabus will help during the time of preparations. With the weightage of questions, you will get an idea about an approximate number of questions that could come for a particular topic. This way you can plan a better strategy to crack the exam.

    BITSAT 2021 Part I – Physics

    • This subject comprises 18 chapters.
    • As per the test takers of previous years, this section is considered as one of the toughest sections in BITSAT.
    • Most of the questions are asked from Mechanical properties, Current Electricity, and laws of motion.

    Some important topics from Part I i.e. Physics section are listed below :

    TopicWeightage of QuestionsTopicWeightage of Questions
    Mechanical Properties5Atomic Study3-4
    Current Electricity4Oscillation3-4
    Dual Nature of Matter & Radiation3-4Gravitation3-4
    Magnetism & Moving Charges3-4Kinematics2-3
    Thermodynamics3-4Alternating Current2-3
    Rigid Body Dynamics3-4Waves2-3
    Work, Energy, and Power3-4Electrical Field2-3

    BITSAT 2021 Part II – Chemistry

    • As per the syllabus released by the authorities, there are 14 major topics in the subject.
    • The majority of questions are asked from Physical and Chemical Equilibria, p/d/f block elements, thermodynamics, etc. 
    • As per the previous year paper analysis, the questions from this section are of moderate difficulty level.

    Part II includes questions from Chemistry. Some important topics are listed below : 

    TopicWeightage of QuestionsTopicWeightage of Questions
    States of Matter2-3The Solid State2-3
    Thermodynamics3-4Hydrogen and s-block Elements2-3
    Atomic Structure3-4Coordination Compounds2-3
    Physical and Chemical Equilibria4-5Equilibrium4

    BITSAT 2021 Part III – English and LR

    • This section is subdivided into two more sections - English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning.
    • This section consists of 15 questions from English Proficiency and 10 questions from Logical Reasoning. 
    • To crack the LR section candidates need daily practice. It is considered as a scoring section. 
    • Also to crack the English section and answer the questions of RC and vocabulary, candidates must have good knowledge of grammar and a good reading speed.
    • All considered, this section is of moderate difficulty level but is also considered as time taking.

    Part III of the exam will have questions from English and Logical reasoning:

    English Language TopicsWeightage of QuestionsLogical Reasoning TopicsWeightage of Questions
    Reading Comprehension2-3Verbal Reasoning2-3
    Conclusion2-3Classification Test2-3
    Verbal Ability3-4Binary Logic1-2
    Vocabulary1-2Non-verbal Reasoning1-2
    Synonyms1Puzzle Test1-2
    Composition1-2Alphabet Test2-3
    Word Formation1-2--

    BITSAT 2021 Part IV – Maths/Biology

    • Both Maths and Biology consist of 45 questions. Candidates who have opted for B.Pharm will appear for PCB and all other candidates will have to appear for PCM.
    • This section is rated as moderate to difficult on the scale of the level of difficulty of the exam.
    • Both subjects include the CBSE syllabus of both classes 11 and 12.
    • In the Biology section, the topics from Class 11 hold more weightage than those of class 12. Maximum weightage is given to reproduction and plants related topics.

    Part IV of the exam will have questions from Mathematics/ Biology (for B.Pharm).

    Mathematics TopicsWeightage of QuestionsBiology TopicsWeightage of Questions
    Application of Derivatives6-7Biotechnology: Principles and Processes2-3
    Permutations & Combinations4-5Anatomy of Flowering Plants2-3
    Circles4-5Excretory Products and Their Elimination2-3
    Sequence & Series4-5Chemical Coordination and Integration1-2
    Matrices Determinants3-4Breathing and Exchange of Gases1-2
    Parabola3-4Plant Growth and Development1-2
    Continuity & Differentiability2-3Reproduction5-6
    Theory of Equation2-3Biological Classification2-3
    Binomial Theorem2-3Molecular Basis of Inheritance1-2
    Sets, Relations & Functions2-3Ecosystems1-2

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    BITSAT 2021 Recommended Books

    Other than the standard NCERT books, candidates can also refer to the following reference books for BITSAT 2021:

    Important Books for Mathematics

    Bitsat mathematics books
    • New Pattern Mathematics – By Arihant
    • 10 Mock Tests & Solved Papers VIT Engineering 
    • Objective Mathematics – By RD Sharma

    Important Books for Chemistry

    bitsat chemistry books
    • Essential Organic Chemistry – By Arihant
    • A Textbook of Inorganic Chemistry – By Dr OP Tandon

    Important Books for Physics

    BITSAT physics book
    • Optics & Modern Physics – By Arihant
    • Concepts of Physics I – By HC Verma
    • Concepts of Physics II – By HC Verma
    • Physics MCQ – D Mukherji

    Important Books for Biology

    BITSAT biology books
    • Botany – By AC Dutta
    • A Text Book of Biology – By PS Dhami, G Chopra, Srivastava

    Important Books for English & LR

    Bitsat English Language books
    • A Complete Guide to BITSAT – By Pearson
    • English Grammar and Composition – By Wren and Martin
    • BITSAT LR & English Proficiency

    Also Check BITSAT Cut off 

    BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern Facts and Figures

    • There is no time limit for individual parts of the test.
    • Candidates can go back and change any of their answers among the 150 questions.
    • A candidate can attempt 12 extra questions if they have answered all the 150 questions (without skipping any question) within the prescribed time limit.
    • These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology only; four questions from each part.
    • Once the candidate has opted for extra questions, they cannot go back to modify or correct the earlier 150 questions.
    • The extra questions (a maximum of 12) will give a chance to highly meritorious candidates to score higher.
    • The final list of BITSAT exam centers and actual days of exam will be announced to candidates through BITS website i.e. Check BITSAT Exam Center
    • Candidates who are allotted test centers in campuses of BITS will be provided with accommodation and will be charged nominal rates for the same in hostels.

    BITSAT 2021 Exam Pattern FAQs

    Ques: What is the time duration of BITSAT 2021?

    Ans: The total time duration to complete the test is 3 hours. There will be a total of 150 questions designed in such a way that candidates can complete them in a 3-hour duration. If a candidate is able to complete all 150 questions then they can opt for an option to attempt 12 more questions, if time is left. These 12 questions will be from PCM/PCB only.

    Ques: What will be the BITSAT 2021 marking scheme?

    Ans: For every correct answer you will get +3 marks and for every wrong answer -1 mark. No mark will be awarded to unattempted questions. Candidates will get an option to attempt 12 extra questions if they complete 150 questions before time given time. 

    Ques: How can I prepare for BITSAT 2021?

    Ans: To prepare for BITSAT 2021, you can refer to the important books, previous years question papers, detailed syllabus, etc. All this will help you in getting an idea about the exam pattern so that you can divide your time for preparation. The questions paper of BITSAT will be divided into four parts namely Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology, English and LR. For more details check BITSAT 2021 Syllabus

    Ques: What is the BITSAT 2021 sectional time limit?

    Ans: There will be no sectional time limit in the exam. All the candidates will get 3 hours time to complete their exam. Candidates can attempt the questions as per their choice. While attempting you have to keep one thing in mind that -1 mark will be deducted for wrong attempts.

    Ques: What is the sectional weight of questions in the exam?

    Ans: BITSAT 2021 is divided into 4 parts/sections:

    SectionsSubjectsNo. of questions
    Part IPhysics40
    Part IIChemistry40
    Part IIIEnglish Proficiency15
    Logical Reasoning10
    Part IVMathematics/Biology (B.Pharma)45
    Total Questions150

    Ques. Does the english section of BITSAT 2021 carry as many marks as the individual PCMB sections?

    Ans. No. The English proficiency section contains 15 questions while the Logical reasoning section contains 10 questions. The Physics and Chemistry sections contain 40 questions each while the Maths/Biology section contains 45 questions. All questions have the same marking template, so PCMB carries considerably more marks than English.

    Ques. If i had to refer to only one book for BITSAT 2021, which one should it be?

    Ans. It is recommended to use multiple books to prepare for BITSAT 2021. However, if you can refer to only one book then it should be NCERT, since they cover the entire syllabus in a well rounded manner.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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    Hi Simran, the minimum aggregate for BITS Pilani is 75% in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics/ Biology subjects along with 60% marks in each subject separately.

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