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BITSAT 2019 Paper Analysis (Available shortly)

Updated On - January 22nd 2019 by DEEKSHA

BITSAT Paper Analysis: BITS Pilani released the official schedule for BITSAT 2019 on December 2018. The exam is scheduled for multiple dates from May 16 to 26, 2019. Registration for the exam is going on till March 20, 2019. Apply Now!

The following article talks about the paper analysis of BITSAT 2018. The aspirants will get an idea about the important topics as well as the difficulty level of the university level exam.


BITSAT exam was conducted in 2 slots per day– 9 am to 12 noon and 2 pm to 5 pm across 50 cities in India and Dubai. The weightage of questions from Class 12 was a little higher than that of Class 11 in the exam this year. CheckBITSAT Syllabus

  • As per the student’s review, Physics was the toughest and time-consuming section of the exam.
  • Chemistry section, most of the questions were application and concept based.
  • Mathematics section had most questions from class 11 syllabus defined by CBSE. As per the analysis, some students felt that questions from Coordinates in Maths were complex and less as compared to previous years’.
  • The questions varied from moderate to difficult. Most of the questions were from class 11 and were similar to the ones asked in JEE Main.

BITSAT 2018 Exam Analysis: Subject wise Analysis

As per the analysis, it is marked that BITSAT 2018 is easier as compared to previous years’ exam. BITSAT question paper is balanced with easy, moderate and difficult questions on the scale of level of difficulty of exam. Candidates who prepared and revised the topics properly were at an advantage of clearing exam with a better score.

Given below is the distribution of topics from the syllabus of Class XII and Class XI in the exam:

  • Physics section was balanced. There were 19 questions from class XI and 21 questions from Class XII. Though, the focus of the exam for this year for the physics section was the syllabi of class XII.
  • Chemistry section had 17 questions from Class XI syllabi while 23 questions in this section were from Class XII syllabus. Topics from Organic Chemistry and General Chemistry dominated the section.
  • Mathematics section was slightly imbalanced considering weightage of topics from Class XI and Class XII. There were 25 questions from Class XI while it included 15 questions from Class XII syllabus. Check HereBITSAT Syllabus

BITSAT Exam Analysis: Level of Difficulty

BITSAT 2018 was considered to have a moderate level of difficulty as most of the questions were direct and conceptual. BITSAT 2018 seems to have been of moderate level still there were some difficult questions. The weightage of marks was almost same for Class XI and Class XII standard syllabi.

Subjects were of varying level of difficulty in which Physics was on the tougher side compared with Mathematics and Physics. A total of 450 marks on the scale of level of difficulty of BITSAT 2018 is as follows:

  • Questions worth 108 marks (36 questions) were Easy
  • Questions worth 165 marks (55 questions) were Moderate
  • Remaining 102 marks (34 questions) were from the difficult section.
  • Overall, the paper is considered slightly easier than the last year, hence the cut-off is expected to be slightly high from last year in all categories. 

The table below provides us with a good insight about the toughness level of Questions of PCM:


BITSAT 2018 Paper Analysis for Physics

Physics section was the toughest among all the other sections of the exam. It included many calculations based questions making the section time consuming and lengthy.

  • The maximum questions were from Electricity and Magnetism (15 questions).
  • The lowest weightage in this section was given to Heat & Thermodynamics, SHM & Waves, Modern Physics and Optics (14 questions).
  • There were 11 questions from Mechanics and 4 from Modern Physics this year

Given below is the chapter wise weightage of Physics section in BITSAT 2018:

TopicSyllabusNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Electricity and MagnetismClass XII15Moderate
Heat and ThermodynamicsClass XI4Difficult
MechanicsClass XI11Moderate
Modern PhysicsClass XII4Easy
OpticsClass XII4Moderate
SHM & WavesClass XI2Difficult

Physics section was the toughest of all the four sections. It had 40 questions carrying 3 marks each. The majority of the questions appeared from the Electrostatics and Magnetic Field.

Students having a grip over these two units would have done fairly well in this section. Mechanics also had a good weightage with nearly 11 questions.

Here is a table providing the details of distribution of marks in Physics section across Units and Topics:

TopicsSub-TopicsNo. of QuestionTotal Marks
Electricity and MagnetismCurrent Electricity515
Electromagnetic Field412
Heat and ThermodynamicsHeat transfer26
Work Power Energy26
Center of Mass13
Fluid Mechanics& Properties of Matter26
Projectile Motion13
Rigid Body Dynamic26
Modern PhysicsModern Physics39
OpticsRay Optics26
Wave Optics26
SHM & WavesSHM26
String Waves and Sound Wave26

BITSAT 2018 Paper Analysis for Chemistry

The level of difficulty of this section was between easy to moderate. Though this section was trickier than the previous year. Inorganic Chemistry and Physical Chemistry was unexpectedly easier than the General and Organic Chemistry.

  • The maximum weightage was given to Physical Chemistry (18 questions).
  • There were 8 questions from Inorganic Chemistry and 14 from Organic.

Here is the chapter wise weightage of Chemistry section in BITSAT 2018:

TopicSyllabusNo. of QuestionsDifficulty
Inorganic Chemistry-1Class XI2Easy
Organic Chemistry-Class XI5Moderate
Physical Chemistry-1Class XI10Moderate
Inorganic Chemistry-2Class XII6Easy
Organic Chemistry-2Class XII9Difficult
Physical Chemistry-2Class XII8Moderate

Chemistry section was of easy to moderate level with the majority of the questions falling in the moderate category.

  • This section had 40 questions for 3 marks each.
  • Out of these 40 questions, 18 questions were of moderate level, 13 were easy.
  • Organic chemistry along with Physical Chemistry covered more than 65% of the questions.

Students having a grip over these two units would have done quite well in this section. Here is a table providing the details of marks distribution in Chemistry section across Units and Topics:

SectionTopic NameNo. of QuestionsTotal Marks
Inorganic Chemistry-1Chemical Bonding13
Periodic Table& Periodicity13
Inorganic Chemistry-2D-Block& F Block26
Co-Ordination Compounds26
Qualitative Analysis26
Organic Chemistry-1General Organic Chemistry39
Organic Chemistry-2Alkyl Halide, Alcohol& Ether, Carbohydrate, Amino Acids & Polymers39
Aldehyde & Ketone13
Practical Organic Chemistry13
Chemistry in Everyday Life26
Physical Chemistry-1Atomic Structure26
Gaseous State26
Ionic Equilibrium26
Thermodynamic & Thermochemistry26
Ionic Equilibrium26
Physical Chemistry-2Chemical Kinetic26
Solid State26
Redox Reactions13
Grand total-40120

BITSAT 2018 Paper Analysis for Mathematics

Mathematics was a moderate section in BITSAT. According to the review of the students, only 10 questions were difficult in the exam.

  • The most number of questions were asked from Application of Derivatives (7 questions)
  • A total of 26 questions was asked from Class XI syllabus.

Given below is the chapter wise weightage of Mathematics section:

TopicSyllabusNo. of questionsDifficulty
CirclesClass XII4Moderate
Straight Lines & Pair of Straight linesClass XII2Difficult
Continuity & DifferentiabilityClass XII2Difficult
Theory of EquationClass XI2Easy
Binomial TheoremClass XI2Moderate
Sets, Relations & FunctionsClass XI2Easy
Properties of TrianglesClass XI1Difficult
Trigonometric Ratios & IdentitiesClass XI2Easy
Trigonometric EquationsClass XII2Easy
ProbabilityClass XII2Easy
Matrices & DeterminantsClass XI3Moderate
Application of DerivativesClass XII7Moderate
Permutations & CombinationsClass XI3Easy
ParabolaClass XI2Difficult
Sequence & SeriesClass XI4Moderate
Inverse TrigonometryClass XI1Difficult
Limits & Differential CoefficientClass XI2Difficult
StatisticsClass XI1Easy
Complex NumbersClass XI1Moderate

This section was though easier than last year but most of the candidate found it to be difficult due to lengthier and time-consuming problems.

  • Questions based on simple formulae also consumed time as they were calculation based.
  • This section focused on Class XI syllabi alike other sections.
  • There were 25 questions from Class XI and 20 questions from Class XII syllabus.
  • Most of the questions in this section were of moderate level.

Here is a table providing the details of marks distribution in Mathematics section across Units and Topics:

TopicNo. of questionsTotal Marks
Straight Lines & Pair of Straight lines26
Continuity & Differentiability26
Theory of Equation26
Binomial Theorem26
Sets, Relations & Functions26
Properties of Triangles13
Trigonometric Ratios & Identities26
Trigonometric Equations26
Matrices Determinants39
Application of Derivatives721
Permutations & Combinations39
Sequence & Series412
Inverse Trigonometry13
Limits & Differential Coefficient26
Complex Numbers13
Grand Total45135

BITSAT 2018 Paper Analysis for English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning

A total of 25 questions were asked in this section, 10 from English Proficiency and 15 from Logical Reasoning. BITSAT Exam Analysis 2018 for English Proficiency and Logical Reasoning is mentioned below-

BITSAT Paper Analysis for English Proficiency

  • This section tests the knowledge of the English Language,
  • All the questions were moderate in nature except for Synonyms & Antonyms.
  • 2 questions were from Synonyms & Antonyms.
  • Questions of Reading Comprehension were very simple and easy.
  • Students attempting this question can easily secure full marks in the same.
  • Overall this section was moderate and easily doable.

Here is a table providing the details of marks distribution in English across Topics:

TopicNo. of questionsMarks
Synonyms & Antonyms26
Collective Nouns26

BITSAT Paper Analysis for Logical Reasoning

  • This section tests the logical thinking of the candidate,
  • All the questions in this section were lengthy and tricky but candidates managed to attempt all of them in time.
  • There were questions from the topic of Family Tree, Completing a sequence, Logical Deduction.

Here is a table providing the details of marks distribution in Logical Reasoning across Topics:

TopicNo. of questionsMarks
Figure Completion & Analysis412
Completing a sequence28
Questions on Family tree28
Numbers & Alphabetical Series Test28
Logical Deduction416
Rule Detection14

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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Is questions in bit sat exam same in every slot?

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Hi Chitvan, No, The BIT SAT Entrance Exam is different in every slot.

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Dear sir/mam, Can i get the BITSAT 2018 question paper of exam held on 16 may 2018 (slot 1 and slot 2) ?

18 May, 2018 00:20
Akansha Expert

Hi Gaurav, To get the information about latest entrance exam please check this link :- BITSAT EXAM.

18 May, 2018 13:05
deekshith p

is 113/366 (30%) in jee advanced 2017 can be drawn a seatin obc category and what might be the branches we get.

23 May, 2017 00:20
Bhawna Vedwal

Hello Deekshith, Once candidates successfully qualify the exam they can check cutoff for colleges and branches according to their marks and rank. To get more information regarding cutoff you can use the link and can check branch according to your marks and interest. CUTOFF

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