BITSAT 2020 Sample Papers/Practice Papers

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BITSAT Sample Papers 2020: For enrichment of BITSAT preparation and strategy skills, we have brought you more than 15 BITSAT Sample Papers. Solving practice papers is a stress-free way to prepare for the exam.

Benefits of Solving Practice Papers:

  • You will get a better idea about the exam pattern, marking scheme, type of questions, the difficulty level of questions, etc.
  • You can improve your speed and accuracy of answering the questions.
  • The practice papers will make you focus and understand the core concepts and topics.

Since the exam has been postponed due to COVID-19 outbreak, candidates can use this time productively by practicing these papers. 

BITSAT practice papers and mock tests are bound to help the students in familiarizing them with the pattern of questions and gain speed & precision required to score well in the exam. Candidates can download BITSAT mock tests and section-wise sample papers from the links provided below. 

Practice Papers


BITSAT Solved Paper 2017.pdf


BITSAT 2016 Question Papers.pdf

BITSAT 2015 Sample Paper

Mock Test Paper 1

Mock Test Paper 2

Mock Test Paper 3

Mock Test Paper 4

Mock Test Paper 5

Mock Test Paper 6

Mock Test Paper 7

Mock Test Paper 8

Mock Test Paper 9

Mock Test Paper 10

Mock Test Paper 11

Mock Test Paper 12

Mock Test Paper 13

BITSAT 2015 Model Test Paper

Trigonometric Ratios Formulaes

Differentiation Formaulaes


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Manasvi Patil

Is it compulsory to attempt biology questions for the students who chose pcm group over pcmb ?

28 Jul, 2019 00:04
Shobhna Chaturvedi

Hi Manasvi, no, it is not compulsory to attempt biology questions as the questions would be from the subjects that you have chosen.

28 Jul, 2019 00:19
Sagar chhikara

How we get admission in government college please tell

02 Jan, 2019 23:27
Alok Pandey

Hi Sagar, You may please check this link: Admission 

15 Jan, 2019 15:54
Anshu priya

Is it compulsory for bio students to solve maths problem if they had not taken maths as subject in12th class

23 Jan, 2018 00:20
Bhawna Vedwal

Hello Anshu, Its not compulsory. Biology students can opt Biology questions rather than Mathematics questions

21 May, 2018 17:36
Kapil Singh

is bitsat mock paper are of same level as bitsat main paper?

21 May, 2017 00:20
Bhawna Vedwal

Hello Kapil, No, questions given in BITSAT mock paper are pretty simple. You may get few such questions and you may not. So don't depend on the that. You can use previous question paper for practice.

08 May, 2018 14:59

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