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    Cracking BITSAT 2021 is not very difficult; and as per the experience of candidates who had appeared for the exam, the question paper is set in a manner to judge the time management skills and presence of mind of a candidate.

    BITSAT is an online exam that includes questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics/Biology based on NCERT syllabus of class 11 and 12. The accurate knowledge of the exam pattern and syllabus is very important before starting the preparations. CheckBITSAT Syllabus

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    For smooth preparation and some tips & tricks, candidates must follow the instructions mentioned in this article. Moreover, candidates must note that campuses of BITS (Pilani, Goa, and Hyderabad) release their individual branch-wise BITSAT Cut off for the selection of candidates. 

    BITSAT 2021 Tips – During Exam

    • Although it totally depends on the choice or preference of a candidate, still candidates are advised to choose the last day’s test slot for BITSAT 2021. This way you will get a few more days for revision. Also with the help of a paper analysis of the exam conducted on the previous days, you can get some inputs that can be useful. 
    • No need to waste time on difficult problems. If you are not able to understand the problem or able to find the solution within 1-2 minutes then you must leave that question and move ahead. 
    • You must prepare a strategy beforehand of which type of questions you will solve first. Since the exam pattern includes negative marking, candidates are advised not to solve all the questions blindly. 
    • BITSAT is the only exam that gives you an option to attempt 12 bonus questions to score more in the exam. But this option will be available only when you solve all the 150 questions; and once you take this option of solving bonus questions then there is no going back to the original 150. So candidates are advised that before opting for this bonus question option check whether you want to change the answer to any question or not. Only when you feel satisfied with your current answers can you take this step. Check BITSAT Exam Pattern
    • Do not ignore English and LR sections. These sections could fetch you more positive marks if you attempt the questions from this section correctly.
    • Keep track of the time left on the screen and maintain your speed of answering the questions according to the time left.

    Preparation Tips to Crack BITSAT 2021

    1. BITSAT 2021 Time Management

    • BITSAT 2021 includes all of the major parts of the 10+2 syllabus. It includes English and Logical Reasoning with Physics, Chemistry, and Math.
    • Though BITSAT 2021 consists of mostly conceptual questions, they need to be solved quickly.
    • Even while preparing for the exam, students should devote time to all the subjects equally.
    • All the sections must be answered with a quick reflex, if one hesitates and goes for a lengthy solution, it is nothing but a waste of time.

    CheckBITSAT 2021 Paper Analysis

    2. Knowledge of BITSAT 2021 Syllabus

    • BITSAT 2021 syllabus is primarily focused on conceptual questions. If you are preparing for JEE, then you must have an idea about the difference in the syllabus of both.
    • Some topics which are covered in BITSAT do not get covered in JEE. This difference must be understood by the candidates.
    • Unlike JEE, all the sections do not consist of equal marks. Hence, the candidates attempting BITSAT 2021 can set their priorities.
    • English and Logical Reasoning do not need any formulae or mugging up, these sections need analyzing.
    • Candidates appearing for BITSAT 2021 can prepare for answering the conceptual and predictable questions as a quick reflex.
    • Prepare the scoring sections beforehand and solve the questions that you are completely confident about and which requires the least time to solve.

    3. Prepare According to the BITSAT 2021 Marking Scheme

    • All the sections carry different marks. Prepare the conceptual questions of all the sections but do not waste time on the sections you have no clue of.
    • Do not attempt your weakest section first.
    • Each correct answer fetches 3 marks, while each incorrect answer has a penalty of 1 mark, so doubtful questions must not be answered.
    • The section of the paper you attempt first must be the one you are most confident in.
    • While preparing, realize which is your best section. Understand and notice the graphs while taking the mock tests.
    • Improve the skills of the relatively weaker sections. Compared to the negative marks of JEE, BITSAT 2021 has a larger number of over-all negative marks. So the candidates must stay careful and attempt only the questions which he/she is fairly confident about.

    4. Revise, Test and Repeat

    • After you have completed the one-time preparation of all the subjects in the exam, at least one or two months must be given for the revision.
    • Revise all the sections, even English & LR again. When revised enough, one must start with the mock tests.
    • Try to take as many BITSAT 2021 online mock tests as possible to get familiar with the exam. There are many mock tests available online for BITSAT 2021.
    • Record your time whenever you solve the tests and record it separately for all the sections.
    • Solve all the samples as well as the previous year’s question papers. Understand the pattern of the repeated questions in the previous year’s question papers.

    Click here to Download BITSAT 2021 Sample Papers

    5. Utilize the Bonus Questions

    • BITSAT 2021 is the only exam that provides bonus questions for the candidates.
    • This is a set of 12 questions. These questions are not easier than the rest of the paper.
    • These questions will be given to the candidates once he/she has completed the paper before time.
    • The one condition is that they must submit the rest of the paper before taking these bonus questions, you cannot revert back to those answers again. However, it is a good call to go for these questions as they carry a higher positive marking.

    BITSAT 2021 Last 1 Month Preparation Tips

    Candidates can follow the below-mentioned preparation strategy if only one month is left for preparations. 

    • If a candidate is already preparing for the exam from the last 2-3 months then the last month should be utilized for revisions. But if a candidate has not even started the preparation then they must give 8-9 hours daily to prepare for the exam in one month. 
    • Candidates are advised to solve BITSAT 2021 mock tests or online papers or previous year papers to improve their speed and accuracy. If you are able to score around 300-350 during your preparations in the tests then there are high chances that you can score very well in the final exam. 
    • Try to improve your speed of answering the questions with a higher level of accuracy so that you can take advantage of bonus questions to score high in BITSAT 2021. 
    • Most of the candidates take the English section casually and avoid practicing this section. Focus on this section properly as this section does not require any lengthy calculation and if you have a good knowledge of grammar and good vocabulary then you can easily and quickly answer the questions asked in this section.
    • Making notes during your preparation is very helpful. All the students are always advised to make notes on every topic that they cover. These notes will help you to memorize topics for a longer time interval. Also, you can revise any time from the notes prepared by you. 

    Follow a Time Table to Complete your Syllabus or Revision in the last month

    MondayPick 4-5 topics every Monday and give 1-hour time to each topic. 
    TuesdayQuickly go through all the topics that you have covered and revise them.
    WednesdaySolve at least 30-40 questions within 1 to 2 hours.
    ThursdayAgain Pick 4-5 topics and give 1-hour each to each topic. 
    FridayTake the Mock Tests every Friday.
    SaturdayRevise Again.

    BITSAT 2021: Books suggested by the Toppers

    Apart from NCERT Books of 11th and 12th that cover all the topics, here is a list of other BITSAT 2021 books suggested by toppers. 

    BITSAT 2018 Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English, LRCengageBITSAT (Class XI) In English with CD-
    BITSAT Explorer 2015 (With CD) (English)MTG Editorial BoardNCERT Physics Part 1 and Part 2 Textbook for Class XIINCERT
    BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning PB (English)Disha ExpertsUnderstanding Physics Series of 5 BooksD. C Pandey
    The Pearson Complete Guide to the BITSAT (English)One Learn EducationAIEEE (JEE Main) and IIT-JEE (JEE Advanced) previous years’ Objective questionsRP Singh, SC Aggarwal
    Comprehensive Guide to BITSAT Online Test – with Mock Test CD (English)Disha Experts12 Practice Papers BITSAT 2015 PB 8th EditionG K P

    BITSAT 2021 Preparation Tips – From Toppers Experience

    “Pursue what you are passionate for rather than just following rat race”, says Priyam Shah

    Priyam Shah who secured 402 marks in BITSAT and topped the exam believes in following his passion rather than following the crowd. He took admission in the Computer Science branch in BITS Pilani. He says that exams are just one of the ways of succeeding in life, one should not lose their peace & calm behind them.

    “Every accomplishment start with the decision to try”, says Devendra

    Devendra Chandak appeared for BITSAT. He took admission in the BITS Hyderabad Campus. He says, plans your work before the actual work. And it comes out to be a great help in the preparation time. He says regular revision is a great thing to do. As per his approach, a lot of practice can only lead you to success. 

    “All roads that lead to success have to go through hard work at some point”, says Yashwanth

    Yashwanth Kolla appeared for BITSAT. He chose the BITS Hyderabad campus for his engineering studies. He believed that concentration, good time management and self-confidence are the keys to crack BITSAT. He says that the goal should be predefined before starting the preparation. 

    “Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending”, Says Chitranjan Singh 

    Chitranjan Singh appeared for BITSAT. He took admission in IIT BHU Varanasi. He says, practicing sample papers help to a great level. He advised the BITSAT aspirants to follow the class schedule and don’t forget to devote quality time to studies.

    BITSAT 2021 Preparation Tips FAQs

    Ques. Should I join a coaching center or I can prepare by myself?

    Ans. BITSAT can be cracked if self-prepared. However, it totally depends on you, if you feel that you will not be able to cope up with the syllabus and need some tricks, then go for coaching. There are various online coaching programs available and if the candidates want to,they can join those as well.

    Ques. I have already registered for BITSAT 2021. Why is there a need to apply again for admissions?

    Ans. It Is a separate and mandatory process to apply for admissions separately with the marks secured in class 12 and also giving your preferences to different degree programmes, along with the requisite application fee. The application form is a medium to appear in the test, while the admission form is for admission into the respective colleges. 

    Ques. Which books studied by toppers for BITSAT 2021 Preparation?

    Ans. Some of the books suggested by toppers and which helped them a lot are:

    • Class 11 and 12 NCERT books
    • Pearson Complete Guide of BITSAT (English )
    • 12 Practice Papers BITSAT 2021 PB 8th Edition by G K P
    • BITSAT English Proficiency & Logical Reasoning PB (English)

    Ques. Are calculators allowed to be carried in BITSAT 2021 exam hall?

    Ans. No. There are no virtual calculators provided during the exam either. Only rough paper will be given to you which you must use for all your calculations. No extra material such as log tables, digital calculators will be provided or allowed to be carried. If a candidate is found with any prohibited items then this may lead to the cancellation to the failure of his/her candidature.

    Ques. Is it difficult to crack BITSAT 2021?

    Ans. No, if you are determined and focused enough then it is not that difficult to crack BITSAT 2021. Though the preparation requires hard work so as to achieve the goal. You can go through the preparation tips provided above to get an idea about how to start preparations.

    Ques. Do I need to take mock tests for BITSAT 2021?

    Ans. Taking mock tests is always advisable, as it shows you your strengths and weaknesses before your actual exam, so you can prepare accordingly.

    Ques. Can I prepare for BITSAT 2021 in a month?

    Ans. Yes, because of the conceptual nature of the paper, it is possible to prepare for BITSAT 2021 in a month. However, the candidate must already be well versed in the basic concepts of the relevant 11th and 12th standard subjects.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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    Can I give exam next year after my graduation ?

    29 Nov, 2020 20:55
    Rinki Mahapatra

    Which Youtube page useful for cracking exam?

    28 Nov, 2020 20:35

    Hi Rinki, Not one but there are many videos on youtube on BITSAT exam. Just search BITSAT and click on the desired link. There are numerous online and pdf format practise papers and mock tests that helps in better preparation. To access sample papers just click here.

    29 Nov, 2020 21:57
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    Who can be the best motivator for cracking exam?

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    Hi Fauzia, your plan and organisation can be the best motivator for cracking exam. For more details visit: BITSAT EXAM

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    How many hours study is good enough to crack the exam with good ranks?

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    How many hours study is good enough to crack the exam?

    22 Nov, 2020 23:54

    Hi Karan, If you haven’t started preparation, then 8-9 hours a day is required to complete the syllabus in 30 days time. BITSAT tests time managemnet skill, so give maximum time to practise sample papers and try to solve it in minimum time as well. For more BITSAT preparation tips and tricks click here.

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    Can I not get admission in BITS on the basis of JEE score?

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    Hii Divakar, Greetings from collegedunia. No, You can not get admission in BITS through JEE Mains, you will have to appear for BITSAT entrance exam to get admission in any BITS. 

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    Suggest good reference books for preparation?

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    Hello Vikram,

    To get a list of best available books for BITSAT, kindly visit – BITSAT books

    04 Nov, 2020 23:48
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    I am getting, around 250-260 in the mock test. What should I do to score more? What is the ideal revision plan for final days?

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    Try to put in at least 10 hours in a day in your final revision routine for your BITSAT preparation for a month. 

    10 Oct, 2020 19:42
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    Hi Shaik, greetings from Collegedunia. Click here for valuable preparation tips for BITSAT 2020.

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