CAT Cut Off 2020: Expected IIM Cut off, CAT Percentile for General/ OBC/ SC/ST

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    CAT 2020 Result will be released by the official authorities in first week of January 2021. Applicants must qualify the sectional as well as the overall cutoff to get shortlisted for the next round of the selection process – WAT-GD/PI. CAT 2020 Scorecard will be available on, which will be available to download for a period of one year.

    • CAT 2020 will be conducted by IIM Indore on November 29, 2020. Reservation criteria is followed as per Central government norms and seperate Cutoff will be released for each category. Check Details Here
    • CAT Cutoff for old IIMs and top B-schools such as FMS (University of Delhi), MDI Gurgaon, SPJIMR Mumbai, etc. goes over 99 percentile almost every year. Applicants can utilize CAT 2020 Rank Predictor to assess their tentative rank for CAT 2020. 
    • New IIMs including IIM Sambalpur, IIM Ranchi, Raipur, Rohtak, Udaipur, Trichy and Kashipur and other top B-schools are expected to have cutoffs situated in the 90 percentile and above. While these institutes generally establish stringent regulations for their admission process, there are many excellent business schools that offer an intake for candidates that have achieved below 90 percentile.  Check Top MBA Colleges other than IIMs Accepting CAT Score

    Table of Content

    CAT 2020 Expected Cut Off for IIMs

    IIM Expected Cutoff 
    IIM Ahmedabad 99 
    IIM Bangalore 99
    IIM Calcutta 99
    IIM Lucknow 97-98 
    IIM Indore 97-98 
    IIM Kozhikode 97-98 
    IIM Amritsar 95-96 
    IIM Nagpur 95-96 
    IIM Sambalpur 95-96 
    IIM Trichy 94-95 
    IIM Raipur 94-95 
    IIM Ranchi 94-95 
    IIM Kashipur 94-95 
    IIM Vizag 92-94 
    IIM Udaipur 92-94
    IIM Bodhgaya 92-94
    IIM Shillong 90 
    IIM Sirmaur 90 
    IIM Jammu 90 

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    CAT 2020 Expected Setional Cutoff

    The following table enlists the released CAT cut off for all participating IIMs for general candidates with individual cutoffs for QA, DILR and VARC sections:

    IIM Ahmedabad70707080
    IIM Bangalore75758085
    IIM Calcutta80807585
    IIM Kozhikode75757585
    IIM Shillong75757580
    IIM Lucknow85858590
    IIM Raipur80808095
    IIM Rohtak70707095
    IIM Kashipur80808090
    IIM Ranchi80808090
    IIM Indore80808090
    IIM Tiruchirapalli80808095
    IIM Udaipur80808090
    IIM Bodh Gaya80808090
    IIM Amritsar75758080
    IIM Nagpur72727285
    IIM Jammu80808090
    IIM Visakhapatnam80808590
    IIM Sambalpur80808095
    IIM Simraur80808095

    Most of the IIMs will conduct their own admission process according to personalized guidelines except for the 10 third-generation IIMs who will partake in a common ability test and personal interview through the Common Admission Process (CAP). 

    Read New IIMs Shortlisting and Selection Process

    CAT 2020 Cutoff Important Dates

    CAT 2020November 29, 2020
    Release of CAT 2020 Answer Key December 2020
    CAT Result 2020January 2021
    Commencement of Final rounds of SelectionJanuary – March, 2021

    IIM Ahmedabad CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Ahmedabad has declared final shortlist for admission to PGP programmes in May 8, 2020. Shortlist for WAT-PI rounds was released on January 6 after the declaration of CAT results. The table below provides Section-wise CAT Cutoff data for IIM Ahmedabad.

    SectionsGeneralNC-OBC-cum transgenderSCSTDA
    Verbal and Reading Comprehension  (VRC)7065605050
    Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning  (DIILR)7065605050
    Quantitative Aptitude (QA)7065605050
    Overall Percentile8075706060

    Check Detailed IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria

    IIM Bangalore CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Bangalore has released final merit list for its 47th PGP batch on May 9, 2020. Candidates who have make to the final list will be intimated by email and calls. Shortlist for WAT and PI rounds was released on January 10, 2020. The table below shows the CAT cut off percentile for different categories set by IIM Bangalore:

    Section 1 (QA & DI)7565605550
    Section 2 (VA & LR)8070655550
    Overall Percentile8575706560

    Check Detailed IIM Bangalore Selection Criteria

    IIM Calcutta CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Calcutta has released finallist of candidates selected to its flagship management programmes on May 13, 2020. The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Calcutta. 

    Section 1 (Quantitative Ability)7565605555
    Section 2 (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning)8065605555
    Section 3 (Verbal Ability)8070655555
    Overall Percentile8575706565

    Check Detailed IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria

    IIM Indore CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Indore has introduced certail changes in its selection process for 2020 session. Owing to COVID-19 pandemic WAT has been scrapped and personal interview will be conducted in online mode. The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Indore-

    Section 1 (QA)8070554545
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8070554545
    Section 3 (VARC)8070554545
    Overall Percentile9080605050

    Check Detailed IIM Indore Selection Criteria 

    IIM Lucknow CAT Cutoff 2020

    The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for  IIM Lucknow:

    Section 1 (Quantitative Ability)8577555050
    Section 2 (Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning)8577555050
    Section 3 (Verbal Ability)8577555050
    Overall Percentile9082706565

    Check Detailed IIM Lucknow Selection Criteria 

    IIM Shillong CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Shillong has released final shortlist for MBA Programme on May 16, 2020 on its official website. The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Shillong:

    SectionsGeneral & OBCSCSTDA
    Section 1 (QA)75605050
    Section 2 (DI & LR)75605050
    Section 3 (VARC)75605050
    Overall Percentile----

     Check Detailed IIM Shillong Selection Criteria

    IIM Kozhikode CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Kozhikode which was conveningbody for CAT 2020 released final shortlist for PGP programme on May 13, 2020. The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for  IIM Kozhikode:

    Section 1 (QA)75655545
    Section 2 (DI & LR)75655545
    Section 3 (VARC)75655545
    Overall Percentile85756555

    Check Detailed IIM Kozhikode Selection Criteria 

    IIM Rohtak CAT Cutoff 2020

    The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Rohtak:

    Section 1 (QA & DI)8045407040
    Section 2 (VA & LR)8045407040
    Overall Percentile9555307830

    Check IIM Rohtak Admission Criteria

    IIM Ranchi CAT Cutoff 2020

    The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Ranchi:

    Section 1 (QA)8050306030
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8050306030
    Section 3 (VARC)8050306030
    Overall Percentile9060407840

    Check IIM Ranchi Selection Criteria

    IIM Trichy CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Trichy has reached the percentile of 90 for the last 3 years. The overall Expected CAT cut off for IIM Trichy is given in the table below:

    Section 1 (QA & DI)8050306030
    Section 2 (VA & LR)8050306030
    Overall Percentile9560407840

    Check Detailed IIM Trichy Selection Criteria

    IIM Udaipur CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Udaipur reached the level of 96 percentile in the year 2014. However, in 2015 the cut off for IIM Udaipur went to 90 percentile.The overall Expected CAT cut off for IIM Udaipur according to the categories for the last two years is given in the table below:

    Section 1 (QA)80503060
    Section 2 (DI & LR)80503060
    Section 3 (VARC)80503060
    Overall Percentile90604078

    Check Detailed IIM Udaipur Selection Criteria

    IIM Kashipur CAT Cutoff 2020

    The cut off for IIM Kashipur reaches around 90 percentile. The expected CAT overall cut off percentile for IIM Kashipur is given below:

    Section 1 (QA)8050306030
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8050306030
    Section 3 (VARC)8050306030
    Overall Percentile9060407840


    Check Detailed IIM Kashipur Selection Criteria

    IIM Nagpur CAT Cutoff 2020

    The table below shows CAT cut off percentile for IIM Nagpur:

    Section 1 (QA)7250406540
    Section 2 (DI & LR)7250406540
    Section 3 (VARC)7250406540
    Overall Percentile85604076.555

    CheckIIM Nagpur Selection Process

    IIM Visakhapatnam CAT Cutoff 2020

    CAT Cut Off for IIM Visakhapatnam is given below-

    Section 1 (QA)8060507050
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8060507050
    Section 3 (VARC)8560507550
    Overall Percentile9075558050

    Check Detailed IIM Vishakhapatnam Selection Criteria

    IIM Raipur CAT Cutoff 2020

    CAT Cut Off for IIM Raipur is provided in the table below-

    CategoryQAVARCDI & LROverall Percentile
    OBC (NC)60606078

    Check Detailed IIM Raipur Selection Criteria

    IIM Bodh Gaya CAT Cutoff 2020

    CAT 2019 Cut Off for IIM Bodh Gaya is provided in the table below-

    Section 1 (QA)8050306030
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8050306060
    Section 3 (VARC)8050306040
    Overall Percentile9060407840

    Check Detailed IIM Bodh Gaya Selection Criteria

    IIM Sirmaur CAT Cutoff 2020

    The sectional and overall CAT Cut Off for IIM Sirmaur is represented in the table given below-

    Section 1 (QA)8050306030
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8050306030
    Section 3 (VARC)8050306030
    Overall Percentile9060407840

    Check Detailed IIM Sirmaur Selection Criteria

    IIM Sambalpur CAT Cutoff 2020

    The sectional and overall CAT Cut Off for IIM Sambalpur is provided in the table given below-

    Section 1 (QA)8050306030
    Section 2 (DI & LR)8050306030
    Section 3 (VARC)8050306030
    Overall Percentile9560407840

    CheckIIM Sambalpur Admission Process

    IIM Amritsar CAT Cutoff 2020

    The minimum eligibility criteria used by IIM Amritsar are given below-

    Verbal and Reading Comprehension percentile rank (VRC)7560503535
    Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Percentile (DILR)7560503535
    Quantitative Aptitude Percentile Rank (QA)8065553535
    Overall Percentile Rank (PT)8575554040

    Check Detailed IIM Amritsar Selection Criteria

    IIM Jammu CAT Cutoff 2020

    IIM Jammu established in 2020 so there was no interview for the selection of Post Graduate Programme in Management. The admission was purely based on final merit list. The given below table depicts the CAT 2019 cut off for IIM Jammu. The cut off for 2020 is expected to fall in the same line.

    Verbal and Reading Comprehension percentile rank (VRC)8060503030
    Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning Percentile (DILR)8060503030
    Quantitative Aptitude Percentile Rank (QA)8060503030
    Overall percentile rank (PT)9078604040

    Check Detailed IIM Jammu Selection Criteria

    B-School Categorization based on CAT Cutoff

    The following table enlists institutes based on CAT Cut Off where we have classified IIMs and B-schools based on the level of cut-offs. 

    RatingLevel (Approx. CAT cut-off Percentiles for General)Institutes
    A+I (CAT Percentile 98.5+)IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-I, IIM-L, FMS, MDI-PGPM, IIT- B, RGIIMS
    AIII (CAT Percentile 94.5+)IIT-KH, IIT-KN, IIT-C, IIT-R, IISc-B, IIM-BG, IIM-N, IIM-V, IIM-Asr, IIM-Sam, IIM-Srm, MDI-M, IIM-A (ABM), IIM-L (ABM)
    III (CAT Percentile 85+)MISB, ISBM-P, AJKMCRC, IIMC (Mass Com Delhi), WIMDR-B, BIMTECH-Retail/Insurance, IIFM, MBE-DU

    Top Non-IIM B-Schools Accepting CAT Score

    Apart from the top leading IIMs of India, there are Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs) and other top B-schools that accept CAT score too. CAT 2020 percentile for some of the CAT Participating Institutes is at which you will be shortlisted for WAT/PI is provided in the table below-

    Name of the InstituteCAT 2020 Score Required
    Faculty of Management Studies, University of Delhi 99 Percentile
    DMS, IIT Delhi96+ Percentile
    SJMSOM, IIT Bombay98+ Percentile
    Department of Management Studies, IIT Madras95+ Percentile
    Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon94+ Percentile
    SP Jain Institute of Management and Research (SPJIMR) Mumbai85+ Percentile
    Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar (XIMB)94+ Percentile
    Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad 90+ Percentile
    National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE) Mumbai97+ Percentile
    TA Pai Management Institute (TAPMI) Manipal85+ Percentile
    Loyola Institute of Business Administration (LIBA) Chennai79+ Percentile
    Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR) Chennai80+ Percentile

    Check Top Non-IIM Institutes and their Admission Criteria

    Qualifying CAT Cut Off and Final CAT Cut Off: Difference

    There are two kinds of cut offs that are present in the CAT exam. These are the CAT cut offs (IIM eligibility cut off) and the final CAT cut offs (after which you get the IIM cut off call). The differences in the two are enumerated as below: 

    Qualifying CAT cut offs Final CAT cut offs 
    This is also called the IIM eligibility cut off / IIM shortlist cut off. It represents the minimum a candidate must score so that they can eligible for the interview call (for WAT / GD-PI round) from the IIMs. Also called the IIM call cut offs / official IIM cut offs, these represent the minimum percentage score that is fixed by the IIMs for selecting candidates for the 2nd stage of selection. This stage is generally the WAT / D-PI round. 
    Just because a candidate has met the requirements for the qualifying cut off does not guarantee their selection for the WAT – GD / PI round.Just because a candidate has met the requirements for the final cut off, it does not mean that the candidate will necessarily be selected for admission into any IIM Institute. 
    This specific cut off is ascertained before the CAT result has been announced. This cut off is decided after the release of the CAT result
    The qualifying cut off are above 90 percentile for all IIMs expect IIM Ahmedabad whose cut off has remained at 80 percentile since 2016. The final cut off reach as high as 99+ percentile for most IIMs, especially the top ones and 95+ for the relatively new ones. 
    The qualifying cut offs include overall as well as sectional cut offs The final cut offs include overall and sectional cut offs 
    The qualifying cut off is segmented into categories. The cut off for general students generally ranks pretty high at 90 percentile, while it is relatively lower for reserved category students, usually ranging from 70 and below. The final CAT cut off is regulated category wise. For general category students that are male and come from an engineering background, the final cut off is higher compared to students that come from the reserved category, female students, and those that come from a stream that is not engineering. 

    CAT Cut Off 2018 For IIMs

    IIMDate of Release of ShortlistCutoffsFee (in lakhs) for Batch 2019-20Average Placement 2018 (Rs. lakhs)Total Seats
    IIM AhmedabadJanuary 8, 201895+21.1422.58395
    IIM BangaloreJanuary 8, 201890+19.521.42400
    IIM CalcuttaJanuary 13, 201895+1920.00460
    IIM LucknowJanuary 15, 201890+14.1618.45500
    IIM IndoreJanuary 15, 2018901416.23450
    IIM KozhikodeJanuary 9, 201895.51617.14375
    IIM RohtakJanuary 25, 201890+12.2012.3240
    IIM TrichyJanuary 25, 20199612.3513.3180
    IIM UdaipurJanuary 25, 20199013.0811.94260

    CAT Cutoff FAQs

    Ques. Who releases the CAT Cut-Off?

    Ans. IIMs and other non-IIM B-Schools accepting CAT score for admissions release their category-wise cut-offs for admissions. If candidates meet the cut off criteria, they need to participate in the further rounds of selection like Group Discussion, Personal Interview etc. 

    Ques. What is the selection procedure for admission adopted by the IIMs and other participating B-Schools?

    Ans. Generally, the IIMs and other participating B-Schools shortlist candidates for admission through a 2-3 stage selection process comprising of a round of Written Ability Test (WAT), Group Discussion (GD) and Personal Interview (PI). The Institutes use these stages to assess and analyze the students’ creative writing skills,  pattern of logical thinking, and verbal communication skills. Different institutes place varying degree of weightage on these components of the selection procedure. The Admission Policy of the IIMs specifies how they prioritize the scores in secured CAT, WAT, GD, or PI. New IIMs participate in Common Admission Process or CAP and prepare their final admission list on the basis of Candidate’s CAT Score, Performance in CAP rounds and their profile. Read CAT Counselling 

    Ques. How many scores do I need to secure to get shortlisted for pre-admission selection rounds at the IIMs?

    Ans. Topmost B-Schools like IIM-A, IIM-B, IIM-C, IIM-K, IIM-I, IIM-L, FMS, MDI-PGPM, IIT- B, RGIIMS require a minimum score of 98.5 percentile to be considered for the selection rounds.

    Ques. Is there any general, indicative list as to which institutes require what minimum CAT Cut-Off Scores?

    Ans. The table below depicts the approximate CAT Cut-Off Percentiles that the participating Institutes accept for selection for admission into their respective programs:

    Approx. CAT Cut-Off Percentiles (General Category)Institutes
     CAT Percentile 94.5+IIT-C, IIT-KH, IIT-KN, IIT-R, IISc-B, IIM-A (ABM), IIM-Asr, IIM-BG, IIM-L (ABM), IIM-N, IIM-Sam, IIM-Srm, IIM-V, MDI-M
    CAT Percentile 85+AJKMCRC, BIMTECH-Retail/Insurance, IIFM, ISBM-P, IIMC (Mass Com Delhi), MISB, MBE-DU, WIMDR-B

    Ques. Do these institutes have any ranking based on their Cut-Off Score requirement?

    Ans. Yes, the CAT participating institutes can be ranked as per their indicative Cut-Off Percentile.

    RatingLevel (Indicative CAT Cut-Off Percentiles for General Category Candidates)
    A+I (CAT Percentile 98.5+)
    II (CAT Percentile 96.5+)
    AIII (CAT Percentile 94.5+)
    I (CAT Percentile 90+)
    B+II (CAT Percentile 87+)
    III (CAT Percentile 85+)

    Check CAT Selection Procedure

    Ques. Is clearing CAT cut off enough to get admission in the IIMs?

    Ans. No, CAT result is followed by a WAT and PI for which candidates will be sent personal call letters from IIM(s). Merely clearly CAT cut off does not guarantee you get a call from any IIM. New IIMs participate in CAP (Common Admission Process) and prepare their final admission list on the basis of CAP (Common Admission Process), CAT Scores and candidate’s profile. 

    Ques. Do the IIMs and other participating B-Schools announce sectional scores?

    Ans. The IIMs and other participating B-Schools announce overall CAT Cut-Off Percentile as well as sectional Cut-Off Percentile for their respective admission selection procedures.

    Ques. Are the CAT Cut-Off Scores same for all category of candidates?

    Ans. No. The minimum cut-off (overall as well as sectional cut-offs) for reserved category students is different and lesser than the general category students.

    Ques. What is the IIM Admission Policy?

    Ans. Before the announcement of the CAT result, each IIM announces their admission policy for the academic year that comprises of details regarding the total score, the marks normalization process, relaxation extent for reserved category students, selection parameters and stages, cut-off scores, etc.

    Ques. What parameters are considered for selection for admission at the IIMs?

    Ans. The parameters that are considered by the IIMs during the selection procedure are:

    • CAT score
    • All academic records till the qualifying examination
    • Gender diversity
    • Academic diversity
    • Work experience (if any)

    Ques. What is the minimum score required to clear CAT?

    Ans. A minimum score to qualify CAT cannot be specified offhandedly as the system of scoring is relative and dependent mainly on the number of participants; the cut-off score varies each year and is announced by the IIMs and other participating institutes. A detailed study of retrospective cut-off data can reveal a trend to estimate an expected cut-off figure.

    Ques. Do the candidates have to clear each of the sections separately?

    Ans. Yes, candidates are supposed to clear each section separately as the IIMs and other participating B-Schools shortlist based on overall cut-off as well as sectional cut-off. 

    Ques. What is the minimum cut-off for each section?

    Ans. Just like overall cut-off score is relative and varies every year. Likewise, sectional cut-off also varies with every edition of CAT. However, experts, based on their experience, swear by the thumb rule of 70% questions attempted of the total lot with an 80% accuracy rate is required to clear the cut-off score trend.

    Ques. Will each section have the same cut-off?

    Ans. The cut-off for each section will also vary with every edition of CAT.

    Ques. If I secure the prescribed cut-off score of my preferred B-School, is my admission guaranteed?

    Ans. Getting a good percentile does not ensure selection for admission in the desired B-School. Performance in the selection round is equally essential to convert an interview call into an  admission offer. Candidates’ level of Confidence, attitude and overall quality of performance in the Selection round is what ensures an offer for admission in the desired B-School.

    Ques. What percentile would be needed in the CAT to get a call from the top IIMs (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta, and Lucknow) at these credentials General/Male/2.5 years of Work experience; ClassX-91%, XII-93%, B.E.- 95 %?


    • A: With a splendid academic track record and a work experience of 2.5 years, you have a good chance of getting interview calls from all the IIMs.
    • An engineer with a CAT score of 99.65 percentile and a non-engineer with 95 percentile in CAT can expect a call from IIM-Ahmedabad.
    • IIM Calcutta lays 77% weightage on CAT score, and 10% each for class X and XII marks and 3% for academic diversity; thus a general category male candidate will need to score around 99.55 percentile for an interview call from IIM-C.
    • IIM Bangalore has a complicated process with weightage for Class X and XII marks, graduation marks and work experience. However,  the institute lays less stress on CAT score and as such a 95 percentile scorer can expect a call from IIM-B but to ensure an admission offer, it is safe to score 98 percentile or more.
    • IIM Lucknow lays 76% weightage on CAT score and so a higher CAT score as compared to IIM-B, of around 99% percentile is advisable for an interview call.

    Ques. What are the different candidate categories for which the IIMs and other participating institutes release separate cut-off scores?

    Ans. The IIMs consider Candidate's category and other participating B-Schools are General, Other Backward Caste (Non-Creamy Layer) and Transgenders (IIAM-A only), Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe, and Differently Abled Persons or Persons with Disability.

    Ques. What has been the admission policy of IIM Ahmedabad through CAT?

    Ans. IIM-A selection for its Post Graduate Program in Management I for the 2018 session was a two-step process. In the first step, candidates were short-listed for an Academic Writing Test (AWT) round and Personal Interview (PI) round from among the candidates who qualified the B-Schools CAT cut-off score. Candidates who secured more than the following minimum sectional and overall cut-off percentile scores along with positive raw scores in all the sections of CAT, got a chance to proceed in further rounds of the selection process.


    Apart from the aforementioned cut-off scores, each applicants’ Application Rating was also considered. Application rating is the sum of a candidate’s scores in Class X, XII and Graduation.

    Ques. What has been the admission policy of IIM Calcutta for the session 2019-2020?

    Ans. IIM-C considered CAT 2018 score, along with past academic records and other criteria for shortlisting candidates for the Selection rounds. The sectional and overall cut-off percentiles for selection to PI round at IIM-C is tabulated below:


    Ques. What has been the admission policy of IIM Lucknow?

    Ans. IIM Lucknow has fixed the weightage on CAT score at 30 points, 10 points lower than PI and WAT combined points of last year. However, there were no changes in the CAT cut-off scores. The final selection of the candidates was made through Written Ability Test (WAT) and Personal Interview (PI) The minimum sectional and overall CAT cut-off Percentile considered are:


    Ques. What has been the admission policy of IIM Indore for the session 2019-2020?

    Ans. IIM Indore had fixed their CAT 2019 cut-off score at 90 percentile for general category students. Sectional and overall percentile score announced by IIM Indore for admissions 2019-2020 were:


    *The candidates were further screened in the WAT/PI round. The final selection was made based on overall academic record, including high school score, gender diversity, etc. Please note that IIM-I laid double weightage on High School score than CAT score.

    Ques. How much do I need to score to get 99+%ile?

    Ans. That is subjective to several factors like several candidates appearing for CAT, the difficulty level of the exam, etc.Read CAT Score Calculation

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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    Which IIM has the lowest cutoff?

    27 Oct, 2020 21:29

    Dear Sameer

    Greetings from Collegedunia. The IIM Ahmedabad has the lowest CAT Cut-Off score and the weightage, diversity, academic record, work experience has been increased. For more information about CAT Cut-Off, kindly go through this link – CAT Cut-Off 

    28 Oct, 2020 11:56
    Bhagyashri Kene

    What was last year's cut off for CAT for IIM trichy?

    20 Oct, 2020 17:15

    Hi Bhgayashri, For information, please refer to the following link, IIM Trichy Cut Off.

    20 Oct, 2020 21:57

    What was the CAT cut off for IIM Rohtak for the last session?

    21 Sep, 2020 10:49

    Hi Neha, For the information on the cut-off of IIM Rohtak, please click on the following link, Cut- Off of IIM Rohtak.

    23 Sep, 2020 23:33
    Mizna Harmain

    If fewer candidates appear for the CAT exam, how will that affect the CAT cut off?

    08 Sep, 2020 15:02

    Hi Mizna, Yes, CAT Cut-off depends on the number of candidates appearing in the examination. If fewer students appear in the exam, it will lead to higher cut-off.

    14 Sep, 2020 12:26
    Yash Raj Singh

    Is it true that applicants from a reserved class, only need 50-60 percentile in CAT?

    08 Sep, 2020 14:57

    Is it mandatory to clear the sectional cut-off in the CAT exam?

    01 Sep, 2020 16:13

    Yes Devisingh, it is mandatory to clear the sectional cut-off in the CAT exam.

    05 Sep, 2020 13:09

    how much percentage do we have to score to get into IIM Bangalore

    13 Mar, 2020 00:20
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Suraj, candidates must score at least 98 percentile in order to have moderate chances of getting admission in IIM Bangalore.

    13 Mar, 2020 15:39

    CAT qualified student how much fee reimbursement getting.

    08 Nov, 2019 17:29
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Dasari, this depends on the college/institute in which you are applying for admission.

    08 Nov, 2019 17:52
    Shubham Mathur

    I wants to know how much percentile i required to get admission in top 30 mba colleges by cat im belong to sc category im pursuing bca my 10 12 is 70 70 %%

    22 Sep, 2019 00:20
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Shubham, usually, it is required that you score at least 90 percentile in order to get a decent college for MBA.

    30 Oct, 2019 17:41

    sir i want to ask about cut off

    21 Feb, 2019 02:20

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