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IIM Shortlist and Admission Procedure 2021: Check IIM Admission Status
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IIM Shortlists are released after the CAT 2020 Results have been announced for the 2021 admission cycle. The Top 7 IIMs have released shortlists. As of February 2021, remaining IIMs will release their shortlists to which the candidates can refer, and start applying for admission into their preferred IIMs on the basis of CAT

  • All CAP Participating IIMs, along with 9 other IIMs have released their respective shortlists. 
  • IIM Shillong, IIM Rohtak, IIM Amritsar, IIM Nagpur, IIM Visakhapatnam have not released their shortlists yet, it is expected in February/March 2021.
  • IIM Rohtak will conduct the admission procedure independently, and candidates have to register for it separately. How to Prepare for WAT in IIM CAP?


IIM CAP 2021 Important Dates

Events Dates
CAP 2021 registration starts January 16, 2021
Last date for CAP registration January 23, 2021
Intimation for Personal Interview January 27, 2021
Personal Interview Phase I February 15-February 20, 2021
Personal Interview Phase II February 22-February 27, 2021
Personal Interview Phase III March 8-March 13, 2021

Read more about IIM Common Admission Process 2021

IIMs Participating in CAP

Top IIMs Participating in CAP

The personal interview round for the 9 major IIMs participating in CAP will be conducted from February 15 to March 13, 2021. The CAP will be conducted by IIM Raipur in three phases. The three phases are Written ability Test, Group Discussion and Personal Interview will be done depending on the government directives regarding the COVID-19 Pandemic. The following IIMs are participating in CAP or Common Admission Procedure - 

  • IIM Bodh Gaya
  • IIM Jammu
  • IIM Kashipur
  • IIM Raipur
  • IIM Ranchi
  • IIM Sambalpur
  • IIM Sirmaur
  • IIM Trichy
  • IIM Udaipur

New/Baby IIM Shortlists for CAP 2021

The newly formed IIMs are called Baby IIMs and include the following - 

  • IIM Amritsar (located in Punjab)
  • IIM Bodh Gaya (located in Bihar)
  • IIM Nagpur (located in Maharashtra)
  • IIM Sambalpur (located in Odisha)
  • IIM Sirmaur (located in Himachal Pradesh)
  • IIM Visakhapatnam (located in Andhra Pradesh) 
  • IIM Jammu (Located in the union territory of Jammu)

All candidates interested in a seat in a Baby IIM have to apply and reconfirm their admission procedure before the designated dates. IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu have a separate shortlisting process. 

Some IIMs will not be participating in CAP 2021. These Baby IIMs will release their own shortlist and admission procedure. These are the IIMs that will not participate in CAP 2021 - 

  • IIM Nagpur
  • IIM Visakhapatnam
  • IIM Amritsar

IIM Rohtak Admission 2021

IIM Rohtak will not be participating in the Common Admission Procedure as the other major IIMs. IIM Rohtak will instead be conducting their own admission procedure, and the shortlist for admission will also be released separately. Read more about IIM Rohtak Admission

IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu Shortlisting Procedure 2021

Out of the 7 Baby IIMs, IIM Bodh Gaya and IIM Jammu have a separate shortlisting criterion for the Common Admission Process. Here are all the important details regarding the same - 

  • A Higher Cut Off is announced for the CAP process. 
  • A Separate, lower cut off is released for their own admission procedure. 
  • This means that candidates will have two chances to apply to IIM Jammu and IIM Bodh Gaya. 
  • Candidates who have not received intimation from IIM Raipur for CAP 2021 will receive a separate intimation from these IIMs. 

IIM Bodh Gaya, IIM Jammu Cut Offs

IIM CAT cut off for CAP 2021 Shortlisting CAT cut off for Own Admission process CAT cut off for Female candidates to shortlist for Own Admission process
IIM Bodh Gaya 93 90 87
IIM Jammu 93 90 87

IIM Shortlist Release Dates

IIM Shortlist Release Dates

IIMs IIM Shortlist released date Status
IIM Ahmedabad January 14, 2021 Released
IIM Bangalore January 17, 2021 Released
IIM Calcutta January 25, 2021 Released
IIM Lucknow January 16, 2021 Released
IIM Indore January 18, 2021 Released
IIM Kozhikode January 7, 2021 Released
IIM Shillong January 28, 2021  Released
IIM Rohtak January 30, 2021 Released
IIM Trichy January 27, 2021 Released
IIM Udaipur January 27, 2021 Released
IIM Ranchi January 27, 2021 Released
IIM Kashipur January 27, 2021 Released
IIM Raipur January 27, 2021 Released
IIM Amritsar April 15, 2021 Not Released
IIM Bodhgaya January 25, 2021 Released
IIM Nagpur April 12, 2021 Not Released
IIM Visakhapatnam April 15, 2021  Not Released
IIM Jammu January 25, 2021 Released
IIM Sambalpur April 20, 2021 Not Released
IIM Sirmaur April 20, 2021 Not Released

IIM Shortlist Selection Criteria

IIM Shortlist Selection Criteria 2021

IIM Candidates are shortlisted based on the following criteria - 

Parameter Details
CAT 2020 Scores Sectional and Overall Cut Offs for each IIM (from 70-95 depending on IIM)
Academic Profile/Diversity Academic Records till graduation will be considered; Candidates from Non-Engineering Backgrounds given diversity points
Gender Diversity Female candidates are given diversity points to promote gender diversity in IIMs
Work Experience Candidates with supervisory experience of 2-3 years are awarded 5-10 points 

Number of Shortlisted Candidates

Here is a comparison of the number of candidates shortlisted for WAT/GD/PI versus the number of seats in each IIM - 

IIM Number of Seats Number of Candidates shortlisted
IIM Ahmedabad 395 1246
IIM Bangalore 400 1400
IIM Calcutta 460 1200
IIM Lucknow 500 8044
IIM Indore 450 1400
IIM Udaipur 325 3500
IIM Tiruchirappalli 240 11000*
IIM Kozhikode 480 1200
IIM Shillong 180 1200
IIM Kashipur 240 1000*
IIM Ranchi 185 11000*
IIM Rohtak 264 2000
IIM Visakhapatnam 120 700
IIM Nagpur 240 2500
IIM Raip ur 260 11000*
IIM Amritsar 240 2500
IIM Bodhgaya 180 1800
IIM Jammu 240 2500
IIM Sambalpur 180 1800
IIM Sirmaur 180 1800

*Shortlisting for Common Admission Process (CAP) by coordinating IIM in consultation with each participating IIM

IIM Shortlist Cut Off

IIM Shortlist Cut Off 2021

IIMs  Minimum Cut off  Actual Cutoffs
IIM Ahmedabad 80 80.75
IIM Bangalore 85 99
IIM Calcutta 85 98
IIM Lucknow 90 97
IIM Indore 90 92
IIM Udaipur 93 93
IIM Tiruchirappalli 93 92
IIM Kozhikode 85 95
IIM Rohtak 95 95
IIM Ranchi 94 93
IIM Raipur 93 92
IIM Visakhapatnam 85 90
IIM Nagpur 85 90
IIM Bodh Gaya 90 93 for CAP; 90 for own admission process; 87 for female
IIM Jammu 90 93 for CAP; 90 for own admission process; 87 for female

IIM Shortlist for Top IIMs

IIM Shortlist for Top IIMs

IIM Ahmedabad Shortlist 2021

Admission based on the following criteria: 

Component Weightage Details
CAT 2020 Score 65 Minimum sectional and overall percentile must be scored
Academic Profile 30 Class 10, 12 & bachelor’s degree awarded 10% weight each
Work Experience 5 Work Ex of 36+ Months to get maximum weightage

Click here to apply at IIM Ahmedabad

IIM Bangalore Shortlist 2021

Admission based on the following criteria: 

Component Weight in percentage on a scale of 100 Key Points to Note about IIMB Shortlist
CAT 2020 Percentile 40 Section-wise weight prescribed
Class 10 marks 20 90% & Above percentage
Class 12 marks 10 90% & Above percentage
Bachelor's degree 20 Stream-wise weights
Gender diversity 2 Awarded to Female Candidates
Work experience 8 3 Yrs & Above awarded the highest weight

Click here to apply at IIM Bangalore

IIM Calcutta Shortlist 2021

Admission based on the following criteria: 

Components Weights out of 100 points Method of calculation
CAT 2020 overall score 56% Candidate’s Total CAT 2020 score/ Maximum CAT 2020 Score X 56
Class X marks 10% On Scoring 80%+ marks
Class XII marks 15% On Scoring 80%+ marks
Bachelor’s Degree 15% On Scoring 60%+ marks
Gender Diversity factor (Women candidates) 4% Available only for Women candidates

Click here to apply at IIM Calcutta

IIM Lucknow Shortlist 2021

Admission based on the following criteria: 

Sl No. Component PGP PGP – ABM PGP-SM
1. Scaled CAT 2020 score (CS) 60 60 60
2. Class 12 marks (12M) 10 10 10
3. Graduation marks (GM) 10 10 10
4. Work experience (WE) 10 0 10
5a. Diversity Factor: (DFa): Academic Disciplines AD) 5 20* 5
5b. Diversity Factor (DFb): Gender 5 5* 5

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IIM Kozhikode Shortlist 2021

Admission based on the following criteria: 

Component Weight percentage
CAT 2020 Index Score 45%
Class X Score 25%
Class XII Score 15%
Academic/Gender diversity Factor 10% 
Work Experience 5%
Total 100%

Click here to apply at IIM Kozhikode 

IIM Indore Shortlist 2021

The Admission in IIM Indore based on the following criteria: 

Shortlisting Components Weightage formula
10th Standard/SSC score 34* [zcandidate-zmin]
[zmax – zmin]
12th standard/HSC score 40* [zcandidate-zmin]
[zmax – zmin]
CAT 2018 Overall Score 20* [candidate’s CAT overall score / highest CAT overall score]
Diversity Factor (GDF) 6 (Applicable only for Female candidates)
Total Score 100

Click here to apply at IIM Indore

Frequently Asked Questions

IIM Shortlist FAQs

Ques. Which Baby IIM is not participating in IIM CAP? 

Ans. These are the IIMs that will not participate in CAP 2021 - 

  • IIM Nagpur
  • IIM Visakhapatnam
  • IIM Amritsar 

Ques. For the IIMs not participating in CAP, how will admission be done? 

Ans. For the IIMs that will not be participating in CAP, they will be having their own selection procedure. To seek admission, candidates have to go to each IIMs website and apply as per the guidelines on the website. 

Ques. When will the shortlist for IIM Rohtak be released? 

Ans. The shortlist for IIM Rohtak has not been announced yet. IIM Rohtak has its own selection procedure and does not participate in the CAP. 

Ques. How to check shortlist status in IIM Bodh Gaya? 

Ans. Candidates can check their shortlist status by logging in at IIM Bodh Gaya’s official portal at with your CAT registration Id, Email ID, and your date of birth. 

Ques. How is IIM Jammu’s Shortlisting Procedure? 

Ans. IIM Jammu has released the shortlist for CAP 2021. There is a separate cut-off for CAP 2021 and another for its own selection round which will be conducted after CAP is over.

Ques. How to check shortlist status in IIM Jammu? 

Ans. Candidates can check their shortlist status by logging in at IIM Jammu’s official admission portal with your CAT registration Id, Email ID, and your date of birth. 

Ques. Does getting 99 percentile in CAT guarantee admission to IIM? 

Ans. No, getting 99 percentile in CAT 2020 does not guarantee admission to top IIM. Several other factors come into play, such as past academic scores, work experience, etc. It is expected that several candidates with 90 percentile will secure admissions. 

Ques. Do Arts graduates get diversity points? 

Ans. Yes, Arts graduates get diversity points for admission into IIM provided they score higher than the cut-off. All non-engineering graduates get diversity points at the time of admission. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

CAT 2021 : 4 answered questions


Ques. Will 87.15% in CAT fetch me a call from GIM and KJ Somaiya?

● Top Answer By Kiran Chugh on 05 Apr 21

Ans. For GIM the required CAT percentile is around 85-90 percentile. The CAT cutoff trend for KJ Somaiya is as follows.  Category  VARC DI & LR QA Overall General  85 80  80 90 NC-OBC 75 70 70 80 SC 70 65 65 75 ST 60 60 60 75 DA 60 60 60 75 Apart from the CAT scores, there are other parameters that play crucial roles in getting admission to KJ Somaiya. Discussed below are such parameters with the assigned weightage.  Qualifying Examination - CMAT/GMAT/CAT/XAT - 50% Group Discussion - 12% Personal Interview - 15% Work Experience - 5% Past Academic Record - 10% Outstanding Achievements - 8% Hope you got an idea about the cutoff required to secure admission at KJ Somaiya and GIM. Read more
1 Answer

Ques. I am currently in second year of my engineering and I really wish to do my MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. How can I start now to ensure a good rank in CAT?

● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 30 Mar 21

Ans. A friend of mine attended IIM Ahmedabad. Based on his experience, here are a few points you should take into account for your preparation.  Score more than 4.5 GPA Get two years of work experience Crack CAT with 99.9+%ile Perform well in WAT PI. Apart from the basics, here are a few suggestions that should help you in preparing.  Online CAT coaching: There are many institutes that offer online coaching classes on weekends. Just follow their guidelines on every subject. This option helps you to handle both engineering and CAT parallelly and saves a lot of your time and effort. 100 minutes of CAT: A daily session for 100 minutes of CAT practice questions at home or college will boost your confidence. Some practice after college hours will boost your problem-solving skills. Enjoyment on holidays: On festive occasions, allot most of your time for CAT practice. Maximum time should be allocated to CAT practice questions. You can even make it 6 hours on special holidays. If you are still an engineering student, and in the third year, allot 120 minutes daily to CAT practice. Similar has to be done in the fourth year. Once you are done with your graduation, you would get a lot of time. Now, you need to increase the practice hours to 9 hours per day. If you aren’t satisfied with the online classes, you can even join any renowned coaching center for a 90 days fast track coaching. This could even increase your confidence level. Your only target should be to secure a very good percentage in Engineering. Graduation percentage also plays a major role at the time of selection into the IIMs. You must balance both CAT and Engineering at the same time. Graduation should always be your first priority. Complete the engineering tasks, and then move on to CAT practice. These exams are very challenging. Failures are a very common thing here. Just don’t feel discouraged if you fail. Keep trying and keep your confidence levels up.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the difference between CAT and IIFT syllabuses?

● Top Answer By Sandhya R on 19 Mar 21

Ans. IIFT Entrance Examination and CAT, both share a similar kind of syllabus for some sections while it differs for the others. Both IIFT and CAT have the verbal ability test, data interpretation, quantitative aptitude and logical reasoning sections. The major differences are IIFT syllabus includes a general knowledge section whereas the CAT does not. Similar syllabus for the following sections - Quantitative Ability - The difficulty level of IIFT is lower when compared to CAT. Verbal Ability - The overall difficulty level of RC's in IIFT is easier as compared to CAT. IIFT has a Grammar and Vocabulary section as well which is not seen in CAT that often. Logical Reasoning - The difficulty level of this section is equal for both the exams and the topics that are covered are also the same. Data Interpretation - The new Format of CAT with online calculator facility makes it easier for the students while the long DI Questions in IIFT without any calculator become a difficult problem for the students. If the student is not that good with numbers, they should try clearing this section just for the sake of sectional cut off. General Knowledge - IIFT has one of the toughest GK Sections as compared to other Management Entrance Examinations and this is why the cutoffs are extremely low too. However, CAT, on the other hand, does not have this section. The difference is the Platform as CAT is conducted on an online platform over different sessions. For IIFT, you have to make use of Pen and Paper and it is conducted in a single exam window. CAT has 2.2 lakh aspirants on an average who sit for a number of seats that are provided in a number of B Schools except IIMs. IIFT is taken by around only 60,000 students who fight for around 300 seats that are spread across 3 campusesRead more
1 Answer

Ques. Who can rate CAT, XAT, SNAP, IIFT, MICAT, TISS, or NMAT in terms of difficulty level?

● Top Answer By Janvi Bhambri on 01 Feb 21

Ans. Among all these examinations, XAT is most difficult, followed by CAT. The difficulty level of the exams, in descending order (most difficult to easy) is XAT> CAT> IIFT> SNAP> TISS> NMAT. Now, let us dive into a detailed analysis behind the assigned ranks and the difficulty level. IIFT-  The questions asked in IIFT are a mixture of moderate and difficult.  The struggle lies in the attainment of marks within the cut-off range, both total cut-off and individual section cut-off.  Therefore, the students have no option but to perform exceedingly well in all sections, GK included.  The acceptance rate of IIFT is comparably low, only 400 students get admitted out of 50000 students. SNAP –  The entrance exam is easy but the tough part is to score marks that will be eligible for admission into Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, or SCHMID branch.  These are the branches which are of good quality, unlike the rest of them. TISS-  The exam pattern of TISS is easy but the GK section is the most dangerous part among them.  The questions asked in the GK section comprise both general knowledge and current affairs, therefore the portions are cover is endless. NMAT-  NMAT exam can be successfully cleared with proper preparation. The questions asked are conceptually based.  No negative marks are given for wrong answers, hence the students are free to attempt all the questions fearlessly.  MICAT is pretty easy. If you want a career in brand marketing and advertising it is necessary.  Therefore, from the above discussion, you can estimate the logic behind ranking the difficulty level of exams.Read more
1 Answer