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CAT Online Preparation 2021: Check Online Resources for CAT Preparation

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| Updated On - Jul 6, 2021

CAT Online preparation can be opted by those aspirants who find it difficult to attend the classroom coaching like final year students or working professionals. Also during this pandemic situation, online preparation is one of the best options to prepare for CAT exam 2021. Check CAT Syllabus 2021

The other benefit of CAT online preparation is CAT Free Study Material is available online. Like CAT practice papers, mocks tests, books, study notes can be downloaded online. CAT Online Reading Material includes The New York Times, Scientific American, National Geographic and so on. Also, CAT Online Coaching Prices ranges anywhere from INR 6,300 to 18,000/-.

CAT Latest Updates:

  • May 5: Management aspirants can check their preparation status and prepare better using CAT Previous Year Papers. Click Here
  • April 30: CAT Exam 2021 is expected to held in the last week of November 2021. Check Here

Major Benefits to CAT Online preparation are its lesser price, excellent resources, accessibility, and so on. Read the article to know more about CAT online preparation. 

Quick Links:

Online Resources/ Apps for CAT Preparation 2021

Candidates can refer to the following android apps which are free of cost:

  • MBA Exams Guide- Career Launcher 
  • CAT ability- CAT| SNAP| XAT| IIFT 
  • CAT MBA Exam Preparation- EduRev 
  • MBA Test Prep 
  • TCY Exam Prep 
  • CAT MBA 2021- DigiBook Technologies 
  • CAT Preparation 2IIM 
  • CAT Vocabulary- Praveen Yuva 

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CAT Online Classes

Coaching Institutes offering online CAT Classes

Name of the CAT Online Preparation Centre Online CAT Preparation Programme Features Online CAT Preparation Fee
TIME One of the best coaching with presence across the country The students preparing for CAT get plenty of E- books and Videos Test discussion videos Regular Online classes INR 13,250
Career Launcher Study material is prepared by IIM Alumni One of the best CAT coaching institutes with presence all over India Live/ Recorded video classes are offered to the CAT aspirants Regular class exercise with discussion of previous CAT exams. Experienced CL faculty take the online classes INR 17,797
Iquanta Classes are taken online Demo classes also available The students can discuss their doubts 24*7 They can opt for full or sectional course as well INR 13,999
Cracku Free Mock Tests Free CAT Videos, Free Topic Tests and previous years’ CAT exam papers. Complete Cracku CAT course material including daily online test series INR 12,599
Handa Ka Funda Video classes Doubt clearing through live sessions Reduced fee amongst other program More than 750 video tutorials which include basic and advanced concepts INR 6,999
Testfunda Free Tests Regular Doubt classes Lowest fee Get personalized study pack for the exam INR 6,300

Due to the very reason that the scope of future learning lies in the hands of digital parameters, the mentioned institutes have elevated their teaching methods to give the candidates the best of class coaching with focus on every notion with regular mock tests, thus, leaving no stone unturned.

Know Best Books 

Online Reading Sources

Online Reading Sources for CAT 2021

Philosophy Websites & Sections Economics & Business
  • The Philosopher’s Beard
  • The Stone (New York Times)
  • Sophia Project
  • Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
  • Philosophy Hub
  • The Economist
  • The New York Times (Paul Krugman Articles)
  • Project Syndicate
  • Financial Times
Art, Culture & Literature Science & Technology
  • The New Yorker
  • Granta
  • The Culture Vulture
  • Scientific American
  • National Geographic

Benefits of Online Preparation

What are the Benefits of Online Preparation for CAT 2021?

Through all the necessary ways and methods to prepare effectively and diligently, Online preparation has made its way through the turf for a longer run. The candidates should focus on online methods to secure changes to crack CAT 2021. But its not yet, you should be clear why it is important, popular and the most effective medium. Here are the points to prove its worth:

  • Flexibility: Online CAT 2021 classes give more flexibility to the students allowing them to get access to the video lessons, online CAT exercises, online CAT quizzes, and CAT online mock tests. The CAT 2021 aspirants can take the online CAT 2021 classes anytime and anywhere, they just need an internet connection to stay updated with the latest information. Taking offline classes becomes more tiring especially when someone after attending college or office for 5-6 hours a day, needs to travel to attend the classes. However, online classes give more flexibility to students to utilize their available time more effectively.
  • Cost Effective: The overall tuition charges of taking online classes are much lesser as compared to the offline classes. The estimated price of the online classes might vary from INR 10000 – INR 25,000 which includes the online study material and online CAT practice tests as well; however, the offline classes might cost the CAT 2021 aspirants up to INR 40,000 and much more than it as well.
  • Saves Time: CAT online classes are best for the students who look for ways to reduce the overall traveling time. Saved times can be used to learn new concepts and topics.
  • Lectures by the experts: Most of the time, the quality of lectures is a major concern while taking offline classes as the faculty varies from center to center and within the center as well. However, this is not the same in case someone opted for the online CAT preparation classes as all the quality video lectures are prepared by the best faculty.
  • Chances to adapt new skills: In the offline class mode, the students are expected to match with the pace of the class which sometimes makes it difficult for them to understand the concepts. However, in the CAT 2021 online classes, the students are given a chance to learn at their own pace and can listen to the lecture again in case the concepts are not clear to them.
  • Group-Learning: The online CAT 2021 courses provide wider platforms to the CAT 2021 aspirants to share, discuss and clear their doubts with other students as they are well-connected to other peer aspirants across the whole country. This also helps them in staying aware with the competition level and the areas in which they need to improve.
Why Online Preparation?

Why to opt for CAT 2021 Online Preparation?

The candidate needs to focus on their study and target each concept but for that the creative space is what is ultimately required, which at this difficult time many coaching institutes have started to accumulate in their course, thus giving the exposure to the candidate to explore the world of enormous learning and eventually shaping their arc. Also, online preparation is much lower as compared to the offline classes which are also motivating the candidates to opt for the same.

  • According to a latest study, Online Education in India is expected to grow by the end of the year 2022.
  • The study also disclosed that the test preparation would grow at the fastest rate in 2022, at a CAGR of 72% as CAT is one of the most popular and important entrance tests for MBA admission given by lakhs of individuals each year.
  • The working professionals who are currently working from their homes can utilize their free time by taking the CAT 2021 online classes as per their availability.

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Online v/s Offline Preparation

Difference between Online and Offline CAT Coaching

It’s a matter of fact that the students across the nation have opted for the much safer option that is online preparation. There are few advantages and notions to it, as the candidate will get enormous strategies, focus on each part and immersive experience of learning through digital platforms. Thus, through this pandemic most of the students have eventually opted for online mode for effective preparation.

Though the decision to choose a good online CAT 2021 learning center, first of all, the CAT aspirants must know the difference between online and offline preparation.

Given below is the table which showcases the vivid difference between offline and online mode for CAT 2021 Preparations: 

Factors On-Line CAT Preparation Off-Line CAT Coaching
Tuition fees Low tuition fees, also CAT preparation with more material and Tests Cost of offline preparation is higher
Flexibility of taking the classes No need to travel as classes can be taken from anywhere and everywhere Much commuting time
Physical Presence No Physical presence is needed while taking the classes. The students just need an internet connection The students need to be physically present
Access to recorded classes The candidates can take the recorded class, if they have missed the classes The candidates must be present in class, as the same lecture will not be repeated.
Time Much time saving option as it has zero commuting time. Offline classes take more time which include travelling cost, batch attendance, late coming of teachers, etc
Working Professionals Online classes are perfect for working professionals as online classes can be taken in the evenings and nights as well. Regular classroom attendance is a must and taking these classes is quite difficult for the working professionals.

Must Read:

CAT Online Preparation FAQs

CAT 2021 Online Preparation FAQs

Ques. Is the quality of learning effective when it comes to the online medium of learning for CAT 2021?

Ans. Yes, the quality of learning is way more effective as the candidate will be able to focus on each concept and strategize that eventually, with regular mock test to explore the weak ends and eventually turn them into their strengths.

Ques. What is the average cost for Online preparation for CAT 2021?

Ans. The average cost for online learning varies from institute to institute, it may range from INR 4000 to INR 8000.

Ques. What are the benefits of CAT 2021 Online preparation?

Ans. The benefits of CAT 2021 are as follows:

  • Flexibility
  • Cost effective
  • Saves Time
  • Learning from the experts
  • Chances to adapt to new skills
  • Group-Learning

Ques. What are some of the best coaching centers for online preparation?

Ans. Some of the best coaching institutes are as follows:

  • TIME
  • Career Launcher
  • Handa Ka Funda
  • Cracku
  • TestFunda

Ques. Will the faculty focus on the students individually?

Ans. It depends from the institute the candidate will choose eventually. Some of the faculty will provide one on one learning environment to its students but it will cost more. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

CAT 2021 : 4 answered questions


Ques. What would my score have to be to get a call from any of the top IIM or other B-Schools like FMS, SP Jain, XLRI, ISB, MDI, etc.?

● Top Answer By Udita Mishra on 05 Jul 21

Ans. My brother is a CAT aspirant and has done extensive research on the cutoff for reputed B-Schools. Here is what he had to say about it.  Most of the colleges mentioned above take admission through CAT. So, if you are a general category student then you will need to score around 90-95% in order to get accepted at MDI, IMI, TAPMI, Great Lakes, KJ Somiya, and new IIMs.  In order to get admission at top IIMs, FMS, or ISB you will have to score at least around 98.5 or above.  XLRI takes admission through XAT and the cutoff is similar and around 99 percentile.  Hope this gives you some idea about the cutoff required for admission at these B-Schools.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. How can a student with low academics get placed in B schools like XLRI, FMS, JBIMS, MDI, etc.?

● Top Answer By Damini Das on 28 Jun 21

Ans. It is important to know about the factors that might help you to get admission to B-schools. If you ask me, XLRI, MDI, JBIMS, and a few of the newer and baby IIMs have admission policies with distributed weight-age systems. Not only CAT cut off but also they do a selection on the profile basis. They check for job experience and other skill sets if any. You may face tough interrogation during the Interview process as you have low academic scores but it may also be overlooked if your CAT scores are high and your profile is good. Also, if you have any decent work-ex, it can make an impression on the selection committee. Moreover, you should score at least 60% in your academic career as most organizations require this. Exception cases are considered provided one is able to display significant tech skills/managerial qualities or a high score on the job requisite skills matrix. If in case you have less than 60%, you are already out of IIMs criteria and your chance to get into IIMs. Also, colleges like FMS give more weightage on CAT scores and less on academics.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are my chances for IIM B,C or XLRI BM if I score 99.5%+ in CAT and XAT?

● Top Answer By Rahul Regi on 18 Jun 21

Ans. If you have a 99.5+ percentile in CAT, you have a good chance to get selected in IIM A, B, C, or XLRI. One of my friends was in a similar situation and these points helped him understand the proper requirements to get an interview call from these institutes. An overall good academic profile is definitely required. Mostly, the academics of college, 10th and 12th are considered.  In IIM interviews, there are several candidates with 90+ percentages in 10th and 12th, and 80+ percentages in engineering.  So, good academics can make a huge difference. Candidates in the SC category even get seats in IIM A, B, C, XLRI, etc with a 95+ percentile score in CAT and with some high academics.  So, the 99.5 percentile for an SC student is an excellent score. During the initial shortlisting, sports and other extracurricular activities don't matter much. But, in interviews, it can turn out to be an important point of discussion. For summer and final placements, extra-curricular definitely helps a lot. For the rest of IIMs, 90+ percentile is a sufficient score. There are several students with 91-92 percentile and got admission in IIM L, I, and K. So, the chances of new IIMs to shortlist such a candidate is very high. For XLRI, the score required for Business Management is 96 percentile, and for Human Resource Management, it is 93/ 94+ percentile in XAT. So, a student with a 99.5 percentile is sure to get shortlisted. Getting 99.5 percentile in CAT/ XAT is not an easy task, and requires a lot of hard work, dedication towards studies, and a never-give-up attitude. Such a score has good chances in all the top Business Schools in India.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What should be my CAT percentile and how can I get a call from IIM A/B/C/L/I/K, FMS and XLRI?

● Top Answer By Ajay Singh on 30 May 21

Ans. You will not get a call from IIM A or IIM B if your 12th marks are low. Neither IIM K will call you as they do not give weightage to 10th marks, but to 12th and graduation score. You can get a call from IIM-K if you have a percentile between 97-98. The percentile you need to get a call from other IIMs are as follows: IIM C- To get a call from IIM-C you need above 99.5 percentile, which is likely to decrease the increasing diversity. IIM L- You need above 99.2 percentile, which is likely to decrease the increasing diversity. FMS- You need 98.5 percentile and 99.5 percentile for conversion, XLRI- XAT score in BM should be 95 percentile for call and 99.2 percentile for conversion. And in HRM 90 percentile for getting a call, and 9 percentile for conversion.  Therefore, you need to work hard and get above 90 percentile to get a call from IIMs. Read more
1 Answer