CAT 2020 Response Sheet: Check How to Download and Raise Objections

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    CAT 2020 will be conducted on November 29, 2020 in computer-based mode. The response sheet will be published within the first week of December following the completion of the exam by the respective Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). Candidates eager to review the responses can access a copy of CAT 2020 response sheet by providing their login details like registration ID and password. Response paper will include the candidate-marked answers from the test day and the correct answer. Response sheet will assist applicants to determine their total scores and measure marks that will be received.

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    • To allow CAT candidates to file objections to the answers which are deemed wrong, CAT 2020 response key for Slot 1 and Slot 2 will be published separately by IIM Indore
    • Each year, there are worrying signs about the ambiguity of the answer choices in the exam. The release of the CAT 2020 response sheet will help candidates to raise their genuine queries against official CAT Answer Keys that are not found to be correct and that the candidates are not satisfied with.
    • During the review of the CAT 2020 response document, candidates should ensure that the marking scheme is followed. 

    Dates for CAT Response Sheet 

    Important Dates for CAT 2020 Response Sheet 

    Details relating to the test, the release of the response document, the results and so on shall be given in compliance with CAT 2020 dates. Candidates wanting to take the exam should be mindful of the dates beforehand so that nothing significant is overlooked. The dates provided in the table are timely and updated once IIM Indore will release it. 

    Event Name Dates
    CAT 2020November 29, 2020
    Publishing of CAT 2020 Response SheetFirst week of December, 2020
    Last Date to File Objections to the Response Sheet of CAT 2020First week of December, 2020
    CAT 2020 Official Answer KeySecond week of December, 2020
    CAT 2020 Result AnnouncementFirst week of January, 2021

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    What is the CAT 2020 Response Key used for?

    Firstly, you must download the response sheet for CAT 2020, view your answers, compare them with the official response sheet published by the conducting body, and then determine if you want to challenge and file an objection to the official CAT 2020 answer keys. To contest official responses, IIMs have instructed applicants to fill out a CAT response sheet objection form only in respect of those answers for which they find it necessary to do so. This is because they will be forfeited, if objections to CAT responses are found to not be accurate. The objection fee will also not be returned. 

    Note that the response sheet will have the official CAT 2020 answers which provide the exam takers with the chance to check their responses with the correct standardized responses. If the response key set out by IIM Indore is found to be unsatisfactory, then objections can be raised by providing adequate proof of the same. The response sheet might be released two times, that is, separately for each exam slot.

    While checking the CAT 2020 Response Key, keep the following in mind: 

    1. Check your answers with official answers from CAT 2020 with the Response Key 

    The CAT 2020 response sheet and the evaluation paper will only be valid for the candidates who appeared in CAT 2020. The CAT 2020 formal response sheet can help these candidates verify their responses.They can object by submitting an objection raising form in their respective CAT 2020 slot. The PDF of the test paper and the CAT 2020 answer sheet will be published for all the MCQs and Non-MCQs that were included in the CAT 2020. 

    1. Use the right browser to download the CAT 2020 response sheet

    Because there is a great rush of exam takers who want to check the published CAT 2020 Slot 1 and Slot 2 responses, it is advisable to open the CAT 2020 website with the recommended version of Mozilla Firefox to navigate faster through the site. Please check and compare your CAT answers and the official CAT response sheet before you submit the objection inquiries to the CAT 2020 website after you review the CAT answer sheet.

    Eligibility to Check CAT Response Key 

    Eligibility Criteria to Check CAT 2020 Response Key 

    • Only CAT 2020 exam takers who will actually appear for CAT can access and download the response sheets for Slot 1 and Slot 2. 
    • A CAT 2020 Slot 1 candidate will be able to analyse the CAT 2020 Slot 1 response sheet, and a CAT 2020 Slot 2 candidate will be able to do so with the Slot 2 response sheet.
    • If you belong to slot 1, you will not be able to access the response sheet of CAT 2020 Slot 2. In a similar manner, you will not be eligible to view the CAT 2020 slot 1 response sheet if you appear in slot 2.

    CAT Response Sheet Download?

    How can the CAT 2020 Response Sheet be Downloaded?

    Once the CAT result 2020 has been announced, the candidates can review their response sheets. Students can download the CAT 2020 response sheet through the following steps: 

    Step 1 - Go over to the CAT 2020 official link, 

    Step 2 - Tap on the registration window and enter the CAT 2020 registration ID and password. 

    Step 3 - Candidates could access the CAT response sheet 2020 from a new tab. 

    Step 4 – Calculate the likely marks based on the 2020 CAT examination pattern. 

    Step 5 – Download the CAT 2020 response sheet and print it out.

    How to Calculate the Score in CAT 2020 Response Sheet?

    In order to check their answers and calculate their expected CAT score, the candidates can use the answer key and response sheet. The following steps can be taken for the calculation of the score: 

    Step 1: Download the response sheet and answer key directly from the official CAT website.

    Step 2: Review the answers from the response sheet and the answer key. Mark the answers as right or wrong. 

    Step 3: Ensure that marks are added and deducted in accordance with the marking scheme. Employ the CAT marking scheme given as: 

    Type of Questions Marks for a Correct Answer Marks for an Incorrect Answer 

    Step 4: The cumulative score of the candidate is calculated by using the following formula: CAT Raw Score (for MCQs) = 3 x (number of correct answers) – 1 x (number of wrong answers). 

    Step 5: Then, the marks received must be added to the marks for Non-MCQs.

    Objections for CAT Response Sheet

    How to File Objections to the CAT 2020 Response Sheet?

    Besides publishing a response sheet, the Indian Management Institute (IIM) of Indore would also give candidates the opportunity to object to the CAT 2020 response key within the specified dates and times. The candidates may file their objections provisionally by the first week of December, in compliance with the CAT exam dates 2020.

    Candidates who think that the CAT 2020 response sheet of IIM Indore has a mistake can file objections by taking the following steps:

    Step 1 - Go to the authorized CAT 2020 page. 

    Step 2 - Fill in the CAT registration ID and password to login, and then press the "Sign in" tab. 

    Step 3 - Now, click on the "Challenge the Response Key" link.

    Step 4 - Select the question and answer that you think is wrong 

    Step 5 - Tap on the Objection tab and click "+" to pose a doubt.

    Step 6 - Then, a new window will open to select the section, question type, and question number for the candidate.

    On the basis of the last year, the following options are probably available to candidates, while challenging CAT 2020's answer key:

    1. “None of the Options are Correct”
    2. “Given Answer Key is Wrong”
    3. “More than One Options are Correct”

    The number of objections that can be made will not be limited. This means that more than one challenge may be posed by candidates. For each challenge, however, the applicants are obliged, as a raising objection charge, to pay INR 1200.

    Why is the CAT 2020 Response Sheet Released?

    • The IIM CAT Exam releases an official CAT response paper with the CAT Exam questions and answers which were marked by the candidates to provide greater transparency and enable the CAT candidates to find out where they went wrong. 
    • For the first time, the CAT response file PDF was released in 2017. It was provided with an objection form to posit that CAT test takers can raise their requests and complaints should the official CAT answers be unsatisfactory.

    Advantages of CAT Response Sheet 

    Advantages of CAT 2020 Response Sheet 

    The following are some of the main benefits of the CAT answer sheet for students: 

    • To bring clarity, IIMs generate response sheets. 
    • Test participants in CAT 2020 will find out where they went wrong. 
    • Predicted scores found using the CAT response sheet would help to anticipate the final result. 
    • Query-Cum-Objection Form can be used to raise objections.

    Ques: How Much Time will be Given to Review and Challenge the CAT 2020 Response Sheet? 

    Ans: Typically, students would have 3 days to review their CAT 2020 slot 1 response sheet or CAT 2020 slot 2 response sheet and to raise and send their objections to the official CAT responses.

    CAT Final Answer Key 

    CAT 2020 Final Answer Key 

    Once candidates raise their objections, the final CAT 2020 answer key, which contains all correct responses, is issued by the respective IIM. In the second week of December 2020, the final response sheet of CAT 2020 will possibly be released by the IIM. If the candidate's objection is considered valid by the IIM, then the amount paid will be reimbursed on the same account from which the payment was made. Otherwise, it does not get reimbursed

    The result of CAT 2020 will be published by IIM Indore after the final CAT 2020 answer sheet is released. During the first week of January 2021, IIM Indore will release the result of CAT 2020. The selection process of CAT 2020, which includes a Written Ability Test, a Group Discussion, and the Personal Interview rounds, is open to all applicants qualifying for the CAT 2020.

    CAT Response Sheet FAQs

    CAT 2020 Response Sheet FAQs

    Ques: When and where can the CAT 2020 response sheet be accessed? 

    Ans: The response sheet for CAT 2020 will be available on During the first week of December, tentatively, the response sheet will be available.

    Ques:How can a student check the response sheet for CAT 2020 online? 

    Ans: Candidates should use their CAT login ID and password on the official webpage to review the CAT 2020 response key online. 

    Ques:What is there in the CAT response sheet? 

    Ans: The CAT response sheet consists of section-wise questions that you have answered or not answered in your slot, the answer option that you have given, and answer status – whether right or wrong as per the IIM's official response sheet. 

    Ques: How can I challenge the official CAT response? 

    Ans: You have to fill out the CAT objection form for the response sheet which will be available on the official CAT website and submit the same. Please check and compare thoroughly before submitting a query-cum-objection form.

    Ques: Will candidates be reimbursed for their fees for objections? 

    Ans: IIM Indore shall only refund the fee for objection if the objection raised by candidates is deemed correct.

    Ques: What is the distinction between the CAT response sheet and the final CAT response sheet? 

    Ans: The IIMs release the final CAT response sheet after reviewing all the objections to the originally published CAT response sheet. At the time of final release of the CAT response sheet, if there is no alteration in the CAT response sheet of the IIMs, you would receive the following message: "The IIMs' expert panels have carefully examined the objections raised to the CAT 2020 questions. There is no change in the answer key to any subsequent question." 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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