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    A stepwise method for CAT Percentile Calculation is followed which includes generating a scaled score, assigning sectional ranks and rounding of percentile scores to arrive at a final rank.  By using CAT Rank Predictor one can assess their rank probability as well as their eligibility status for various different management institutes.  The marks of all examinees are calculated through a normalization process so that the abilities of all candidates are weighted equally. 

    Latest Update: CAT 2020 notification is expected to release on last saturday of July 2020, IIM Indore is the coordinating body of CAT 2020 as announced on its official website. Read More

    To maintain equality in scores, Percentile Score Calculation method will be followed in Common Admission Test.  Normalization helps in equating marks, allotting ranks, and identifying candidate’s scores across multiple forms. Since there are different sets of question papers released all across the country, it is imperative to equalize all the scores on the basis of the level of difficulty, location, session and other factors to ensure that candidates don’t face any discrimination or disparity in their final scores. 

    CAT 2019 received a total of 2.44 lakh applications in 2019, the highest in the past 10 years. The exam is a gateway to 20 IIMs and 100+ premier management institutes and is conducted annually by one of the older IIMs on a rotational basis. Candidates who are not that confident about their candidature in IIM can aim for institutes such as MDI Gurgaon, TAPMI, NITIE, SP Jain, and KJ Somaiya since their admission criterion is not as stringent. 

    CAT Percentile Score Calculation

    CAT 2020 – Percentile Score Calculation

    Keeping Quantitative Ability (QA) as an example, the stepwise procedure for the calculation of overall score and percentile score is as follows:

    • Step 1: Calculate the total number of candidates (N) who appeared for CAT in both the sessions i.e. morning and evening. 
    • Step 2: Assign a rank (r), based on the scaled scores obtained in the QA section, to all candidates who appeared for CAT. If two or more candidates obtain equal scores in the QA section, then identical ranks will be assigned to those candidates.

    For example, if two candidates obtain the highest scaled score in the QA section, then the assigned rank of both the candidates will be 1. The candidate(s) obtaining the second highest scaled score in the QA section will be assigned Rank 3 and so on.

    • Step 3: The percentile score (P) of a candidate with rank(r) in the QA section can be calculated using the following formula: 

    P = ((N-r) N) x 100

    • Step 4: Finally, round off the calculated percentile score (P) of a candidate up to two decimal points. For example, all percentile scores greater than or equal to 99.995 are rounded off to 100, all percentile scores which are greater than or equal to 99.985 but less than 99.995 are rounded off to 99.99 and so on. 
    Note: The same process is followed for the overall percentile score calculation and for the other two sections, i.e. DILR and VARC in CAT 2020.

    CAT Normalization Process 2020

    Must Read News on CAT

    CAT Normalization Process 2020

    • Exam creation is a set of statistically profiled questions. These questions are of comparable difficulty. These different questions with the same difficulty levels are used in re-scaling candidate’s score to the metric of the item bank. 
    • The questions are properly analysed and their difficulty levels is assessed according to a standard metric. The normalization carries a base assumption that “in all multi session CAT papers, the distribution of abilities of candidates is the same across all of the sessions”.
    • Then, the raw score of the candidate is scaled, and scores are established accordingly. This helps in awarding ranks to the candidates.
    • The percentile rank is equated based on percentage score that falls below a certain specified score.
    • With the total scale scores arranged in rank order from the lowest to highest in 100 equally sized groups, a table with the total scale scores to percentile ranks will be created.
    • After the scores are identified and arranged, high scoring candidate’s name will be determined from the top among high scorers and subsequent list of low scorers.
    • CAT percentile decides the rank of a management aspirant, relative to the rest of the aspirants who appeared for the same MBA entrance exam. The basic idea of the CAT percentile is to tell you what per cent of the students have scored less than you in the examination.

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    CAT Marking Scheme

    CAT 2020 Marking Scheme

    • CAT scores are sub-normalized based on three parts of the exam- Quantitative Reasoning, Data Interpretation, and Logical Reasoning and Verbal and Reading Comprehension.
    • CAT exam score, which is valid for one year only, is converted into percentile form and the best scorer is highlighted at the top to up the level of competition.
    • A candidate is awarded three marks each for the correct answer.
    • However, it also applies negative marking, since one mark each is deducted for every wrong answer.
    • Candidates may note that no mark will be deducted for an unanswered question.
    • CAT score helps in shortlisting of the eligible candidates for further rounds.

    CAT exam generally maintains a consistent level of difficulty throughout the examination process. CAT Exam is designed in a manner which makes it difficult for candidates to answer all the questions correctly and thus chances for a perfect score are minimal.

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    How is CAT Score Equated?

    How is CAT Score Equated?

    Equating CAT follows a psychometric process to adjust differences in difficulty level. The process is followed to keep a tab on comparable metric and be justified to candidates who test across multiple days. There are three phases in equating the CAT Exam

    • Raw scores are calculated where three marks are awarded for a correct answer, and one mark is deducted for every wrong answer.
    • Through an equating process, raw scores are adjusted for variances in difficulty levels across the different test forms. Then through statistical properties, candidates’ performance is judged on the same questions asked in two or more different forms. These equating measures help to adjust raw marks accordingly. 
    • Equating helps in placing the scores on a common scale and create a range of scores which help in creating percentile rank.

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    CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor

    CAT 2020 Percentile Predictor

    • CAT 2019 Result was declared on January 4, 2020 on the official website
    • However, candidates were able to use the CAT Percentile Predictor on to determine ranks based on their respective percentiles, before the result was out.
    • All the participating institutes will shortlist candidates based on CAT Cutoff.
    • Hence, CAT Rank Predictor helps predict your scores and choose a college accordingly. 


    Overall CAT Percentile – CAT 2019

    Total Marks In 300Correct QuestionsPercentagePercentile

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    CAT 2020 Score Calculation FAQs

    Ques: What is the difference between Raw Score and Scaled Score in CAT?

    Ans: CAT raw score is the actual score that a candidate receive in CAT exam. The raw score is then converted into percentile score. This is done through the process of normalisation as the exam is conducted in two slots. Therefore, in order to judge each candidate on the same scale, normalisation is done to calculate the percentile score.

    Ques: Is 80 percentile in CAT considered good?

    Ans: Getting 80 percentile in CAT exam can be a tricky situation as candidates getting such as score can not be placed into the old IIMs. IIMs have high cutoff ranging between 98-100. Therefore, candidates can not make it to the IIMs with 80 percentile. Despite of that, they can get into other top B-schools such as:

    1. Loyola Institute of Business Administration
    2. Institute of Rural Management
    3. Delhi School of Management
    4. Birla Institute of Technology
    5. Motilal Nehru Institute of Technology

    Ques: What is the validity of CAT score?

    Ans: CAT score is valid for a period of one year.

    Ques: How much should I score in CAT exam to get 99 percentile?

    Ans: Depending upon the previous year's trends, percentile score vs raw score is given in the table below:

    CAT ScoreCAT Percentile

    Ques: Which IIMs give the highest weightage to CAT Score?

    Ans: Admission in IIMs is done depending upon different factors such as CAT score, class 10th and 12th percentile, performance in WAT/GD, and PI. Different weightage is assigned to different factors. Depending on the previous year trends, IIMs with high weightage to CAT score are given below:

    • IIM Lucknow (76%)
    • IIM Kozhikode (75%)
    • IIM Ahmedabad (70%)
    • IIM Calcutta (67%)

    Ques: What is the minimum score that IIMs accept for its admission in PGPM?

    Ans: IIMs sets a very high benchmark score to get into the program offered by the institute. One cannot define a particular score as every year IIMs releases their own cutoff score. Candidates taking CAT exam must aim to score minimum 95 percentile score in order to get into IIMs.

    Ques: What is the minimum percentile needed to get admission in MBA program of IIM Ahmedabad?

    Ans: Admission in IIMs is based on CAT score. After the release of CAT score, each IIMs will release their cutoff list. Depending upon the same one can decide the minimum percentile score. IIM Ahmedabad will release its minimum cutoff after the declaration of CAT result. Last year, the overall minimum percentile to score expected was 80.

    Ques:  Are the score of class 10th and 12th also important for admission in IIMs?

    Ans: Yes, class 10th and 12th scores are equally important for getting admission in MBA program in one of the IIMs as the scores are evaluated while selecting a candidate into the program. As per the admission policy of IIMs, candidates are assigned rating depending upon their percentage score in class 10th and 12th. 

    Ques: In which non-IIMs can I get admission with a 85-90 percentile score?

    Ans: There are several non-IIMs which have high NIRF ranking in which candidates may get into if they fail to secure a seat in one of the IIMs. The institutes are mentioned below:

    1. SP Jain Institute of Management and Research, Mumbai
    2. Institute of Financial Management and Research, Sri City
    3. KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai
    4. TAMPI, Manipal

    Ques: What is the highest score of CAT exam?

    Ans: IIMs release cat cutoff after the declaration of CAT result. Depending upon the trends of the past year raw score ranging between 182-200 is considered to the higher in CAT.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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