CLAT 2021 English Syllabus, Preparation Strategy, Tips and Tricks

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    CLAT 2021 will consist of 5 sections overall, with each section carrying different weightage.

    The English section is one of the more important sections of the exam as it carries a lot of weightage (20% of the total marks). Read CLAT 2021 Exam Pattern in detail

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    A big advantage of the english section is that it is not very hard, and with enough practise and dedication will be a very scoring subject. However, a lot of candidates struggle with this subject as language is not their strong suit. Read below to find out some great study tips and preparation strategies for CLAT 2021 English Section.

    CLAT 2021 UG Exam Pattern

    SubjectsMarks AllottedNumber of Questions
    English (with Comprehension)4040
    Current Affairs5050
    Legal Reasoning5050
    Logical Reasoning 4040
    Quantitative Techniques2020
    • Each Question will carry 1 mark for the right answer. 
    • There will be a negative marking of 0.25 for every wrong answer. 
    • There will be a total of 200 Objective (MCQ) type questions in the test. 
    • CLAT Exam Duration will be 2 hours. 

    CLAT 2021 UG English Syllabus

    SubjectPassage Word CountTopics Covered
    English450 words eachPassages, Reading, Comprehension, Inference and Conclusion, Summary, Vocabulary, etc.
    • CLAT UG English Section will have a few passages of 450 words each. 
    • You will have to answer questions based on these passages. 
    • The questions will be objective(MCQ’s)
    • The passages will be of class 12 level.
    • You will have to complete each passage within 5 to 7 minutes. 
    • The questions will test your language ability, not your ability to memorise. 
    • There will not be any subjective type questions.

    Click here to get CLAT 2021 Syllabus

    CLAT UG English - Questions Asked

    Here is a list of the question types asked in previous CLAT UG English Sections - 

    Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences
    Active and Passive Voice
    Direct and Indirect Speech
    VocabularySynonyms and Antonyms
    Phrase Replacement
    Prefixes and Suffixes

    CLAT UG 2020 English Paper Analysis

    • The overall difficulty level of the English section in CLAT 2020 was Moderate. 
    • There were around 30 questions, due to the changed exam pattern.
    • The passages were reportedly long, but questions were not very difficult to attempt. 
    • Passages were based on several issues of concern such as the Bois Locker Room Controversy, Virtual Reality and Climate Change. 

    Check CLAT 2020 Paper Analysis

    How to Prepare for CLAT English?

    CLAT English is one of the time consuming sections of the CLAT exam due to its nature. So, having a good strategy while preparing for the exam will be very beneficial. This is especially true if you are weaker in languages. To help in preparing for the exam, here are some tips and tricks for CLAT 2021 English - 

    CLAT 2021 English General Tips and Tricks

    • Practise - Take out the time to practise for each type of question. Do not ignore any question just because you think you are good at it. Solve mock tests and sample papers and time yourself. Do not take too much time to solve any specific type of question. 
    • Learn from your mistakes - If there's a word that you did not know the meaning of, look it up in the dictionary. If you have taken too much time on a specific question, work on reducing the time taken to solve the question. 
    • Read - This is extremely important, as it can greatly help in managing your time during the exam. If you have a habit of reading, it will reduce the time it takes for you to solve a question during CLAT. You can start with the basics and pick up a good book to read during your breaks. It will not only help you for the exam but it is a good practise to read regularly. 
    • Make use of every resource - Due to the wonderful internet, there are a lot of different resources that are available to you just at the touch of a button. Most of the resources are free as well. You can access several mock test papers, questions and other study materials online. 
    • Read the newspaper everyday - This is not only helpful for the english section but also the General Knowledge/Current Affairs section. Remember to read the opinion pieces, as it will help you understand how to put out your opinion clearly. 

    CLAT English Reading Comprehension Study Guide

    • Read the questions before you read the passage. This way, you will have an idea of what to look for before you attempt the questions. Reading the questions will also help you reduce the time as you will already know what to look for in the passage. 
    • Solve the factual questions first, that is the questions that ask for something directly from the passages. Examples of such questions include Dates, Phrases etc. Answer the subjective or interpretative answers at the end as they take more time to think. 
    • No need to memorize the passage. Understanding the premise, structure and theme of the passage is enough to answer most of the questions asked. 
    • If you find that the passage is too difficult for you to understand, solve it at the end. Solve the passage that you think is simpler and keep the difficult one for the end.
    • The correct option is always going to be one of the options that are given to you. Do not think that the correct option is out of the scope of the options given. Do not focus on the options that distract you. 
    • Mark the lines which you think are important. This will help when you come back to the passage to look for an answer as the answer will be in your line of sight. 
    • Focus on the Introduction and conclusion of the passage. This is usually where the premise of the passage and the main takeaway of the passage is given. 
    • Do not skim through the passage. Read it attentively. 
    • If you are asked for a suitable title for the passage, you will have to identify the premise of the passage first. Attempt this question towards the end, as you will have an idea of what the passage is all about. 

    Read CLAT 2021 GK Syllabus

    CLAT English Grammar Study Guide

    • Learn all the rules of grammar. This is the first and most important rule while studying for grammar.
    • Recognise the parts you are weakest in. This can be done by taking mock tests. Put a pin on the questions that you did not understand, or got wrong, or take too much time to solve. 
    • When you have a doubt, refer to the rules once again and make sure you got them correctly. 
    • Understand the questions and do not memorise grammar. 
    • Grammar is very much like maths, as you will never understand it or get the hang of it without practising a lot. 
    • CLAT English is an exam that tests your understanding of complex arguments or passages and not about how well read or eloquent you are. Remember that while preparing. 

    CLAT English Section Preparation Books

    Name of BookPublisher/Author
    Word Power Made EasyNorman Lewis
    High School English Grammar and Composition KeyWren & Martin 
    A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal ReasoningRS Agarwal
    English Is EasyChetananand Singh
    Pocket Guide to VocabularyBarron

    CLAT English Sample Papers and Mock tests

    CLAT 2021 English Language FAQ’s

    Q1. How important is the CLAT English Section?

    Ans. CLAT English is extremely important, as it carries over 20% of the total marks. It is one of the more time consuming but scoring parts of CLAT UG. 

    Q2. How many questions will the CLAT English section have?

    Ans. There will be 40 questions in CLAT English. Each question will be worth 1 mark, and for every wrong answer 0.25 marks will be deducted from your total score. 

    Q3. What are the most important topics for CLAT English?

    Ans. Some of the most important topics for CLAT English are Vocabulary (Synonyms and Antonyms, Word Meanings etc.) Fill in the blanks, and Grammar questions. 

    Q4. Where will the passages come from?

    Ans. The passages will be derived from fictional articles, or real life events, journalistic pieces, history etc. For CLAT 2020, Passages based on Bois Locker Room Controversy, Virtual Reality and Climate Change were asked. 

    Q5. What do I do if I take too much time in English Section?

    Ans. The best way to reduce time taken to solve the paper is to practise that section very well. You will have to focus on the questions that take more time and the ones that you get wrong. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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