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CLAT 2021: Preparation Tips for General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Exam: 13 June `21
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CLAT 2021 is scheduled to be conducted in 2nd week of May 2021. The General Knowledge and Current Affairs section is the easiest among all other sections and important for enhancing the CLAT 2021 Result. The candidates need proficiency and regular preparation to perform well in this section.


General Knowledge & Current Affairs in CLAT 2021

General Knowledge and Current affairs section asks question based on general awareness topics and current issues. The detailed information and preparation tips for this section are provided here.


The section will consist of 35-39 questions and candidates need a good time management to attempt these questions. General Knowledge and Current affairs section comprises a balanced mix of Static GK and Current Affairs questions. Looking at the pattern of the questions asked from previous year’s papers shows that there were 35-40 questions based on Current Affairs and the rest on Static GK. The candidates will get approximately 10-15 minutes to attempt the questions in this section. 


In this section the candidates are tested on their knowledge on general awareness and the current affairs. The recent CLAT notifications declared that Current Affairs questions will be based on past one year. The guideline does not limit to the specific mention of the same. So, the candidates should not restrict the preparations to previous year’s happenings alone.


For best performance and a smart preparation, the candidates need to focus on the following important topics. The number of questions asked from each topic is also mentioned. The important topics for General Knowledge and Current affairs section are as follows:

Important Topics for Static GK

  • Indian & World History (3-4 Questions)
  • Geography (3-4 Questions)
  • Arts and Literature (3-4 Questions)
  • Personalities (1-2 Questions)
  • Science & Technology (1-2 Questions)
  • Business and economy (1-2 Questions)

Important Topics for Current Affairs

  • International News (5-6 Questions)
  • Sports and Movies (5-6 Questions)
  • Business and economy (5-6 Questions)
  • Awards and Honors (2-3 Questions)
  • Science and technology (2-3 Questions)
  • Government and politics (2-3 Questions)

GK & CA Prep Tips

Preparation Tips for General Knowledge & Current Affairs in CLAT 2021

The CLAT 2021 syllabus is highly comprehensive and there is no single source or book that can supplement with such vast knowledge. The candidates should look for multiple resources to prepare for CLAT Exam. A candidate doesn’t need to lose his/ her sleep over this topic. Nor do the candidate needs to bury themselves into loads of magazines or newspapers. Being smart is the trick to crack the section.

The candidates should look at the following preparation tips for best outcomes in the GK section:

  • Previous year’s papers: Go through the previous year’s papers and prepare a list of important topics for the exam. It will allow the candidates to familiarize with the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Periodicals and Magazines: These sources provide exam centered and valuable information to the candidates. They have special sections related to competitive exam GK section. It will prevent time wastage in searching old newspaper articles and online links.
  • Prepare for strong areas first under GK section: Candidates should prioritize the GK preparation as per their strengths. Select the strong areas and start preparing for them first. The candidates might be interested in areas of Business, Economics, Law, Politics, Sports or Technology. Aspirants should do a thorough preparation for the topics they are familiar with. It will strengthen the confidence and allows for achieving maximum score in this section.
  • Online Mock tests for accuracy: After procuring knowledge from various sources to check the level of preparation and to strengthen the performance the candidates should regularly take online mock tests. Take the tests based on the actual Exam pattern and time bound environment. Sign up for a good CLAT Exam test series presenting questions on the expected exam pattern in form of MCQ’s.
  • Follow a Good news channel: For latest updates on the currents events candidates should watch good news channel at least for half an hour every day. The news channels broadcast International and National news throughout the day. Focus on business news and the headlines very carefully and note the important news systematically in a notebook. Revise these affairs before the exam.
  • Register for online quizzes: Participating in online quizzes will allow the candidates to stay in regular touch with the GK issues. This will also have scope for evaluation and assessment for the preparation till now. Moreover, the candidates will boost their morals by participating in such quizzes.
  • Some interesting hacks:  These are some essential tricks for increasing the pace of the candidate’s preparation. Take initiative to discussions on GK and national issues forums. Follow websites of all leading channels for current and old debating issues. Download News Mobile Apps for information on latest news.

GK & CA Study Material

Study Material for General Knowledge & Current Affairs in CLAT 2021

The important books, newspapers magazines and periodicals for preparation of General knowledge and Current affairs section are as follows:

Name Author Name ISBN Number
Manorama Yearbook 2017 (English) 50th Edition
Mammen Mathew
Lucents General Knowledge (English) 4th Edition
Sanjeev Kumar, Renu Sinha, Manwendra Mukul, Vinay Karna, R. P. Suman
Concise General Knowledge Manual 2017 Fifteenth Edition Showick Thorpe, Edgar Thorpe 9332575193
  • Newspapers: The Hindu, Indian Express
  • Magazines and Periodicals: Pratiyogita Darpan, Manorma, India Today, Competition Success Review.

CLAT 2021 Sample Papers

Practice papers and mock tests allow the candidates to revise and assess the level of their preparation. A regular assessment is important for improving the weak and knowing the strong areas by the candidates. It also improves accuracy and time management. While the candidate prepares through CLAT Sample Papers, it also helps them to mentally prepare themselves for the CLAT exam.

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


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Which online source is good for preparation of this section?
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  1. Download online study material - Lot of free study material text is available online.
  2. Appear for Mock Tests - You can prepare for the exam by appearing for several Mock Tests also.
How should I start preparing for CLAT?
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Which book is good to prepare in less time?

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Greetings from Collegedunia. There are various book options to prepare in less time for CLAT UG and PG Exam. For more details, kindly go through this link – CLAT Exam Pattern and Syllabus

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Greetings from Collegedunia. You can quickly revise your full syllabus for CLAT Examination with our practice papers. For more details, kindly go through this link – CLAT Practice Papers