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CMAT Preparation 2022: Expert Tips, Study Plan, Section-wise Strategy, Best Books, Online Resources, and Topper Tips

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| Updated On -Jun 16, 2021

CMAT Preparation 2022 should start well in advance to cover the vast syllabus in the designated time with a sound plan. Candidates are advised to begin preparation for CMAT 2022 at least 6 months before the exam date. Aspirants are expected to be well versed with CMAT Exam Pattern & Syllabus to avoid any last-minute chaos during CMAT Preparation 2022. A total of 100 questions worth 400 marks will be asked in CMAT 2022 exam. Check CMAT Exam Pattern

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CMAT Syllabus is divided into 5 sections viz. Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness, and a new optional section on Innovation & Entrepreneurship introduced in the 2021 exam. The exam duration of CMAT 2022 will be 3 hours, however, candidates opting for the optional section will be given 30 minutes extra. Check CMAT Syllabus

CMAT Latest Updates:

  • May 24: CMAT 2022 exam will tentatively be conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) in the last week of March 2022. Check here
  • May 20: Solving Previous Year CMAT Question Papers is essential to crack CMAT 2022. Download Free PDFs

Before devising CMAT 2022 preparation strategy keep the following questions in mind:

  • When to start CMAT preparation and what mode to choose?
  • What are recommended books for preparation? Are they available to you?
  • Are there any other resources needed to prepare apart from books?
  • Strategy to prepare online for the exam
CMAT Preparation Dos & Dont's

CMAT Preparation: Dos and Dont’s

  • Do not be clueless about what the good number of attempts is. If you answer 70 questions with 80 percent accuracy, it should suffice.
  • Try to solve fewer questions correctly rather than attempting too many and losing marks.
  • Do not let the GK section in CMAT exam stress you out. Candidates who have not done CMAT preparation before may find this section difficult to prepare.
  • Solve CMAT Previous year Papers. Practice papers will reflect on your level of preparation for CMAT 2022.
  • Do not keep any target score before appearing for CMAT Exam. This reason being, in CMAT your rank matters and not the total score.
  • Many candidates deprive themselves of sleep the day before CMAT Exam. Not only does this add to your stress but also spikes the chances of forgetting what has already been learned.
  • If the initial impression of the paper is that many questions are harder than expected, do not lose confidence. Remember, CMAT 2022 will be a 3-hour long exam and you will have plenty of time to think about them.
  • Avoid attempting too many questions from CMAT Language Comprehension as it is very time consuming. Too many Questions from critical reasoning should also be avoided.

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CMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips

CMAT Last Minute Preparation Tips

Thorough preparation, a calm head, and time management will turn out to be the key to crack CMAT 2022 exam. For the last few days of CMAT Preparation 2022 before the exam date, aspirants should focus on strengthening their skills by focusing on topics that they are most comfortable with, shortcut tricks for the QA section, and not starting up with fresh topics that haven't been touched yet.

Here is a list of some last-minute CMAT Preparation Tips:

  • Work on Speed and Accuracy - In the few days approaching CMAT, it is extremely important to work on speed and improve the accuracy of answers. This can be done by attempting several mock tests, sample papers, and previous years’ CMAT Question Papers. Work on improving the questions that are too time-consuming for you as well as the questions where you make a lot of mistakes.
  • Revise - Now is the time for revision and making sure you are aware of how to solve each question.
  • Do Not Pick Up New Topics - It is not recommended to pick up new topics too close to the exam as it will worsen your CMAT 2022 preparation. Stick to the topics that you have completed and are confident about.
  • Hone your basics - Make sure that all the basics for the CMAT paper are clear. Go through the tables, formulas, grammar basics (Tenses, Prepositions, Punctuation), Word lists, Shortcuts, and other notes you have made throughout CMAT exam preparation.
  • Other Useful Tips: 
    • Concentrate on Accuracy and Time-management
    • Rely on your set defined strategy
    • Brush up topics from self-made notes
    • Revise shortcut methods for complex calculations
    • Attempt Practice Papers and other Mock Tests
    • Read the Guidelines thoroughly before starting your Paper
    • Eat and rest well for the last few days
CMAT 2022 Study Plan

CMAT 2022 Study Plan

Devising a preparation strategy for CMAT exam can be a tricky task. Here is a 3 stage study plan for CMAT 2022:

Stage 1: Analyze CMAT Exam Pattern and Cover the Syllabus

For comprehensive and strategic CMAT Preparation 2022,  it is extremely important to go through the entire CMAT Syllabus and analyze the exam pattern to understand the requirements of the exam and to be able to identify the weak and strong areas. A brief highlight of CMAT Exam Pattern is given below for your reference:

Particulars Details
Total Number of Questions 100
Number of Sections 4
Questions in Each Section 25
Total Marks 400
Type of Question MCQ 
Marking Pattern

+4 for the correct answer

-1 for the wrong answer

Difficulty Level Moderate

CMAT Syllabus is defined by NTA in the official brochure. CMAT Syllabus has been divided into 4 sections Quantitative Techniques which includes aspects of Mathematics with emphasis on arithmetic and data interpretation, English Language and Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning and General awareness. 

The syllabus is further divided into sub-sections to pin down important topics. Thus the scope of CMAT syllabus is quite wise like other management entrance exams. There cannot be a strong preparation without getting fully acquainted with CMAT syllabus. 

  • Start with a section that seems tough to you
  • Complete a section and then try to move on to a new one
  • Do not confuse yourself by preparing multiple topics at the same time 

Stage 2: Practice Through Sample Papers/ Mock Test

After covering the basics of the Syllabus, move on to solving sample papers. National Testing Agency too releases an official mock test on the website, do practice it to get a hold of how the question paper will look like on exam day. 

  • Do not jump on solving mock tests as it can be demotivating, complete CMAT Syllabus and then move onto sample papers.
  • Analyze your performance after each mock test to know weak and strong points.
  • Try to increase speed and accuracy with every mock test
  • Try to solve sectional mock tests and a variety of questions from varied sources

Check CMAT Previous Year Papers

Stage 3: Thorough Revision

In the last few days prior to the exam, revision should be the focus. Devote more time to topics that seem difficult. Do not start a new chapter or topic on the last day and instead focus on topics already covered. Relax a day prior to the exam and give time to rejuvenate. Avoid revising on the exam day.  

Revision is the key to ace the exam as the extent of the syllabus can be confusing. Try to revise section wise-prepare notes for revision especially for basic concepts, tricks, and tips that suit you, theorems, and formulas.

CMAT General Preparation Tips

CMAT 2022 General Preparation Tips

  • Plan Your Study: This is the first step to CMAT 2022 preparation. Every candidate must plan and allocate their time to studies and stick to the plan. Allot the time according to the difficulty level of the sections and the time taken by it. While CMAT Preparation 2022, candidates must make sure that every section is covered. All the hours and days before the exam must be organized according to the syllabus. 
  • Solve Mock Tests: Usually, an official CMAT mock test is released on the official website. If it is not available, the candidate must solve as many mock tests as possible from other sources of CMAT Preparation. These tests will help the candidate familiarize with their weaknesses as well as strong points. One must start with weekly or bi-weekly tests and then go ahead with daily tests and manage the time accordingly with each section.
  • Distributive Learning: The candidates must try and cover more than one subject in one day to ensure extensive CMAT preparation 2022. Studying one subject for too long will make excessive studying redundant. Learning two subjects turn by turn will keep the mind absorbed and bring variety to the studying schedule. 
  • Revise Regularly: Gradual and regular revision makes the candidates familiar with the types of questions and CMAT exam pattern. It helps the candidates to get disciplined about their CMAT 2022 preparation strategy. The regular revision will increase accuracy and thus will lead to a boost in confidence. 
  • Make Basics your Strength: There are always some basic questions from all the sections that are present in the question paper almost every year. The nature of these questions is the same. Candidates must practice these questions as much as possible. It helps in solving the predicted questions in the minimum time possible during the examination.
  • Practice last year's question papers: To get an exact idea about the exam and get familiar with the pattern, candidates must practice last year’s question papers. This will avoid last-minute anxiety.
  • Take Regular Breaks: The candidates must go for shorter studying sessions for efficient CMAT preparation. During the preparation for CMAT 2022, candidates must keep in mind that studying for long intervals will make their brains tiresome. Candidates must take short but regular breaks so that the mind stays fresh. 
  • Set a Finishing Date: The candidate must set a deadline for the completion of the whole syllabus and plan the whole CMAT 2022 preparation process accordingly. A deadline needs to be set for every section so that those candidates can finish learning new topics and concentrate on revising them. More importantly, this date must be strict as well as feasible. Goals that are not feasible must not be set. After this, he/she can start giving mocks and solving test papers.
Section Wise Preparation Tips

Section Wise CMAT Preparation Tips 2022

CMAT Preparation Tips for Quantitative Techniques and Data Interpretation

  • This section has 25 questions, each of 4 marks. Remember that negative marking of -1 is applicable, and therefore attempt accordingly.
  • Memorize the basics to calculate after in the exam hall such as tables up to 50, square roots, and cubes till 25.
  • The only way to ace this section is more and more practice. Solve mock tests, previous year question papers at least thrice a week during the last few days of CMAT Preparation 2022. Remember, this is a calculation-based section.
  • While solving mock tests, do not take more than the stipulated time in the exam. Also, try to score the minimum required cutoff score for his section.
  • The main objective of this section is to test your mathematical skills in various areas such as arithmetic, algebra, and geometry (cover all the sub-topics).
  • Identify your weak areas through mock tests. Constant practice will enhance one’s accuracy and speed. 
  • Instead of a step-by-step calculation in all the questions, use shortcut tricks for the calculation to save a lot of time. These tricks can be found in online videos as well as CMAT preparation books.
  • Don’t get stuck up at one question. Remember, all questions carry equal marks, so it is advisable to move on to the next question.
  • The objective of the data interpretation section is the ability to interpret data that is presented in tables, graphs, and charts. It involves analysis or decision-making based on numerical data.

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CMAT Preparation Tips for Logical Reasoning

  • The main objective of this section is to test the aspirant’s logical ability.
  • While preparing for CMAT 2022, candidates should try to solve different types of problems with varying difficulty levels.
  • The logical reasoning section for CMAT covers topics like statement and argument, blood relation, statement and conclusion, coding and decoding, statement and assumptions, number series, and analogies. Practice a few topics every day and you will be ready to handle the same in the exam.

CMAT Preparation Tips for Language Comprehension

  • The language comprehension section for CMAT covers various types of questions such as para jumbles, reading comprehension, sentence completion, idioms and phrases, one-word substitution, and synonyms and antonyms.
  • One should start reading newspapers, articles, and other forms of reading material every day to enhance one’s vocabulary and grammatical abilities for effective CMAT Preparation 2022.
  • Reading on the computer will be beneficial in improving one’s reading and comprehension speed and skill for the online exam. 

CMAT Preparation Tips for General Awareness

  • Be updated with the recent government schemes in the areas of the economy, environmental issues, news related to finance, sports, politics, social issues, major corporate events, famous awards, world records, and international news.
  • Focus on the famous and trending topics because most questions are asked from recent news or updates. 
  • Don’t leave this section for last-minute CMAT preparation. Watch news videos and read newspapers every day to avoid last-minute stress.
CMAT Preparation Books

CMAT Preparation Books 2022

Books are the most important aspect of CMAT 2022 exam preparation. Some of the books that candidates may refer to for the preparation for CMAT 2022 exam are given below. The students and experts most recommend these.

Subject Book Name Author
Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examinations RS Agarwal
Accredited Guide to Data Interpretation and Data Sufficiency Ananta Ashisha
Data Analysis & Interpretation Data Sufficiency Think Tank of Kiran Prakashan
Logical Reasoning A modern approach to logical reasoning RS Agarwal
How to Prepare for Logical Reasoning for the CAT Arun Sharma
Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation for the CAT Nishit Sinha
Language Comprehension The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability Sujit Kumar
The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning for the CAT Nishit K Sinha
How to Prepare for Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension? Arun Sharma & Meenakshi Upadhyay
A Modern Approach to Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning R S Aggarwal
CAT Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension Gautam Puri
General Awareness General Knowledge Disha Experts
Face To Face MAT With 19 Years (1997-2016) BS Sijwali
cmat books

Practice Papers/ Mock Test Resources for CMAT Preparation 2022

There are many resources available for prospective candidates who wish to give CMAT 2022. Test takers can access a variety of practice test booklets and manuals available on the internet. The following table includes a curated list of the resources that are bound to be highly advantageous to candidates during their CMAT preparation 2022. Exam guides can be utilized by applicants who are just laying the groundwork, while the practice sets and solved papers will provide aid to those who are in the revision stage.

Resource  Author
3 Edge Advantage Series: CMAT Practice Sets  Ayush Gupta, Diwakar Sharma, Ashwani, R.K. Behl
Complete Reference Manual for CMAT  S.K. Sinha, S.Satyanarayan, Col. J.S. Rana 
MBA Solved Papers (All Management Exams)  Gautam Puri 
CMAT Exam Guide 2016 RPH Editorial Board 
CMAT Entrance Guide that contains 5 mock tests Disha Experts 
Study Package for CMAT  Arun Sharma, Meenakshi Upadhyay

Best Resources for CMAT General Awareness Preparation

NTA has not set a syllabus for current affairs or general knowledge. For many candidates, this is a reason for discontentment and confusion since they have no idea what they have to study from because the contents of the syllabus are so vast. General Awareness questions are divided into two main subsects: Static GK and Current GK.

  • Current GK includes questions that are based on economic and fiscal policies, country-wise denominations, new scientific endeavors, and world politics. On the other hand, Static GK mainly focuses on arts, culture, and historical events.
  • The following table delineates the resources that candidates can utilize to prepare their study material for the current affairs and general knowledge portion of CMAT 2022:
The Hindu Financial Express  Economic Times 
The Financial Times  Wall Street Journal Hindu Business Line
Business Today Business World  Manorama Year Book 
Competition Success Review Arihant GK  Lucent’s GK
  • A vital topic in general awareness is History. To prepare for history, candidates can use Manorama Year Book, Lucent’s GK, and their 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th standard books.
  • For economic insight, the financial times, financial express, economic times, Hindu business line, business world, and business world are great resources. 
  • Candidates can brush up on their current affairs by studying Competition Success Review, Arihant GK, Wall Street Journal, and by being subscribed to google updates. 
  • Many editorials, news pieces & interviews of eminent personalities are published in newspapers such as The Hindu, Indian Express, Hindustan Times, and Times of India. 

Online Preparation for CMAT 2022

There are times when candidates are stuck while solving or getting through a question during CMAT Preparation 2022. In this tech-savvy generation, candidates can join online study groups. They are helpful as they provide opportunities for interaction with other candidates and experts and this ensures a better preparation for CMAT 2022. These online sources also act as doubt-solving groups. It is advised to discuss topics, tricks with the active members. You can even create a Whatsapp group for this purpose with your friends.

Online preparation for CMAT 2022 can also be done by downloading MBA exam preparation apps. There are youtube videos available along with plenty of CMAT preparation content via blogs, videos, sample questions, analysis experts. Android users can access the Google play store to download CMAT Preparation apps.  

In case you are a working professional or even a student who is not able to spare time for regular class coaching and need guidance, then online coaching can be helpfiul. They cost less than regular coachings and can be scheduled in accordance with your timetable. 

Topper Tips

CMAT Topper Tips for Preparation

  • Prefer only the latest edition of CMAT preparation books.
  • Focus on weak areas and improve by solving more and more practice papers.
  • Do not neglect books by Arun Sharma and Nishit K Sinha for CMAT Preparation as they are holistic in nature.
  • If opting for coaching for preparation, go through the material recommended by them.
  • Regularly read newspapers and magazines to improve vocabulary
  • Do not spend unnecessary time on topics that seem difficult and take way more time than the required to prepare.
CMAT Preparation FAQs

CMAT Preparation Tips 2022 FAQs

Ques. How do I prepare for Language Comprehension in CMAT? 

Ans. The language comprehension part for CMAT covers various types of questions such as para jumbles, reading comprehension, sentence completion, idioms and phrases, one-word substitution, and synonyms and antonyms. 

One should start reading newspapers, articles, and other forms of reading material every day to enhance one’s vocabulary and grammatical abilities. Reading on a computer screen will be helpful because it will familiarize the candidate with the test format and thus in turn increase their rate of comprehension. 

Check Language Comprehension Preparation Material

Ques. How do I prepare for General Awareness in CMAT?

Ans. Candidates need to be aware of all the novel schemes that are run by the Indian government and major statutory bodies in the spheres of economy, environmental degradation, financial sector, sports news, political events, social events, famous awards, and their beneficiaries, and major international news. 

It is important to not just stick to one source of information i.e. books, journals, magazines. Candidates should prepare for general knowledge from a holistic perspective and watch videos, movies, read the newspaper aside from just focusing on the textual material. 

Check Current Affairs Preparation Material

Ques. How many questions should I attempt in QA/DI to get a good score in CMAT 2022?

Ans.  Based on an analysis of CMAT exam held in 2021, most of the questions in the exam arose from the geometry and arithmetic section. The overall difficulty level of the section was termed as ‘moderate’. Most of the candidates ended up attempting 23-25 questions in CMAT 2021. 

Ques. How many questions should I attempt in Language Comprehension to get a good score in CMAT 2022?

Ans. Based on an analysis of CMAT Language Comprehension section over the past few years, most of the questions were in the easy-moderate range. The majority of the candidates answered all of the RC questions and more than half of the non-RC ones.

Ques. How many questions should I attempt in General Awareness to get a good score in CMAT 2022? 

Ans. Out of current GK and static Gk, most of the questions that appeared in CMAT are from Static GK. Around one-third of the questions posed centered around current affairs and general news. A majority of the candidates attempted 13-17 questions and achieved an average 80% accuracy rate.  

Ques. How many questions should I attempt in Logical Reasoning to get a good score in CMAT 2022? 

Ans. Most of the logical reasoning questions in CMAT are rated in the ‘easy-moderate range by candidates because there were no questions on data sets that were overly complex or complicated. The majority of the questions were from coding-decoding, blood relations, and verbal reasoning i.e. word relationship, statement argument, statement conclusion, and assertion reason. Maximum candidates responded to more than 20 questions. 

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.

CMAT 2021 : 11 answered questions


Ques. What is the CMAT cut off?

● Top Answer By Ranjan Thakur on 28 Apr 21

Ans. CMAT is an entrance exam for students looking to pursue MBA or PGDM at AICTE approved management institutes. It is a three-hour computer-based test and it will assure you admission to AICTE approved MBA/PGDM courses. It is a moderately difficult exam and includes around 100 questions in total that are further divided into four sections. These are Quantitative techniques and Data interpretation, Language Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, and General Awareness. All of these sections constitute 25 questions each on the test. Moreover, if you are looking for a comparison, CMAT is quite easy as compared to CAT or XAT. Other than this, here are a few cutoffs for some of the popular colleges across the country for 2020: College Cutoff JIBMS Mumbai 99+ Goa Institute of Management 95+ KSOM, Bhubaneshwar 95+ Jaipuria Institute of Management 85+ IMT, Hyderabad & Nagpur 80+ Additionally, the selection procedure also varies from college to college. Each of them also has its own admission portal as well. It is advisable to go through the list of colleges and their admission portals before you plan to appear for the exam. You need to clear your basics, have a good speed and accuracy, and a decent presence of mind. All these factors coupled together will help you crack the exam easily. You can also look to attempt mock tests and practice them.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the CMAT exam pattern like?

● Top Answer By Anmol Singh on 02 Feb 21

Ans. CMAT or Common Aptitude Management Test is a computer-based test conducted by NTA (previously by AICTE). This exam is of objective nature. The internal mentor of mine from TIME Institute informed us that the CMAT question paper contains 100 MCQs with four options each to choose the right answer from. You are allowed to submit your responses in 3 hours, following which the test window will be closed automatically. Similar to other management entrance tests, the exam has four sections: Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation: You need to focus on Arithmetic and Modern Maths and have strong basics and good familiarity with all possible questions that could be framed from these two topics.  Data Interpretation demands to focus on bar graphs and pie charts.  Along with this, you need to be comfortable and confident in topics such as Algebra, Mensuration, Geometry, Number Systems, Trigonometry, etc. Logical Reasoning It is an analytical way of thinking about a given problem statement, analyzing and evaluating information gathered from observation and experience, to reach certain conclusions.  Critical/Logical Reasoning clarifies goals considering certain assumptions, apprehends hidden values, and evaluates evidence to assess rational conclusions.  You should work on skills like observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, estimation, and explanation. General Awareness General awareness includes topics on history, geography, current affairs – economic, business, sports, corporate events, etc.  Questions related to entertainment, politics, and the environment are also asked.  You are advised to stay updated with the recent important events happening in India and across the globe. You can follow good English dailies and good magazines such as The Hindu, Competition success review, etc. Language Comprehension Traditional reading comprehension is basically a paragraph with 5 questions revolving around the author’s viewpoint, idea, etc.  CMAT’s language comprehension would be easier as compared to that of other competitive exams, as direct questions would be asked.  Develop a habit of reading, as it will eventually build your Comprehension skills. Vocabulary includes Para-jumbles, Antonyms & Synonyms, and grammar (idioms & phrases, Sentence correction, Sentence completion, fill in the blanks, Interference & Judgement, Facts, analogy, etc). Here is an overview of the marking scheme: Subject No of questions Marks Quantitative Ability 25 100 Verbal Ability 25 100 Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation 25 100 General Awareness 25 100 Each section comprises 25 questions, where each question carries four marks. This makes each section weigh 100 marks equally and hence the entire exam is graded out of 400 marks. However, unanswered questions do not cause mark deductions. You are advised to take more and more mock tests for CMAT, to get more familiar with the exam pattern, and to develop the required temperament for the exam.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which is the best B school to get in using a CMAT/MAT score?

● Top Answer By Aditya Som on 02 Feb 21

Ans. CMAT, commonly known as the Common Management Aptitude Test, is a computer-based entrance exam conducted by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) for admission to MBA/PGDM courses in over 1000 B-schools across India. The duration of the exam is three hours with the question paper consisting of 100 questions from Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, and General Awareness. You can refer to the table given below for the cutoffs released by various B schools, analyzed as per the previous year's trends. These colleges have been recommended by our mentor from Erudite Institute. Listed below are the names of the colleges and their cut offs:  Name of the College Cutoff JBIMS, Mumbai 99.99 %ile Sydenham(SIMREE), Mumbai  99.92%ile SIES Mumbai 99.8%ile MET, Mumbai 98%ile KJ Somaiya, Mumbai 97%ile Goa Institute of Management Great Lakes Institute of Management PUMBA, Pune Indira Institute of Management, Pune 95%ile  IPE Hyderabad IFMR, Chennai 90%ile  NIBM, Pune Welingkar Institute, Mumbai N.L Dalmia Institute, Mumbai 85%ile XISS Ranchi HR IMT Navi Mumbai ISME, Mumbai 80%ile  Welingkar Institute, Bangalore Soil Institute of Management NIA Pune 75%ile  ADANI Institute of Infrastructure Management 70%ile These colleges may not be Tier 1 institutions but are good B Schools that admit students on the basis of their CMAT scores. These management institutes conduct group discussions and personal interviews to select candidates for MBA/PGDM programs post declaration of CMAT exam results. The admission process of each institute is independent and according to their academic cycle.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the benefit of the CMAT rather than the MAT?

● Top Answer By Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra on 02 Feb 21

Ans. The CMAT exam is conducted by the National Test Agency and is accepted by many top colleges for their MBA programs compared to the MAT exam. CMAT also has a greater number of colleges that accept CMAT scores for their admission process. CMAT also enjoys better recognition compared to the MAT exam. Many tier 1 CMAT colleges enjoy better brand recognition in the industry. Even further some of the tier 1 colleges that used to accept MAT scores such as Great Lakes Chennai are now considering CMAT scores for their screening process. The major differences in the pattern of the CMAT and the MAT tests are tabulated below, Criteria CMAT MAT Duration of the Exam 3 Hrs (180 minutes) 2 Hrs 30mins (150 minutes) Number of Sections 4 sections 5 sections Total Mark of the exam 400 marks. 100 marks for each section. 200 Marks. 40 marks for each section. Marks for Correct Answer +4 Marks +1 Marks Marks for Incorrect Answer -1 Marks. No negative marking for unattempted questions. -0.25 Marks. No negative marking for unattempted questions. CMAT does not have any sectional time limits. The exam comprises 4 sections namely Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension. MAT exam also does not have any sectional time limits. The exam comprises 5 sections namely Language Comprehension, Intelligence and, Critical Reasoning, Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Mathematical Skills, and Indian and Global Environment. Unlike the CMAT exam MAT exam is conducted both in online and offline modes. Thus, the CMAT exam has many more benefits and opportunities compared to the MAT exam.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Is the difficulty level of exams like the NMAT, Snap, and the CMAT the same?

● Top Answer By Sneha on 02 Feb 21

Ans. NMAT, SNAP, and CMAT are some of the Management entrance aptitude tests conducted by different exam bodies in India. All these exams have a set of colleges that accepts these scores. All three exams are computer-based and follow Objective Type Questions (MCQ) question format. These three exams have varying difficulty levels. SNAP conducted by Symbiosis University is tough compared to the other two exams NMAT and CMAT. NMAT and SNAP have a similar level of difficulty but SNAP has a tough choice of questions compared to NMAT. CMAT is the least difficult exam among all the three exams. The pattern differences between the exam are tabulated below, Criteria CMAT NMAT SNAP Duration of the Exam 3 Hrs (180 minutes) 2 Hrs (120 minutes) 1 Hr (60 minutes) Number of Sections 4 sections 3 sections 3 sections Total Mark of the exam 400 marks. 100 marks for each section. 120 Marks 60 marks Marks for Correct Answer +4 Marks +1 Mark + 1 Mark Marks for Incorrect Answer -1 Marks. No negative marking for unattempted questions. No negative marking for incorrect answers and unattempted questions. -0.25 marks for each incorrect attempt. Sectional Time Limits: CMAT does not have any sectional time limits. The exam comprises 4 sections namely Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, General Awareness, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension. Whereas NMAT has sectional time limits. Language Skills (22 mins), Quantitative Aptitude (60 mins), Logical Reasoning (38 mins). SNAP exam does not have sectional time limits. The exam comprises 3 exams namely No sectional time limits. General English, Quantitative-Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Analytical & Logical Reasoning. Section selection: Candidates can answer from any section of their choice in CMAT.  In NMAT candidates can choose the order of sections of their choice. The questions will appear in the order chosen by the candidates. In short, if the exams are to be arranged based on difficulty then SNAP> NMAT> CMAT. SNAP is the most difficult followed by NMAT and then CMAT.Read more
1 Answer


ibashisha mukhim
How many times am I allowed to give this exam?
aniket ranjan

There is no restriction on number of attempts as there is no minimum and maximum age limit, you can appear for CMAT innumerable times. Since CMAT is conducted Once in year so you can appear for CMAT only once a year.

rohan bharti
Will there be any official mock test papers available for the students?
aniket ranjan

Yes, CMAT question papers are made available to the students at the official website of NTA-CMAT. Only those students can access these questions papers who have registered for CMAT entrance exam. The students can download the mock test by using their respective CMAT login IDs and password.

riya gupta
Can you provide me a brief study plan 1 month before the exam?
sinbad chongtham

With just one month left, you have limited time to prepare. You will need to prepare a strategic study plan after understanding the exam pattern, syllabus, marking schemes, etc. With limited time in hand, you can start analyzing previous year’s questions and answers and practice test papers regularly. Practicing test papers will effectively improve your time management skills, which one of the keys to success.

kunal thakrar
How should I prepare for the exam within time span of 2-3 months?
mrittika mallick

It is possible to prepare for CMAT in 2-3months by following a good study plan. You should remain focused and create a strategy to answer the question and also in time. After being thoroughly acquainted with the syllabus and the topics, make sure to practice a lot from mock test papers, and previous years’ question papers. Practice papers are available online at CMAT Practice Papers 2021.

divakar sharma
How many questions are asked in the paper on logical reasoning section?
mrittika mallick

There are 25 questions in the Logical reasoning section of the CMAT exam paper. The total number of questions in the paper is 125 with 25 questions in each section. To know about the marking scheme and question pattern in detail, click on the link CMAT 2021.

shivkumar dama
Can I prepare for the exam by self study?
aniket ranjan

Yes, If you are dedicated than self study is best way of Preparation. You must plan and allocate your time to studies and stick to the plan. Give particular time to each section to cover whole syllabus. Try to divide you time in different sections so you aren't Studying one subject for too long. Gradual and regular revision will make you familiar with the types of questions and CMAT exam pattern.

gouri kumari
Can I prepare for the exam just like I am preparing for MAT or XAT?
aniket ranjan

Yes, you can prepare for CMAT Same as other entrance exam like XAT and MAT as all are management entrance exams having same syllabus. However, the difference lies in test structure and difficulty level of the question paper.

sunny pandey
From where should I prepare for current affairs for exam?
nitin yaduvanshi

Some of the top Indian Current Affairs Blogs and Websites are:

Jagran Josh 


Business Standard 

Freshers Live 


India Today


Monthly current affairs magazine released by various coaching institutes can also come in handy.

sadim ansari
Can you suggest booksss for preparation of Language comprehension?
spandita hati

Some of the books for preparation of English comprehension is listed below:

  • The Pearson Guide to Verbal Ability by Sujit Kumar
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension for CAT by Arun Sharma and Meenakshi Upadhyay
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension by Ajay Singh. 
How should I prepare for General Awareness section?
aniket ranjan

For genaral awareness you Focus on the famous and trending topics because most questions are asked from recent news or updates. It is important to not just stick to one source of information i.e. books, journals, magazines. You should prepare for general knowledge from a holistic perspective and watch videos, movies, read the newspaper aside from just focusing on the textual material. 

rinki mahapatra
What should be my revision plan of 20 days for the exam?
diya suresh

You can follow below tips for last minute preparation:

  • Try to understand exam pattern and syllabus
  • Try to solve fewer questions correctly rather than attempting too many and losing marks to negative
  • Don’t put so much stress on GK section
  • Practise more with CMAT Previous year questions and mock tests
  • Do not keep any target score before appearing for CMAT Exam as rank matters and not the total score
  • Keep stress level in control
  • Avoid attempting too many questions from CMAT Language Comprehension
  • Too many Questions from critical reasoning should also be avoided
uma goenka
How can I get access of mock test papers?
aniket ranjan

You can practice exclusive CMAT sample paper/ Questions paper by visiting the official portal of NTA or CMAT. First you have to login through your Google or Facebook account then Select the exam and Start taking the mock tests.

divakar sharma
Which section is considered as the toughest and should be practiced more?
diya suresh

There is 5 sections for CMAT 2021 and each carries equal weighatge i.e. 25 questions per section. Also, there is no sectional time limit. Therefore, it is difficult to say which is difficult or easy. Based on paper analysis of 2020, usually Logical Reasoning and General Awareness section is considered difficult among the rest. Find more details at CMAT paper analysis.

shaik kabeer
How should I prepare for Innovation and Entrepreneurship?
diya suresh

This particular section has been introduced from 2021 session of CMAT, so no previous year questions are available. However it is important to understand the exam pattern and syllabus to prepare accordingly. It is important to keep some time for revision as well. There are some online websites that offer sample questions on the section along with several reference books. Check details at CMAT 2021 preparation tips.

shreya sarkar
Is there any good book to get sample papers for practice?
diya suresh

There are several online and offline resources where you can find the practise papers and previous year question papers. Also NTA releases trial test on the official website to understand the exam pattern. You can access the questions by following below steps:

  • Visit the official portal of NTA or CMAT
  • Click on the ‘Student Registration’ link
  • You can select a mode of Login (via Google/ Facebook/ Mobile No.)
  • Select the exam for which you want to take the mock test
  • Enter the issued User Name and Password
  • Start taking the mock tests
Where can I get the ranking lists according to different rounds of counselling?
manisha malik

The ranking in the exam is given on the basis of the percentile in the exam. Here is the cutoff of some colleges on the basis of percentile:

  1. Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies (JBIMS) Mumbai – 99.9
  2. Goa Institute of Management, Goa – 99.8
  3. K J Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research (KJSIMSR), Mumbai – 99.2
  4. We School Mumbai – 99.06
  5. Pune University Department of Management Sciences (PUMBA DMS) – 96.42
  6. XISS Ranchi – 95
  7. MET Institute of Management, Mumbai – 97.27
  8. Acharya Bangalore Business School (ABBS), Bangalore -90
  9. Asia Pacific Institute of Management, New Delhi – 85

To get the details about the same, click here – CMAT 2021 Cutoff.

sourajit mukherjee
Do I need to score above 70% in graduation to appear in the exam?
gurpreet singh

Hi Sourajit

The minimum percent you required in your graduation is 50% to be eligible to apply for the CMAT exam. You can visit on our official website of CMAT Eligibility to check the whole criteria of the exam.

ankita sasmal
Can I prepare from any online coaching?
manika gupta

Hi, Online Coaching Classes for CMAT is a modern and well-organised approach to study and prepare for the exam remotely. Unlike the traditional CMAT coaching classes, you can rewind the class and get one-on-one experience with top faculties of India. 

bhagyashri kene
In which courses can I get admission?
manika gupta

Hi, Candidates can get admission in MBA courses after appearing for CMAT Exam. Some of the top colleges that accept CMAT score for selection include JBIMS, Welingkar, XIME, IISWBM, GLIM etc.

How can I prepare for CMAT 2022. I am starting from scratch?
gurpreet singh

hi Pradeepraj

You can visit on our official website of CMAT Preparation Tips to get the know how you can prepare for the exam. You will also find the syllabus and question paper from the previous years,