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CTET Syllabus 2018, Pattern, Books, Preparation Tips, Questions

Updated On - September 14th 2018 by SONAL ROHATGI

CTET 2018 Syllabus is defined by the CBSE. There are two papers in CTET exam. Paper 1 will be based on the subjects taught in classes 1 to 5, while Paper 2 will include questions from the class 6 to 8. CTET 2018 will be held on December 09, 2018 for provide teaching jobs to meritorious candidates in various central and state government schools.

CTET Exam PatternCTET Syllabus Paper 2CTET Previous Year Question Paper
  • Syllabus for CTET will be of Secondary School level.
  • Questions on topics studied from Class 1 to Class 8 of CBSE affiliated schools will be asked.
  • The total obtainable marks in both papers of CTET are 150.
  • It will be conducted in both Hindi and English language.
  • Negative marking will not be applicable in this exam.

CTET Syllabus 2018 for Primary Stage- Paper 1

CTET 2018 Paper 1 is conducted for aspirants seeking employment in the Primary classes of schools. It will consist of 5 compulsory sections.

  • The syllabus for the exam is as decided by CBSE every year.
  • This year, it is speculated that CTET Exam Pattern and Syllabus may undergo some significant changes this year.
  • As of now, the question paper will be divided into 5 sections- Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics and Environmental Studies.
  • Each section will consist of 30 questions of 1 mark each.
  • Questions will be asked in the form of MCQs. No penalty will be charged for marking wrong answers in CTET 2018.

ReadHow to Prepare for Child Development and Pedagogy Section in CTET

  • The questions on topics covered throughout classes 1 to 5 will be asked in this paper.
  • However, participants should note that the difficulty level of questions may be upto secondary school level.
  • The examiners will also frame questions to test the teaching aptitude of candidates.

The important topics for each section are mentioned below:

SectionTopicNumber of questions
Child Development and PedagogyDevelopment of a Primary School Child15
Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs5
Learning and Pedagogy10
Language 1 and Language 2 (30 questions each)Language Comprehension15
Pedagogy of Language Development15
MathematicsContent (numbers, solving simple equations, algebra, geometry patterns, time, measurement, data handling, solids, data handling, etc.)15
Pedagogical issues15
Environmental StudiesContent (environment, food, shelter, water, family and friends, etc.)15
Pedagogical Issues15

Check Speculations Related to CTET 2018

CTET Books for Paper 1

We have mentioned a few reference books which will help applicants prepare well for CTET exam.

CTET Paper 1 preparation books
Book namePublisher/ Author’s name
CTET Success Master Paper 1Arihant Publications
CTET and TETs English LanguageArihant Publications
Study Guide for CTET Paper 1Disha Publications

CTET Preparation Tips: Paper 1

  • Aspirants must refer NCERT Books of class 1 to 5 to know the exact syllabus. They must read the ‘Note for Teachers’ given at the beginning of each textbook. This can help them in the child pedagogy section.
  • Candidates should be quick in solving questions related to comprehension and prose. For this, they must understand the content and draw inferences from it.
  • Solve mock papers to get an idea about the type of questions asked in the exam.
  • Solve mathematical problems regularly. Though the syllabus is till class 5, the difficulty level may be upto class 10. Hence, remember formulae and record the time taken to solve problems to measure speed and accuracy.

Sample Questions for CTET 2018 Paper 1

Q1. The sum of ages of two brothers, having a difference of 8 years between them, will double after 10 years. What is the ratio of the younger brother to that of the elder brother?

  1. 3:7
  2. 8:9
  3. 10:11
  4. 7:11

Q2. An article with a cost price of Rs. 840 is sold for a profit of 10% and then again sold for a profit of 20%. Find the final selling price.

  1. 1132
  2. 1108.80
  3. 1092
  4. 1260

Q3. The average of six numbers is 32. If each of the first three numbers is increased by 2 and each of the remaining three numbers is decreased by 4, then the new average is:

  1. 35
  2. 34
  3. 31
  4. 30

Q4. A person who spends 66(2/3) % of his income is able to save Rs. 1200 per month. His monthly expenses (in Rs.) are:

  1. Rs. 1200
  2. Rs. 2400
  3. Rs. 3000
  4. Rs. 3200

Q5. The weight of some mangoes is 2 kg 600 g and that of some apples is 1 kg 450 g. The weight of the mangoes is greater than that of the apples by

  1. 4 kg 50 g
  2. 1 kg 150 g
  3. 1 kg 200 g
  4. 150 g

Q6. The length of a rectangle is ‘l’ and its width is half of its length. What will be the perimeter of the rectangle if the length is doubled keeping the width same?

  1. 4l
  2. 5l
  3. 6l
  4. 3l

Q7. The internal length, breadth and height of a rectangular box A is 20cm, 18 cm and 15 cm respectively and that of the box B are 18cm, 12cm and 5 cm respectively. The volume of Box A is how many times that of B?

  1. 4
  2. 5
  3. 6
  4. 3

Q8. One orange costs 5 and half rupees and 1 kg apple costs 80 rupees. Then the cost of one and half dozen of oranges and one and three-fourth kg of apples is:

  1. 219
  2. 229
  3. 239
  4. 209

Q9. How many 1/8 are there in 1/2?

  1. 16
  2. 8
  3. 4
  4. 2

Q10. The difference of 5671 and the number obtained on reversing its digits is:

  1. 3916
  2. 7436
  3. 3906
  4. 4906

CTET Syllabus 2018 for Paper 2

CTET 2018 Paper 2 is conducted for individuals seeking employment in the Elementary classes of schools. It will consist of 4 compulsory sections. They will have an option in the fourth section which aspirants should opt as per the subject they wish to teach.

  • The 4 sections covered in Paper 2 are- Child Development and Pedagogy, Language 1, Language 2, Mathematics and Science or Social Studies/ Science.
  • The first 3 sections will consist of 30 questions of 1 mark each.
  • Fourth section will have 60 questions of 1 mark each.
  • The questions asked will be in the form of MCQs.
  • Questions on topics studied throughout classes 6 to 8 will be asked in this paper.
  • The difficulty level of questions will be of senior secondary level.

The important topics for each section are mentioned below:

SectionTopicNumber of Questions
Child Development and PedagogyDevelopment of an Elementary School Child15
Concept of Inclusive education and understanding children with special needs5
Learning and Pedagogy10
Language 1 and Language 2 (30 questions each)Language Comprehension15
Pedagogy of Language Development15
Mathematics and ScienceMathematics Number system, Algebra, Geometry, Mensuration, Data Handling Pedagogical issues20
Pedagogical issues10
Science Food, Materials, The world of the living, Moving things, people and ideas, How things work, Natural phenomena and resources20
Pedagogical issues10
Social StudiesHistory, Geography, Social and Political Life40
Pedagogical issues20

CTET Books for Paper 2

Some good reference books are mentioned here that will help aspirants do well in CTET 2018 Paper 2.

CTET Paper 2 Preparation books
Book NamePublisher/ Author’s name
CTET and TETs Solved PapersArihant Publications
CTET Success Master for Paper 2Arihant Publications
Child development and PedagogyShalini Punjabi
CTET Practice WorkbookDisha Publications

Read Best Books to Prepare for CTET 2018

CTET Preparation Tips: Paper 2

  • Candidates are advised to read the pedagogy questions carefully. Sometimes the questions are twisted to confuse them.
  • Revise mathematical concepts and formulae regularly. Devise short tricks to solve the problems in the least time possible. This will only be possible if aspirants practice a lot.
  • Stick to NCERT textbooks. Make pointers of concepts learnt in science. Sometimes mere logic can also help us arrive at answers.
  • For historic events, remember the events that take place in a series.

Sample Questions for CTET 2018 Paper 2

Q. A young child responds to a new situation on the basis of the response made by him/her in a similar situation as in the past.’’ This is related to

  1. ‘Law of Attitude’ of learning process
  2. ‘Law of Readiness’ of learning
  3. ‘Law of Analogy’ of learning
  4. ‘Law of Effect’ of learning

Q. Cooked rice can be preserved for a longer time in a refrigerator because

  1. microbes become inactive at low temperature
  2. microbes are destroyed and killed at low temperature
  3. moisture content in the food is reduced at low temperature
  4. refrigerators contain certain chemicals which kill the microbes

Q. Find the largest five-digit number that is divisible by 7, 10, 15, 21 and 28.

  1. 99,840
  2. 99,900
  3. 99,960
  4. 99,990

Q. Toy age refers to

  1. Early Childhood
  2. Late Childhood
  3. Babyhood
  4. All of these

Q. Which of the following statement is not appropriate to motivation as a process?

  1. It causes a person to move towards a goal
  2. It satisfies the person’s biological needs
  3. It helps in achieving a psychological ambition
  4. It keeps away from an unpleasant situation

Q. A child writes with his / her left hand and is comfortable doing things with it, she / he should be –

  1. Discouraged
  2. Made to write with the left hand
  3. Allow his preference
  4. Send to seek medical help

Q. Which of the following is NOT a sign of ‘being gifted’ ?

  1. Curiosity
  2. Creativity
  3. Poor relationship with peers
  4. Interest in extra reading

Q. Language of word is not necessary for

  1. Imaginative Thinking
  2. Conceptual Thinking
  3. Associative Thinking
  4. Perceptual Thinking

Q. Which indicates the change in the quality or character of a child?

  1. Growth
  2. Development
  3. Learning
  4. Environment

Q. Single factor theory of intelligence was given by _________

  1. Alfred Binet
  2. Thorndike
  3. Freeman
  4. None of them

Q. Who is the father of “Theory of Multiple Intelligence”?

  1. Gardner
  2. Vygotsky
  3. Bruner
  4. Piaget

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College



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