CUCET 2021 Cutoff, Courses and Category-wise Cutoff and Seat Matrix

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    The authorities release CUCET cutoff lists which also contain the name/registration/form number of the candidates. Candidates whose names appeared in the merit list/provisional result/cut off list of CUCET 2021, registered themselves and participated in the counselling in online/offline mode. CUCET cutoff will be different for the same programs at different central universities.

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    CUCET 2021 cutoff will vary from course to course, as per the categories of the candidates. Given below is the expected cut off of CUCET 2021 and previous years cutoff lists for the exam from the tables below.

    • For admissions in various courses offered by the central universities, candidates will be required to meet the cut-off.
    • Without meeting the cut-off, candidates will not be considered qualified for admissions.
    • The merit list will be prepared on the basis of the scores obtained by candidates in the entrance exam.
    • Counselling process differed according to the different Participating Universities of CUCET 2021.

    CUCET Expected Cutoff 2021 for Central University of Rajasthan

    Given below is the expected cut off for the Central University of Rajasthan for the 2021 year.

    CourseUR (Percentile)OBC (Percentile)SC (Percentile)ST (Percentile)EWS (Percentile)
    MA English28-31.0828.10-32.3728.26-32.4930.33-33.4334-37.71
    MA Hindi27.60-31.4629.20-33.172830-32.3031.50-35.3335.50-39.50
    MA Economics28.20--31.1128.70-32.4329-32.7730.30-34.3531-34.00
    MA Social Work28.13-32.1329.10-32.5130-33.8232.80-37.2931-33.43
    M.Sc. Chemistry28--32.0228.80-32.0529.29-32.2929.50-32.5629.50-32.14
    M.Sc. Physics28.37-32.0228-32.0329.20-32.2530.30-32.6328.56-32.30
    M.Sc. Mathematics28.20-32.0329-32.0329.50-32.0729-32.1230-33.17
    M.Sc. Computer Science29-32.1628.12-32.4630.30-33.1133.33-37.7130.20-33.25
    M.Sc. Microbiology29-32.0028.33-32.0528.50-32.1428.90-32.5329-32.38
    M.Sc. Atmospheric Science29.40-32.3228.80-32.6528.56-32.7748.50-52.0028.60-32.00
    M.Sc. Biochemistry28-32.0228-32.0228.10-32.1029.56-32.5628-32.59
    M.Sc. Biotechnology27.80-32.0128.32.0628.05-32.0529-32.5827.98-32.43
    M.Com. Commerce28.40-32.0427.98-32.2130.15-33.2532.30-35.3334-37.71
    MBA (Master of Business Administration)29-32.0128-32.1429.15-32.1530-33.4328.50-32.68

    CUCET 2021 Expected Cutoff for Central University of Haryana

    Following is the Central University Of Haryana’s expected cut-off

    CourseUR (Score)OBC (Score)SC (Score)ST (Score)EWS (Score)
    MA English2.5-4.5-0.25 to -1.75-3.25 to -1.253.511-13
    MA Hindi4.50-6.254-6-3 to -
    M. A. Economics1.40-3.5-2 to -3.52-4.2511.2510-13.5
    M. A. Political Science03-5.253-54.52.50-4.5
    M. A. Psychology8-10.756.58.57-94.520.20-23.5
    M. A. Sociology6-8.756.45-8.752.45-4.2515.53.50-6.75
    M.A. Sanskrit34-36.2516-18.521-23.759NA
    M. A. Journalism, Media and Mass Communication13-164.5-6.751.25-3.759.7521.60-24.25
    M.Com. Commerce11.25-13.254-61.50-3.751222.20-25.75
    M.Sc. Physics7.25-9.254.5-6.55.5-7.510.510.60-13.25
    M.Sc. Chemistry-1.5 to -3.5-3.5 to -5.75-2.75 to -1.75-2.253-6
    M.Sc. Mathematics5.5-7.56.20-8.254-6610-12.75
    M.Sc. Biochemistry6.5-8.56-812-14.7514.7510-13.75
    M.Sc. Nutrition Biology12-14.59-11.759-11.7510.59-11.75
    M.Sc. Biotechnology6.5-8.56-810-1211.2511.12-13.75
    M.Sc. Microbiology10-12.59.5-11.7510.50-12.7510.515-18
    M.Sc. Statistics-1.5 to -2.5-2.5 to -3.51.75-3.254.259-11.5
    M.Sc. Environmental Studies0-0.255.5-7.50-0.58.258-11.75
    MCA Computer Science3.5-5.501-2.510.757-10.75

    CUCET 2021 Expected Cut off for Mahatma Gandhi Central University

    The expected cut off for Mahatma Gandhi Central University can be seen below

    CourseUR (Percentile)OBC (Percentile)SC (Percentile)ST (Percentile)EWS (Percentile)
    M.Sc. Physics60-64.0161.25-65.01All* with 1 marks or above29.33-33.91
    M.Sc. Chemistry58.50-62.0459-62.0435-38.3235-38.32All* with 1 marks or above
    M.Sc. Biotechnology73.50-77.8373.30-79.8343-47.0445-49.0441.10-45.77
    M.Sc. Zoology78.60-81.4478-81.4453-57.1753.30-57.1731.40-34.17
    M.Sc. Botany70-73.4570.10-73.4553-56.9552.20-56.9543.30-46.48
    Master of Business Administration53-57.9853-57.98NANA61.20-64.1

    CUCET Participating Universities & Seat Matrix

    Below we have given the seat matrix of CUCET participating universities:

    UniversityM.Tech (Specializations)Intake
    Central University of JammuComputer Science and Technology24
    Central University of KashmirInformation Technology35
    Central University of JharkhandWater Engineering and Management10
    Energy Engineering10
    Central University of RajasthanComputer Science10
    Central University of PunjabComputer Science and Technology24
    Computer Science and Technology
    (Cyber Security)
    Central University of Tamil NaduMaterial Science24
    Central University of South BiharComputer Science18

    CUCET Cutoff 2019 of Central University of Rajasthan

    CUCET 2019 cut off for Central University of Rajasthan is given below

    CourseUR (Percentile)OBC (Percentile)SC (Percentile)ST (Percentile)EWS (Percentile)
    MA English30.0830.3730.4931.4335.71
    MA Hindi30.4631.1730.3033.3337.50
    MA Economics30.1130.4330.7732.3532.00
    MA Social Work30.1330.5131.8235.2931.43
    M.Sc. Chemistry30.0230.0530.2930.5630.14
    M.Sc. Physics30.0230.0330.2530.6330.30
    M.Sc. Mathematics30.0330.0330.0730.1231.17
    M.Sc. Computer Science30.1630.4631.1135.7131.25
    M.Sc. Microbiology30.0030.0530.1430.5330.38
    M.Sc. Atmospheric Science30.3230.6530.7750.0030.00
    M.Sc. Biochemistry30.0230.0230.1030.5630.59
    M.Sc. Biotechnology30.0130.0630.0530.5830.43
    M.Com. Commerce30.0430.2131.2533.3335.71
    MBA (Master of Business Administration)30.0130.1430.1531.4330.68

    CUCET 2019 Cut off for Central University of South Bihar

    University of South Bihar CUCET 2019 cut off is tabulated below

    CourseUR (Marks)OBC (Marks)SC (Marks)ST (Marks)
    M.A /M.Sc. Psychology1515All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A History1010All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A Economics1010All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A Development Studies101077
    M.A Political Science101077
    M.A Sociology101055
    M.A Social Work15151010
    M.A. Communication & Media Studies2525All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A/M.Sc. Mathematics10101010
    M.A Hindi15151010
    M.A English1515All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.Sc. Environmental Science25251515
    M.Sc. Physics20201010
    M.Sc. Chemistry1515All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    5 Year Integrated B.A. LLB (Hons)45453030
    4 Year Integrated B.A.B.Ed40403030
    4 Year Integrated B.Sc. B.Ed.40402020
    M.Sc. Biotechnology35353535
    M.Sc. Bioinformatics25252525
    M.Sc. Life Science35353535
    M.Sc. Computer Science10101010
    M.Sc. Statistics1010All* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.ComAll* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or aboveAll* with 1 marks or above

    All* - Means that candidates with 0 or -1 marks are not eligible for admissions, which in other words mean that candidates have to secure at least 1 mark of above.

    CUCET 2019 Cutoff for Mahatma Gandhi Central University

    The table tabulated below shows Mahatma Gandhi central University’s CUCET 2019 cut off

    CourseUR (Percentile)OBC (Percentile)SC (Percentile)ST (Percentile)EWS (Percentile)
    M.Sc. Physics63.0163.01All* with 1 marks or above31.91
    M.Sc. Chemistry60.0460.0436.3236.32All* with 1 marks or above
    M.Sc. Biotechnology75.8375.8345.0445.0443.77
    M.Sc. Zoology79.4479.4455.1755.1732.17
    M.Sc. Botany71.4571.4554.9554.9544.48
    Master of Business Administration55.9855.9862.16
    M.A. Political ScienceAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A. HindiAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A. EnglishAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A. EconomicsAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A./M.Sc. MathematicsAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.A. SociologyAll* with 1 marks or above
    M.Com.All* with 1 marks or above
    Master of Social WorkAll* with 1 marks or above64.10

    All* - Means that candidates with 0 or -1 marks are not eligible for admissions, which in other words mean that candidates have to secure at least 1 mark of above.

    CUCET Cutoff 2019 of Central University of Jharkhand

    The following table shows Central University of Jharkhand 2019 cut off

    CourseUR (Percentile)OBC (Percentile)SC (Percentile)ST (Percentile)EWS (Percentile)
    M. A. English Studies30.4532.1462.5036.6761.54
    MA Hindi41.5141.5171.4376.47NA
    M. A. Mass Communication41.2542.6264.7190.0066.67
    M. A. Performing Arts (Theatre Arts)36.7331.5840.00NANA
    M.Com Commerce and Financial Studies32.0146.9657.1445.4576.47
    MBA Master of Business Administration30.5933.4930.0080.3932.86
    M.Sc. Chemistry33.0730.3078.5753.7078.05
    M.Sc. Physics30.5934.4533.3353.4960.42
    M.Sc. Mathematics31.2932.8769.0951.1638.89
    M.Sc. Life Science30.6432.4551.6449.0060.98
    M.Sc. Geo-Informatics40.5441.0532.2634.4844.44
    M.Sc. Environmental Science33.0734.9276.1474.36NA

    CUCET Cutoff 2019 of Central University of Haryana

    Given below is Central University Of Haryana CUCET cut off for 2019 year

    CourseUR (Score)OBC (Score)SC (Score)ST (Score)EWS (Score)
    MA English2.5-1.751.251.510
    MA Hindi4.255-
    M. A. Economics2.5-
    M. A. Political Science04.2552.52.5
    M. A. Psychology9.757.592.521.5
    M. A. Sociology7.757.754.2513.54.75
    M.A. Sanskrit34.2517.523.757NA
    M. A. Journalism, Media and Mass Communication145.753.757.7522.25
    M.Com. Commerce11.2553.751023.75
    M.Sc. Physics8.
    M.Sc. Chemistry-2.5-5.75-1.75-2.254
    M.Sc. Mathematics7.57.256410.75
    M.Sc. Biochemistry7.5714.7512.7511.75
    M.Sc. Nutrition Biology12.510.7511.758.59.75
    M.Sc. Biotechnology7.57129.2511.75
    M.Sc. Microbiology11.510.7512.758.516
    M.Sc. Statistics-2.5-
    M.Sc. Environmental Studies0.
    MCA Computer Science4.502.58.758.75

    CUCET Previous Year Cut off of Central University of Tamil Nadu

    Previous year’s cut off for Central University of Tamil Nadu is tabulated below

    CourseUR (Marks)OBC (Marks)SC (Marks)ST (Marks)EWS (Marks)
    M.Sc. (Statistics & Applied Mathematics)162421NANA
    M.Sc. (Horticulture & Floriculture)423651NANA
    MBA (Tourism & Hospitality Management)433122NANA

    CUCET 2019 Cutoff for Central University of Punjab

    Given below is the cut off for the year 2019 for Central University Of Punjab

    CourseUR (Score)OBC (Score)SC (Score)ST (Score)EWS (Score)
    M.A. English13.00NANANANA
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Microbial Sciences)38.7524.75NANANA
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Biochemistry)53.50 male 53.25 femaleNA12.75NANA
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Bioinformatics)39.50NANANANA
    M.Sc. Physics34.25NANANANA
    M. Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Plant Sciences)52.50NA22.00NANA
    M.Sc. GeologyNANA32.50NANA
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Human Genetics)52.25NANANANA

    CUCET Cut off 2019 of Central University of Kerala

    Central University Of Kerala 2019 CUCET cut off is tabulated below

    CourseUR male/female (Marks)OBC male/female (Marks)SC male/female (Marks)ST male/female (Marks)EWS male/female (Marks)
    M. A. English & Comparative LiteratureMale – 5.25 Female – 2.25Male – 3.00 Female – 0.25Male – 3.00 Female – 0.25Male – 3.75 Female – 1.50Male – 17.75 Female – 3.50
    M. A. Hindi & Comparative LiteratureMale – 6.00 Female – 1.50Male – 5.25 Female – 5.25Male – 6.00 Female – 1.50Male – 15.00 Female – 4.00Male – 14.75 Female – 33.75
    M. A. International Relations & Political ScienceMale – 0.25 Female – 1.25Male – 28.00 Female – 28.75Male – 1.25 Female – 2.50Male – 5.25 Female – 12.50Male – 6.00 Female – 9.50
    M. A. MalayalamMale – 13.75 Female – 10.25Male – 13.75 Female – 8.00Male – 10.25 Female – 3.50Male – 13.75 Female – 7.00Male – 29.00 Female – 22.25
    M. A Public Administration & Policy StudiesMale – 1.25 Female – 0.75Male – 1.25 Female – 3.50Male – 1.25 Female – 2.50Male – 11.25 Female – 8.25Male – 6.00 Female – 7.25
    M. A. EconomicsMale – 1.50 Female – 3.75Male – 5.75 Female – 4.75Male – 2.00 Female – 8.50Male – 1.75 Female – 3.50Male – 22.50 Female – 18.75
    M. Sc. PhysicsMale – 5.50 Female – 5.25Male – 0.75 Female – 0.50Male – 3.75 Female – 4.50Male – 5.25 Female – 10.75Male – 12.00 Female – 10.75
    M. Sc. ChemistryMale – 1.25 Female – 0.50Male – 1.00 Female – 0.50Male – 1.00 Female – 0.75Male – 3.00 Female – 2.50Male – 8.00 Female – 7.00
    M. Sc. MathematicsMale – 1.50 Female – 4.50Male – 3.25 Female – 5.00Male – 6.00 Female – 7.25Male – 2.50 Female – 10.25Male – 6.75 Female – 6.50
    M. Sc. BiochemistryMale – 7.50 Female – 6.75Male – 7.75 Female – 4.50Male – 6.25 Female – 6.75Male – 8.50 Female – 5.50Male – 13.75 Female – 14.75
    M. Sc. ZoologyMale – 7.00 Female – 7.50Male – 5.00 Female – 9.25Male – 9.00 Female – 8.25Male – 8.50 Female – 5.50Male – 13.50 Female – 14.75

    CUCET Cutoff 2019 for Central University of Kashmir

    The table tabulated below shows CUCET cut off for Central University Of Kashmir for 2019

    CourseUR (Score)OBC (Score)SC (Score)ST (Score)EWS (Score)
    MA Urdu30.758.75NA7.25NA
    M.A/ MSc Mathematics42.0013.00NA18.2518.75
    M.A. Education29.5016.25NA26.25NA
    M.A Political Science2916.5NA7.5NA
    M.Com programme26.0020.50NA23.5023.50
    Integrated BSc/MSc Mathematics32.53NA149.75
    Integrated BSc/MSc Zoology46.56.57.519.510.25
    Integrated BSc/MSc Physics455.5NA149.75
    Integrated BSc/MSc Biotechnology44.7513.257.514NA

    CUCET 2019 Cut off Marks for Central University of Jammu

    CUCET 2019 cut off for Central University Of Jammu is given below

    CourseCut off Marks
    M.A. English-3.00
    M.A. Hindi3.50
    M.A. Economics-3.50
    M.A. Public Policy and Public Administration2.25
    M.A. Social Work1.25
    M.A. National Security Studies6.75
    M.A. Mass Communication and New Media3.25
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Chemistry-2.50
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Physics-2.50
    Master of Business Administration (MBA)7.50
    MBA-Marketing Management7.50
    MBA-Human Resource Management7.50
    MBA-Tourism and Travel Management11.75
    M. Sc. Mathematics2.75
    M. Sc. Environmental Sciences-3.25
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Botany-2.50
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Zoology-1.25
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Chemistry-2.50
    Integrated M. Sc. Programme in Physics-2.50
    Integrated B.A. - B. Ed.1.25

    CUCET Cut off Marks 2019 for Bengaluru Dr B R Ambedkar School of Economics

    CUCET cut off 2019 for Dr. BR Ambedkar School Of Economics is given below

    CourseUR (Score)
    5 Year Integrated MSc Economics38.75 (Round 7)
    41.75 (Round 6)
    44.5 (Round 5)
    48.5 (Round 4)
    53 (Round 3)

    CUCET Cutoff 2018

    Category and program-wise CUCET cutoff marks and percentile for different participating central universities for the year 2018 are given below. Some of the cut-off data of CUCET were released by the official data in terms of different rounds, while some data is available only as per categories.

    CUCET Cut off Marks for Central University of Haryana (2018)

    The Central University Of Haryana for the year 2018 is given below

    M.A History and Archeology36.75811.2532.5
    M.A. Economics21.510.75814
    M.Sc Chemistry3537.529.2522.75
    M.Sc Mathematics5324.529.531.75
    M.Sc Biochemistry4136.2532.2522.75
    M.Sc Biotechnology4136.538.5-
    M.Sc Physics38.2533.526.519.5
    M.A Sociology181723.5-
    M.A Political Science11.253.753.51
    M.A Hindi27.517.527.7527.5
    M.A English28.51416.2516.25
    M.Sc Geography38.520.751113.75

    CUCET 2018 Cut off of Central University of Rajasthan

    The tabke tabulated below shows the CUCET 2018 cut off for Central University Of Rajasthan

    M.A Economics40.75411.59
    M.A English4040.57.55.25
    M.A Hindi404239.7525
    M.A Social Work40.2540.58.7524.5
    M.A Atmospheric Science424212.2517.75
    M.Sc Computer Science4040118.5
    M.A Biochemistry40408.758.5
    M.Sc Biotechnology40405.758.5
    M.Sc Chemistry4040.25-0.753.75
    M.Sc Computer Science40409.54.25
    M.Sc Environmental Science40404.511.75
    M.Sc. Mathematics404014.7513.5
    M.Sc Microbiology4040510
    M.Sc Physics4040-2.253.25
    M.A/ M.Sc Statistics40.2541.25138.75

    Central University of Kashmir Cutoff of CUCET 2018

    CUCET cut off for Central University Of Kashmir for 2018 is given below

    Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Physics40.75
    Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Biotechnology34.75
    Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Zoology41.25
    Integrated B.Sc M.Sc Mathematics26.75

    CUCET Cut off 2018 for Central University of Punjab

    Given below is CUCET cut off for 2018 for Central University Of punjab

    M.Sc Life Sciences (Specialization in Animal Sciences)44.7542.253844
    M.Sc Food Science and Technology48.54434.7522.5
    M.Sc Life Science (Microbial Sciences)48.7538.7535.2541
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Biochemistry)4533.535.7535.5
    M.Sc. Chemistry50.2543.253529.25
    M.Sc. Chemistry (Specialization in Applied Chemistry)37.536.7514.2515.5
    M.Sc. Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)35.7541.7525-
    M.Sc. Physics (Computational Physics)34.541.2525-
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Bioinformatics)41413129
    M.Sc. Mathematics58.2555.2540.2536.75
    M.Sc. Statistics63.7544.541.7515
    M.Sc. Chemical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)40.2533.751515.75
    M.Sc. Physics4240.531.7521.75
    M. Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Plant Sciences)43.2539.53235.75
    M.Sc. Environmental Science and Technology45.25393242
    M.Sc. Geology46.7546.537.532.75
    M.A./M.Sc. Geography48.54342.7539
    M.A. Political Science17.2518.7518.7518.75
    M.A. History29.7540.530.7528.5
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Human Genetics)4230.253219.25
    M.Sc. Life Sciences (Specialization in Molecular Medicine)43.543.7533.2527.25
    M.A. English45.541.7526.2538
    M.A. Hindi12.7521.2525.5-
    M.A. Punjabi17.252133.25-
    M.A. Economics49.75274.515.75
    M.A. Sociology1331.53531.75

    CUCET Previous Year’s Cut off (2017)

    Central University of Haryana

    Name of ProgramRound 1Round 2
    M.Sc. Maths12799
    M.A English183-
    M.A History133-
    M.Sc. Statistics13460
    M.A Political Science164-
    M.A Hindi156-
    M.Sc. Physics157115
    M.Sc. Microbiology159129
    M.A Economics202-
    M.A Psychology17481
    M.Sc. Biochemistry174133
    M.Sc. Biotechnology181131
    M.A Sociology95-
    M.Sc. Chemistry188122

    Central University of Jharkhand

    Name of ProgrammeRound 1
    M.A English Studies226
    M.A International Relations187
    M.Sc. Mathematics186
    M.Sc. Chemistry234

    Central University of Kashmir

    Name of ProgrammeRound 1Round 2
    M.A Mathematics9269
    M.A English13159
    M.A Economics16170
    M.A Political Science18588
    M.Sc. Mathematics188133
    M.A. Urdu208151
    M.Sc. Zoology219170
    M.Sc. Physics219164
    M.Sc. Biotechnology219163

    Central University of Karnataka

    Name of ProgrammeRound 1Round 2
    M.Sc. Mathematics155155
    M.A History160160
    M.Sc. Physics185154
    M.Sc. Chemistry188153
    B.A+M.A Economics225-
    M.A Psychology225177
    M.A English Language226179
    M.A English241-
    M.A Hindi243150
    M.A Economics225182

    Central University of Kerala

    Name of ProgrammeCutoff
    M.Sc. Mathematics162
    M.A Malayalam170
    M.A Hindi177
    M.Sc. Physics181
    M.A Public Admistration & Policy Studies185
    M.Sc. Chemistry188
    M.Sc. Computer Science211
    M.A Economics214
    B.A International Relations226
    M.A English241
    M.A International Relations185

    CUCET 2020 - Number of Seats for Each Participating Central University

    Name of UniversityNo. of Seats
    Central University of Haryana600
    Central University of Jammu90
    Central University of Jharkhand154
    Central University of Karnataka120
    Central University of Kashmir215
    Central University of Kerala340
    Central University of Punjab275
    Central University of Rajasthan292
    Central University of South Bihar315
    Central University of Tamil Nadu296
    Bengaluru Dr B R Ambedkar School of Economics50

    CUCET 2020 Admission Process

    Central University of Haryana (CUHAR)Click Here
    Central University of Jammu (CUJAM)Click Here
    Central University of Jharkhand (CUJH)Click Here
    Central University of Karnataka (CUKNK)Click Here
    Central University of Kashmir (CUKAS)Click Here
    Central University of Kerala (CUKER)Click Here
    Central University of Punjab(CUPUN)Click Here
    Central University of Rajasthan (CURAJ)Click Here
    Central University of South Bihar (CUSBR)Click Here
    Central University of Tamil Nadu (CUTND)

    Click Here

    CUCET 2021 Cut Off FAQS

    Ques: Is the cutoff for Central University of South Bihar and that of Haryana same?

    Ans: No, it will be different depending on the category of the candidate and the course opted for.

    Ques: What factors will determine my admission across the central universities through CUCET 2021?

    Ans: Admissions will be determined by the performance of the candidates in CUCET, the result, participation in the counselling, fee payment, ranks of the candidates and preferences of the candidates for the respective programs/participating universities.

    Ques: I am from EWS category. Will the CUCET 2021 cutoff marks be same for me and any general category candidate?

    Ans: No, your CUCET 2020 cutoff marks may differ from that of general category.

    Ques: Which form will the CUCET cut off be released in?

    Ans: The participating universities of CUCET may release the cut off in the form of marks in CUCET or percentile, as per the category of the candidate.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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    sawoni panja

    sir i have scored 37.25 in ms geography and 40.25 in msc geo informatics in 2020. Can i get msc in any of the central university

    17 Oct, 2020 20:11

    Hello Sawoni,

    Click CUCET Cutoff to check the expected cutoff 

    20 Oct, 2020 00:33
    Laxmi Bhardwaj

    What is expected cut off for Central University of Haryana for msc. Physics course of entrance exam for general category??

    16 Oct, 2020 00:20

    Hello Laxmi,

    Click CUCET Cutoff to check the expected cutoff for the Central University

    20 Oct, 2020 00:34
    Dibyendu Nayak

    I have scored 28 in pol sc, 24.5 in geography, 23 in history can I get seat in Punjab, jharkhand, haryana central university in any subject.

    15 Oct, 2020 15:14

    Hello Dibyendu,

    Click CUCET Cutoff to check the expected cutoff for the Central University in your respective field and state.

    20 Oct, 2020 00:36

    I have got 48 marks in cucet 2020 can I get integrated MSc . Physics in central university tamilnadu . Is it possible??

    12 Oct, 2020 14:08

    Hi Madhumita, Greetings from Collegedunia. The admission depends on the cutoff list released by various colleges. for more details click here

    12 Oct, 2020 16:40
    Ram lakhan

    Result date

    12 Oct, 2020 11:35

    Hi Ram, Greetings from Collegedunia. The result date of CUCET has not been declared. The answer key for UG programs has been released. For more details click here.

    12 Oct, 2020 17:16
    Raja Musaib Khan

    Possible cut off for integrated bsc msc mathematics in Central university of kashmir 2020

    07 Oct, 2020 20:36

    Hi Raja, Greetings from Collegedunia. The expected cutoff for integrated B.Sc M.Sc mathematics at CU Kashmir could range between 30 to 40 as per previous year records.

    10 Oct, 2020 19:45
    Ankush Raj Patra

    I am getting 50.5 marks. Is it possible to get imsc in cu karnataka

    06 Oct, 2020 17:40

    Hi Anushka. Greetings from Collegedunia. Yes, certainly there is possibility of getting admission at CU Karnataka with 50.5 score. 

    10 Oct, 2020 19:50

    Hello Sir, I could only score 10 in cucet for College in Rajasthan,Karnataka and Haryana. Can I get Any College?

    05 Oct, 2020 07:43

    Hi Priyam, Greetings from Collegedunia. The admission depends on the cutoff list released by the colleges. For more details click here.

    10 Oct, 2020 19:54
    Jeena S Raj

    Hii. I could only score 29 in CUCET for MSW. Will I get admission in CU kerala, CU Tamil nadu or CU Karnataka

    03 Oct, 2020 23:27

    Hi Jeena, Greetings from Collegedunia. The admission depends on the cutoff lists released by college. For more details visit click here.

    10 Oct, 2020 19:59


    03 Oct, 2020 00:20

    Hi Raj, Greetings from Collegedunia. There are chances of getting admission in CU Punjab with a score of 56 marks.  For more details, click here.

    10 Oct, 2020 13:20

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