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    CUCET 2020 Syllabus is prepared by the examination authority based on CUCET exam pattern. The exam is conducated by Rajasthan Central University for the admission to UG, PG and Research programs. This year CUCET 2020 will be conducted in the last week of May. 

    CUCET 2020 for UG Courses takes place in two parts:

    • Part A contains 25 objective type question from English Language, General Awareness, Mathematical Aptitude and Analytical Skills.
    • Part B contains 75 MCQs and the subjects covered depend on the course which is chosen by the candidate. The candidate will get 4 sections in the paper. Section I (Physics) and Section II (Chemistry) are compulsory, whereas the candidate can choose any one section to do from Section III (Mathematics) and Section IV (Biology). 

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    CUCET 2020 for PG Courses:

    • There will only be one paper which would comprise of 100 MCQs which cover the topics English language, reasoning, data interpretations/numerical ability, general awareness and analytical skills.

    CUCET 2020 for Research Courses takes place in two parts:

    • Part A consists of 50 questions based on research methodology including English and General Knowledge and Numerical ability.
    • Part B consists of 50 questions from the respective subject domain. Read More CUCET Exam Pattern

    CUCET Syllabus for Undergraduate Courses

    For UGQP01, the candidate will get 4 sections in the paper. Section I (Physics) and Section II (Chemistry) are compulsory, whereas the candidate can choose any one section to do from Section III (Mathematics) and Section IV (Biology). In case the candidate attempts both Sections III and IV, the best of the three sections i.e. Section I, Section II, and either Section III or IV will be evaluated.

    CUCET syllabus for UGQP01 (Part - B) for different sections is given below

    CUCET Syllabus for Section 1 (Physics)

    • Measurement
    • Motion in one dimension
    • Laws of Motion, Motion in two dimensions
    • Work, Power and Energy
    • Linear Momentum & collisions
    • Rotation of a rigid body about a fixed axis
    • Gravitation
    • Oscillatory motion
    • Mechanics of solids and fluids
    • Heat and thermodynamics
    • Wave
    • Electrostatics
    • Current Electricity
    • Magnetic Effect of Current
    • Magnetism in Matter
    • Electromagnetic induction
    • Ray Optics and optical instruments
    • Wave Optics
    • Modern Physics

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    CUCET Syllabus for Section 2 (Chemistry)

    • Atomic Structure
    • Chemical Bonding
    • Redox Reactions
    • Chemical Equilibrium and Kinetics
    • Acid-Base concepts
    • Electrochemistry
    • Catalysis
    • Colloids
    • Colligative Properties of Solution
    • Periodic Table
    • Preparation and Properties of certain substances
    • Thermochemistry
    • General Organic Chemistry
    • Reaction intermediates
    • Isomerism
    • Polymers
    • Carbohydrates
    • Solid State
    • Petroleum

    CUCET Syllabus for Section 3 (Mathematics)

    • Algebra
    • Probability
    • Trigonometry
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Calculus
    • Vectors
    • Dynamics
    • Statics

    CUCET Syllabus for Section 4 (Biology)


    • Origin of Life
    • Organic Evolution
    • Human Genetics and Eugenics
    • Applied Biology
    • Mammalian Anatomy
    • Animal Physiology


    • Plant Cell
    • Protoplasm
    • Ecology
    • Ecosystem
    • Genetics
    • Seeds in angiosperm plants
    • Fruits
    • Cell Differentiation Plant Tissue
    • Anatomy of Root, Stem, and Leaf
    • Important Phylum

    For UGQP02 (Part A and B), there is only one paper which comprises of 100 MCQs from the following topics: English, Numerical Aptitude/Data Interpretation, Analytical Skills, Reasoning, General Aptitude, and General Knowledge.

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    CUCET Syllabus for Postgraduate Courses

    The following table shows the CUCET Syllabus for all the available PG programs:

    Name of Course & Test paper codesCUCET Syllabus
    B.Ed. – PGQP01Click Here
    L.L.M/Master of Law(LLM)/ Tribal and Customary Law – PGQP02Click Here
    M.A. (Education)/ Education/ M.Ed. – PGQP03Click Here
    English/ English and comparative Literature/ English Studies – PGQP04Click Here
    Linguistics and Language Technology/ Linguistics – PGQP05Click Here


    Hindi and Comparative Literature – PGQP06

    Click Here
    Malayalam PGQP07Click Here
    Punjabi PGQP08 Click Here
    Classical Tamil PGQP09Click Here
    Urdu PGQP10 Click Here
    Kannada PGQP11Click Here
    History – PGQP12Click Here
    Human Rights and Conflicts Management – PGQP13Click Here
    Music – PGQP14Click Here
    Fine Arts – PGQP15Click Here
    Theatre/ Theatre Arts – PGQP16Click Here
    Tribal Law and Governance – PGQP17Click Here
    Folkloristic and Tribal Studies/ M. A. (Folkloristic) PGQP18Click Here
    Geography PGQP19Click Here
    Applied Geology & Geo-informatics PGQP20Click Here
    Social Work/ Sociology PGQP21Click Here

    Genomic Science 
    Animal Science
    Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
    Life Sciences (specialization in Animal Sciences)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Biochemistry)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Bioinformatics)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Human Genetics)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Microbial Sciences)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Molecular Medicine)
    Life Sciences (specialization in Plant Sciences)
    Plant Science
    Nutrition Biology

    Click Here

    Pharmaceutical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry)
    Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacognosy and Phyto-chemistry)
    Pharmaceutical Chemistry

    Click Here

    Chemical Sciences (Medicinal Chemistry )
    Chemistry (Computational Chemistry)

    Click Here

    Computer Science/ Master of Computer Applications PGQP25

    Click Here
    Geo-informatics PGQP26Click Here

    M.Sc. Tech. Mathematics – 3 Yrs.
    MA/MSc Applied Mathematics
    MA/MSc Mathematics

    Click Here

    Physics (Computational Physics)

    Click Here
    Statistics PGQP29 Click Here
    Sports Science PGQP30Click Here

    Computer Science & Engineering
    Information Technology
    Computer Science and Technology
    Computer Science and Technology (Cyber Security)

    Click Here

    Environmental Science and Technology
    Environmental Science

    Click Here
    Atmospheric Science PGQP33Click Here
    Material Sciences PGQP34Click Here
    Material Sciences and Technology PGQP35Click Here
    Food Technology PGQP36Click Here
    M.Com. PGQP37Click Here

    Master of Business Administration
    MBA (Human Resource Management)
    Supply Chain Management
    MBA (Tourism and Travel Management)
    Master of Tourism & Travel Management

    Click Here
    M. Lib. & Information Science PGQP39Click Here
    Psychology PGQP40Click Here

    Master of Journalism and Mass Communication
    Convergent Journalism Culture and Media Studies
    Mass Communication and New Media
    Mass Communication

    Click Here
    National Security Studies PGQP42Click Here

    International Relations and Political Science
    Political Science
    Public Policy and Public Administration
    Public Admin & Policy Studies
    Public Policy, Law and Governance

    Click Here
    Comparative Religion PGQP44Click Here
    Public Health PGQP45Click Here
    Hotel Management & Catering Tech. PGQP46Click Here

    Environmental Economics
    Applied Qualitative Finance
    Financial Economics
    General Economics
    Actuarial Economics

    Click Here
    Geology PGQP48Click Here

    Cyber Forensics and E-governance
    Information Security and E-governance

    Click Here

    Syllabus for M.Phil. /PhD Courses

    The CUCET Syllabus for the M.Phil. and PhD research programs will be the same as that of the UGC-CSIR/others NET-JRF Exam. The candidates can refer to and for the syllabus. The table below gives the syllabus for the Tourism and Hotel Management course:

    RPQP01 ArchitectureClick Here
    RPQP08 Computer Science & TechnologyClick Here
    RPQP19 PharmacyClick Here
    Social Work
    Psychiatric Social Work
    Click Here
    RPQP34 NanotechnologyClick Here

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College

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    19 Nov, 2019 00:20
    Shobhna Chaturvedi

    Hi Sujata, questions in the entrance exam will consist of topics from previous academic degree i.e. graduation and from the subject you have applied for such as Physics, Chemistry, Botany etc. However, to know the syllabus in detail, visit the official website of the authorities.

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