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GATE 2021 Books: Check Subject Wise Books for GATE Preparation

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GATE 2021 Preparation Books: One of the topmost tools to prepare for any of the exams are reference books. They offer mostly all the insights related to the subject one is about to start. For GATE, there are a lot of books available in the market. 

The right preparation book at the right time of preparation can be helpful to crack the exam. An essential thing is to be thorough with the concepts following a strong preparation strategy. Candidates can win half of the battle if they lead their preparation with an appropriate strategy. 

A lot of questions must be popping in the minds of the aspirants like- From where should I study? Which preparation books for GATE should I refer to? Which are the best books for GATE 2021? You do not have to worry anymore, here, we have listed down some specific books that give you accurate hints of the expected questions in GATE.

Must Read:

GATE 2021 Books for ME

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Mechanical Engineering (ME)

Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the most preferred stream of the candidates participating in the GATE exam. Around 2 lac candidates alone appear for this stream. Here are some GATE preparation books for the strategic preparation of Mechanical Engineering along with their reviews-

Strength of Materials by SS Rattan


  • Strength of Materials by SS Ratan unravels all the complexities of the section with utter clarity keeping the bar as low as possible in a basic language with the optimum use of jargon and good quality.
  • Strength of Materials (SOM) is one of the most important and toughest section in GATE Mechanical Engineering. If prepared well, it can be one of the most scoring sections in GATE 2021.
  • The majority of questions under SOM are from Stress & Strain, SFD & BMD and Bending Moment.examples.
  • For GATE 2021 aspirants, this book is a must-buy.

Theory of Machines by RS Khurmi


  • Though a tough nut to crack, the section could be scoring too. But only if prepared strategically by a good book and RS Khurmi provides all the candidates require to crack GATE 2021 labyrinth.
  • Theory of Machines section requires candidates to implicate their arithmetical abilities and knowledge of Mechanical & Kinematics.
  • Majority of questions test candidates’ in-depth knowledge of frame of reference and 3D Geometry.

Other Good Books For GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering

Other Important Sections include Mechanical Vibration, Machine Design, Engineering & Applied Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics & Fluid Machines, and Operation Research. Candidates are required to follow the mentioned books for the respective sections

GATE Preparation Books for Mechanical Engineering Author
Mechanical Vibration GK Grover
Design Of Machine Elements VB Bhandari
Engineering Mechanics SS Bhavikatti
Fluid Mechanics RK Bansal
Heat & Mass Transfer PK Nag
Engineering Thermodynamics Cengel & Boles
Internal Combustion Engine V Ganesan
Refrigeration & Air Conditioning CP Arora
Material Science UC Jindal
Production Engineering Amitabh Ghosh
Industrial Engineering OP Khanna

GATE Preparation for Mechanical Engineering by Made Easy

The following books can be bought online from

  • A Handbook for Mechanical Engineering
  • 4400 MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Mechanical Engineering
  • GATE-2020: ME Solved Paper
  • GATE & ESE-2020: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2020 Reasoning & Aptitude

Check GATE 2021 Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

GATE 2021 Books for CSE

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Computer Science (CSE)

Booming IT Sector and uninterrupted job opportunities in the field of CS/IT, the branch has recently become the most chosen branch among all the tech geeks and code lovers. Here are some good and well-reviewed GATE preparation books for Computer Science, we have found out for you-

GATE Preparation Books for Computer Science Author
Algorithms Cormen
Operating System Galvin
Theory of Computation Ullman
Computer Networks Tanenbaum
Computer Organisation Carl Hamacher
Database System Korth
Compiler Design Aho & Ull Man
Digital Logic Morris Mano
Software Engineering Pressman

GATE Preparation for Computer Science/IT by Made Easy

The following books can be bought online from

  • A Handbook for Computer Science /IT Engineering
  • PSUs: CS/IT Practice book
  • GATE 2020: Computer Science/IT Solved Papers
  • GATE & ESE-2020: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2020 Reasoning & Aptitude

Check GATE 2021 Computer Science Syllabus

GATE 2021 Books for EE

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Electrical Engineering (EE)

The history of Electrical Engineering goes way back to the 19th Century. The stream shares its past with mechanical engineering and is considered one of the oldest branches that have always been since the inception of engineering. 

The competition for this stream is stiffer and cut-throat as the number of seats is limited and the ratio of candidates appearing per seat available is very large. Here are some good books for smart and strategic preparation for GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering.

GATE Preparation Books for Electrical Engineering Author
Network Analysis Val Valken Burg
Engineering Circuit Analysis Hayt & Kemmerly
Graph Theory Narsingh Deo
Circuit Theory Chakravarthy
Control System Nagrath Gopal
Electrical machines PS Bimbhra
Power Electronics UA Bakshi
Power Systems Nagrath Kothari
Signals & Systems Oppenheim Wisky

GATE Preparation for Electrical Engineering by Made Easy

The list of GATE preparation books for EE that can be bought from the official website of Made Easy are given below-

  • A Handbook for Electrical Engineering
  • 3500 MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Electrical Engineering
  • GATE-2020: EE Solved Papers
  • GATE & ESE-2020: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2020 Reasoning & Aptitude

Check GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Syllabus

GATE 2021 Books for EC

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Electronics & Communication (EC)

Equipped with a curriculum about the intricacies of robots and other electronic devices, Electronics Engineering also deals with Signals and their applications in the industry. 

  • Candidates pursuing graduation in the said branch can do their post-graduation from the esteemed IITs and other renowned national universities and institutes.
  • They can choose their specialization from the available options post clearing the GATE.
GATE Preparation Books for EC Author
Electronic Devices Circuits Millman and Halkias (Black Pad)
Microelectronics Millman and Grabel
Integrated Electronics Millman and Halkias
Electronic Circuits Schilling and Belove
Switching and Finite Automatic Theory Kohavi
Digital Logic and Computer Design Mano
Digital Electronics Malvino and Leach
Digital Systems, Principles and Applications Tocci
Microprocessor and its Applications Goankar
Microprocessors B Ram
Automatic Control Systems BC Kuo
Control Systems Nagarath and Gopal
Modern Control Systems Ogata
OP Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits Gayakwad
Electrical and Electronic Measurements and Instrumentation AK Sawhney
DC Machines Measurements and Measuring Instruments GB Bharadhwajan
Electrical Machines PS Bimhra
Electrical Technology Hughes
The performance and Design of AC Machines MG Say
Electrical Engg. (Problems and Solutions) Natesan
Electrical Machines Mukherjee & Chakravarthy
Elements of Power System Analysis William D Stevenson
Modern Power System Analysis Nagrath and Kothari
Electrical Power Systems Wadhwa
Power Systems VK Mehta (For basics of PS)

GATE Preparation Books/Study Material for ECE by Made Easy

The following books can be referred/bought from made easy for preparing GATE 2021-

  • A Handbook for Electronics Engineering
  • PSUs: Electronics Engineering Practice book
  • GATE-2020: ECE Solved Papers
  • GATE & ESE-2020: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2020 Reasoning & Aptitude

Check GATE 2021 Electronics & Communication Syllabus

GATE 2021 Books for CE

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Civil Engineering 

Candidates from Civil Engineering mostly opt for higher studies than to work after graduation. It is because of the massive salary difference between graduation and post-graduation. The increasing number of candidates and a limited number of seats will naturally boost GATE Cut off and candidates should be ready for even more stark competition.

Books are candidates’ only help and their only blackjack. We dug down deep on the internet and found out the best books for you. Here, take a look.

GATE Preparation Books for Civil Engineering Author
Gate 2020: Civil Engineering Solved Papers Made Easy
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2020 Gkp
Gate Tutor 2020 Civil Engineering Prasant Dixit
Gate 2020: Civil Engineering Chapterwise Solved Papers: 20 Years Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate 2020 Civil Engineering Vani Institute
Civil Engineering Gate 2020 30 Years Solution IES Master
Gate Guide Civil Engineering 2020 Hitesh Aggarwal
Gate Guide Civil Engg. 2020 GKP
Gate Paper Civil Engineering 2020 (Solved Papers 2000-2016) GKP

GATE Preparation Books for Civil Engineering by Made Easy

Preparation books for Civil Engineering by Made Easy are enlisted below-

  • A Handbook for Civil Engineering
  • 3200 MCQ: IES/GATE/PSUs: Civil Engineering
  • GATE-2020: CE Solved Papers
  • GATE & ESE-2020: Engineering Mathematics
  • General English for GATE ESE and PSUs
  • GATE & ESE- 2020 Reasoning & Aptitude

Check GATE 2021 Civil Engineering Syllabus

GATE 2021 Books for Other Branches

GATE 2021 Preparation Books for Other Major Subjects

GATE Petroleum Engineering Books

  • Khanna’s Objective Questions in Petroleum Engineering – By Vikas Mahto, Khanna Book Publishing Company Private Limited
  • Introduction to Petroleum Engineering – By John R. Fanchi, Wiley-Blackwell
  • HPCL Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited Boiler Technician Mechanical Engineering – By G.K Publications PVT.LTD
  • Elements of Petroleum Refinery Engineering – By OP Gupta, Khanna Publishers
  • Applied Petroleum Reservoir Engineering – By Ronald E. Terry, Prentice Hall

Check GATE 2021 Petroleum Engineering Syllabus

GATE Aerospace Engineering Books

  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics – By John D Anderson, Tata McGraw - Hill Education
  • Aerodynamics for Engineering Students – By E. L. Houghton, P. W. Carpenter, Butterworth Heineman
  • Fundamentals of Aerodynamics – By John D. Anderson, Tata McGraw - Hill Education(2010)
  • Aerodynamics for Engineers – By John J. Bertin, Pearson

Check GATE 2021 Aerospace Engineering Syllabus

GATE Chemical Engineering Books

  • Introduction To Fluid Mechanics (English) 7th Edition – By Yunus A. Cengel, John M. Cimbala
  • Heat Transfer – By Binay.K.Dutta
  • Mass Transport Phenomena – By Christie J. Geankoplis
  • Process Systems Analysis and Control – By Donald R. Coughanowr & Steven E. LeBlanc
  • Chemical Technology – By Dryden’s Outlines of Chemical Technology by Gopala Rao M. and Marshall S 

Check GATE 2021 Chemical Engineering Syllabus

GATE Biotechnology Engineering Books

  • GATE Guide Biotechnology – By G.K.P; Publisher-
  • Biotechnology GATE – By B.M. Agarwal, Akanksha Singhal, Vidhika Goel; Publisher-Arihant Publications
  • Biotechnology for CSIR- NET, SET, GATE, JNU, AIIMS, JAM – By Vinita Thakur; Publisher- Himalaya Publication House

Check GATE 2021 Biotechnology Engineering Syllabus

GATE Instrumentation Engineering Books

  • GATE 2020: Instrumentation Engineering Previous Solved Papers – By GKP
  • Instrumentation Engineering GATE 2020 – By Arihant Experts
  • GATE 2020 – Guide – Instrumentation Engineering – By GKP

Check GATE 2021 Instrumentation Engineering Syllabus

GATE Agriculture Engineering Books

  • Agricultural Machinery Management – By Bello R S, LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
  • The Book of Farm Implements and Machines – By James Slight
  • Farm Machinery And Equipment – By Harris Pearson Smith
  • Principal Of Agricultural Engg.Vol -I  – By T P & A M Michael Ojha

Check GATE 2021 Agriculture Engineering Syllabus

GATE Metallurgical Engineering Books

  • GATE 2020 – Metallurgical Engineering – Guide  – By GKP
  • Metallurgical Engineering Solved Papers GATE 2020  – By Amritansh Frank
  • GATE 2020 – Solved Papers – Metallurgical Engineering – By GKP

Check GATE 2021 Metallurgical Engineering Syllabus

GATE Important Books for Other Subjects

Candidates can check the list of subject-wise important books from the table below: 

Engineering Branch GATE Reference Books 2021
GATE Mining Engineering Elements of Mining Technology – By DESHMUKH
GATE Statistics Engineering Miller and Freund’s Probability and Statistics  For Engineers – By Pearson
GATE Textile Engineering And Fibre Science Textile Processing and Properties – By Vigo TL Vigo Vigo
GATE Production and Industrial Engineering GATE 2020 – Guide – Production and Industrial Engineering – By GKP
GATE Geology & Geophysics Engineering and General Geology – By Parbin Singh
GATE Ecology & Evolution Games of Life: Explorations in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior – By Karl Sigmund, Dover Publications
GATE Architecture and Planning Architect's Guidebook For Competitive Exams – By Ar. Swapnil Vidhate
GATE Physics Syllabus Chapterwise Solved Papers Physics GATE 2020 – By Vijay Kumar
GATE Chemistry Syllabus Chapterwise Solved Papers Chemistry GATE 2020 – By Sanjay Saxena & Preeti Gupta
GATE Mathematics Syllabus Chapterwise Solved Papers Mathematics GATE – 2020 – By Suraj Singh, Arihant Publication
GATE Biomedical Engineering Fundamentals of Biomedical Engineering – By G.S Sawhney

Frequently Asked Questions

GATE 2021 Recommended Books FAQs

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Mathematics?

Ans. You can refer to Higher Engineering Mathematics by Dr. BS Grewal Advance, Engineering Mathematics by Erwin Kreyszig and Advanced Engineering Mathematics by Dr. HK Dass. These are some of the famous and appropriate GATE Preparation books for Mathematics.

Ques. Should I take proper GATE coaching or self-study with adequate best books for GATE will be sufficient?

Ans. It depends on your ability and clarity of concepts you have. If you feel the requirement of joining coaching, you can and if you believe that you can do well on your own, go ahead and follow the requisite timetable and apt GATE Preparation books. Just start preparing well in time

Ques. What type of GATE reference books should be referred to the study for GATE exam?

Ans. Candidates should refer to the books that have been preferred by the B.Tech students for four years. Each book has its own methodology, so in-depth study of the GATE Preparation books can help you score well.

Ques. Apart from the questions, what other important material is present in GATE Preparation books?

Ans. As the students will go through the standard author books, they will find a note given after every topic which needs to be read with care. There are certain questions on the backside of the book; they should be solved with utmost sincerity

Ques. There are so many GATE reference books. How do I study them?

Ans. Students can do group study so that they can understand the concepts better. Also, try to solve questions in as many different ways as possible to make your mind sharp and you can think quickly. Apart from that, you must sort the best books such as those given in this article for better assistance.

Ques. Apart from the best books for GATE, which material is good for GATE preparation?

Ans. If students are doing self-study, refer to standard preparation books. And online resources such as Youtube videos, apps, etc. If students have joined coaching institutes, then prepare class notes and follow notes given by the tutor. To enhance your thinking ability, practice online quizzes, and test and solve previous year question papers.

Ques. How many GATE Preparation books should I refer to each subject?

Ans. Two or three books are sufficient, depending on the subject. Start with one book and then if you have any doubts, then move on to some other book. However, students can watch some online videos and lectures also.

Ques. Does the quantity of GATE Preparation books matter?

Ans. No, the quantity of books does not matter at all. Students should focus on quality education. Reading too many books for one concept will only confuse the students. Hence, refer to good and standard books only.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Industrial Engineering?

Ans. You can refer to the Industrial Engineering reference book by Banga & Sharma.

Ques. Which GATE reference book should I refer to study Manufacturing Engineering?

Ans. You can refer Production Engineering reference book by R. K. Jain and Manufacturing Science by A.K. Ghosh.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulic Machines?

Ans. You can refer to Fluid Mechanics reference book by different authors like A. K. Jain, Schaum's series and K. Z. Schaffer.

Ques. Which is the best book for GATE should I refer to study Machine Design?

Ans. You can refer to Mechanical Design by Shigley and Machine Design by Sharma & Agarwal.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Theory of Machine?

Ans. You can refer to Theory of Machine reference books by different authors like Nagrath & Gopal, S. S. Rattan, and R. S. Khurmi.

Ques. Which is the best book for GATE should I refer to study Electrical and Electronic Measurements?

Ans. You can refer to Electronic Measurements & Instrumentation reference book by A.K.Sawhney.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Digital Circuits?

Ans. You can refer Digital Electronics by Morris Mano, Digital circuits by Taub & Schilling and Microprocessor by Ramesh Gaonker.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Electrical Machines?

Ans. You can refer to P.S Bimbra Electrical Machines by Nagrath and Kothari.

Ques. Which is the best GATE reference book should I refer to study Computer Networks?

Ans. You can refer to Computer Networks by Tanenbaum.

Ques. Which is the best book for GATE should I refer to study Analogue Circuits?

Ans. You can refer to Electronics devices and circuits by Millman & Halkias, Electronics devices and circuits by Boylestead and Integrated Electronics: Analog & Digital circuits and system - Millman & Halkias.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Database?

Ans. You can refer Database Systems by Korth and DBMS by Ramakrishnan and Gerke.

Ques. Which GATE Preparation book should I refer to study Operating Systems?

Ans. You can refer Operating Systems reference books by different authors like Galvin and Stallings.

GATE 2021 : 44 answered questions


Ques. This year I took admission to the M.Tech. program at IIEST Shibpur. Next year, can I use the same GATE score to transfer to an M.Tech. at a better institute? If so, will my GATE scholarship be continu

● Top Answer By Ranjana Patra on 05 Mar 21

Ans. Yes, you can take admission even after two years in any other college or university as now GATE score is valid for 3 years. But few colleges keep the GATE scorecard until the course finishes. So if this is your case then you can leave or cancel the course and you will get your scorecard back. But when you take admission in any new college or university, you have to start again from 1st year. You cannot continue from where you left at your previous college. Also, you should note that now adding an Aadhaar card to the GATE portal is mandatory so that they can track you if you qualify for GATE again and take admission with the new score.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What do you prefer, the GATE or the IES?

● Top Answer By Keshav Jindal on 25 Feb 21

Ans. I would prefer GATE or IES because in GATE the ratio is 10:1 whereas in IES the ratio is 300:1. This makes IES a very tough competitive exam but in GATE it is easier to get good marks and rank higher as the paper is easy and less competitive compared to IES.  The IES exam is tougher than GATE because here a candidate has to excel both in academics and personality. In GATE the questions are concept based and it is easier to solve if all the concepts are clear. Also in the GATE exam, there are 65 questions and the time limit is 3 hours but in the IES exam there are 120 questions and the time limit is 2 hours. So you get less time to solve all the questions.  After qualifying for your GATE exam with good marks, you can apply to any of the big companies with higher packages and it also opens your gate to apply for PSU.   After qualifying for your IES exam, you will get a job as an assistant executive engineer and after 3-4 years of experience, you will get promoted to executive engineer post. Then after many years of experience of like 20+ years, you will get Chief Engineer posts.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What is the pattern for the written test for M.Tech at IIT Gandhinagar?

● Top Answer By Kumar Shiwam on 24 Feb 21

Ans. The admission for M. Tech at IIT Gandhinagar is done on the basis of academic records, written test, personal interview, and valid GATE scores. Those students who have a good academic record along with good GATE scores are not supposed to appear in the written test and personal interview.  The pattern of the written test is as follows: 10 questions of General aptitude questions consisting of logical analytical and reasoning ability and engineering mathematics are asked. 15-20 questions are asked related to basic courses in various disciplines up to the third year of an undergraduate program. The total duration of the written test is 1 hour for 80 marks. A total of 40 marks for general aptitude and 40 for basic knowledge. There is a negative marking and very basic questions are asked in the test. For branch subjects, all questions are asked related to SOM, fluid mechanics, etc.  The reservation category will get relaxation in the cut-off marks as per the norms. You will also be entitled to and fro sleeper class train tickets for the shortest route from your hometown to the institute. If you pass the test then you will attend the interview on the same day.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. What are the best coaching centres for GATE and IES in Civil Engineering?

● Top Answer By Sabeer Chalana on 23 Feb 21

Ans. There are many coaching centers throughout the country for IES and GATE coaching. However, these 2 institutes enjoy a huge reputation and recognition at the national level due to their experienced faculty and their study material quality. Made Easy: It is one of the best in the field when it comes to GATE and IES coaching. They have the best faculty teaching the subjects for the students.  Their specialty lies in their high quality and concise presentation. One of my friends enrolled in the Delhi center weekend coaching program, which he claimed to be good. Their online test series is one of the best you can opt for. They are prepared keeping the present pattern in mind. The number of students enrolled is hefty and gives you a clear picture of the competition. Some criticize that their teaching lacks depth compared to other institutes. Their courses and tests require analytical knowledge and are more than enough to crack GATE/IES exams. IES Masters: This institute is one of the best in this field and has earned respect for its excellence and quality coaching within a short span of its inception. All the major subjects for all batches are handled by Mr. Kanchan Thakur who is the director of the institute. He has a brilliant command over all the subjects in Civil engineering. The study material of this institute is best and is even recommended for those who choose civil engineering as an optional subject in UPSC exams. One small setback is that other faculties than the director are not on par when compared with the faculties of Made Easy. For the GATE Online test series, you can opt for Made easy test series, and for the IES test series you can opt for IES Masters. If you plan to join made easy to enroll in Super Talent Batch which has all top faculties teaching in this batch. For Classroom coaching for civil engineering in GATE/IES, Super talent batch can be preferred if not then IES Masters. For Postal study course, one can opt for IES masters.Read more
1 Answer

Ques. Which will be a better career for ECE engineers, IBPS SO or PSU via the GATE?

● Top Answer By Vaishnavi Agrawal on 19 Feb 21

Ans. Some of my friends work in both the departments and based on their experience, I can answer this. If you look at the position of an IBPS SO, it's that of a specialist officer. You'd technically be a network administrator of all of the intra networks of the bank. You'd be a database administrator/database manager who would have the entire intra network of that particular bank under your supervision.  Now if you look at the PSU job, you'd be someone who would be responsible for sustaining the technicalities concerning PSU. Your enquiry on which one is better entirely is up to you and where your interest lies. While some might opt for GATE which concerns their core subjects entirely, others simply might find their area of interest in networking. So, decide for yourself and choose what suits you and not the rest.Read more
1 Answer

*The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College.


jatin sharma
Is there any online source to get notes prepared by the toppers?
abdul nazir

Hi Jatin, There is a certain app called DIG Deewane IES and GATE which has a team of exam toppers that help studnets in preparation. Also there are mant online and offline resources that offers notes written by previous year toppers as well as valudable tips by them. To get details visit GATE 2021 preparation tips.

lakshay kakkar
How shall I get access to some of the ebooks available on some websites?
abdul nazir

Hi Lakshay, GATE ebooks are available for different subjects and they are available on different e-commerce website as well. Books are an important resource for preparation. To get more details visit GATE 2021 books.

Which books are good for revision of quantitative reasoning?
abdul nazir

Hi Nishu, Some of the best books for quantitative aptitude section are:

  • How to Preparae for Quantitative Aptitude by Arun Sharma
  • Quantitative Aptitude for All Quantitative Exams by Abhijit Guha
  • Rapid Quantitative Aptitude with shortcut tricks for competitive experts by Disha Experts

To find more details visit GATE 2021 preparation.

nafisa khatoon
Where can I get ebooks for quantitative aptitude?
rakhisree chatterjee


Best Books on General Aptitude for GATE 2020

Name of Books Author
Quantitative Aptitude for All Competitive Examinations Abhijit Guha
Rapid Quantitative Aptitude with Shortcut Tricks for Competitive Exams Disha Experts
A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning R.S. Aggarwal

For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

ashish singh
From where can I prepare for Aerospace engineering course?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, Most students prepare for this field by earning a bachelor's degree in aerospace engineering. However, you can also prepare for this field by majoring in mechanical engineering. Many four-year colleges and universities offer these programs. Many students need between four and five years to complete their studies. For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

ramesh kumar gupta
Will preparation from the books be sufficient?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, Gate is a concept based exam and requires being clear with the concepts and their application. Reading standard books will help only if you read the topics that are required based on the syllabus of the exam. Also you must make notes of what you are reading so that you can easily revise before the exam. For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

Which book is good for preparation of Life Sciences?
Can I get the ebooks for free?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, It's pretty simple and completely free. Just check out your local libraries and see which ebooks you can borrow for free. Also, most libraries run on the OverDrive App. It's free to download the app to your smartphone or tablet, find your library, log in, and start reserving and downloading right there. For more information, please refer, GATE Exam.

anuj singh chauhan
Where can I get previous years' papers of life sciences?
what is the best book for Gate Statistics 2021?
common admission test

Hii Ramya, Best recommend Book for Gate statistics 2021 is Miller and Freund’s Probability and Statistics  For Engineers – By Pearson. To know more about such books please Click Here

Do they even ask organic chemistry in exam?

Hi Pradeepraj

Greetings of the day

You can visit on our official website of GATE Syllabus to get the whole syllabus of the exam you can check all the important topics of the exam.

shubham sharma
Is thermodynamics an important topic for GATE

Dear Shubham Sharma

Greetings from Collegedunia. It is one of the subjects that are available with Mechanical Engineering i.e Thermo Science. You can choose Mechanical Engineering for GATE 2021 Examination if you are interested to select this subject. For more details, kindly go through this link – GATE 2021 Pattern & Syllabus

If CBSE changes the school syllabus, does that mean the GATE syllabus will be automatically changed?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, GATE Exam Pattern and Syllabus is almost same every year. If there will be any change in the exam pattern, it will be updated here. GATE Exam Pattern consists of all important information, such as a total number of questions, the number of sections, types of questions asked, and marking scheme of the exam. The syllabus of GATE 2021 has been revised and candidates can now check the syllabus of all the 27 papers.  GATE 2021 will have two new subjects - Environmental Science and Engineering (ES) and Humanities and Social Science (XH).

sheetal chib
I need to focus on which topics of inorganic as well as organic chemistry the utmost?

Hi Sheetal

Inorganic Topics includes- Main group elements, Transition element, Reaction mechanism, Organometalics, Radioactivity, and solids

Organic Topics Inculdes- StereoChemistry, Reaction Mechanism, Organic Synthesis, Pericyclic Reaction and Photochemistry, Heterocyclic Compound,  Biomolecules, and Experimental technique in ornaginc chemistry

You can get all the other details relaited to chemistry syllabus on GATE Chemistry Syllabus

Best Chemistry author for GATE?
rakhisree chatterjee


GATE Chemistry Reference Books

Book Name Author
Gate solved Paper Chemistry 2016: previous Papers 2000 – 2015 G K Publications
Chapterwise GATE Chemistry Solved Papers (2014-2000) Arihant Publications
Chapterwise GATE Chemistry Solved Papers (2014-2000) Arihant Publications
koyena biswas
Which book is good for preparation of life sciences?
rakhisree chatterjee

Hi, Some good books are:

  • GATE 2020 - Guide - Life Science Chemistry & General Aptitude (Compulsory) 
  • GATE 2020 Solved Papers - Lifesciences 
  • GATE 2020 Guide - Life Science Biochemistry 
ananya pandey
Which books are good for preparation of aptitude?

Dear Ananya Pandey

Greetings from Collegedunia. There are a lot of Books according to subject-wise mentioned and available with us. We provide sample papers and mock test opportunities to the candidates appearing in GATE 2021 Examination. For more details, kindly go through this link – GATE 2021 Preparation Tips

gadhe ratnamala sanjay
Which books are refer for GATE life science
shobhna chaturvedi

Hi Sanjay, you can check the list of the books that you may refer to prepare for GATE life science:

  • Life Sciences Fundamentals Practice I by Pranav Kumar
  • Life Sciences Fundamentals Practice II by Pranav Kumar
  • Solve MCQs from Pathfinder Publication
I want to know about the universities who take the admission through the basis of GATE Entrance Test.
komal chawla

Hey Amit, There are many Universities that give admission on GATE card in Electrical Engineering. Here the following list of the Universities:-

  • NITs
  • IITs
  • University Of Kerala (KU)
  • Anna University
  • Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU)
  • APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
  • I.K. Gujral Punjab Technical University (PTU)
  • Cochin University Of Science and Technology (CUSAT)
  • Delhi Technological University (DTU)
  • Jadavpur University (JU)
uma gaikwad

b arch eligibility

alok pandey

Hi Uma, Eligibility for B.Arch is:-

  • Candidate must be passed a 5-years Bachelor degree in Architecture or currently in the final year of degree Year of qualification must not be later than 2019.