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    GATE 2021 Syllabus for CS: Computer Science and Information Technology is a field that focuses on the basic elements of computer programming and networking. The syllabus is based on the topics of graduation level which is further divided into 10 major sections. Out of these 10 sections, section 1 is entirely based on the topics of Engineering Mathematics. 

    In CSE paper, 70% of the syllabus is from Core Engineering Syllabus or subject syllabus, 15% of Engineering Mathematics, and 15% of General Aptitude. One must note that GATE 2021 papers will have General Aptitude as a compulsory section. The paper will consist of 65 questions worth 100 marksCheck GATE 2021 Exam Pattern

    Every year lakhs of students appear for GATE Computer Science and Information Technology paper to get admission to the Postgraduate program in well-known Engineering Colleges of India like IITs, NITs, etc. 

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    GATE 2021 CS Syllabus

    GATE 2021 Computer Science Syllabus

    Candidates who appear for the exam must go through the GATE Computer Science and Information Technology syllabus to score better in the exam. CS syllabus is divided into 10 section as given below:

    • Section 1 – Engineering Mathematics: Discrete Mathematics, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Probability
    • Section 2 – Digital Logic
    • Section 3 – Computer Organization and Architecture
    • Section 4 – Programming and Data Structures
    • Section 5 – Algorithms
    • Section 6 – Theory of Computation
    • Section 7 – Compiler Design
    • Section 8 – Operating System
    • Section 9 – Databases
    • Section 10 – Computer Networks

    Direct link to download GATE Computer Science and Information Technology (CS) syllabus PDF 

    Important Topics from GATE 2021 CS Syllabus

    GATE 2021 Computer Science Syllabus – Weightage of Topics 

    • Sample Question 1: A court is to a judge as _____________ is to a teacher.
    • Sample Question 2: Ten friends planned to share equally the cost of buying a gift for their teacher. When two of them decided not to contribute, each of the other friends had to pay Rs 150 more. The cost of the gift was Rs. ____?
    • Sample Question 3: A certain processor uses a fully associative cache of size 16 kB. The cache block size is 16bytes. Assume that the main memory is byte-addressable and uses a 32-bit address. How many bits are required for the Tag and the Index fields respectively in the addresses generated by the processor?
    • Sample Question 4: In 16-bit 2’s complement representation, the decimal number −28 is?

    We are providing you previous year analysis to be familiar with the type of questions and their level. Check the complete analysis of GATE CS paper from the table given below: 

    TopicsQuestion – 1 MarkQuestions – 2 Mark
    Engineering Mathematics56
    Theory of Computation33
    Compiler Design12
    Data Structures44
    Operating System14
    Computer Architecture and Organisation12
    Digital Logic32
    Computer Networks24

    Check Detailed GATE Paper Analysis

    GATE 2021 CS Exam Pattern

    GATE 2021 Computer Science Exam Pattern

    • The paper is held in online mode.
    • Candidates have to attempt 65 questions in the duration of  3 hours.
    • Questions are of 2 types- Multiple Choice types (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT)
    • The total Marks for 65 questions is 100.
    • Candidate can use Virtual Calculator during exam as any other physical calculator is prohibited in GATE exam center. Check Complete GATE 2021 Exam Pattern
    GATE CS Sectional Weightage
    Engineering Mathematics15%
    General Aptitude15%
    Remaining Topics of CH70%
    • There is no provision of negative marking in NAT questions.
    • MCQs carrying 1 marks each, 1/3 marks would be deducted as a penalty of marking the wrong answer.
    • For questions carrying 2 marks, 2/3 marks would be deducted for marking an incorrect answer.

    Important Books for Computer Science

    Books for Computer Science &  Information Technology

    Books for computer science & Engineering
    GATE Computer Science & Information TechnologyGKP, G.K. Pub
    TRB Lecturers ( Computer Science & Engineering ) ExamA panel of Authors, Sura College of Competition
    A Handbook for Computer Science /IT EngineeringMade Easy Editorial Board, Made Easy Publications
    Graph Theory with Applications to Engineering and Computer ScienceDeo and Narsingh, Prentice Hall India Learning Private Limited
    GATE 2020: Computer Science and IT Engineering Solved PapersME Team, Made Easy Publications

    How to Prepare for GATE Computer Science?

    Preparation Tips for GATE CS Paper

    Before moving on with some preparation tips, it is very important that candidates should have good knowledge about exam pattern and syllabus of Computer Science and Information Technology. For example, you can start with General Aptitude because this section does require much time and also the weightage of this section very less in the paper. Let's have a look at some beneficial preparation tips:

    ​1. Plan to Succeed

    Your preparation should include all those things that will help you succeed. Include the best study material, books, online lectures, etc in your preparation plan. Candidates are advised to refer to their UG level books and notes to get in-depth knowledge of the subject. Candidates can also refer to the preparation tips of GATE toppers and if you found any useful point in their plan then do not hesitate to include that in your plan. Check  Preparation Tips from GATE Topper

    ​2. Hard Work and Smart Work

    If candidates combine these two then nobody can stop you from cracking the exam. 

    • Hard Work: It includes daily practice, daily revisions, analysis of the level of preparation, etc. 
    • Smart Work: It includes week or day-wise division of syllabus, maintaining a strict time table, taking help from best books or video lectures, etc.

    ​3. Ask Questions

    If you are attending any coaching classes then it is very easy for candidates to ask questions after every class. But for those candidates who are preparing at home by themselves, it is very difficult for them to get answers if they have any doubts. So these candidates can take the help of the internet to get their answers because it is good to have some questions after the completion of a topic as it will help you in getting better understanding of that topic.

    ​4. Division of Time as per Syllabus

    Time AllotmentActivities to Do
    6:00 AM to 9:00 AMPen down the important topics and scan all the important points/Prepare your Daily Study Plan
    9:00 AM to 11:00 AMTake a Break
    11:00 AM to 2:00 PMPick up a Major Topic as you planned in the morning
    2:00 PM to 6:00 PMTake a Break
    6:00 PM to 9:00 PMGo through all the topics that you have covered in the day or you can also continue with the preparation of Major Topic
    10:00 PMA quick go through of the Notes and try to sleep early

    5. Practice Paper & Mock Tests

    • Previous year practice papers and mock tests are very important to include in the preparation plan. But you have to decide the right time to take these tests so that you can judge the level of your preparation, weaker areas, etc.
    • Some candidates prefer taking the mock tests after the completion of half syllabus while some candidates take a test when their whole syllabus is over.
    • However, you can simultaneously solve the questions of previous years papers with the preparation of each major topic so that you can get an idea about the type of question asked from that particular section and weightage of marks form that section.

    Download GATE Previous Years Papers

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    It is very important to stay motivated during the time of preparation. This attitude plays a very important role in your success. Knowledge of all the vital details of GATE examination like syllabus, exam pattern, weightage of questions, etc will help in achieving your goal. 

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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