GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution Syllabus, Books and Preparation Tips

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    GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution syllabus will include General Aptitude and core subject. The syllabus will be based on the topics studied at the graduation level. The maximum number of questions will be asked from the core subject and the remaining questions are from general aptitude.

    GATE 2021 EY question paper will consist of 65 questions worth 100 marks and candidates need to solve the paper in three hours. Candidates who are planning to appear for Ecology & Evolution paper must go through the syllabus and exam pattern.  Check GATE 2021 Exam Pattern

    After qualifying GATE 2021, candidates can apply for M.Tech courses offered at IITs, NITs, etc. Other than admission in M.Tech courses, candidates can apply for  GATE PSU Recruitment  process. Read the article to know more about GATE Ecology & Evolution syllabus, books, pattern, books, and much more.

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    GATE 2021 Syllabus of Ecology & Evolution

    GATE 2021 Syllabus for Ecology and Evolution

    The syllabus of GATE exam is based on graduation level. The syllabus of every paper is quite different but the Engineering Mathematics section is the same in most of the papers. This section will carry 15% of the questions in the exam. Applicants are advised to check the complete syllabus before starting the preparation of the exam. 

    • Section 1 – Ecology – Population ecology; metapopulation dynamics; growth rates; density independent growth; density dependent growth; niche concept; Species interactions: Plant-animal interactions; mutualism, commensalism, competition and predation; trophic interactions; functional ecology; ecophysiology; behavioural ecology; Community ecology: Community assembly, organization and evolution; biodiversity: species richness, evenness and diversity indices; endemism; species-area relationships; Ecosystem structure, function and services; nutrient cycles; biomes; habitat ecology; primary and secondary productivity; invasive species; global and climate change; applied ecology.
    • Section 2 – Evolution - Origin, evolution and diversification of life; natural selection; levels of selection. Types of selection (stabilizing, directional etc.); sexual selection; genetic drift; gene flow; adaptation; convergence; species concepts; Life history strategies; adaptive radiation; biogeography and evolutionary ecology; Origin of genetic variation; Mendelian genetics; polygenic traits, linkage and recombination; epistasis, gene-environment interaction; heritability; population genetics; Molecular evolution; molecular clocks; systems of classification: cladistics and phenetics; molecular systematics; gene expression and evolution.
    • Section 3 – Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology - Mathematics and statistics in ecology; Simple functions (linear, quadratic, exponential, logarithmic, etc); concept of derivatives and slope of a function; permutations and combinations; basic probability (probability of random events; sequences of events, etc); frequency distributions and their descriptive statistics (mean, variance, coefficient of variation, correlation, etc). Statistical hypothesis testing: Concept of p-value; Type I and Type II error, test statistics like t-test and Chi-square test; basics of linear regression and ANOVA.
    • Section 4 – Behavioural Ecology  – Classical ethology; neuroethology; evolutionary ethology; chemical, acoustic and visual signaling Mating systems; sexual dimorphism; mate choice; parenting behaviour Competition; aggression; foraging behaviour; predator–prey interactions; Sociobiology: kin selection, altruism, costs and benefits of group-living

    Direct link to download GATE Ecology and Evolution (EY) syllabus PDF 

    Sample Question of GATE Ecology & Evolution

    • Sample Question 1: A researcher found n number of woody species in a one-hectare tropical forest plot. He employs the same method in another one-hectare plot in the same forest. Based on the principle of species-area curves, the expected number of new species in the second plot is _________?
    • Sample Question 2: While developing his theory of evolution by natural selection, Charles Darwin was influenced by the work of __________?
    • Sample Question 3:  Highly repetitive sequences are most likely to be prevalent in regions of the genome with ______ recombination rate and originate via ______ crossing over. Choose the right pair of words that completes this statement correctly.
    • Sample Question 4: Which of the following statements best explains the patterns of leaf-litter decomposition over time shown in the figure below?

    (A) Habitat 1 is cold and wet; Habitat 2 is warm and arid
    (B) Habitat 1 is warm and arid; Habitat 2 is cold and wet
    (C) Habitat 1 is cold and arid; Habitat 2 is warm and wet
    (D) Habitat 1 is warm and wet; Habitat 2 is cold and arid

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    GATE 2021 Exam Pattern of Ecology & Evolution

    GATE 2021 Exam Pattern for Ecology & Evolution

    There are a total of 25 papers in GATE exam. Hence, the paper pattern is quite tricky. GATE 2021 Exam Patten is quite different for all papers. 

    • GATE consists of 3 sections namely General Aptitude, Mathematics and specific subject of the paper
    • The paper will be held in online mode (Computer Based Test) in multiple shifts.
    • The question paper comprises a total of 65 questions worth 100 marks
    • There are 2 types of questions namely- Multiple Choice type (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT).
    • The maximum number of questions in GATE is from the core subject.
    • The duration of the paper will be 3 hours.
    SubjectsAllocation of Marks
    Engineering Mathematics15% of total marks
    General Aptitude15% of total marks
    Subject Questions70% of total marks

    Important Books for GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution

    Preparation Books for GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution

    GATE is a national level competitive exam conducted for admission to M.Tech and Ph.D. courses. GATE is considered as one of the difficult exams. Hence, the preparation to qualify it should be very good.  Best books are one of the best ways of preparation. Candidates are suggested to refer good books for better preparation. Thus, we are suggesting some important books for GATE preparation for Ecology & Evaluation.

    Preparation Books for Ecology & Evaluation
    Test & Evaluation: Life Sciences / BiotechnologyPranav Kumar,
    Pathfinder Academy
    Animal Behavior: Mechanisms, Ecology, EvolutionLee C Drickamer,
    McGraw-Hill Higher Education
    Global Philosophical and Ecological ConceptsRudi Jansma,
    Motilal Banarsidass Publishers
    Organic Evolution (Evolutionary Biology)Veer Bala Rastogi,
    Games of Life: Explorations in Ecology, Evolution, and BehaviorKarl Sigmund,
    Dover Publications

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    How to Prepare for GATE 2021 EY Paper?

    Preparation Tips for GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution

    • Prepare Time Table: Candidates must schedule their daily time as per their convenience. They must devote 6-8 hours of time fo preparations only. It does not mean you have to study continuously for 8 hours. You can take breaks in between and plan your preparation according to that.
    • Prioritize your syllabus: You can prioritize your syllabus based on the difficulty level, number of topics, etc. Setting up the priority totally depends on candidates that in what order they would like to cover their syllabus. 
    • Take Mock Tests: Candidates must take mock tests to get a better idea about the type of questions and difficulty level of questions. They can also judge their level of performance and preparation. You can also work on your weak areas after appearing for mock tests. Candidates are advised to take the mock tests when their whole syllabus is over.  Download GATE Practice Papers
    • Do not Panic: Candidates must complete their syllabus on time and save the last 1-2 weeks for revisions. If you are not able to do so then there is no need to panic. You can go through your notes for quick revision before 3-4 days of the exam also. Revisions are the best way to memorize things.
    • Stay Motivated: Along with hard work, candidates have to stay motivated also. Have faith in yourself and keep preparing for the exam. Do not compare yourself with others. Concentrate on your preparation plan. 

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    GATE 2021 Syllabus of Other Subjects

    GATE 2021 Syllabus of Other Subjects

    Candidates who are planning to appear for GATE 2021 can check the syllabus of their preferable subjects from the links provided in the table below: 

    Aerospace EngineeringAEMechanical EngineeringME
    Agricultural EngineeringAGMetallurgical EngineeringMT
    Civil EngineeringCEMining EngineeringMN
    Chemical EngineeringCHPetroleum EngineeringPE
    Engineering SciencesXEProduction and Industrial EngineeringPI
    Electronics and CommunicationECTextile Engineering and Fibre ScienceTF
    Electrical EngineeringEEBiotechnologyBT

    GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution FAQs

    Ques: What will be major sections in GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution syllabus?

    Ans: GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution syllabus will include General Aptitude and core subject. The syllabus will be based on the topics studied at the graduation level. The maximum number of questions will be asked from the core subject and the remaining questions are from general aptitude.

    Ques: What will be the marking scheme in GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution and what will be the weightage of each section?

    Ans: The question paper will have a total of 65 questions worth 100 marks

    SubjectsAllocation of Marks
    Engineering Mathematics15% of total marks
    General Aptitude15% of total marks
    Subject Questions70% of total marks

    Ques: Do we get an option to select either ecology or evolution in GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution paper?

    Ans: No. There will be no such option. Ecology and evolution is one subject and candidates will have to attempt all the questions related to these subjects. General Aptitude and engineering are also compulsory to attempt.

    Ques: GATE 2021 Ecology & Evolution syllabus core subject syllabus will be divided into how many parts?

    Ans: The core syllabus will be divided into 4 parts or sections:

    • Section 1 – Ecology
    • Section 2 – Evolution
    • Section 3 – Mathematics and Quantitative Ecology
    • Section 4 – Behavioural Ecology

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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