GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Exam Pattern, Marking Scheme and Weightage of Topics

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    Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE) is an all India examination which is conducted to judge the understanding level of the candidate seeking to get admission in various master’s programs in Engineering. IIT Bombay will decide the exam pattern of GATE 2021.

    • GATE EE exam pattern includes details like mode of examination, total questions, sections in the paper, marking scheme, and other information beneficial for the candidates appearing for the exam. 
    • There are various topics in GATE EE that the students need to study while preparing for GATE Electrical Engineering. The candidates are suggested to refer to the syllabus while preparing for GATE as it will help them in boosting their preparation strategies. Check GATE 2021 EE Syllabus

    GATE 2021 is expected to be scheduled in the month of Feb 2021. Candidates can read the article to know more about exam pattern, marking scheme, weightage of topics, and much more. 

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    Highlights of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Exam Pattern

    • Question types will be Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions. There will be negative marking for MCQs but not for NAT questions
    • GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering paper will have three parts including General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics, and Subject-specific part.
    • The papers of GATE will include questions related to the General Aptitude (Language and Analytical Skills) & Engineering Mathematics in addition to the main subject of the paper.
    • GATE Subject Wise Weightage for Electrical Engineering will assist the GATE aspirants to create a strong and beneficial preparation strategy to score higher in the GATE 2021 Electrical Exam.
    Exam Duration3 hours (180 minutes)
    Number of Questions65
    Total Marks100
    Questions TypeThere will be two question types: Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions
    Total sections3: General Aptitude, Engineering Mathematics and subject paper
    Weightage by SectionGeneral Aptitude – 15% of total marks Engineering Mathematics – 15% of total marks Civil Engineering Subjects – 70% of total marks

    Why is Knowledge of Exam Pattern important?

    Knowing the exam pattern of GATE 2021 will assist the candidates to understand all the important details about the question paper which in turn will help them to prepare in a better way. The official brochure will be released by IIT in the PDF format and the candidates appearing for this exam must stay aware that the GATE 2021 consists of both multiple-choice questions and numerical type questions (MCQs & NAT). Also, the overall marking schemes for different papers vary from each other and the candidates are suggested to check for it individually.

    According to the latest GATE exam pattern, General aptitude subjects will remain the same in all the question papers while other subjects will vary based on the GATE paper candidate opt for.

    GATE is designed to test the candidates’ abilities in various grounds and to test their abilities, the paper will be designed in the following way:

    • The questions asked in the GATE 2021 paper will be directly linked to the basic principles, facts, formula, or laws of the paper which the candidates have selected.
    • There will be questions that will judge the basic understanding of the students appearing for the test in their respective fields of study. Therefore, the candidates must pay a detailed focus on the fundamental ideas to draw out simple conclusions.
    • The candidates are supposed to apply their computational and logical reasoning skills while giving the answers to the solutions.
    • The questions will include a combination of data, diagrams and images, and the candidates are expected to solve the questions by analyzing the information contained in them.

    GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Exam Pattern

    Details of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Exam Pattern

    Type of Question: There will be two types of questions including Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Numerical Answer Type (NAT) Questions

    Sections: There will be three sections in the question paper including:

    • General aptitude
    • Engineering Mathematics
    • Subject selected by the candidates
    PaperExam pattern
    GATE Electrical EngineeringGA (General Aptitude) – 15% Engineering Mathematics – 15% The subject of the Paper – 70%

    General Aptitude Section: Every paper will include a general aptitude part which all the candidates are expected to attempt. The section will have 10 questions. Out of the 10 questions, 5 questions carries weightage of one marks while the rest of the 5 questions will be of 2 marks. The total marks of the section will be 15 marks.

    Total Questions: 65 Questions

    Know MoreGATE 2021 Exam Pattern 

    Marking Scheme of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering

    Marking Scheme of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering

    • Marking Scheme: For 1 Mark MCQs, one third marks will be deducted for every wrong attempt while for 2 Mark MCQs two third marks will deducted in case the candidates give wrong answers. The answers that are left unanswered, no marks will be given nor any marks will be deducted.
    • Negative marking: No marks will be deducted for the wrong answers in Numerical Answer Type (NAT) questions.

    The subject wise weightage in GATE EE paper is:

    DisciplineSubjectNumber of QuestionsMarks
    Civil Engineering (CE)Engineering Mathematics1015
    General Aptitude1015
    Civil Engineering Subjects4570

    Marking Scheme:

    Type of questionNegative marking for wrong answerMarking for correct answer
    MCQs1/3 for 1 mark questions 2/3 for 2 marks questions1 or 2 marks
    NATsNo negative marking 1 or 2 marks

    Important Topics of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Paper

    Important Topics of GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering Paper

    Engineering Mathematics

    Linear Algebra

    Different Equations


    Difficult Variables



    Transform Theory

    Electrical Engineering

    Electric Circuits

    Electromagnetic Fields

    Signals and Systems

    Electrical Machines

    Control Systems

    Sample questions from Important Topics

    Question carrying one marks

    • Q.1 Ramesh, an __________________ writer, passed away in 2000.

    (A) imminent (B) prominent (C) eminent (D) dominant

    Correct answer is C

    • Q.2 ____ I permitted him to leave, I wouldn’t have had any issue with him being absent, _____ I?

    (A) Had, wouldn’t (B) Have, would (C) Had, would (D) Have, wouldn’t

    Correct answer is C

    • Q.3 An employee noticed that the hour hand on the office clock had moved by 225 degrees during his stay at the office. For how long did he stay in the factory?

    (A) 3.75 hours (B) 4 hours and 15 mins (C) 8.5 hours (D) 7.5 hours

    Correct answer is D

    Question carrying two marks

    • Q.1 The set of equations x + y + z = 1; ax – ay + 3z = 5; 5x − 3y + az = 6 has infinite solutions, in case a = (A) −3 (B) 3 (C) 4 (D) −4

    Correct answer is C

    • Q.2 A harmonic function is analytic if it satisfies the Laplace equation. If u(x, y) = 2x; 2 − 2y; 2 + 4xy is a harmonic function, then the conjugate harmonic function v(x, y) is

    (A) 4xy − 2x, 2 + 2y, 2 + constant (B) 4y, 2 − 4xy + constant (C) 2x, 2 − 2y, 2 + xy + constant

    (D) −4xy + 2y, 2 − 2x, 2 + constant

    Correct answer is A

    • Q.3 The variable x takes a value between 0 and 10 with a uniform probability distribution. The variable y takes a value that varies from 0 and 20 with a uniform probability distribution. The probability of the total of variables (x + y) to be more than 20 is (A) 0 (B) 0.25 (C) 0.33 (D) 0.50

    Correct answer is B

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    Weightage of Important topics in GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering 

    Weightage of Important topics in GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering 

    • In GATE 2021, General Aptitude and Engineering Mathematics will be compulsory sections which will hold almost 15% weightage each in total marks in GATE papers including Electrical Engineering as well.
    • The remaining 70% weightage is given to the subject opted by the GATE aspirants.

    General Aptitude

    SectionTopicsPaper 2019 (Marks weightage)Paper 2018 (Marks Weightage)
    Verbal AbilityVerbal AnalogiesQuestions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 5+5 Total Weightage- 15Questions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 2+2 Total Weightage- 6
    English Grammar
    Numerical AbilityNumerical computationQuestions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 3+3 Total Weightage- 9-
    Numerical Estimation
    Numerical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

    Engineering Mathematics

    SectionTopicsPaper 2019 (Marks weightage)Paper 2018 (Marks Weightage)
    Engineering MathematicsLinear AlgebraQuestions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 6+3 Total Weightage- 12Questions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 4+5 Total Weightage- 9
    Differential equations
    Complex variablesQuestions (1 Mark + 2 Marks)- 3+3 Total Weightage- 9-
    Probability and Statistics
    Numerical Methods

    Electrical Engineering

    TopicNumber of QuestionsTotal Marks
    Signal and System 69
    Electromagnetic 23
    Electric Machines 812
    Analog Circuits 58
    Digital Circuits22
    Network Theory610
    Power System 813
    Control System58
    Power Electronics 711
    Electrical Measurement23

    Overall Marking Scheme

    StreamSubjectNumber of QuestionMarks
    Electrical Engineering (EE)Engineering Mathematics1015
    General Aptitude1015
    EE Subjects4570

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    Best Books for GATE 2021 Electrical Engineering

    Referring to the right kind of books and study materials is important as it help the students in improving their preparations. The students preparing using the right books have higher chances of securing good marks in the exam. Following are some of the topic-wise list of some books that will help the students in their GATE 2021 preparations.

    • Signals and Systems- By Oppenheim
    • Control Systems- By Nagrath Gopal
    • Advanced Engg Maths- By Kreyszig
    • Digital Design- By Morris Mano

    Know More Best Books for GATE 2021

    What is Electrical Engineering & its Scope?

    • The students preparing for the GATE Electrical Engineering exam need to study harder to get a seat in a master’s program. 
    • The study of the application of electricity, electronics, and electromagnetism, is being referred to as Electrical Engineering and the graduates post completing their course can explore wider job opportunities in hardware companies, large power plants, etc. 
    • GATE exam acts as a gateway to get admission in top engineering colleges in India like IITs, NITs or IIITs that can help them to get booming job opportunities post completing their studies. 
    • Also, Electrical Engineering graduates can pursue postgraduate engineering courses (MTech) in Electrical Engineering to get expertise in their particular field.
    • The flourishing career is only possible in case the candidates follow a very effective study plan and beat the competition as almost 10 lakh candidates take part in GATE 2020 which will grow in 2021.

    Important Instructions for candidates

    Important Instructions for candidates

    • GATE will be taken only in online mode (Computer Based Test mode).
    • The entire duration of the exam is 3 hours. All the questions asked in the GATE 2021 will be based on the syllabus pattern announced by IIT.
    • There will be two types of questions including multiple-choice questions and Numerical Answer Type Questions that are asked in the exam.
    • While attempting MCQs, the candidates are supposed to select one answer from the given 4 options while in the NAT questions, the candidates are supposed to mention the correct answer through the virtual keyboard.
    • Candidates will also be offered a scribble pad for doing the rough work and calculations.
    • Try solving more question papers and sample papers so that you can develop an understanding of the course pattern.
    • Take more online mock tests that will ace your preparations.

    Things prohibited inside GATE exam center 

    • Physical calculators, wristwatches, and mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the examination centers.
    • For the ease and comfort of the candidates, a virtual calculator will be offered to the candidates.

    The candidates preparing for the GATE exam are advised to check the paper pattern and guidelines that needs to be followed on exam day. Knowing the GATE pattern beforehand will offer numerous benefits to the students in GATE preparation.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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