GATE COAP Counselling 2021, Eligibility, Counselling Schedule and Process

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    Candidates seeking admission in IITs should apply on the admission portal at respective IITs and register at COAP. Only the successfully registered candidates will be able to receive the admission offers. Candidates with valid GATE score (2019/2020/2021) will be eligible to participate in COAP 2021 counselling. Download  GATE Scorecard

    • Candidates accepting the seat will be required to complete the process by login to the institute portal, payment of fees, and online submission of documents. For those students who do not want to accept the allotted seat can participate in further rounds of counselling or reject the seat and participate in further rounds of counselling.
    • At Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP) students can see their result of seat allotment made by the institute in which they have applied.
    • All the participating IITs will upload admission offers in a common time window. On the basis of GATE scores, GATE cut off and choices filled, candidates are offered seats.

    Read on to know more about GATE IIT Counselling, important dates, registration process, eligibility criteria, participating IITs, and other related information.

    Important: GATE COAP 2020 Counselling Special Round A seat allotment result has been released by IIT Madras on August 12, 2020. Candidates can check their results from the official website i.e. Check Here

    GATE COAP Eligibility Criteria

    What is COAP?

    Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP) provides a common platform for a candidate to make the preferred choice for admission into M.Tech programs in participating IITs. COAP is introduced to overcome the scenario of vacant seats and to provide admission to many other deserving candidates. Earlier, a number of M.Tech program seats left vacant due to many reasons such as offers for a job from PSU, admission to other institutes. 

    Objectives of COAP

    1. To provide a common platform for a candidate to make the most preferred choice (job in PSU or Graduate study)
    2. To be able to offer admission to candidates who get deprived of seats (in Institutions) due to multiple offers held by some candidates till last minute, resulting in vacancies
    3. To mitigate/ eliminate the scenarios that arise due to ‘multiple offers’ (made by Institutions) that cause vacant posts in PSUs or vacant seats in Graduate programs of IITs.

    COAP is the platform for Participating Institutes where Admission offers will be uploaded by IITs in a common time window. To access the offers made by participating IIT, each candidate will also have to register at COAP in addition to applying for admission.

    GATE COAP Eligibility

    • Candidates must have a valid GATE score (2021 and/or 2020 and/or 2019) and intend to apply for the admission in the participating Institutes can apply through COAP.  
    • You must check the eligibility criteria of the colleges for which you are applying.
    • In the case of more than one valid scorecard, you must provide the scorecard with a better score or rank.

    GATE COAP Registration Process

    GATE 2021 COAP Registration Process

    For admission in IITs, check the notification regarding GATE counselling on the official website of IIT. Counselling procedure for every IIT is different so candidates must apply for the same separately. The candidates seeking admission in different postgraduate courses are required to register themselves online for GATE counselling. Different institutes of IIT will have different qualification criteria for the GATE Counselling.

    GATE COAP consists of three stages namely online registration, online seat allotment, and admission into allotted institutes. These three stages are explained in brief below:

    1. Online registration

    • Only the GATE qualifying candidates can register themselves online for GATE counselling.
    • Once the registration is done, the candidates are required to pay the GATE counselling fee.
    • The payment of fee confirms the candidate’s registration. The candidates are required to fill in their preferred programs and institutes once the fee is paid.
    1. Online seat allotment

    • Once the candidate has completed his or her online registration, he/ she will be allotted the seats on the basis of their GATE merit list after the various rounds of seat allotment.
    • Once the seat is allotted to the candidate, he/ she will be required to arrive at the allotted institute for the payment of course fee.
    1. Admission into Allotted Institutes

    • Candidate must bring the original documents along with them.
    • The institute offering admission to the candidate will issue a provisional admission letter after the verification of the original documents and payment of the fee.
    • Once all these formalities are done, the candidate must confirm their admission.
    • The candidates must note that confirmation of the allotted seat is important because if the seat is not confirmed, it will be allotted to some other candidate.

    Documents Required for GATE COAP

    It is very important for candidates to carry some documents along with them in order to avoid any kind of failure in the GATE counselling procedure. Some of the important documents to be carried by the candidates are stated below:

    • GATE scorecard
    • Engineering academic record
    • Application fee receipt
    • Mark-sheet of 10th and  12th  (original)
    • SC/ ST certificate
    • PwD category certificate
    • Identification proof

    GATE COAP 2021 Dates (Tentative)

    Important dates regarding COAP registration and round offers are mentioned below:

    RoundDates (Tentative)Accept and Freeze OptionRetain and Wait OptionReject and Wait Option
    Round 1June 2021YesYesYes
    Round 2June 2021YesYesYes
    Round 3June 2021YesYes/ No*Yes
    Round 4July 2021YesYes/ No*Yes
    Round 5July 2021YesNoYes


    • * No, if you have already used Retain & Wait on the same offer twice. The same offer refers to the program “XYZ” of a particular Institute “ABC”.
    • Rounds 1-4 will have the option of (i) Accept & Freeze (ii) Retain & Wait (iii) Reject & Wait.
    • However, candidates will not be able to choose Retain 5 & Wait more than twice on a specific offer. Please read the guidelines carefully. Round 5 is a Decisive Round, therefore the candidates will have only 'Accept and Freeze' and 'Reject' options to select.

    Tentative Schedule of online additional rounds:

    EventDate Available Option: Accept & FreezeRetain & WaitReject & Wait
    Round – AJuly 2021YesNoYes
    Round – BJuly 2021YesNoYes
    Round – CAugust 2021YesNoYes
    Round - DAugust 2021YesNoYes*


    • Candidates may have to follow spot rounds either online or offline and it could be specific to the institutes.
    • Depending on the vacancy status and admission date, there could be a few more extra rounds from the participating institutes.
    • Additional Rounds A, B, C,
    • and D are independent rounds and each one is treated like a Decisive Round. That is, the candidates will have only 'Accept and Freeze' and 'Reject' options in these rounds.

    How to Check Admission Offer through GATE COAP?

    How to Check Admission Offer through GATE COAP 2021?

    You just need to follow the simple steps as mentioned below:

    Step 1: Open COAP 2021 Portal.

    Step 2: Log in with valid details

    Step 3: Click of Seat Allotment

    Step 4: Now you can see the institute wise seat allotments and now you need to confirm your seat by choosing Accept and Freeze, Retain and Wait, Reject and Wait. 

    Candidate Action Flow Chart for all Rounds of Offers

    flow 1

    Candidate Action Flow Chart for the Decisive Round of Offers

    flow 2

    Options in GATE COAP Counselling

    Meaning of Option Provided in GATE COAP Counselling

    Option 1- Accept and Freeze

    • This option is selected by a candidate if he/she is willing to accept the available offers and does not like to be considered for upgrading to higher preferences in coming rounds.
    • Candidates selecting this option will not be considered for admission offer in the subsequent round.
    • After clicking the 'Accept and Freeze' option, the candidate should click submit button to confirm the submission of his/her decision. Subsequently, the candidate should visit the respective Academic Institute's Admission Portal and follow the procedure as per the instructions on the respective website.

    Option 2- Retain and Wait

    • This option should be selected by the candidates that will indicate his/her partial acceptance to any one of the available offers and also would like to be considered for upgrading to the candidate's higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round of offers.
    • Candidates selecting this option will not be considered for the other rejected offers in the current round.
    • However, if any higher preferred offer is made in the next round then the existing 'Retain and Wait' offer will be released. However, a candidate can choose “Retain and Wait” on the same offer (same institute and same program) only twice.
    • Nevertheless, the candidate will be considered for other higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in the participating academic Institutes.
    • After clicking the 'Retain and Wait' option, the candidate should click submit to confirm the submission of decision.

    Option 3- Reject and Wait

    • This option should be selected if the candidate is not willing to accept any of the offer of admission in the current round.
    • The candidate will be considered for other higher preferences, if any, in the subsequent round(s) of admission offered in any participating academic Institutes. Please note, the same offer will not appear in the subsequent rounds as you have rejected this offer. After clicking 'Reject and Wait' option, the candidate should click submit to confirm the submission of decision.

    List of Participating IITs

    List of Participating IITs

    GATE is a national level examination which is conducted by seven IIT institutes. The below-mentioned table represents the list of participating IIT colleges for GATE COAP:

    IIT Madras M.Tech admissionClick Here
    IIT Delhi M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Roorkee M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Guwahati M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Bombay M.Tech admissionClick Here
    IIT Kanpur M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Kharagpur M.Tech admissionClick Here
    IIT Gandhinagar M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT BHU M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Jodhpur M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Hyderabad M.Tech admission Click Here
    IIT Patna M.Tech admissionClick Here
    IIT Mandi M.Tech admission Click Here

    GATE COAP Important Instructions

    The candidates must keep in mind certain important instructions at the time of GATE COAP in order to complete the counselling procedure without facing any discrepancies. The important instructions for GATE counselling are given below:

    • Candidate must note that all IIT institutes have separate forms for the counselling procedure.
    • The candidates must bring all the original documents at the time of GATE counselling.
    • After the GATE result is declared, the candidates should keep checking the official website for updates of GATE counselling.
    • In order to increase the chances of getting admission into IITs, the candidates are advised to apply to all the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) for all the programs such as M.Tech, ME, M.Sc, etc. for which they are eligible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    GATE IIT Counseling FAQs

    Ques. How will GATE IIT Counseling be conducted?

    Ans. GATE IIT counseling will be conducted after the confirmation of offer for admissions by IITs through a portal - Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP). The portal will display which IIT has offered seats for admissions to M.Tech program

    Ques. What is COAP?

    Ans. Common Offer Acceptance Portal (COAP) is an initiative by IITs where candidates can check the status of their application for M.Tech admissions to IITs through GATE. It is not an M.Tech admission portal. Candidates must register at respective IIT portals for applications and then register at COAP portal.

    Ques. In case I have applied for IIT, do I need to apply again for COAP?

    Ans. Yes, for admissions through COAP, candidates will have to apply separately through COAP portal. All GATE qualified should register at COAP portal for making a decision against their offer.

    Ques. Are foreign nationals who have qualified GATE eligible to apply for COAP?

    Ans. No, foreign students need not to apply for COAP. Only Indian citizens can apply for COAP counseling.

    Ques. Will the counseling process be online or offline?

    Ans. The offer of admission and further allocation process will be conducted online only. All the GATE qualified and eligible candidates need to register at COAP. You also need to register separately for the institutes in which you are seeking admission.  

    Ques. What is the minimum eligibility requirement to appear for counseling?

    Ans. candidates must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Technology with a valid GATE score to apply for GATE IIT Counseling. Candidates undergoing examinations of the final year of the course are also eligible to apply.

    Ques. What is the procedure for admissions through GATE IIT Counseling?

    Ans. The entire admission process will be divided into three phases:

    1. Online Registration
    2. Online Seat Allotment
    3. Admission to the allotted institute

    Ques. Can I pay the admission fee later and wait for further allocation?

    Ans. In case, candidates do not pay the admission fee, their candidature for that seat will be canceled. Their seat will be allotted to another candidate in further admission rounds.

    Ques. What are the documents required for admission?

    Ans. candidates must present the following documents in original as well as photocopies at the time of admissions:

    • GATE scorecard
    • Engineering academic records
    • Mark sheet of class 10th
    • Mark sheet of class 12th
    • SC/ ST certificate
    • PWD certificate
    • Identification Proof

    Ques. Which are the participating institutes?

    Ans. Candidates can apply for following participating IITs:

    • IIT Kharagpur
    • IIT Bombay
    • IIT Kanpur
    • IIT Madras
    • IIT Delhi
    • IIT Guwahati
    • IIT Roorkee
    • IIT Ropar
    • IIT Bhubaneshwar
    • IIT Gandhinagar
    • IIT Hyderabad
    • IIT Jodhpur
    • IIT Patna
    • IIT Indore
    • IIT Mandi
    • IIT Varanasi
    • IIT Palakkad
    • IIT Tirupati
    • IIT Dhanbad
    • IIT Bhilai
    • IIT Goa
    • IIT Jammu
    • IIT Dharwad

    Ques. In the case of GATE scores in multiple subjects, how should I apply?

    Ans. In this case, candidates will have to apply again. But during the registration process, they have to select “Additional Gate score” option and submit multiple choices.

    Ques. What is the process for registration for GATE IIT Counseling through COAP?

    Ans. Candidates can follow the procedure given below for GATE IIT Counseling through COAP registration:

    • Register with your Name, GATE registration Number, GATE score, Date of Birth, Email ID and Mobile Number.
    • Candidates will receive email/ SMS after successful registration with the login credentials for COAP.
    • After logging in candidates can check the offers made from IITs where they have applied.
    • All the offers will be tagged with COAP registration number.
    • COAP registration number is the same as the GATE registration number but will not contain subject code.

    Ques. What is the procedure after the offer of the seat?

    Ans. After receiving the offer for admission by IITs, candidates can exercise any one of the following options:

    • Accept & Freeze
    • Retain & Wait
    • Reject & Wait

    Ques. What does Accept & Freeze option mean?

    Ans. This option means that the candidate accepts the offer for admissions without any wish to upgrade to higher preferences if any.

    Ques. What does the Retain & Wait option mean?

    Ans. These options indicated that the candidate is accepting the present seat offered but will also be like to be considered for up-gradation in higher preferences in further rounds. Candidates opting for Retain & Wait will not be considered for upgrading for any of the rejected seats in this round.

    Ques. Is there any procedure to be followed after the “Accept & Freeze” and “Retain & Wait” option?

    Ans. After choosing this option, candidates must visit the respective IIT’s Admissions Portal and follow the further admissions process.

    Ques. How many institutes can I opt for after Retain & Wait option?

    Ans. Candidates opting for this choice can choose only one institute from higher preference offers in subsequent rounds.

    Ques. What does the Reject & Wait option mean?

    Ans. The option is available for those candidates who are not willing to accept the offer (s) for admission. Such candidates will be considered for other higher preferences in further rounds of GATE IIT counseling if any.

    *The article might have information for the previous academic years, which will be updated soon subject to the notification issued by the University/College


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